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(mp3) means the show is mp3 sourced (never < 44 kHz, 128kbps).
(RA) means the show originated in RealAudio format, recommend only trade for one if you REALLY want it.
A line followed by [F-*-*] means I have that show as FLAC files, please specify if you'd prefer to receive as an audio disc.
Shows in this color are personal favorites.

Any show longer than 80 minutes will require at least 2 discs (duh).  Shows with no time or grade listed are either incoming or recently arrived shows.

GRADING SCALE: A: Great, B: Pretty good, has flaws, C: Listenable, but beware!

Date      Venue                    Location        Length  Sound  Title/Notes

10/23/79  Pavillion de Paris       Paris, France      104   B-   (might be lossy, rare though!)   [F-B-A]
1979      Wembley Stadium          London, England     59   B    {*RealAudio*}                    [F-B-H]

A Camp (feat. Nina Persson of The Cardigans)
4/6/09    Cirkus                   Stockholm, Sweden   30                                         [D-R-86]
4/12/09   Trix                     Antwerpen, Belgium  87   B                                     [D-G-84]
4/17/09   Fabryka Trzciny          Warsaw, Poland      83   B+                                    [D-G-84]
5/5/09    BBC studios              Manchester, England           (BBC2 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)   [D-Y-98]
5/6/09    George Lamb Show         London, England               (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)   [D-R-91]
6/19/09   KCRW Radio               Santa Monica, CA    44   A                                     [D-G-89]

A.C. Newman
2/21/09   KEXP Studios             Seattle, WA         19   A                                     [D-G-89]
2/26/09   KCRW Radio               Santa Monica, CA    39   A                                     [D-G-89]

Adams, Ryan & the Sweetheart Revolution
3/11/02   Historic Orpheum Theater Minneapolis, MN    118   A-	

Aguilera, Christina
12/8/06   Koenig-Pilsner-Arena     Oberhausen, Germany 96   B-                                    [D-G-89]
3/8/07    Oracle Arena             Oakland, CA                                                    [D-B-130]
3/10/07   San Jose Arena           San Jose, CA        96   B    (venue aka HP Pavilion)          [D-Y-28]
4/3/07    Wachovia Center          Philadelphia, PA    95   B-   (clipping, LOTS of screaming fans) [D-Y-28]

Airborne Toxic Event
2/13/09   Bottom Of The Hill       San Francisco, CA   69   B                                     [D-O-82]

Air Miami
04/??/94  Demos                    Unknown                                                        [DVD]
12/??/94  Demos                    Unknown                                                        [DVD]

Aislers Set, The  
4/5/01    Moles Club               Bath, England       39   B    (edits between trax)             [F-O-A]
7/14/01   Bottom of the Hill       San Francisco, CA                                              [D-G-99]
10/25/02  Northsix                 Brooklyn, NY        41   B
xxxx      Singles & B-Sides collection                 37  A/B+  (some pops from vinyl-only trax)

All Girl Summer Fun Band
3/18/00   Midnight Sun             Olympia, WA         20   A-  (TAO, cuts)

Amos, Tori
3/25/96   Friedrichsstadtpalast    Berlin, Germany    106                                         [D-O-122]
10/8/10   Heineken Music Hall  Amsterdam, Netherlands           (w/ The Metropole Orchestra)      [D-O-122]

Amps, The
4/5/96    Worcester Auditorium     Worcester, MA                                                  [D-O-117]

An Horse
4/12/09   Jack Rabbits             Jacksonville, FL         B                                     [D-B-85]

11/9/97   Leidse Kade              Netherlands         
1/25/98   Palladio                 Helden, Netherlands 
11/9/02                         Rotterdam, Netherlands                                            [D-O-107]
3/16/03                          Enschede, Netherlands                                            [D-O-107]
6/30/06   Rock Werchter Festival   Werchter, Belgium   59   A                                     [F-G-B]
1/19/08   de Oosterpoort        Groningen, Netherlands          Try-out in Groningen              [D-G-104]
1/27/08   Paard van Troje       The Hague, Netherlands          Try-out in The Hague              [D-G-104]
5/20/11   Toomler               Amsterdam, Netherlands                                            [D-Y-123]

Apple, Fiona
9/10/96   The Troubadour           West Hollywood, CA  58   A                                     [D-Y-38]
12/13/96  Universal Amphitheater   Universal City, CA  72       Skeleton Songs (3+ show song mix) [D-B-125]
7/5/97    The Joint                Las Vegas, NV                                                  [D-B-125]
7/12/97   Lilith Fair              Winter Park, CO                                                [D-B-125]
8/11/97   Orpheum Theatre          Boston, MA          74   A   Boston's First Taste              [D-Y-38]
10/27/97  Phoenix Concert Theater  Toronto, Ontario         B                                     [D-B-125]
11/22/97  Sessions At West 54th    New York, NY                                                   [D-G-84]
12/5/97   Universal Amphitheater   Los Angeles, CA              Tweeker Body For Christmas        [D-B-115]
3/11/99   MTV Spankin Live         New York, NY        52   A   (is the date 11/11/99?)
12/11/99 KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas Los Angeles, CA              Tweeker Body For Christmas        [D-B-115]
2/28/00   F.M. Kirby Center        Wilkes-Barre, PA    77   B-  (lots of screaming girls)         [D-R-11]
3/22/00   Warfield Theatre         San Francisco, CA                                              [D-B-125]
4/21/00   House of Blues           Myrtle Beach, SC         B   (some screamers/talkers)          [D-B-100]
5/12/00  Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall Osaka, Japan        69                                         [D-O-127]
11/26/05  The Wiltern LG           Los Angeles, CA     99                                         [D-B-115]
12/8/05   Tower Theatre            Upper Darby, PA                                                [D-G-124]
6/19/06   Hard Rock Casino         Las Vegas, NV       99                                         [D-R-116]
6/23/06   SDSU Open Air Theatre    San Diego, CA       94                                         [D-B-125]
7/12/06   Verizon Music Center     Noblesville, IN     95                                         [D-O-112]
7/22/06   Nikon Theatre            Wantagh, NY                                                    [D-R-116]
10/13/06  Tokyo Int'ntl Forum Hall Tokyo, Japan                                                   [D-O-112]
3/5/07    Largo                    Los Angeles, CA     87   A-  (many cover songs)                [F-B-S]
9/24/11   Largo                    Los Angeles, CA     81       (with Jon Brion & Friends)        [D-G-124]
3/18/12   Lincoln Hall             Chicago, IL         52                                         [D-Y-128]
3/19/12   Lincoln Hall             Chicago, IL         46                                         [D-Y-128]
7/14/12   Peabody Opera House      St. Louis, MO                                                  [D-B-130]
7/20/12   Paramount Theater        Denver, CO                                                     [D-B-130]
7/28/12   Fox Theater              Oakland, CA                                                    [D-B-130]
9/26/12   Filmore									 Charlotte, NC		   95   A                                     [D-R-131]
10/25/13  Lincoln Theatre          Washington, D.C.    97   B+  (with Blake Mills)                [D-O-132]

Arcade Fire, The
2/17/07   Judson Memorial Church   New York, NY        78       {*MP3*}                [D-G-4]

Arctic Monkeys
8/5/07    Belongil Fields         Byron Bay, Australia 31   A   (Splendour In The Grass Fest) [F-B-M]
11/16/07  KCRW radio              Santa Monica, CA     44   A                                 [F-O-G]
8/20/09   Kultur Kirche           Koln, Germany                                        [D-R-91]

Association, The
3/1/70    Felt Forum               New York, NY        53   B                          [F-B-A]

Augie March
9/20/99   JJJ studio 346          Melbourne, Australia 40   A                          [D-R-31]
10/9/08   Forum Theatre           Melbourne, Australia                                 [D-O-72]
3/14/09   MCG                     Melbourne, Australia 31   A   (Sound Relief Benefit) [D-G-89]

Bad Brains
10/20/82  Old Waldorf              San Francisco, CA   45   A                          [F-G-W]

Badly Drawn Boy
8/26/00   Reading Festival         Caversham, England  58   A

Bangles, The
12/11/82  San Francisco Civic Aud. San Francisco, CA   28   B+                         [F-B-B]
1983      Studio Outtakes          Los Angeles, CA              How Is The Air Up There?
2/9/83    Old Waldorf              San Francisco, CA   44   B+                         [D-R-21]
5/27/83   Magic Mountain           Valencia, CA        69   B+                         [DVD]
7/31/83   Cathay de Grande         Hollywood, CA                                       [D-R-101]
9/28/84   The Ritz                 New York, NY        55   A-                         [D-B-80]
10/1/84   Toad's Place             New Haven, CT                                       [D-Y-123]
xx/xx/84  Dingwalls                London, England     12   A                          [F-B-V]
2/11/85   The Tube                 Newcastle, England   8   A-  (TV show appearance)   [F-G-G]
2/16/85   Paradiso                 Amsterdam, Nether.  29   A-
2/20/85   Marquee Club             London, England     57   B                          [F-B-B]
2/23/86   Paard van Troje          The Hague, Nether.  66   A                          [F-G-B]
2/24/86   Paradiso                 Amsterdam, Nether.  52   A                          [D-B-45]
2/xx/86   Warwick University       England             92   A-  (+ bonus trax)         [D-R-26]
3/1/86    QM Union                 Glasgow, Scotland   54   A                          [D-G-29]
3/7/86    The Tube                 Newcastle, England   6   A   (TV show appearance)   [F-G-G]
5/15/86   Catch A Rising Star      New York, NY        57   A   (5/15 may be b'cast date)
6/17/86   Waldbuehne               Berlin, Germany                                     [D-B-95]
12/13/86  Syria Mosque Arena       Pittsburgh, PA      58   A   Patti's Favorite
7/3/87    Greek Theatre            Berkeley, CA        76   A-                         [DVD]
4/8/03    Kleine Columbiahalle     Berlin, Germany                                     [D-O-92]
5/21/03   Shibuya Club Quattro     Tokyo, Japan        78   A                          [DVD]
6/30/08   Carling Academy          Bristol, England    80   B                          [D-R-56]
7/6/08    Honberg                  Tuttlingen, Germany      A-                         [D-O-67]
7/14/11   Santa Monica Pier        Santa Monica, CA                                    [D-R-121]

5/31/09   Glitterhouse-Garten      Beverungen, Germany 78   A   (OBS-Festival 13)      [D-G-89]
4/6/10    Kafé44                   Stockholm, Sweden                                   [D-O-107]
5/30/10   Moments                  Bremen, Germany          A                          [D-B-110]
8/29/10   McGoningel's Mucky Duck  Houston, TX              B+                         [D-Y-113]
1/26/12   Bebel                    Cottbus, Germany                                    [D-O-127]

Bats, The       
8/18/84   Windsor Castle         Auckland, New Zealand 75   A                          [D-O-7]
4/23/88   Newfield Tavern    Invercargill, New Zealand 66   A   
8/31/91   (Live in Concert)        USA                 45   B+
12/14/92  Lounge Ax                Chicago, IL         71   A-  (some diginoise Tr. 15)[F-R-B]
11/xx/93  La Cigalle               Paris, France       36       (FNAC Festival)        [D-O-122]
5/29-30/04 Play It Strange Found.  New Zealand         14   A   (as Bats & Minisnap)   [F-B-H]               
3/12/06   Maxwells                 Hoboken, NJ         74   A-                         [F-B-H]

Beach Boys, The
11/19/67  Dghtrs of Am. Rev. Hall  Washington, D.C.    41       (D2 of "Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!") [D-Y-53]
1967-68   "Dumb Angel" - The "Smile" album in full     50   A-   

Beachwood Sparks
5/12/01   The Garage               London, England     56   C+  (overloaded vox)       [D-R-31]
12/17-20/01  X-Posure @ XFM with John Kennedy                   (Artists In Residence series) [D-R-31]

Beasts of Bourbon
1992      Live In Europe           Various             55   A                          [DVD]

Beat Happening 
10/10/92 Sub Pop Vermonstress Fest Burlington, Vermont  

Beatles, The
1/1/61    Decca Demos              NA                  25   B+  The Silver Beatles - Vol. 1
1967-1969 studio outtakes          NA                  70   A-  Strawberry Fields
1/30/69   "Apple Rooftop Concert"  London, England     68   A   
1998    The Ultimate Experience: MP3 comp of entire Beatles career 1957-1970 (8 discs, 100+ hours of music)

Belle & Sebastian
10/5/98   Studio 105               Paris, France                (Black Session)        [D-G-59]
9/13/01   The Orpheum Theatre      Vancouver, BC       55   A
5/18/06   Trädgårn                 Göteborg, Sweden                                    [D-Y-3]

4/17/92   Club Babyhead            Providence, RI                                      [D-G-114]
1/12/93   Black Sessions           Paris, France       36   B+  [CAS]
1/12/93   Studio 105               Paris, France       42       (Black Session)[UPGRADE?] [D-R-126]
2/12/93   Milton Keys              England             63   B+
3/14/93   Town & Country           London, England                                     [D-R-126]
7/4/93    Grant Park               Chicago, IL         54                              [D-Y-83]
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre   Universal City, CA  23   A-  (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)   [F-Y-K]
12/4/94                            Netherlands         10       Live & Hungry          [D-B-110]
2/4/95    Virgin Megastore         Hollywood, CA       33   B                          [D-Y-83]
3/7/95    Studio 105               Paris, France       42       (Black Session, xtra trax) [D-R-126]
3/18/95   Shepherd's Bush Empire   London, England     35       Live & Hungry          [D-B-110]
6/23/95   Glastonbury Festival     Glastonbury         35       Live & Hungry          [D-B-110]
6/23/95   Glastonbury Festival     Glastonbury                  (Westwood One Pre-FM CD source)
6/29/95   Roskilde Festival        Roskilde, Denmark   31                              [D-G-79]
7/24/95   Mark Radcliffe Show      London, England     27   A+
11/2/95   Commodore                Vancouver, BC       86   A-
2/4/96    Cafe Barbereba           Chicago, IL                  (acoustic set)         [D-Y-128]
xxxx      "Belly: Live and Rare"   mfr in Netherlands 140   A   (all the B-Sides + var. live appearances)
xxxx      "B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 3"                  73   A   (Black Session 3/7/95 & Tanya outtakes)

Bettens, Sarah (ex-K's Choice)
10/6/05   Forum FNAC               Lille, France                                     [D-Y-33]
5/13/08                            Utrecht, Holland                                  [D-G-44]

Bettie Serveert
2/xx/92   VPRO-Radio          Netherlands                                            [D-Y-68]
2/15/93   Vredenburg          Utrecht, Netherlands                                   [D-G-39]
12/11/94                      Leiden, Netherlands                                    [D-G-39]
1/27/95   Tower Records       Hollywood, CA                                          [D-R-66] 
3/31/95   St. Andrews Hall    Detroit, MI              81                            [D-O-117]
10/26/00                      Hoboken, NJ                                            [D-B-100]
3/27/04   Mercury Lounge      New York, NY             64   A-	  
2/18/05   Lion's Lair         Denver, CO               84   A-
2/22/05   KEXP Studios        Seattle, WA              24   A
1/29/10   Doornroosje         Nijmegen, Netherlands    76                            [D-G-104]

10/20/01  Gr. Am. Music Hall  San Francisco, CA             A                        [D-B-75]

Be Your Own Pet
8/5/06    Lollapalooza        Chicago, IL              32   B+                       [F-B-B]
11/3/06   40 Watt Club        Athens, GA                                             [D-G-44]
3/26/08   Carling Academy 2   Birmingham, England                                    [D-G-44]
4/2/08    Hub Session         London, England          11       (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

Bidston Moss  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
5/31/03   The Tote            Melbourne, Australia     31   B+  {*MP3*}

Big Country
9/9/83    (Live in Concert)   New York, NY             48   A   (date could be 9/10) [D-B-45]
12/21/84  Apollo              Glasgow, Scotland                                      [D-R-101]
8/26/86   Tower Theatre       Upper Darby, PA          44   A                        [D-G-19]

Big Star
3/31/74   Performance Center  Cambridge, MA            40       (mono)               [D-O-42]

2004      The Palace          Melbourne, Australia     44   B+

Bird Nest Roys
6/27/86   Clyde Quay Tavern   Wellington, New Zealand  82   A                        [D-O-7]

9/17/95   BBC Studios         London, England          11   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
8/1/97                        San Francisco, CA                                      [D-O-102]
9/6/99    Center Bumperclub   Seattle, WA              54                            [D-O-122]
7/26/13   Indietracks         Swanwick, England             A-                       [D-O-132]

1993      (Live in Concert)   New York, NY                     Live Unlicensed       [D-O-92]
6/22/07  Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury, England     59   A                        [D-B-40]

Blake Babies  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
5/9/89    Emerson College     Boston, MA               38   A-  ('Metrowave' FM)
11/23/90  (Live in Concert)   Chicago, IL              41   B+  
1991      'Sunburn' demos     Boston, MA               30   A-  (+ 'Loose' demo)     [D-R-121]
2/26/91   (Live in Concert)   Minneapolis, MN          45   B
3/5/91    Bluebird            Bloomingtoon, IN         80   B
3/15/91   The Channel         Boston, MA               45   B+
7/30/91   Maxwell's           Hoboken, NJ              77   B+
9/11/91   Stache's            Columbus, OH             65   B+                       [D-R-11]
9/12/91   Second Story        Bloomington, IN          81   B+  
3/12/92   (Live in Concert)   London, England          45   B+  (fades between tracks, so what??)
3/30/92   Duchess of York     Leeds, England                                         [D-R-121]
12/31/99  Second Story        Bloomington, IN          74   B
8/26/00   (Live in Concert)   Birmingham, AL           80   C+
2/25/01   Mountain Stage      Charleston, WV           20   A-  {*MP3*}
3/11/01 Theatre of the Living Arts  Philadelphia, PA   70   B+
3/14/01   Echo Lounge         Atlanta, GA              71   A-
5/18/01   World Radio Cafe    ?                        20   A   {*MP3*}
6/9/01    Double Door         Chicago, IL              70   B   {*MP3*}
6/15/01 Great American Music Hall  San Francisco, CA   70   A-  {*MP3*}
6/16/01   Knitting Factory    Los Angeles, CA          75   A-  {*MP3*}
7/19/01   North Star Bar      Philadelphia, PA         71   A-                    

Blasko, Sarah
9/3/09    Borderline          London, England                                                      [D-O-92]
10/4/09   Forum Theatre       Melbourne, Australia           A-                                    [D-G-94]
10/9/09   Enmore Theatre      Sydney, Australia              A   (VERSION 1, full show, AUD source)[D-G-94]
10/9/09   Enmore Theatre      Sydney, Australia              A   (VERSION 2, part show, FM source) [D-O-97]
3/8/10    BBC 6 Music Studios London, England           17                                         [D-O-107]
10/8/10   Palais Theatre      Melbourne, Australia                                                 [D-O-112]

Blonde Redhead
6/5/07    Olympic             Nantes, France            61   A                                    [D-R-1]
11/21/07  Le Zénith           Paris, France             47   A-                                   [D-G-34]
4/11/08   Debaser             Malmö, Sweden             80                                        [D-B-40]

7/18/75   CBGB                New York City, NY         24   B                                    [F-O-B]
8/15/75   CBGB                New York City, NY         19   B+                                   [F-O-B]
7/23/76   Max's Kansas City   New York City, NY         45   B-                                   [D-O-77]
9/21/77   Old Wardorf (early) San Francisco, CA         46   A   (very different from late show)  [F-G-B]
9/21/77   Old Wardorf (late)  San Francisco, CA         46   A   (very different from early show) [F-G-B]
11/19/77  Paradiso            Amsterdam, Holland                                                  [D-R-126]
5/7/78    CBGB's              New York City, NY                  (w/ Robert Fripp)                [D-Y-113]
5/27/78   Paradise Theater    Boston, MA                60   A   Looks Good In Blue               [F-B-B]
8/3/78    El Mocambo          Toronto, Canada                    Peroxide On Blonde               [D-Y-68]
11/4/78   Paradise Club       Boston, MA                57   A   Paradise in a Tin Can            [D-Y-33]
6/29/79   Orpheum Theater     Boston, MA                65                                        [D-Y-48] 
7/9/79    Central Park        New York City, NY                                                   [D-O-87]
1/12/80   Hammersmith Odeon   London, England           93   A   (w/ Robert Fripp) Blonde on Blonde [F-R-B]
8/7/82    (Live in Concert)   Minneapolis, MN                    {*LOSSY SOURCE!*}                [D-O-77]
11/21/98  Lyceum Theatre      London, England                A                                    [D-R-126]
6/25/99   Glastonbury Fest.   Glastonbury, England      53   A-                                   [F-O-C]
11/5/04   SUE II              Santiago, Chile           44   A                                    [F-G-B]

Bonham, Tracy
10/19/96  VARA Radio         Hilversum, Holland                                                  [D-R-121]
11/15/05                     Hamburg, Germany                   {*MP3*}                          [D-R-46]
5/23/06   The Furs           Lage Vuursche, Holland    73   A                                    [D-O-17]
9/2/08    The Furs           Lage Vuursche, Holland    85   A                                    [D-G-64]
3/16/11   Momos              Austin, TX                         (SXSW Music Conference Showcase) [D-Y-118]
xxxx      "The Liverpool Sessions"                              {*MP3*}                          [D-Y-73]
xxxx      "Live and Rarities"                                   {*MP3*}                          [D-R-46]

Boston Spaceships (feat. Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices)
10/9/08                      Champaign, IL                  B+                                   [D-O-67]

Bowie, David
1967-72   The Unreleased BBC Recordings                       69   A   (trax not on 'Bowie At The Beeb')[D-O-2]
1971      David Bowie: The Shadow Man 1971 (Rare Outtakes)    20                                        [D-G-129]
9/25/71   Aylesbury Frias Club      Aylesbury, England        63                                        [D-O-77]
1972     "The Legendary Lost Tapes" London, England           23   A-  (w/ Lou Reed & Mott the Hoople)  [D-O-2]
8/20/72                             London, England                    Ziggy Live at the Rainbow 1972   [D-R-111]
1/5/73    Green's Playhouse         Glasgow, Scotland                                                   [D-B-90]
3/10/73   Long Beach Arena          Long Beach, CA            60   B   (remaster)                       [D-Y-48]
7/2/74    Curtis Hixon Hall         Tampa, FL                 88                                        [D-Y-48]
7/16/74                             Boston, MA                     B-                                   [D-O-7]
9/5/74    Universal Amphi.          Los Angeles, CA          107   A   Strange Fascination              [D-O-2]
2/2/76    PNE Coliseum              Vancouver, Brit.Columbia  89   A                                    [D-O-67]
3/23/76   Nassau Coliseum           Uniondale, NY             79   B+                                   [D-O-2]
5/7/76    Empire Pool               London, England           56   B   The Wembley Wizard Touches The Dial [F-Y-B]
5/8/76    The Empire Pool           London, England           90   B   Bowie's Back                     [D-G-9]
4/4/78    Los Angeles Forum         Los Angeles, CA           93   B+                                   [D-Y-68]
5/6/78    The Garden Arena          Boston, MA                                                          [D-O-77]
4/27/83   Los Colinas Soundstage    Dallas, TX               134   A   (rehearsal w/ Stevie Ray Vaughn) [D-G-9]
7/18/83   (Live in Concert)         Montreal, Quebec         116   A   Serious Moonlight                [D-G-4]
4/xx/87   Rehearsing 'Glass Spider Tour' in New York                   New York's A Go Go               [D-Y-68]
11/3/87   Entertainment Centre      Sydney, Australia                  Never Let Me Down Under
2/xx/90   Rehearsing 'Sound + Vision' in New York(?)          68   A+  (date & venue unknown)           [F-O-B]
5/16/90   Tokyo Dome                Tokyo, Japan             118   A-  TVC 1990                         [D-G-9]
8/5/90    Milton Keynes Bowl        Milton Keynes, England                                              [D-G-54]
1996      Phoenix Festival          Stratford-U-Avon, England 30   A                                    [F-O-L]
9/22/97   The State Theater         Detroit, MI              168   B+  Panic In Detroit                 [D-G-9]
10/9/97   KROQ Tammy Bruce Show     Los Angeles, CA                                                     [D-O-92]
12/6/97   Universal Amphi.          Los Angeles, CA                    Almost Acoustic (KROQ Xmas Show) [D-Y-38]
6/25/00   Glastonbury Fest          Pilton, England                                                     [D-B-55]
5/24/04   Veterans Memorial         Columbus, OH                                                        [D-R-61]

Breeders, The
1989      Fort Apache                Cambridge, MA            26      "Pod" Demos                       [D-R-51]
1/22/90   BBC Studios                London, England                  (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)    [D-B-55]
6/29/92   Melkweg                    Amsterdam, Netherlands   40   A   Double-Trouble                   [F-G-P]
9&11/92   Cro-Magnon Studios         Dayton, OH                       "Last Splash" Demos               [D-B-55]
10/12/93  Black Session              Paris, France            46   A                                    [F-G-B]
10/13/93  L'Espace                   Rennes, France           70   B+                                   [D-O-7]
11/27/93  AT&T Amphitheatre          Miami, FL                38   A                                    [D-O-22]
4/9/94    (Live in Concert)          Baton Rouge, LA          58   B   Hello Baton Rouge!
5/17/94   Gino's                     Stockholm, Sweden        20   A   
6/6/94    The Metro                  Chicago, IL              53   A   Sonic Ecstacy (fixed TAO)        [F-G-B]
6/6/94    The Metro                  Chicago, IL              53   A   Sonic Ecstacy {UPGRADE}          [D-R-111]
5/9/97    El Rey Theatre             Los Angeles, CA          65   B                                    [D-Y-28]
10/27/01  The Crocodile              Seattle, WA              61                                        [D-O-102]
2/11/02   Bowery Ballrom             New York, NY             61   A-	
2/16/02   Magic Stick                Detroit, MI              64                                        [D-O-42]
5/5/02    Melkweg                    Amsterdam, Netherlands                                             [D-B-75]
11/20/05  Blackheath Halls           London, England          66   B   (4AD "1980 Forward" celebration) [F-Y-B]
3/14/08   KLRU Studios               Austin, TX               18       (uncomp. audio stream @ 1411 kbps) [D-B-40]
4/13/08   Carling Academy 2          Birmingham, England      71                                        [D-B-40]
4/25/08   Coachella Festival         Indio, CA                46                                        [D-O-42]
8/14/08   La Route du Rock           St. Père, France                                                   [D-R-61]
8/30/08   Electric Picnic            Laois, Ireland                    (Digi. Sat. B'cast @ 192 kbps)   [D-R-86]

Brickell, Edie & New Bohemians
10/18/85  500 Cafe                   Dallas, TX               87   A
4/26/87   Fry Street Fair            Denton, TX               64   A-
5/3/89    Tower Theatre              Houston, TX              80   A                                    [F-G-B]
2/12/90   Club Dada                  Dallas, TX              131   A                                    [F-R-B]
2/24/91   Trees                      Dallas, TX              132   A   Freedom Rock (tons of covers!)   [F-Y-B]
11/27/94  Trees                      Dallas, TX              106       (reunion show of original lineup)[D-G-54]

Broken Bells
3/17/10   Stubb's BBQ                Austin, TX                                                         [D-G-104]
6/18/10   KCRW Radio                 Santa Monica, CA                                                   [D-G-109]

Brown, Junior
9/12/92   (Live in Concert)          Austin, TX               64                                        [D-Y-93]
9/28/95   Laurel Theater             Knoxville, TN                                                      [D-O-122]
8/8/04    Rams Head Tavern           Annapolis, MD                                                      [D-O-97]
10/16/05  Rams Head Tavern           Annapolis, MD                                                      [D-G-74]
9/14/07   Peoples Court              Des Moines, IA           79   A-                                   [D-R-31]

Brubeck Quartet, Dave
4/2/60    Grugahalle                 Essen, Germany                                                     [F-G-E]
7/22/67   JF Juan Les Pins           Antibes, France                                                    [D-Y-53]

Built to Spill   
11/9/95   Paradiso                   Amsterdam, Netherlands   51       (includes VPRO session)          [D-Y-83]
10/13/97  First Avenue               Minneapolis, MN          70   A+  (early show)  
10/13/97  First Avenue               Minneapolis, MN          92   A   (early show, SBD + AUD matrix)   [D-B-55]
3/11/99   Showbox                    Seattle, WA                                                       [D-R-86]

Buttery, Guy
9/26/08   Tricesimo                  Udinese, Italy                                                    [D-G-79]
2/24/10   Howard College Theatre     Durban, South Africa     44   
Buttery, Guy, Nibs van der Spuy & Steve Newman
11/26/06  Glass Magic Castle         KwaZulu-Natal, S.Africa                                           [D-Y-38]

8/29/76   w/ The Clash               London, England          35   B   Screen on the Green
5/20/78   Sports Centre              Bracknell, England                                                [D-B-65]

Byrds, The
4/20/70   Freedom Hall               Louisville, KY                                                    [D-O-77]

7/23/99   Crocodile Cafe             Seattle, WA              56   A
8/9/99    Bottom of the Hill         San Francisco, CA        54   B

7/18/96   Whiskey-A-Go-Go            Hollywood, CA                                                  [D-B-55]

Calvi, Anna
1/17/11   Maison de la Radio         Paris, France                 B-  (Black Session #322, distracting buzz)[D-Y-123]
6/1/11    KEXP radio                 Seattle, WA                                                    [D-Y-123]
6/8/11    Live In Session On MBE     Santa Monica, CA                                               [D-Y-123]
7/20/11   Piazza Castello            Pordenone, Italy         14       (Sexto Unplugged Festival)   [D-R-126]
8/14/11   Kampnagel                  Hamburg, Germany                                               [D-G-124]
12/11-1/12 Irish FM b'cast segments  various                           (from Dec. 2011 & Jan. 2012) [D-O-127]
3/16/12   Southbank Centre           London, England                   (MP2 orig. b'cast stream)    [D-Y-128]

Camera Obscura  
7/30/04   Cat's Cradle               Carrboro, NC             45   A-
7/19/06   KCRW studios               Santa Monica, CA         39   A                                [F-G-M]
10/7/06   Kulturbolaget              Malmö, Sweden            50   A                                [F-O-C]
7/21/07   FIB                        Benicassim, Spain             A-  (annoying Spanish DJ)        [F-G-K]
4/9/09    Radcliffe & Maconie Show   England                           (BBC2 MP2 orig. b'cast stream) [D-Y-98]
4/24/09   BBC 6Music "Hub Session"   London, England          13   A   (mp2, Cerys Matthews hosting!) [D-Y-98]

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
1976      Bat Chain Puller (Unreleased LP)                                                   [D-G-49]

Cardigans, The
1/20/96   Anson Rooms                Bristol, England
6/18/96   KCRW radio                 Santa Monica, CA                                                 [D-Y-98]
9/8/96    Lee's Place                Toronto, Ontario                                                 [D-O-127]
12/13/96  KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas  Universal City, CA                                               [D-B-105]
3/8/97    The Concourse              San Francisco, CA                                                [D-B-105]
5/16/97   Moore Theater              Seattle, WA                                                      [D-G-99]
5/17/97   La Luna                    Portland, OR                                                     [D-G-99]
8/23/97   Reading Festival           Reading, England         29   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream) [D-B-20]
4/4/99    Philipshalle               Duesseldorf, Germany                                             [D-G-84]
8/20/99   Butzweiler Hof             Cologne, Germany                  (Bizarre Festival)             [D-G-84]
6/28/03   Roskilde Festival          Roskilde, Denmark        75   A                                  [D-G-94]
2/14/04   Folkets Park               Huskvarna, Sweden        54   A   {*LOSSY*}                      [F-B-C]
10/19/05  La Fleche d'Or             Paris, France            53   A                                  [D-G-79]

Cash, Johnny
1958      Country Style USA radio program                     29   A   (w/ the Tennessee Two)       [F-Y-K]
1959      Guest Star radio program                            15   A   (w/ the Tennessee Two)       [F-Y-K]

6/12/95   Black Session              Paris, France            34   A-  (some pops, gaps, edits - still kickass)
3/26/98   Newport Center             Newport, UK              46   A                                [F-G-L]
12/21/98  (Live in concert)          London, England          60   A+  Dead from the Neck Up 
4/5/99    The Forum                  London, England          70   A                                [D-G-59]                                
4/28/99                              Madrid, Spain                                                  [F-O-C]
8/28/99   Reading Festival           Reading, England         51   A   (joined from 2 sources)      [F-O-C]
1994-2000 B-Sides, (21 songs)        NA                       70   A-  {*MP3*} (a couple blips)
4/28/01   Evening News Arena         Manchester, England      33   A   Campaign For A Living Wage   [F-O-C]

Cat Power
1/23/08   Studio 106                 Paris, France            58   A-  (Black Session)              [D-O-32]

Celibate Rifles 
9/12/87   Forum Theatre              Enger, Germany           56   A    

Chameleons, The
3/3/85    Ritz Ballroom							 Manchester, England      61   A-                           [D-R-131]
6/16/85   Markthalle                 Hamburg, Germany                                           [D-B-130]  
9/12/86   International I            Manchester, England                                        [D-B-130]

Charlatans UK, The
4/4/94    The Tramway                Glasgow, Scotland        55                                [D-B-85]
6/16/94   BBC Evening Session        England                                                    [D-B-100]
9/5/95    Boardwalk                  Manchester, England                                        [D-R-101]
8/17/96                              Chelmsford, England                                        [D-B-100]
12/11/07  Manchester Apollo          Manchester, England                                        [D-O-117]    

10/17/74  Freedom Hall               Louisville, Kentucky     80   A   (mislabeled as Washington DC 6/12/74) [F-Y-C + F-R-H]
10/5/77                              Pittsburgh, PA          122   A-                           [D-B-10]
8/11/78   The Greek Theater          Los Angeles, CA                                            [D-O-87]
8/6/82    Park West                  Chicago, IL                                                [D-Y-13]

Chills, The
3/16/84   Windsor Castle             Auckland, New Zealand    35   A   (on same CD as 12/10/85)
12/10/85  John Peel Session          England                  11   A   (on same CD as 3/16/84)
2/20/87   De Melkweg                 Amsterdam, Netherlands   77   A                            [D-R-76]
3/17/87   Biskuithalle               Bonn, Germany            38   A   (on same CD as 11/87)
11/xx/87  (Live in concert)        Bremen-Schauburg, Germany  25   A-  (on same CD as 3/17/87)
10/11/89  Subterania                 London, England          59   A-                           [D-O-72]
4/14/90                              Chapel Hill, NC               A-                           [D-R-11]
4/18/90   JC Dobbs                   Philadelphia, PA                                           [D-R-96] 
5/10/90   KCRW Studios               Santa Monica, CA         54   A                            [D-O-72]
8/31/92   Triple J FM, MTV Europe, B-Sides & Rarities         71   A   
10/26/96  Rockomotive Festival       Vendome, France          77   A-
11/14/96  KCRW Studios               Santa Monica, CA         38   A                            [F-G-C]

Church, The
xxxx      Rarities collection        NA                       65   A

5/24/01   Maxwell's                  Hoboken, NJ                   A

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!
1/24/06   Club Quattro               Tokyo, Japan             63   A-                            [F-B-A]

Clash, The
8/29/76   w/ The Buzzcocks           London, England          35   B   Screen on the Green
9/21/79   The Palladium              New York, NY             78   A-  The Guns of Brixton

Clean, The
2000      (Live in concert)          New Zealand              53   A   (likely date 10/13/00)

1/28/91   JJJ Studios                Sydney, Australia        26   A   Live at the Wireless I                  [D-G-54]
12/12/91  Phoenician Club            Sydney, Australia        15   A
10/6/94   KCRW Studios               Santa Monica, CA         31   A	
10/25/95  Jack's Sugar Shack         Hollywood, CA            51   B-  (good sound but mic shorts)
12/18/95  JJJ Studios                Sydney, Australia        27   A   Live at the Wireless II                 [D-G-54]
1/20/97   JJJ Studios                Sydney, Australia        32   A   Live at the Wireless III
6/8/97    Fly By Night               Fremantle, Australia     69   B 
7/12/01   Clouds J-Files (Sydney Radio)                      180   B+  {*MP3*} (career retrospective w/ interviews)

Cocteau Twins
1/29/83   Paradiso                   Amsterdam, Neth.      28   A                                           [F-O-K]
11/9/83   Les Bains Douches          Paris, France         37   A-  (mislabeled 9/11 in info file)          [D-O-32]
10/30/84  Rats Club                  Oslo, Norway          34                                               [D-R-66]
12/15/84  Sadlers Wells              London, England       66   B+                                          [F-Y-C]
1/29/85   Markethalle                Hamburg, Germany      48   B                                           [D-B-20]
2/2/85    Vera Club                 Groningen, Netherlands                                                  [D-B-70]
3/4/85    Grande Theatre             Bourges, France       36   B   (Festival In The Park)                  [F-R-L]
9/15/85   The Palace                 Los Angeles, CA       65   B-  (mislabeled as 9/18)                    [D-B-20]
9/18/85   Newport Music Hall         Columbus, OH                                                           [D-B-70 + D-Y-73]
11/7/86   Nottingham Royal Centre    Nottingham, England                                                    [D-R-126]
10/11/90  Stadthalle Muelheim        Cologne, Germany                                                       [D-Y-88]
10/25/90  Barrowlands                Glasgow, Scotland     70   B   (wavy sound)
11/1/90   Town & Country Club Club   London, England                                                        [D-B-55]
11/21/90  Massey Hall                Toronto, Ontario                                                       [D-R-96]
11/24/90  Royal Oak Theatre          Detroit, MI                                                            [D-B-110]
12/6/90   Wiltern Theatre            Los Angeles, CA       65   B+                                          [D-R-21]
3/23/91   Paramount Theater          Seattle, WA           60   B+                                          [F-R-C]
2/1/94    Muziekcentrum Vredenburg   Utrecht, Netherlands                                                   [D-R-126]
2/4/94    Black Sessions             Paris, France         53   A   (complete performance from 2 sources)   [F-O-C, 2nd part]
2/4/94    Black Sessions             Paris, France                  (from single torrent)                   [D-O-117]
2/9/94    Rock City                  Nottingham, England                                                    [D-O-112]
12/22/95  Black Sessions             Paris, France         40   A-  (FM version)
12/22/95  Black Sessions             Paris, France                  (AUD version)                           [D-G-109]
5/23/96   Ministry of Sound          London, England       93   A-                                          [F-B-C]
6/22/96   Warfield Theatre           San Fransisco, CA     87   B                                           [D-R-21]
6/30/96   Roskilde Festival          Roskilde, Denmark                                                      [D-O-72]
xxxx      The Forgotten 4AD Tracks                              A
xxxx      B-Sides and Miscellaneous Covers                 70   A   (Blue Bell Knoll/Milk & Kisses era EPs)

Cold Chisel 
12/3/82   Markthalle                 Hamburg, Germany      75   A                                           [DVD]

Comet Gain
4/5/01    Moles Club                 Bath, England         29   B                                           [F-O-H]

Concrete Blonde
4/23/87   KCRW radio                 Santa Monica, CA      71   A                                           [D-G-34]
7/11/90   Chestnut Cabaret           Philadelphia, PA                                                       [D-G-54]
2/16/91   Warfield Theatre           San Francisco, CA     78   A-                                          [D-G-34]
12/12/91                             Ballard, WA                    Acoustic Humiliation                    [D-Y-83]

Corrs, The
12/11/96  Hamburg Docks              Hamburg, Germany      85   A-                                          [D-B-35]
1998-99   "Dreams Of The East" 4 live TV performances      58   A                                           [D-R-11]
1/xx/99   Wembley Arena              London, England       57   A   (BBC2 broadcast 2/99)                   [F-G-C]
8/3/00                               Taipei, Taiwan        19   A   (acoustic)                              [D-B-35]
11/18/00  Globen Arena               Stockholm, Sweden     72   A   Breathless In Stockholm                 [D-G-104]
1/18-19/01 Scottish Exhib&Conf Centr Glasgow, Scotland     60   B+  (FM, used noise reduction for hiss)     [D-B-85]
11/29/01  Riverside Studios          London, England                (w/ the BBC Concert Orchestra)          [D-R-31]

Costello, Elvis & the Attractions
12/3/77   The Riviera                Chicago, IL           42   A                                           [D-O-22]
3/3/78    C.W. Post College          Brookville, NY        50       (early show)                            [D-B-80]
8/23/80   Mosport Park               Mosport, Canada                (Heatwave Festival)                     [D-B-80]
10/15/83  Grugahalle                 Essen, Germany        87   A-                                          [D-O-12]
11/23/86  Royalty Theatre            London, England      116   A   This Is Tomorrow                        [D-B-20]

Cowboy Junkies
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre     Universal City, CA    15   A-  (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)                    [F-Y-K]
4/3/96    KCRW radio, no interview   Los Angeles, CA       20   B-  (RA)
5/6/96    Commodore Ballroom         Vancouver, B.C.                                                        [D-R-86]
7/14/04   Botanical Gardens          Atlanta, GA          126   A-  {*MP3*}

Cranberries, The
1991-93   4 radio sessions reb'cast on Irish radio                  (incl. 3/9/91, 1993, 1991 sess. track, intrvw) [D-R-126]         
2/16/92   Peel Session               England               12   A                                           [F-O-C]
5/3/93    Studio 105                 Paris, France              A   (Black Sessions #27)                    [D-O-67]
7/15/93   KCRW radio, no interview   Los Angeles, CA       15   B   (RA)
9/6/93    On the Edge studios        Los Angeles, CA       14   A-  (Westwood One Radio)                    [F-O-C]
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre     Universal City, CA    23   A-  (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)                    [F-Y-K]
12/11/93  The Record Plant           Hollywood, CA         45   A+  Blood Strawberries
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre     Universal City, CA             Thoughts That Linger (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)[D-G-114]
12/12/93  Universal Amphitheatre     Universal City, CA             Thoughts That Linger (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)[D-G-114]
12/17/93                             Dublin, Ireland       68   A-  Coming Back To My Family                [D-B-10]
8/19/94   WNNX Studio                Atlanta, GA                    Strange Fruits (+2 songs 9/12/95)       [D-Y-88]
9/26/94   B.B.C. Sessions            London, England                                                        [D-B-105]
10/12/94  Mayflower                  Newcastle, England             Strange Fruits (+2 songs 9/12/95)       [D-Y-88]
10/26/94  Alabamahalle               Munich, Germany       72   A   Songs Against War                       [D-G-14]
11/16/94  Orpheum Theater            Minneapolis, MN       72   B   Lucky Charms                            [D-R-81]
2/8/95    Vredenburg                 Utrecht, Holland      78   A-  Waltzing In Holland                     [F-O-C]
5/29/95   Leed's Town & Country Club London, England       50   A   Coca-Cola Planet Live                   [D-Y-78]
7/30/95   Milton Keynes Bowl        Milton Keynes, England 35   A                                           [D-R-31]
8/26/96   Star Lake Amphitheatre     Burgettstown, PA      88   B                                           [D-G-14]
8/29/96   Molson Amphitheatre        Toronto, Ontario      75   A   Argue This
9/9/99    Marcus Ampitheater         Milwaukee, WI              B                                           [D-R-81]
11/17/99  Philipshalle               Duesseldorf, Germany  58                                               [D-O-122]
7/17/00   Piazza San Martino         Lucca, Italy                   Ode To Italy                            [D-R-91]
7/24/00   Théatre Antique            Lyon, France          79   A-  Loud and Clear                          [D-Y-33]
8/13/01   Star 98.7 studios          Los Angeles, CA                {*LOSSY*}                               [D-R-61]
3/31/02   Jahrhunderthalle Höchst    Frankfurt, Germany             Wake Up And Smell The Zombies           [D-G-84]
4/9/02    Printemps de Bourges       Bourges, France       76   A                                           [D-G-24]   
5/13/02   Tower Theatre              Upper Darby, PA       99   B                                           [D-R-16]
6/27/03   Fitzgerald Park            Killarney, Ireland    69   B-  (somewhat distant, wind noise?)         [D-G-24]
11/12/09  Rams Head Live             Baltimore, MD              B   (1st show after 6.5 years!)             [D-O-97]
3/7/10    Patinoire de Meriadeck     Bordeaux, France      85                                               [D-G-104]
7/3/10    Parco San Giuliano         Venice, Italy                                                          [D-B-110]

3/10/92   Barbue                     Copenhagen, Denmark   19   A-  (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)          [D-Y-28]
8/6/95    Benicassim Festival        Benicassim, Spain     62   B+  (annoying-as-hell DJ)                   [F-B-D]

Crash Vegas
6/24/90   Phil's Grandson's Place    Kitchener, Ontario                                                     [D-R-96]
6/2/95    Town Pump                  Vancouver, Brit. Col.                                                  [D-O-112]

Creedence Clearwater Revival
4/14/70   Royal Albert Hall          London, England       45   B+  Crackin' Up
8/29/70   The Forum                  Los Angeles, CA                                                        [D-Y-68]
7/4/71    Fillmore West              Los Angeles, CA       60   A                                           [F-G-C]
9/18/71   Deutschlandhalle           Berlin, Germany                                                        [D-Y-68]
2/29/72   Budokan                    Tokyo, Japan                   Earthquake                              [D-B-65]
2/29/72   Budokan                    Tokyo, Japan          59       Earthquake (pitch & speed corrected)    [D-Y-68]

Crow, Sheryl
1992      Sheryl Crow - The Unreleased Album               70   A   
12/15/93  The State Theater          Nashville, TN         65   A                                           [D-B-30]
10/25/94                             San Francisco, CA     72   A-  Tuesday Night Live                      [D-B-30]
3/17/95                              New York, NY          77   A   Coffee Shop                             [D-O-27]
11/3/96   Paradiso                   Amsterdam, Neth.     110   A   Sunday Night at the Paradiso            [D-B-30] 
6/29/97   Glastonbury Festival       Pilton, U.K.          54   A                                           [D-B-30]
11/3/98   Trinity Church             Canada                63   A+  The Trinity Church Sessions  
2/18/99   Wembley Stadium            London, England      100   B   (some channel shifts, Tr. 1 garbled)
5/6/99    Sony Blockbuster Ent. Ctr. Philadelphia, PA     109   A   (mislabeled as Camden, NJ)              [D-O-22]
3/28/02                              Paris, France         79   A   Merci and Tres Bon! (+3 bonus trax)     [D-O-27]
2/13/08   BBC Radio Theatre          London, England       43   A   (BBC2 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
7/1/08    Stadtpark                  Hamburg, Germany           A                                           [D-O-67]

4/21/95   Starfish Room              Vancouver, BC         54   A

4/21/03   Bottom of the Hill         San Francisco, CA                                                   [D-R-86]

3/14/91   Camden Underworld          London, England                (first ever show!)                   [D-B-100]
12/5/91   Astoria                    London, England       58   B-                                       [F-B-C]
12/7/91   Salle Omnisport            Rennes, France                                                      [D-O-102]
3/15/92                              Reading, England                                                    [D-B-100]
5/7/92    (Live in concert)          ???                   54   B+ 
6/4/92    Manhattan Ballroom         New York, NY          61   B+                                       [F-B-C]
6/27/92   Glastonbury Festival       Glastonbury, England  51   B+  (vox very clear)                     [F-Y-C]
10/24/92  The Riviera                Chicago, IL                                                         [D-O-102]
10/29/92  Agora                      Cleveland, OH         45   B                                        [F-G-C]
11/20/92  Warfield                   San Francisco, CA                                                   [D-G-99]
11/28/93  Satyricon                  Portland, OR          62   A-
11/29/93  Rockcandy                  Seattle, WA                                                         [D-B-100]
12/7/93   St. Andrews Hall           Detorit, MI                                                         [D-O-102]
1994      "Open Day at the Hate Fest"                      51   A+
1995      Recurve - Studio Sessions  N/A                   74   A+  (good collection of B-sides etc.)    
3/31/98                              Boston, MA                                                          [D-B-100]
4/8/98    Slim's                     San Francisco, CA          B+                                       [F-R-C]
4/10/98   The Troubador              Los Angeles, CA       72   B+
6/26/98   Holy Cow                   Salt Lake City, UT                                                  [D-G-99]
7/2/98    Maritime Hall              San Francisco, CA                                                   [D-O-102]
7/10/98                              Dallas, TX                     (last show ever?)                    [D-B-100]

Dance Hall Crashers
10/12/95  (Live in Concert)          St. Louis, MO         70   A-  (incl. 3-song radio acoustic set)
2/12/98   Gibson's                   Tempe, AZ             64   B-  (very bass & drum heavy)
9/25/99   House of Blues             Chicago, IL           59   A   {*MP3*} (TAO)
10/15/99  Nile Theatre               Mesa, AZ              56   C

Dando, Evan
1992      JJJ Studios                Sydney, Australia     12   A-  (with Tom Morgan)
1/18/04   Gabe's Oasis               Iowa City, IA        100   A
5/13/09   The Macbeth                London, England       83                                          [D-R-91]
Dando, Evan with Juliana Hatfield
7/6/92    WBCN Radio                 Boston, MA            24   A
7/8/92    WHFS Radio                 Washington, D.C.      12   A
7/xx/92   World Music Cafe           Philadelphia, PA      16   A                                      [F-R-R]
6/27/03   Bottom of the Hill         San Francisco, CA     75   B   {*MP3*} (JH on bass & backing vox)
12/4/12   Royal Festival Hall        London, England                                                   [D-B-130] 

Dandy Warhols, The
10/16/00  The Metro                  Chicago, IL           60   A

Darling Buds, The      
1987-92   BBC Sessions + other radio sessions              76  A/B+  Hit the Airwaves     
7/3/88    Newcastle Riverside     Newcastle, England            C                                      [D-R-96]
7/5/88    Digbeth's               Birmingham, England      49   B    Rough Winds Do Shake
11/12/88  Sheffield Leadmill      Sheffield, England       42   B    
1/25/89   Southend University     Hampshire, England       48   B+                                     [D-Y-78]
3/31/89   Town & Country Club     London, England          46   B                                      [D-O-22]
12/2/92   Cabaret Metro           Chicago, IL              54   A                                      [F-O-D]
xx/xx/xx  Complete B-Sides Collection - 21 Tracks          72  A/B+  (Tr. 21 skips in middle)

Dashboard Saviors 
9/23/95   40 Watt Club            Athens, GA               63   A

dB's, The
6/12/81   The Ritz                New York, NY             21   A
7/3/81    Old Grey Whistle Test   England                   8   A-  (on same disc as 6/12/81)
1983-84   Demos                   NA                       72   A-                                     [D-O-2]
8/3/86    Maxwell's               Hoboken, NJ              76   B+  Smoke Over Hoboken                 [D-G-34]
12/3/87   SNAP Radio Session      Santa Monica, CA         64   A 
3/2/88    Mississippi Nights      St. Louis, MO                 A   What I Dig                         [D-B-105]
1979-1988 "Cover Me" - 21 cover songs collection                                                       [D-R-126]

Dead Can Dance
12/12/87  (Live in Concert)       Cologne, Germany                                                     [D-B-60]
4/23/89   Le Phoenix              Mulhouse, France                                                     [D-B-60]
10/26/90  Musikhalle              Hamburg, Germany                                                     [D-R-66]
11/6/90   Little Theatre          Middlesborough, England       B   (quite hissy)                      [D-B-55]
10/1/93   Cirque Royale           Bruxelles,Belgium                 Dark Christ-Mas                    [D-G-64]
1994      (Live in Concert)       Detroit, MI                       Meditabor                          [D-G-54]
8/6/96    Arlene Schnitzer Hall   Portland, OR                                                         [D-G-64]

12/13/99  ABC studios             Melbourne, Australia     29   A   (Live at the Wireless)             [F-Y-H]

Death Cab for Cutie
3/1/02    El Ray Theater          Los Angeles, CA          66   A
6/23/08   KCRW Radio              Santa Monica, CA                                                     [D-R-56]
8/18/08   Enmore Theatre          Sydney, Australia        49   A-                                     [D-G-79]

Delerium (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
9/26/08   Royal Oak Music Theater Royal Oak, MI                 B+  (w/ Leigh Nash, Elsieane Caplette) [D-G-64]

Delgados, The
5/13/00   Union Chapel            London, England                                                      [D-G-109]
11/3/04   Music Millennium        Portland Oregon          16                                          [D-Y-48]

Descendents, The
9/11/85   Berkeley Square         Berkeley, CA             45   A                                      [F-B-B]

12/3/77   WHK Auditorium          Cleveland, OH            46   A-  1984...The Year After 1977         [F-R-B]
7/17/80   The Orpheum             Boston, MA               71   A                                      [D-R-26]

9/10/99   Paradise Rock Club        Boston, MA            53   B                                   [DVD]
9/15/99   KCRW studios              Santa Monica, CA      34   B   (RA)                            [F-G-P]
2/5/00    (Live in Concert)         Providence, RI        47   B+                                  [DVD]
2/24/00   KCRW studios              Santa Monica, CA      38   B   (RA)                            [F-G-P]
2/26/00   815 L. Street             Sacramento, CA        45   A   
5/3/00    Water Street Music Hall   Rochester, NY         80   B+  (incl. radio appearance)        [DVD]
5/4/00    Karma                     Boston, MA            55   A-                                  [DVD]
6/16/01   Verizon Wireless Amphith. Irvine, CA            72   A-  (some crowd noise)              [DVD]
9/30/03   Village Recording Studios New York, NY          30   A                                   [DVD]
6/11/04   The Tower Theatre         Upper Darby, PA       99   A-  (some crowd noise, mostly between songs)
8/28/04   Glasgow SECC              Glasgow, Scotland     90   B+                                  [DVD]

Died Pretty
9/24/89   Maxwell's                 Hoboken, NJ                                                         [D-R-51]

DiFranco, Ani
8/31/96   Black Oak Ranch           Laytonville, CA                (Hog Farm Pig-Nic)                   [D-R-116]

Dinosaur Jr.
2/18/89   (Live in Concert)         New York, NY          40   B+  JayLouMurph
8/6/93    Santa Fe Dam              Irwindale, CA         27   A   (Westwood One broadcast 6/6/94)      [F-R-D]
11/16/94  Santa Monica Civic Audit. Santa Monica, CA      39   A   (Westwood One broadcast 2/27/95)     [F-R-D]

Dirty Three, The
1998      Departure Lounge      Sydney, Australia     10   A   (broadcast on JJJ FM) 

Ditty Bops, The
11/5/04   Park West             Chicago, IL           37   B                                         [DVD]

Donelly, Tanya   
3/2/98    JJJ Studios           Sydney, Australia     30   A   
2/13/01   Kendall Cafe          Boston, MA            41   B+  (solo acoustic)
4/22/02   KCRW Studios          Santa Monica, CA                                                     [D-O-107]
8/16/04   Largo                 Hollywood, CA                                                        [D-G-64]

Dr. Dog
7/18/10   Wiggins Park          Camden, NJ                     (XPoNential Music Festival)           [D-B-110]

Dresden Dolls, The  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
12/2/03   The Iron Horse        Northampton, MA       66   B+                                        [F-B-D]
2/15/04                         Pittsburgh, PA             A                                         [D-O-67]
3/2/04    Tonic                 New York, NY          71   A-                                        [F-Y-D]
6/24/04   KCRW radio            Santa Monica, CA      39   A   {*MP3*}
2004?     BBC Radio             England               23   A-  {*MP3*} (Steve Lamacq session)        [F-O-D]
10/13/04  WorkPlay              Birmingham, AL        77   A-  {*MP3*}
10/16/04  Criminal Records      Atlanta, GA           28   A-  {*MP3*} (in-store appearance)
11/5/04   Park West             Chicago, IL           81   B                                         [DVD]   
2/16/05   BBC Studios           London, England                (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)        [D-G-79]
3/2/05    Urbanissimo radio     Hamburg, Germany      14   A   {*MP3*}
10/21/05  CD101 Radio           Columbus, OH          23   A   {*MP3*}
12/29/05  Henry Fonda Theatre   Los Angeles, CA      110   A-                                        [F-O-D] 
4/30/06   Messehalle Krems      Krems, Austria        44   A   Donaufestival 2006                    [F-B-D]
9/16/06   The Roundhouse        Sydney, Australia     45   A+  (small skip Tr. 6)                    [F-O-D]
9/17/06   The Corner Hotel      Richmond, Australia  102   B                                         [D-B-15]
10/24/06  Variety Playhouse     Atlanta, GA          120   B                                         [F-Y-D]
10/29/06  Starland Ballroom     Sayreville, NJ       111   B+                                        [D-B-15]
6/30/07   Greek Theatre         Los Angeles, CA       31   B+  True Colors Tour                      [F-O-D]
12/29/07  Orpheum Theatre       Boston, MA            99   A-  (source 1: Church Audio STC-11)       [D-B-40] 
12/29/07  Orpheum Theatre       Boston, MA            99   A   (source 2)                            [D-R-61]
5/18/08   The Fillmore          San Francisco, CA    136   A-                                        [D-G-44]
5/21/08   Wiltern Theatre       Los Angeles, CA                                                      [D-G-44]
2002-2007 Stabbed in the Back: Rare & Unreleased Live    B-/A  (giant *MP3* collection)

Dressy Bessy
7/9/99    Starfish Room         Vancouver, B.C.       35   B+	  
8/4/00    Philter Night at Zepp Tokyo, Japan          32   B+
8/10/00   Good Records          ???                   18   B   (good sound but several skips)
7/11/06   Beachland Tavern      Cleveland, Ohio       71   A-                                        [F-R-X]
7/25/09   Outdoor Stage         Denver, CO                                                           [D-O-92]

8/26/94   Melody Maker Stage    Reading, England      33       (Reading Festival)                    [D-G-99]
1/21/96   Astoria               London, England       27                                             [D-Y-128]
2001      Studio 105            Maison, France        33   A-  White Session
5/5/10    ICA                   London, England                                                      [D-G-109]

10/28/97  Oxford Sound City     Oxford, England       44   A                                         [F-B-D]

Dum Dum Girls
4/25/11   Studio 105            Paris, France                  (Black Session #326)                  [D-G-119]
9/30/11   The Casbah            San Diego, CA         51   B+                                        [D-B-125]
Dylan, Bob
1987      Live w/ Tom Petty & H-breakers  Various     70   A-

9/4/94    Brighton Zap Club     Brighton, England                                                    [D-G-109]
10/21/94  Studio 105            Paris, France                  (Black Session #60)                   [D-R-131]
11/xx/94  KCRW studios          Santa Monica, CA      31   A                                         [F-Y-H]
2/3/95    Maida Vale studios    England                        (John Peel session)                   [D-G-109]
2/28/95   Astoria               London, England                (ITV 'Beat Special')                  [D-G-109]
9/29/95   Maida Vale studios    England                        (Mark Lamarr session)                 [D-G-109]
11/xx/95  JBTV                  Chicago, IL                    (exact date unknown)                  [D-G-109]
11/21/95  The Phoenix           Toronto, Canada       53   A                                         [D-Y-78]
2/20/96   Maida Vale studios    England                        (Evening session)                     [D-G-109]
2/20/96   Phoenix Festival      England                        ('ITV at The Festivals')              [D-G-109]
3/22/96   Crocodile Cafe        Seattle, WA           62   B                                         [D-G-14]
3/28/96   The Roxy              Hollywood, CA         71   B                                         [F-G-E]
1996-97   'Lustra' Demos        NA                    88   A                                         [D-R-16]
6/29/97   Glastonbury Festival  Pilton, UK            50   A                                         [D-O-17]
10/27/97  The Zodiac Club       Oxford, England       47                                             [D-G-109]
11/10/97  Maida Vale studios    England                        (Evening session)                     [D-G-109]
7/18/01   Tower Records store   London, England       13                                             [D-G-109]

6/11/07   Studio 105            Paris, France                  (Black Session)                       [D-O-47]
11/6/07   Arena                 Vienna, Austria       78   A-                                        [F-R-E]

1999,2002 EP1 & EP2             Tyler, Texas               A   {*MP3*} (early recordings band gives away for free)
6/10/05   Troubadour            West Hollywood, CA    69   A-   
8/22/05   Troubadour            West Hollywood, CA    82   A   (Yahoo! showcase free event)
12/17/05  Plano Centre          Plano, TX             75   B+  {*MP3*} Buzz-Oven Xmas Extravaganza 
4/27/06   Ernest Becker Amphi.  Fullerton, CA              A-                                        [DVD]
8/14/07   Good Records          Dallas, TX            30   A   {*MP3*} (acoustic in-store)
8/20/07   Joe's Pub             New York, NY          62   B-  {*MP3*} (acoustic)

2/17/94   Electric Ballroom        Camden, England         B                                         [D-O-112]
7/3/94    Roskilde Festival        Roskilde, Denmark  30   A                                         [F-O-C]
8/8/94    Hultsfred Rock Festival  Stockholm, Sweden  67   A   Weekend Swingers 
9/6/94    Zap Club                 Brighton, England  27   A   The Vaseline Gang                     [D-Y-83]
10/28/94  Astoria                  London, England                                                   [D-O-112]
3/9/95    Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe   Seattle, WA        40   B+                                        [F-R-H]
4/18/95   Sound City Festival      Bristol, UK        38   A   The Vaseline Gang                     [D-Y-83]
4/23/95   Loppen                  Copenhagen, Denmark                                                [D-G-119]
6/17/95   KROQ Weenie Roast        Irvine, CA              B                                         [F-O-R]
7/29/95   Downing Stadium        Randall's Island, NY          (Lollapalooza)                        [D-B-115]
10/17/95  The Palace               Hollywood, CA      54   B                                         [D-G-29]
8/12/96   King's Tut Wah Wah Hut   Glasgow, Scotland  54   B+                                        [D-R-51]
8/27/99   Reading Fest             Reading, England                                                  [D-R-131]
1/29/00   Astoria                  London, England    37   A-                                        [D-R-21]
4/9/00    Manchester University   Manchester, England 54   B-                                        [D-G-29]

11/13/01  Le Mouv Studios       Toulouse, France       6   A   (acoustic session)

Electric Light Orchestra
5/7/72    Civic Hall            Guildford, England    47   B-  (muffled, very rare early show)    [D-Y-53]
3/4/76    Cobo Arena            Detroit, Michigan                                                 [D-R-36]
3/16/76   I.M.A. Auditorium     Flint, MI                                                         [D-B-90]
3/19/76   Orpheum Theatre       Boston, MA                                                        [D-R-36]
1976      Guildshall Theatre    Portsmouth, England   63   A-  (incl. bonus trax from 1973)
2/23/78   (Live in Concert)     Osaka, Japan          86   B                                      [D-O-87]
12/1/81   Wembley Arena         London, England                                                   [D-R-36]
2/13/82   Festhalle             Frankfurt, Germany                                                [D-O-87]
1982                            Koln, Germany                                                     [D-R-36]

Electromagnets, The (with Eric Johnson)
1975      Studio Outtakes       Austin, TX            30                                          [D-B-120]
10/7/75   The Pier              Raleigh, NC          121                                          [D-B-120]

Eleventh Dream Day
1/6/90    Lounge Axe            Chicago, IL                                                       [D-Y-38]
4/2/90    Burgerweeshuis        Deventer, Netherlands                                             [D-B-50]
6/23/90   Memorial Hall Terrace Madison, WI                                                       [D-B-105]
3/6/91    Theatrefabrik         Munich, Germany       41                                          [D-G-99]
4/21/91   Cattle Club           Sacramento, CA        66   A                                      [F-R-E]
6/17/93                         Copenhagen, Denmark                                               [D-O-102]
12/20/97  Double Door           Chicago, IL                                                       [D-Y-98]
10/26/08  The Hideout           Chicago, IL                                                       [D-R-71] 
12/7/08   The Hideout           Chicago, IL                                                       [D-B-75]

Eve's Plum
11/23/93  Goats Head Soup       Houston, TX                                                       [D-B-50]
4/4/96    The Troubadour        West Holywood,CA                                                  [D-B-125]
7/16/96   (Live in Concert)     Albany, NY                 A                                      [D-O-132]

Excuse 17
4/28/95   924 Gilman Street     Berkeley, CA          30   B

Explosions In The Sky  
3/14/07   The Grey Eagle        Asheville, NC         72                                          [D-B-40]
4/14/08  Chapel, W.Wilson Coll. Asheville, NC                                                     [D-G-49]

Falkner, Jason (ex-Jellyfish)
2/8/02    La Boule Noire        Paris, France         39   A-                                     [F-G-B]

Fall, The
1978-93   Peel Sessions         England               74   A

Falling Joys, The 
7/xx/90   Petersham Inn         Sydney, Australia     65   A-                                     [DVD]
12/19/90  JJJ Studios           Sydney, Australia     22   A   (Live at the Wireless)             [DVD]
1990      Demos                 (Unknown)             43   A-                                     [DVD]

Features, The
11/19/09  Troubadour            Los Angeles, CA                                                   [D-O-97]

Feelies, The
6/12/89                       Lyon-Venissieux, France                                             [D-Y-83]
5/4/91    Jakes                 Bloomington, IN       73   B+  Try Not to Shove

Field Mice, The
xxxx      Radio Shows and Demos                       58  B/A  (incl. 1990 Peel & Black Sessions) [D-B-15]
xxxx      B-Sides & Rarities collection (17 songs)    71 B+/A- (nice vinyl transfers, rare stuff)

50 Foot Wave (feat. Kristen Hersh)
2/27/04   KEXP radio            Seattle, WA           28   A-  {*MP3*} (interviews & 3 live songs)
2005      "Free Music EP"                                      (great EP band allows to be shared for FREE!)
3/12/09 Williamsburg Music Hall Brooklyn, NY                                                         [D-G-84]

Fine Art
1980      Studio Sessions       Minnesota             46       (Two Demo Tapes)                      [D-G-129]

Fleet Foxes
11/21/08  Natnl. Toneel Gebouw  Den Haag, Netherlands 68   A                                         [D-R-71]

Fleetwood Mac
9/23/75   Trodd Nossell Studio  Wallingford, CT       63   A   Who's The New Girl?                   [D-B-65]
10/17/75  (Live in Concert)     Passiac, NJ                    (King Biscuit Flower Hour)            [D-B-65]
5/18/77   Fairgrounds Arena     Oklahoma City, OK     65   A                                         [D-Y-28]
5/21/77   Nashville Mun. Aud.   Nashville, TN                                                        [D-Y-48]
8/25/77   Aladdin Theatre       Las Vegas, NV                  Sin City '77                          [D-O-77]
8/30/78   LSU Tiger Stadium     Baton Rouge, LA       62   A                                         [D-Y-33]
11/6/79   The Checker Dome      St. Louis, MO                                                        [D-Y-33]
12/11/79  The Forum             Los Angeles, CA                                                      [D-B-90]
9/12/82   Mid South Coliseum    Memphis, TN                                                          [D-Y-118]
10/17/97  Irvine Meadows Amphi. Irvine, CA            90   A+  Dancing Again (Westwood One)          [D-B-55]
5/15/03   HSBC Center           Buffalo, NY                                                          [D-B-35]

flops, the (Matt Wilson & John Munson of Trip Shakespeare)  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
12/12/03  First Avenue          Minneapolis, MN       32   A

Fogerty, John
10/31/97  Globen                Stockholm, Sweden     62   A-  (+5 songs 9/9/98)                     [D-O-7]

For Squirrels
11/xx/93  Rock 104 Studios      Gainsville, FL        26       (music only, no interviews)           [F-B-S]
1/XX/94                         Gainsville, FL                                                       [F-B-S]

Franklin, Aretha
5/2/68    Konserthuset          Stockholm, Sweden          A-  (some tape hiss)                      [D-O-77]
6/12/71   Montreux Jazz fest.   Montreux, Switzerland                                                [D-R-31]

Franz Ferdinand
8/31/05   Princes Street Gardens  Edinburgh, Scotland 42   A   {*MP3*}                               [F-O-K]
1/24/08   FM4 Fest              Vienna, Austria       78   A                                         [D-G-79]

4/17/98   Grt American Music Hall San Francisco, CA  105   A                                         [D-R-16]

6/21/94   Palladium               Toronto, Ontario                                            [D-R-86]
10/3/94   2 Meter Sessies      Hilversum, Netherlands          (pre-FM unedited session)      [D-Y-123]
10/11/94  Tipitinas               New Orleans, LA                                             [D-R-131]
7/15/96   Ultrasound              Toronto, Ontario                                            [D-Y-123]
2000?     Rarities (Studio and Live)                  80   A

Fruit Child, Large (Evan Dando, Juliana Hatfield, & Howe Gelb)
6/18/91   Rose Club             Koln, Germany         77   B   {*MP3*}

Futureheads, The
11/12/08  Debaser Slussen       Stockholm, Sweden     30                                      [D-G-84]

7/14/86                         London, England                                               [D-B-45]
3/16/87   Alabamahalle          Munchen, Germany      14   A                                  [D-B-90]

6/21/94   WMBR 88.1 FM          Cambridge, MA 	           A-  ("Pipeline!" program)          [DVD]

Gang of Four
9/9/79    Bottom Line           New York, NY          42   B+  (could be 9/11/79 Chicago)     [F-B-G]

11/5/95   7th Street Entry      Minneapolis, MN       73   B+  (very first show!)
11/10/95  The Opera House       Toronto, Ontario      55   A-                                 [D-G-24]
11/25/95  Melkweg               Amsterdam, Holland    52   A+                                 [D-R-1]
12/6/95   The Sting             New Britain, CT       70  A/A- In The Can (+6 bonus trax)     [D-B-30]
4/7/96    Phillipshalle         Dusseldorf, Germany   50   A   
4/9/96  Metropolitan University Leeds, England        53   A                                  [D-R-96]
4/14/96   Capitol Rec. Studios  Los Angeles, CA       74   A-  (Modern Rock Live, 5 songs)    [D-G-24]
6/15/96                         Laguna Hills, CA                                              [D-R-81]
8/18/96   La Route du Rock      Saint-Malo, France    64       (Black Session)                [D-R-31]
8/24/96   Reading Festival      Reading, England      44   A   (In Concert #97-13)            [D-R-71]
8/25/96   Lowlands Festival     Biddinghuizen, Neth.  19                                      [F-B-M]
10/5/96   Davies Park           Brisbane, Australia   28   A                                  [F-O-A]
6/20/98   Loreley Rockpalast    St Goarshausen, Ger.  62   A   Trash & Burn
8/30/98   Reading Festival      Reading, England      49   A                                  [D-G-24]
9/25/98   San Jose State Uni.   San Jose, CA                                                  [D-B-105]
12/12/98  Shrine Auditorium     Los Angeles, CA       45   A                                  [D-R-1]
11/24/99  Bren Center UC Irvine Irvine, CA           112   A-                                 [F-G-G]
10/2/01   Virgin Megastore      Chicago, IL           12   A   (2 songs & interview)          [F-R-C]
10/16/01  United Center         Chicago, IL           46   A-                                 [F-R-C]
11/9/01   Halles De Schaerbeek  Brussels, Belgium          A-                                 [D-R-86]
11/18/01  Elysee Montmartre     Paris, France         88   A-
4/10/02   Palladium             Koln, Germany                                                 [D-O-112]
4/26/02   Electric Factory      Philadelphia, PA                                              [D-B-130]
5/9/02    The Riviera           Chicago, IL           57   A                                  [D-G-24]
5/10/02   First Avenue          Minneapolis, MN                                               [D-O-47]
5/29/02   Mesa Amphitheatre     Mesa, AZ              76   A-                                 [D-B-30]
11/6/02   Denver Coliseum       Denver, CO            46   B+  (start of 1st song cut off)
11/29/02  Long Beach Arena      Long Beach, CA        46   A-                                 [D-G-99]
3/29/05   L'Olympia             Paris, France         88   B+                                 [F-W-G]
4/4/05    (Live in Concert)     Potsdam, Germany      60                                      [D-B-40]
4/10/05   The Warfield          San Francisco, CA     78   A-                                 [F-O-G]
8/13/05   99X radio             Atlanta, GA                                                   [D-B-130]

Germano, Lisa
3/27/94   KCRW studios          Santa Monica, CA      22   A                                  [F-Y-G]
4/30/94   VARA Radio           Hilversum, Netherlands                                         [D-Y-123]
1/26/95   (Live in Concert)     ?, TX                 46                                      [F-B-G]
2/18/95   (Live in Concert)     Minneapolis, MN       42                                      [F-B-G]
7/7/95    Roskilde Festival     Roskilde, Denmark                                             [D-R-126]
4/29/97   Borders Books         Santa Monica, CA      31   B+                                 [F-B-C]
7/21/98   KCRW studios          Santa Monica, CA      32   A-  (solo on piano + interview)    [F-B-C]
4/15/99   Tramp's               New York, NY          30   B                                  [F-Y-C]
11/16/06  Point Ephémère        Paris, France         78   A-                                 [F-Y-G]

Gigolo Aunts 
10/31/93  KCRW Studios          Santa Monica, CA      33   A                                  [F-Y-I]
11/10/99  Hammerstein Ballroom  New York, NY          75   B-

Girls From The Clouds, The (Jodi Phillis & Trish Young, ex-Clouds)  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
12/3/05   Northcote Social Club Melbourne, Australia  69   B
12/16/05  Annendale Hotel       Sydney, Australia     78   B
2/16/07   Corner Hotel          Melbourne, Australia  38   B+  (Candle Farewell Concerts)

Go-Betweens, The
4/22/82   Mosman Hotel          Sydney, Australia     40   A                           [DVD]
7/14/82   John Peel Session     London, England       
3/13/83   Rote Fabrik           Zurich, Switzerland   14   B+  (gaps between trax)
7/11/83   Live at the Wireless  Sydney, Australia     10   A   (first song cut)
12/10/83  Kid Jensen Session    England               14   B+
9/16/84   Albany Empire         Deptford, England                                      [D-O-72]
10/21/84  Peel Session          London, England       14   A   
11/30/84  The Club              Melbourne, Australia  57   B+  (bass/drum heavy)       [DVD]
4/27/85   Errols                Goteborg, Sweden                                       [D-R-66]
1986      (Live in Concert)     Brisbane, Australia   61   A                           [F-Y-G]
3/13/87   BBC Radio 1 Session   London, England       13   A   (Andy Kershaw session)
5/10/87   Town & Country Club   London, England       73   A-                          [DVD]
10/8/88   Lund Musik            Mejeriet, Sweden      27   A-                          [F-Y-S]
11/11/88  McCabes Guitar Shop   Santa Monica, CA      
4/1/89    Metro                 Chicago, IL           74   A-                          [F-Y-G]
5/24/89 Cineteatro Vale Formoso Porto, Portugal                                        [D-B-60]
12/xx/89  Max’s Petersham Inn   Sydney, Australia     78   A   Last Stand              [F-G-G]
1989      The Botany Sessions - CD double (demos)     99   A-  ("Freakchild" demos + Forster & McLennan solo)  [F-O-G]
5/27/99   Studio BR 2           Munich, Germany                (Grant & Robert acoustic) [DVD]
10/19/00  Bowery Ballroom       New York, NY          77   A                           [DVD]
11/7/00   Metropolis            Munich, Germany       53   A
5/5/03    Vega                  Copenhagen, Denmark  106   A-                          [DVD]
5/29/05   Fabrik                Hamburg, Germany     103   A                           [F-B-B + F-R-L]
Go-Betweens all-star tribute w/ David McCormack, Darren Hanlon, Sarah Blasko, many more
11/30/06  Tivoli                Brisbane, Australia   66   A   {*MP3*}                 [F-Y-G]

Go-Go's, The
10/4/78   Whiskey-A-Go-Go         Los Angeles, CA    27   B-  (punk phase!)           [F-G-O]
8/20/81   The Metro               Boston, MA         57   A                           [F-G-O + F-Y-S]
8/31/81   Emerald City            Cherry Hill, NJ                                     [D-B-60]
10/4/81   The Catalyst            Santa Cruz, CA     55   B+                          [F-G-B]
12/xx/81  KIIS-FM                 Los Angeles, CA             (INTERVIEW, no music!)  [D-B-60]
1/15/82   Boston Garden           Boston, MA         52       (misdated? as 10/15/82) [D-B-60]
6/19/82   Sun Plaza Hall          Tokyo, Japan       43   A                           [F-G-O]
8/14/82   Greek Theatre           Berkeley, CA       74   A-                          [D-O-22]
9/2/83    The Meadows             Austin, Texas      67   B+
10/6/99   Howard Stern Show WXRK  New York, NY                (interviews & 2 songs)  [D-O-82]

5/10/03   Universal Hall          Berlin, Germany    74   A                           [D-Y-28]
8/14/03   Kleiner Sendesaal       Cologne, Germany                                    [D-G-44]
7/13/06   Waldbühne               Berlin, Germany             (+1 bonus track 7/12/06)[D-G-44]
2/8/08    BBC Studios             London, England    15   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
3/1/08    BBC Studios             London, England             (BBC2 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
4/16/08   Casino de Paris         Paris, France      80   A                           [D-O-42]
4/23/08   KCRW Radio              Santa Monica, CA   33                               [D-O-42]
4/25/08   Coachella Festival      Indio, CA                                           [D-R-56]
4/29/08   Beacon Theatre          New York, NY            B+                          [D-R-56]
10/2/08   Sydney Opera House      Sydney, Australia  46   A                           [D-B-75]
10/20/08  Theatre Marigny         Paris, France      76   A-  (w/ orchestra & choir)  [D-R-71]
8/18/10   Amsterdam Paradiso  Amsterdam, Netherlands                                  [D-R-111]

9/4/09    The Village Studio      Los Angeles, CA             (session for KCRW Radio)[D-O-92]

Gordon, Nina  
12/15/00  Theatre of Living Arts  Philadelphia, PA   69   A-

Go Sailor
4/9/96    Bottom of the Hill      San Francisco, CA  38   B+  (somewhat low vox)

Go! Team, The
10/20/06  Iceland Airwaves Fest.  Reykjavík, Iceland 50   A                           [D-B-40]
2/4/08    BBC Studios             London, England    28   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
1/31/11   BBC 6 Music Studios     London, England    11       (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)[D-O-117]

Green Day
1989      Howard Stern show       New York           67   A
2/3/98    Elysee                  Paris, France      72   A   A Day Out in Paris
10/31/99  Shoreline Amphitheater  Mountain View, CA  32   A   (acoustic)

Guided By Voices
8/16/95   Gleis 22                Munster, Germany   64   A-                          [F-O-Y]
7/28/96   Peel Session            England            16   A                           [F-R-M]
10/17/97  CBC Studios             Canada                                              [D-O-122]
3/20/99   SXSW Music Festival     Austin, TX         80   A-

Hanley, Kay
7/11/01   Lizard Lounge           Boston, MA         43   B+
5/29/08   The Troubadour          Los Angeles, CA         B-  (+2 songs 5/28/08)      [D-O-67]

Harmer, Sarah
10/18/98  Black Sheep Inn         Ottawa, Ontario    56   A
5/xx/00   CBC Radiosonic Session  Vancouver, B.C.    14   A

Hatfield, Juliana  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
7/9/92    CBGB's                  New York, NY       45   B+
7/10/92   CBGB's                  New York, NY       45   B
7/14/92   Agora Ballroom          Cleveland, OH      42   B+  {*MP3*}
7/15/92   St. Aches               Columbus, OH       41   B   (some channel shifts)
9/24/92   (Live in Concert)       Hoboken, NJ        45   B
9/29/92   Paradise                Boston, MA         50   C
10/4/92   Mountain Stage          Charleston, SC     14   A
10/16/92  CBGB's                  New York, NY       55   B+
1992      "Other Side" radio show ?                  20   A
6/4/93  Selina's Coogie Bay Hotel Sydney, Australia  57   B+
7/23/93   KCBR radio              Chicago, IL        20   A-  {*MP3*} (solo acou.)
8/10/93   KCRW radio              Santa Monica, CA   31   A-  Morning Becomes Eclectic 
9/14/93   Berkeley Square         Berkeley, CA       72   B-
9/16/93   (Live in Concert)       Portland, OR       70   B
9/17/93   Backstage Tavern        Ballard, WA        75   A-  You Don't Own Me/Kiss My Ass
9/27/93   Sam the Record Man      Toronto, Ontario            (solo acoustic)                     [D-G-109]
10/11/93  (Live on Radio)         ?                  20   A-  {*MP3*} (solo acou.)
11/4/93   Grt American Music Hall San Francisco, CA  60   B+
11/7/93   Virgin Megastore        Hollywood, CA      20   B+  (solo acoustic)                     [D-R-16]
12/2/93   Marc Radcliffe Show     England            15   A                                       [F-R-H]
12/13/93  Loppen                  Copenhagen, Den.   70   A   {*MP3*}
12/17/93  Gino's                  Stockholm, Sweden  57   A   
late 1993 (Live in Concert)       Brussels, Belgium  70   B+
2/9/94    The Avalon              Boston, MA         70   A-
2/10/94   Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI     66   B+
3/12/94   Radio U.K.              England            15   A-  (Evening Session?)
1994-1995 various TV appearances                                                                  [D-R-111]
3/2/95    BBC Radio               Manchester, Eng.   20   A-  (w/ Stuart Maconie)                 [F-R-H]
3/10/95   NOB studio, VARA radio  Hilversum, Holland 17   A-  (2 Meter Session, solo acou.)
5/18/95   Fort Apache             Cambridge, MA      40   A   
5/25/95   The Beat (in-store)     Royal Oak, MI      30   A   (solo acou.)
6/21/95   91x Radio               San Diego, CA      16   B+  {*MP3*} (solo acou.)
6/23/95   Fillmore                San Francisco, CA  72   B+
6/24/95   Crest Theater           Sacramento, CA     35   A                                       [D-R-96]
9/13/95   Saratoga Winners        Cohoes, NY         65   B-  {*MP3*}
9/14/95   Pearl Street            Northampton, MA    68   A-                                      [D-R-1]
9/22/95   Opera House             Toronto, Ontario   37   A-
9/25/95   (Live in Concert)       London, Ontario                                                 [D-O-117]
9/26/95   Barrymore's Music Hall  Ottawa, Canada     90   B
9/27/95   (Live in Concert)       Waterloo, Ontario                                               [D-Y-118]
10/16/95  West End Cultural Ctr.  Winnipeg, Manitoba 78   B+  (TAO)
12/12/96  Middle East Club        Boston, MA         60   B
1996      WDST interview          Woodstock, NY      15   A-
2/13/97   The Met Cafe            Providence, RI     70   B   (solo acou.)
2/14/97   Knitting Factory        New York, NY       71   A-  (solo acou.)
2/16/97   9:30 Club               Washington, D.C.   73   B+  (solo acou.)
2/18/97   Fletcher's              Baltimore, MD      82   A-  (solo acou.)
4/5/97    Open Road, KCRW radio   Los Angeles, CA    35   B-  {*RealAudio*} (solo acou.)
7/19/97   Club Toast              Burlington, VT     70   B-  {*RealAudio*}
7/21/97   Bogies                  Albany, NY         66   A-   
8/11/97   Mercury Lounge          New York, NY       70   A-   
9/6/97    Irving Plaza            New York, NY       55   A-
11/14/97  Paradise                Boston, MA         74   A-  (some crowd talk)
11/18/97  Lee's Palace            Toronto, Ontario   75   A-
11/18/97  Lee's Palace            Toronto, Ontario        A   (CBC Broadcast + 4 AUD = complete)   [D-R-121]
11/19/97  Edge 102 Radio          Toronto, Ontario   20   A   {*MP3*}
12/20/97  CBGB's                  New York, NY       70   A
9/24/98   (Live in Concert)       Montreal, Quebec   75   B
9/26/98   Lee's Palace            Toronto, Ontario   76   A-                                       [F-R-H]
10/2/98   105.9 WCKG radio        Chicago, IL        51   A   {*MP3*}
10/8/98   Roseland Grill          San Francisco, CA  65   A   (TAO)
10/20/98  The Point               Atlanta, GA        70   B+
10/23/98  Bowery Ballroom         New York, NY       70   A   
4/12/00   Johnny D's              Somerville, MA     60   A   
5/27/00   Lee's Palace            Toronto, Ontario   76   A-  {*MP3*}
6/9/00    Crocodile Cafe          Seattle, WA        74   B
6/26/00   Bowery Ballroom         New York, NY       84   A-
6/27/00   Maxwell's               Hoboken, NJ        79   A
9/29/00   Mercury Lounge-late show New York, NY      79   A
10/7/00   40 Watt Club            Athens, GA         80   A-
10/13/00  Blind Pig               Ann Arbor, MI      88   B
5/1/01    Fort Apache             Cambridge, MA      52   B+  May Day Festival  (solo acou.)
6/23/01   Lilli's                 Somerville, MA     73   B+  {*MP3*}
12/16/01  608                     Somerville, MA     44   B   {*MP3*}	
8/1/02    Maxwells                Hoboken, NJ        72   A-  (1st ever gig w/ Some Girls lineup)
8/5/02    Middle East Club        Cambridge, MA      65   B+  {*MP3*}  (with Some Girls lineup)
8/25/02   Blueberry Hill          St. Louis, MO      84   A   (with Some Girls lineup)
9/19/02   (Live in Concert)       ?                  81   A-  {*MP3*}
9/28/02   Red Light Cafe          Atlanta, Georgia   84   A-                                      [D-R-1]
10/2/02   Calvin Theatre          Northampton, MA    41   A	  
10/4/02   Orpheum Theatre         Boston, MA         39   A-
1/9/04    T.T. the Bear's Place   Cambridge, MA      69   B+ 
6/11/04   The Ark                 Ann Arbor, MI      75   A-
6/20/04   Bottom of the Hill      San Francisco, CA  83   B+  {*MP3*}
7/7/04    North Star Bar          Philadelphia, PA   77   A-
9/9/04    World Music Radio Cafe  ?                  19   A   {*MP3*}
5/1/05    Hubbard Park Bandshell  Meriden, CT        74   A
8/9/05    The Windham             Bellows Falls, VT  78   A-  (vox a little low)                  [F-O-H]
12/5/05   9:30 club               Washington, D.C.   40   A-  (vox a little low)                  [F-B-H]
3/9/06                            London, England    89   B+  (solo)                              [D-O-27]
11/5/06   Debaser                 Stockholm, Sweden  68   B   (solo)                              [D-R-1]
11/8/06   Pusterviksbaren         Göteborg, Sweden   75   B+  (solo)                              [D-R-16]
12/4/12   Royal Festival Hall     London, England             (with Evan Dando)
"Oh Baby, If You Only Knew" B-sides collection       74   A
xxxx      B-Sides, 1992-2000                         80   A

10/16/78  Civic Arena             Pittsburgh, PA     85                                           [D-G-129]
11/17/78  Richfield Coliseum      Cleveland, OH                                                   [D-Y-68] 
6/3/79    (Live in Concert)       Seattle, WA                                                     [D-O-77]
4/3/80 Tarrant County Convntn Ctr Ft. Worth, TX                                                   [D-R-121]

3/22/90   L'Espace                Rennes, France     43   B+
4/14/91   Peel Session            England            13   A
6/13/91   Black Session           Paris, France      23   A-
12/28/91  Novy                  Kortenberg, Belgium  65   B	  
4/3/92    Powerhaus               London, England    65   B
8/22/92   New Cross               London, England                                                [D-G-114]
1/17/93   Leeds Royal Park        Leeds, England     53   B+
1/15/94   Le Gibus                Paris, France      51   A                                      [F-Y-H]
5/7/94    Peel Session            England            13   A
10/1/94   Capitol Theater         Seattle, WA        53   B+  (is the date 1/10/94?)
10/7/94   Alligator Lounge        Santa Monica, CA   60   B
1/27/96   Narrowboat            Nottingham, England  37   A-

11/21/11  Siverlake Lounge        Los Angeles, CA    29   B+                                     [D-B-125]
7/21/12   Bloomfest               Los Angeles, CA                                                [D-B-130]

5/11/95   KCRW Studios            Santa Monica, CA   29                                          [F-R-T]
10/22/95  Orpheum Theater         Boston, MA         42   A-                                     [F-R-H]
11/8/97   Oak Street Art Center   Portland, OR       46   B   (low vox)                          [F-R-H]
11/22/97  Cat's Cradle            Carrboro, NC       
12/9/97   WMBR radio              Cambridge, MA      36   A-  (Mary solo, some hiss)             [F-R-H]
3/25/98   DCCD                    Washington, DC     28   A   (just Mary & drummer)

Hendrix, Jimi
1967-68   "Sotheby's Auction Tapes" (Axis outtakes)  61   A                                      [F-R-H]
3/18/67   Twenclub               Hamburg, W. Germany                                             [D-O-87]
8/31/70   Isle of Wight Music Fest. Isle of Wight    50   A-
xxxx      "Acoustic Jams"         NA                113  B/B+                                    [D-R-1]
xxxx      "Studio Haze"           NA                 74   A   (studio jams & outtakes)
xxxx      "Talent and Feeling, Volumes 1 & 2"            B+/A (studio sessions and outtakes)     [D-B-65]
xxxx      "The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun"    148  A-/A                                    [D-R-1]
w/ Arthur Lee & Love
3/xx/70   Olympia Studios         London, England    28   B+  The Hendrix Sessions               [D-Y-28]

Hersh, Kristin
10/31/92  VARA Radio          Hilversum, Netherlands                                             [D-R-121]
9/8/99    CBC Radio 2 Studios     Vancouver, B.C.    23   A-  (4 songs solo acou. + interview)   [F-O-L]

Higgins, Missy  
6/17/06   Bluegrass Festival      Telluride, CO      76   A-                                     [DVD]
7/21/07   (Live in Concert)    Humpty Doo, Australia 56   A                                      [D-G-84]
10/17/07  KCRW Radio              Santa Monica, CA   37   A                                      [F-B-P]
10/17/07  Hotel Cafe              Hollywood, CA      82                                          [D-O-82]
10/13/08  Emerson College         Boston, MA         19                                          [D-O-97]
3/21/09   The Orpheum             Los Angeles, CA                                                [D-G-84]
7/21/11   Santa Monica Pier       Santa Monica, CA                                               [D-R-121]

Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians
3/25/88   Uptown Lounge           Athens, GA                                                     [D-R-91]
1989-93   For Promotional Use Only Not For Sale     123   A-  (A&M promos, songs + interviews)   [D-R-41]
3/25/95   Tin Angel               Philadelphia, PA                                               [D-R-111]
Hitchcock, Robyn & Heavy Friends
8/8/04    The 3 Kings          Clerkenwell, England 115   B   The White Album Against The War    [D-G-64]
8/29/11   Three Kings Pub      Clerkenwell, England           (plays Beatles' Revolver)          [D-Y-123]

Hoffs, Susanna  (see also Sweet, Matthew & Susanna Hoffs)
11/10/96  Mercury Lounge          New York, NY                                                   [D-R-81]

8/26/94   Reading Festival        Reading, England   50   A-  Double Penetration            [CD + F-O-D]
10/23/94  First Avenue            Minneapolis, MN                                                [D-O-37]
10/29/94                          New Orleans, LA             Doll Parts                         [F-G-H]
12/4/94   Orpheum                 Boston, MA         69   B                                      [D-R-41]
12/11/94  Universal Ampitheatre   Los Angeles, CA    23       (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas)   [D-R-41]
4/24/95   (Live in Concert)       Amsterdam, Neth.   27   A   The Girl With The Most Cake        [F-R-H]
1995      Modern Rock Live Interview                 60   A
1995      (Live in Concert)       Chicago, IL        30   A-  (7/15/95 @ WMT?)
1996      (Live in Concert)       Amsterdam, Neth.   30   B
12/5/98   Patriot Center          Fairfax, VA        53   A   (brief garble Tr. 2)               [F-R-H]
12/9/98   Key Arena               Seattle, WA                 Hole - Deck The Halls              [D-G-129]
12/11/98  Shrine Auditorium       Los Angeles, CA    40   A-  Double Penetration
1998-99   Various Live            various            64 B-/A- {*MP3*}
1/24/99                           Sydney, Australia       A   Bittersweet                        [F-G-H]
3/10/99   Cow Palace              San Francisco, CA                                              [D-O-37]                            [D-0-37]
5/15/99   Y100 Sonic Sessions     Philadelphia, PA   29   B   {*MP3*}
5/15/99   Electric Factory        Philadelphia, PA   90   B   {*MP3*} Live in Philly
6/26/99   Southside Festival      Munich, Germany    51   B-  {*MP3*}
7/1/99    (Live in Concert)       Barrie, Ontario    45   B-

Hollies, The
2/9/73    Madison Square Garden   New York, NY        9   A    (exact location & date unconfirmed)

Honey Trees, The
10/3/13   Hotel Cafe              Hollywood, CA                                                  [D-O-132]

Hoodoo Gurus
7/18/84   Chevron Hotel           Sydney, Australia  68   
10/13/84                          San Francisco, CA                                                 [D-R-101]
6/7/87    Alabamahalle            Munich, Germany    14   B+   "Live aus dem Alabama" TV-B'cast     [F-Y-S]
7/5/87    Pihtipudas        Saapasjalkarock, Finland 45   A-
8/26/89   Chestnut Cabaret        Philadelphia, PA                                                  [D-R-51]
10/9/91   First Avenue Theatre    Minneapolis, MN                                                   [D-O-92]
9/7/94    Irving Plaza            New York, NY                                                      [D-O-72]
12/11/94  Biskuithalle            Bonn, Germany      29   A    "West 3 Rocklife Festival" FM-B'cast [F-Y-S]

House of Large Sizes
8/11/90   Gabe's Oasis              Iowa City, IA      63   B
12/28/07  The Picador               Iowa City, IA      76   A                                       [D-B-30]
6/27/09 Spicolis/Reverb Rock Garden Waterloo, IA       79   A                                       [D-O-97]

Howling Bells
8/12/06   Summer Sundae Festival    Leicester, UK           A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)[F-R-H]
11/5/08   BBC Studios              Manchester, England          (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)[D-O-82]
11/14/08  The Zodiac                Oxford, England    37   A-                                [D-O-72]
2/7/09    Zoe Ball Show             England                                                   [D-O-82]
2/17/09   George Lamb Show          London, England    15       (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)[D-R-91]
3/4/09    Wedgewood Rooms          Portsmouth, England                                        [D-O-82]
3/5/09    The Zodiac                Oxford, England                                           [D-O-82]
3/7/09    Punk                      London, England             (128kbps MP3 stream capture)  [D-O-82]
3/8/09    Barfly                   Birmingham, England      B                                 [D-O-82]
3/10/09   NME Radio Session         England                                                   [D-R-91]
9/16/11   Plug                      Sheffield, England                                        [D-G-124]
11/14/11  Heineken Music Hall   Amsterdam, Netherlands                                        [D-B-125]
2/13/13   Boileroom                 Guildford, England                                        [D-R-131]
2/15/13   Jericho Tavern            Oxford, England                                           [D-R-131]

7/20/94   Bottom of the Hill        San Francisco, CA  45   B                                [D-O-37]
4/8/95    Mississippi Nights        St. Louis, MO      71   A                                [D-O-32]
6/13/95   Moe's                     Seattle, WA        49   A-                               [D-O-37]
9/22/95   CU Fieldhouse             Boulder, CO        43   B+                               [D-O-32]
6/16/96   7th Street Entry          Minneapolis, MN    65   A-                               [D-O-37]
1/31/98   The Galaxy                St. Louis, MO      70   A                                [D-O-32]
4/23/98   Graffiti                  Pittsburgh, PA     83   A                                [D-O-37]
12/29/00  The Galaxy                St. Louis, MO      83   A-                               [D-O-32]

Hummingbirds, The
7/1/90    Roskilde Festival         Roskilde, Denmark                                        [DVD],[D-O-132]
9/17/11   Manning Bar               Sydney, Australia                                        [D-B-125]

Hunters & Collectors 
1/6/82    Sydney Uni. Refectory     Sydney, Australia                                        [D-R-66]
5/15/85   Palais Theatre            Melbourne, Austr.       B+  (incl. 4 bonus trax)         [DVD]
11/18/86  (Live in Concert)         Toronto, ON        57   A                                [DVD]
3/14/09   MCG                     Melbourne, Australia 22   A-  (Sound Relief Benefit)

Husker Du
1979-80   Early demos               Minnesota                                                [D-G-69]
6/15/84   G. S. Vig's               Madison, WI        45                                    [D-G-69]   
6/24/84   Newton Theatre            Washington, D.C.   26                                    [D-R-66]
6/29/84   Pop Shop                  Cleveland, OH                                            [D-G-69]
7/xx/84   New Day Rising rehearsals Minneaplois, MN    42   B+   (instrumentals)             [D-B-10]
5/11/85   City Gardens              Trenton, NJ        70                                    [D-R-66]
6/21/85   The Patio                 Indianapolis, IN   72   B
8/28/85   First Avenue              Minneapolis, MN    51   B+   Minneapolis Is Burning
9/8/85    Burgerweeshuis         Deventer, Netherlands 31  A-/B+                             [D-G-69]
8/5/86    (unknown location)        Minneapolis, MN    62   B+   (Warehouse album rehearsal) [D-G-29]
3/20/87                             Boston, MA                                               [D-B-45]
6/4/87    Barowiak                  Uppsala, Sweden    59   B                                [D-R-76]
6/9/87    Pink Pop Festival        Baarlo, Netherlands 15   A-                               [D-R-76]
6/14/87   Messepalast               Vienna, Austria    46                                    [D-G-129]
6/21/87   Town and Country          London, England    67   A-
10/17/87  The Ritz                  New York, NY       76   A-                               [D-G-29]

Hynde, Crissie
1978   Demos, 3 songs (one w/ Steve Jones & Paul Cook)                                         [D-Y-53]

Icicles, The
6/13/03   Calder Plaza              Grand Rapids, MI   43   A

Imbruglia, Laura
10/10/07  Eventstudio               Bremen, Germany    27   A+                                 [D-G-19]

Imbruglia, Natalie
5/7/05    Radio 1's Big Weekend    Sunderland, England 33   A-  (mono rec'd to stereo)         [F-G-P]

Indigo Girls
11/xx/81  Shamrock High School      Decatur, GA        22       (from Study Hall AP English!)  [D-R-126]
1985      The Dugout                Decatur, GA        51                                      [D-R-126]
3/19/88   Arts Center               Carrboro, NC      121   A   (some hiss, who cares?)        [D-G-24] 
5/9/89    Little Five Points Pub    Atlanta, GA                 Reverse 1 - Promo Only CD      [D-Y-88]
2/24/02   WRLT/Lightning 100        Nashville, TN               (is date 2/17/02?)             [D-G-104]

Innocence Mission, The  
12/13/89  Willow Street             Port Chester, NY                                           [D-R-31]
6/21/95   KCRW Studios              Santa Monica, CA   23                                      [F-Y-I]
7/24/95   Metronome                 Burlington, VT     68                                      [D-Y-98]
10/18/03  The Fez                   New York, NY       66   A   (fadeouts, prob. lossy)

8/27/02   Black Sessions            Paris, France      48   A   
3/6/03    Avalon Ballroom           Boston, MA         59   B+
6/10/07   Devore Stadium            San Diego, CA                                              [D-R-6]

7/9/01    The Iron Horse            North Hampton, MA  55   A-
10/8/11   Village Studios KCSN   West Los Angeles, CA  29                                      [D-B-125]

7/24/94   X-Club                    Hamilton, Ontario                                          [D-Y-88]
4/12/96   Starfish Room             Vancouver, Canada                                          [D-Y-113]

Jam, The
1975-80   Miscellaneous Demos, 24 tracks               59  B+/B-                               [F-B-J]
1979-81   Demos rec'd at Air and Townhouse Studios     48  B+/B  Skirt (19 tracks)             [F-B-J]
9/20/77   The 100 Club              London, England    50   A-                                 [F-O-J]
7/10/80   Sun Plaza Hall            Tokyo, Japan       67   B    (some weird electronic noises)
12/2/82   Wembley Arena             London, England    73   A-   Ready, Steady...Gone

Jane Anchor, The
1/4/04    TT the Bear's             Cambridge, MA      44   B
7/7/04    North Star Bar            Philadelphia, PA   37   B+

Jane's Addiction
8/16/91   Lake Fairfax              Washington, D.C.   74        Sex 'N' Drugs 'N' Rock 'N' Roll [D-Y-88]
1991      "Down in Flames"          Europe             66   A-

Jefferson Airplane
11/25/66  Fillmore Auditorium       San Francisco, CA       A                                  [D-Y-3]
11/26/66  Fillmore Auditorium       San Francisco, CA                                          [D-Y-3]
2/4/67    Fillmore Auditorium       San Francisco, CA                                          [D-Y-3]
3/10/67   Winterland                San Francisco, CA                                          [D-O-77]
3/11/67   Winterland                San Francisco, CA                                          [D-O-77]
10/25/69  Winterland Arena          San Francisco, CA  95                                      [D-Y-3]
10/31/69  L.A. Forum                Los Angeles, CA                                            [D-Y-68]
4/15/70   Winterland                San Francisco, CA                                          [D-Y-3]
9/15/70   Fillmore West             San Francisco, CA  51   A-                                 [F-G-P]

7/13/91   Wembley Stadium           London, England    27   A                                  [F-B-K]
8/2/91    (Live in concert)         Santa Cruz, CA          A-  Neo Psychedelic Fun Boys
5/16/93   (Live in concert)         Munich, Germany    46   A-  True Believer (Tr. 1-12)
6/5/93    Tower Records             Philadelphia, PA   17       True Believer (Tr. 13-16)
6/8/93    Gaston Hall               Washington, DC     66   B                                  [D-R-6]
1993      (Live in concert)         Germany            57   A   Socrates, Pathos, And Plato    [D-G-34]

Jesus & Mary Chain, The
3/9/85    Paradiso                  Amsterdam, Holland 30   C   You Trip Me up                 [F-R-P]
10/13/87  Parasiso                  Amsterdam, Holland 22                                      [D-R-41]
2/4/90    Calamity Jane's           Las Vegas, NV      34   A-                                 [F-Y-C]
8/22/92   Lollapalooza              Miami, FL          
9/6/94    Studio 105                Paris, France      52   A   (Black Session)                [D-R-41]
12/11/94  Universal Ampitheatre     Los Angeles, CA    20       (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas) [D-R-41]

Jesus Lizard, The
1991-92   Peel Sessions             London, England                                            [F-R-E]

Jethro Tull
9/9/84    Hammersmith Odeon         London, England    70   A   (Westwood 1 radio b'cast)
9/27/95 Interntl. Convention Center Birmingham, Eng.   50   A

Joe Jackson Band, The
3/25/80   Le Colisée                Roubaix, France    47   A-                                 [D-R-76]

Joel, Billy
4/15/72   Sigma Studios             Philadelphia, PA                                           [D-Y-48]
5/7/74    Lafayette's Music Hall    Memphis, TN        57                                      [D-B-65]
5/19/76   (Live in concert)         Sydney, Australia  73       The Piano Man Down Under       [D-O-87]
6/10/76   The Bottom Line           New York, NY       85   A                                  [F-R-J]
5/6/77    Long Island University    Brookville, NY    104                                      [D-Y-48]
10/31/77  (Live in concert)         Miami, FL         129   A-  (tape hiss, still great)       [D-G-14]
12/11/77  Nassau Vets Mem Coliseum  Uniondale, NY               The Entertainer In New York    [D-B-90]
3/5/78                              Amsterdam, Holland 66   A                                  [D-O-27]
1980-81   'Songs In The Attic' outtakes                                                        [D-G-119]
4/21/81   Osaka Prefectural Gym     Osaka, Japan       77   B+                                 [D-O-27]
5/26/90   Wembley Arena             London, England   137   A   Welcome to the Show            [D-B-5] 
6/18/94   Festhalle                Frankfurt, Germany 114       Up the Sinners                 [D-B-75]
xxxx      Retold Vol. 1 - The Bridge to 52nd Street                                            [D-Y-53]
xxxx      Retold Vol. 3 - Souvenir of a Stranger at the Turnstile                              [D-Y-53]

Johansson, Scarlett & Pete Yorn
10/7/09   Village Studio [KCRW]     Los Angeles, CA                                            [D-G-94]

John, Elton
5/7/77    Rainbow Theatre           London, England             Rainbow Rock                   [D-B-115]
12/14/85  Wembley Stadium           London, England                                            [D-G-59]

Johnson, Eric
1969      'Mariani' Demos           Austin, TX         47       (EJ on guitar)                  [D-G-119]
1976,1978 Demos                     Austin, TX         60       (+ Ah Via Musicom Demos 1988)   [D-G-119]
5/11/78   Too Bitters               Houston, TX        79                                       [D-B-120]
1980-1988 Demos & Live Takes        N/A                                                         [D-Y-123]    
1980      (Live in concert)         Columbus, GA       44       (backed by Design)              [D-B-120]
4/28/81   Myshyn's                  Charlston, SC      93                                       [D-B-120]
5/4/81    Myskin's                  Charleston, SC                                              [D-Y-93]
1983      Madhouse                  Memphis, TN       101                                       [D-B-120]
1984      Night Flight Cafe         Savannah, GA       73                                       [D-B-120]
5/10/84   The Golden Bear         Huntington Beach, CA          (acoustic)                      [D-G-74]
6/9/86    (Live in concert)         Dallas, TX                                                  [D-Y-93]
3/3/87    (Live in concert)         Boulders Coast, CO 78                                       [D-B-120]
11/25/89  (Live in concert)         Charleston, SC     93                                       [D-B-120]
12/19/89  The Bayou                 Georgetown, D.C.            Born On The Cliffs of The Bayou [D-R-31]
2/23/90   (Live in concert)         Austin, TX         69                                       [D-Y-83]
7/9/90    Pearl Street              Northampton, MA    90                                       [D-B-120]
7/13/90   The Bayou                 Georgetown, D.C.   72   A   Born On The Cliffs of The Bayou [D-R-31]
9/25/90   Coyote's                  Tucson, AZ                                                  [D-G-74]
11/14/91  The Palace                Auburn Hills, MI   78                                       [D-B-120]
late 1990s "Tribute to Hendrix"     various            73  B/A-                                 [D-B-10]
8/17/00   BB King's Club            New York, NY                (backed by Alien Love Child)    [D-G-74]
11/4/00   Antone’s                  Austin, TX        106                                       [D-Y-93]
1/18/02   NAMM show                 Anaheim, CA        76   A+  (Marshall Amps 40th Anniversary)[D-G-79]
3/23/04                             St. Louis, MO      84   A-  (acoustic & piano)              [D-O-27]
10/12/05  Shibuya                   Tokyo, Japan       97                                       [D-R-61]
10/30/05  The Independent           San Francisco, CA 110   A-                                  [D-G-74]

Jones, Norah   
4/20/12   Studio 105                Paris, France           A                            [D-Y-128]

Joy Division
3/14/79   Vale                      Bowdon, UK         46   A   (vox-heavy mix)                [D-B-5]

Joy Formidable, The
1/21/09   Wilmington Arms         Clerkenwell, England          (1st show with Matt on drums)  [D-G-124]
3/8/09    Barfly                   Birmingham, England                                         [D-R-116]
6/3/09    The Royal                 Derby, England                                             [D-R-116]
6/17/09   Radcliffe & Maconie Show  England                                                    [D-O-92]
10/14/10  John Kennedy Show         England                 A   (MP2 orig. b'cast stream)      [D-Y-113]
10/14/10  Koko                      Camden, England                                            [D-O-117]  
1/29/11   Borderline                London, England                                            [D-O-117]
2/3/11    O2 Academy 2              Birmingham, England                                        [D-O-117]
2/8/11    Academy 2                 Newcastle, England                                         [D-G-119]
3/7/11    Amsterdam Paradiso     Amsterdam, Netherland                                         [D-O-117]
3/10/11   Maison de la Radio        Paris, France               (Black Session #325)           [D-Y-118]
3/17/11   The Parish                Austin, TX                  (SXSW Music Conference)
3/18/11   Waterloo Records          Austin, TX                  (SXSW Music Conference)        [D-G-119]
4/12/11   Crocodile Cafe            Seattle, WA        63                                      [D-G-119]
4/14/11   Bottom of the Hill        San Francisco, CA                                          [D-Y-118]
9/10/11   Harlow's                  Sacramento, CA                                             [D-B-125]
9/14/11   El Rey Theate             Los Angeles, CA         B+  (+ many excellent photos!)     [D-Y-123]
3/1/12    Bridewell Police Station  Bristol, England            (acoustic set only)            [D-G-129]
3/2/12    Factory7                  London, England                                            [D-O-127]
11/19/12  The Troubadour            West Hollywood, CA                                         [D-R-131]

2/12/10                            Copenhagen, Denmark      A                                  [D-O-102]

Katrina and the Waves
8/12/86   Poplar Creek              Hoffman, IL        58                                      [D-R-131]

Kelley Deal 6000
9/25/97   Empty Bottle              Chicago, IL        54   B                                  [F-O-R]
10/2/97   Continental Club          New York, NY                                               [D-R-81]

Kelly, Paul & The Messengers
9/xx/89   Concert Hall            Melbourne, Australia 61   A                                  [F-G-K]
1991      (Live in concert)         Australia                   Final Tour   
Kelly, Paul
7/25/98   Palais Theatre          Melbourne, Australia          (Don Walker guests)            [D-G-59]
3/14/09   MCG                     Melbourne, Australia 10   A-  (Sound Relief Benefit)         [D-G-89]

Kilgour, David
9/28/97   Mercury Lounge            New York, NY       62                                      [D-Y-43]
9/28/04   The Open End              Chicago, IL        55   A   (solo)                         [D-R-21]
Kilgour, David & the Heavy Eights
3/7/07    Corner Hotel            Melbourne, Australia 44   A-                                 [F-G-K]

Kind Dog (Amelia Fletcher & Peter Momtchiloff of Heavenly)
5/16/97   Capitol Theater           Seattle, WA        18   B

King, Kaki
4/19/03   Somerville Theater        Somerville, MA     27   A-  (mp3)                                 [F-G-W]
11/21/04  NPR's "In Performance"    ?                  15   A
6/22/08   Moments                   Bremen, Germany                                                   [D-G-74]
10/2/08   BBC 6 Music Studios       London, England             (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)        [D-G-74]

Kottke, Leo
1965      St. Cloud State College   St. Cloud, MN                                                     [D-G-49]
10/30/72  University of Champaign   Champaign, IL      71   A-  (tape hiss, so what??)                [F-Y-K]
1973      DAR Constitution Hall     Washington, D.C.                                                  [D-Y-103]
5/xx/73   (Live in concert)         Worcester, MA      71                                             [D-G-49]
12/xx/73  VPRO Radio                Hilversum, Holland 42                                             [D-G-49]
12/7/74   Orchestra Hall            Minneapolis, MN    73   A-  (18 trax + 7 bonus of C quality)      [F-R-K]
7/7/75    VPRO Radio                Hilversum, Holland 75                                             [D-G-49]
10/31/75  University of Illinios    Champaign, IL                                                     [D-Y-103]
5/5/76    Sydney Town Hall          Sydney, Australia  69       (date could also be 5/19 or 5/30)     [D-G-49] or [D-Y-103]
1977      Buffalo Folk Festival     Buffalo, NY        46                                             [D-O-87]
9/29/78   Warner Theatre            Washington, D.C.   85                                             [D-G-49]
xx/xx/79  Cambridge Folk Festival   ???                23   A-  (tape hiss, so what??)                [F-Y-K]
10/17/79  Teatro Orfeo              Milan, Italy       57   A-                                        [F-B-K]
11/8/79   Rockefeller's             Houston, TX                                                       [D-Y-103]
5/5/81    KTCI Studio               St. Paul, MN                                                      [D-Y-103]
5/11/81   Golden Bear             Huntington Beach, CA                                                [D-Y-103]
4/19/82   The General Store         Stone City, IA     92                                             [D-G-49]
5/3/83    Muziekcentrum           Utrecht, Netherlands                                                [D-Y-103]
12/4/83   KTCI Studios              St. Paul, MN       52   A                                         [F-Y-K]
12/17/83  WCCO-AM                   Minneapolis, MN    18   B+  (w/ Albert Lee, electric set!)        [F-R-C]
5/1/85    Cotati Cabaret            Cotati, CA         78   A                                         [F-Y-K]
xx/xx/85  The Palms Playhouse       Davis, CA               A-                                        [F-O-K]
5/23/86   The Coach House      San Juan Capistrano, CA                                                [D-Y-103]
3/15/87   Nightstage (early show)   Cambridge, MA      77   A   (some distortion on vox)              [D-R-26]
3/15/87   Nightstage (late show)    Cambridge, MA      81   A-  (some overload)                       [D-R-26]
7/1/87    Coach House          San Juan Capistrano, CA 82   A                                         [D-O-132]
3/12/88   Convocation Hall          Toronto, Ontario                                                  [D-R-106]
4/13/88   Jack Singer Concert Hall  Calgary, Alberta                                                  [D-R-106]
11/27/88  Ordway Theater            Minneapolis, MN                                                   [D-Y-103]
2/23/89   Graffiti's                Pittsburgh, PA                                                    [D-Y-103]
11/26/89  Ordway Music Theatre      St.Paul, MN       112                                             [D-R-106]
11/27/90  (Live in concert)         Fort Wayne, IN              ("Icefields Concerto" with Orchestra) [D-R-106]
7/13/91   American Music Festival   Winter Park, CO    44                                             [D-R-121]
8/5/91    Jazzberry's               Rochester, NY                                                     [D-Y-103]
7/4/92    Bottom Line               New York, NY                (early show)                          [D-G-49]
1993      West End Cultural Centre  Winnipeg, Manitoba 50   A                                         [D-G-49]
4/24/93   Bottom Line               New York, NY                                                      [D-R-106]
2/16/94   KCRW Studios              Santa Monica, CA   28   A                                         [F-G-K]
1995                                Sydney, Australia                                                 [D-R-106]
7/7/95    Fat Fry Summer Festival   Santa Cruz, CA                                                    [D-Y-103]
8/22/95   Zephyr Club               Salt Lake City, UT                                                [D-R-106]
9/27/96   State Theatre            St. Petersburg, FL 105   A                                         [F-B-K]
12/1/96   Boulder Theater           Boulder, CO                                                       [D-R-106]
9/11/97   (Live in concert)         Black Mountain, NC                                                [D-G-74]
7/17/98   Van Duzer Theatre         Arcata, CA         98                                             [D-G-49]
10/22/98  Liberty Hall              Lawrence, KS       97                                             [D-Y-93]
11/xx/98  Victoria Arts Playhouse Melbourne, Australia                                                [D-R-106]
4/18/99   Macky Auditorium          Boulder, CO                                                       [D-R-106]
5/5/99    Milestones                Rochester, NY                                                     [D-R-106]
6/17/99   Telluride Bluegrass Fest. Telluride, CO                                                     [D-Y-93]
2/18/00 Old Town Sch. of Folk Music Chicago, IL                                                       [D-R-106]
2/18/01   Boulder Theater           Boulder, CO                                                       [D-R-106]
6/12/01   IMAC                      Huntington, NY                                                    [D-R-106]
7/5/02    Big Top Chautauqua        Bayfield, WI      109                                             [D-G-49]
8/11/02   City Lights Pavilion      Denver, CO                                                        [D-R-106]
3/16/03   Grey Eagle Tavern         Asheville, NC                                                     [D-Y-93]
1/31/04 Palace of Fine Arts Theater San Francisco, CA 110                                             [D-Y-93]
3/14/07   The German House          Rochester, NY      91   A-                                        [F-G-K]
2/27/08   Enmore Theatre            Sydney, Australia                                                 [D-Y-38]
6/7/08    Bankhead Theater          Livermore, CA                                                     [D-R-61]
1/31/09   Herbst Theatre            San Francisco, CA                                                 [D-O-87]
Kottke, Leo & Mike Gordon   
11/10/02  9:30 Club                 Washington, D.C.                                                  [D-G-74]
11/15/02  Mississippi Nights        St. Louis, MO     102   A+                                        [F-O-K]

Krauss, Alison & Union Station
5/12/11   Mermaid Theatre           London, England                                                 [D-R-121]

K's Choice
4/xx/96   Karacho TV              Frankfurt, Germany 56   A   (+3 songs '96 Nurburgring Festival)   [F-R-K]
11/15/00  The Cinerama            Tel Aviv, Israel   63   A
6/4/01    Pinkpop Festival        Landgraaf, Sweden  60   A
6/9/02    Molson Amphitheatre     Toronto, ON        47   A- 
8/7/09    Dranouter Festival      Dranouter, Belgium                                                [D-R-91]

La's, The
1989      New song rehearsals for 2nd album          40   B+  (mono) "In the Kitchen"               [F-R-D]
11/24/90  Trent Polytechnic      Nottingham, England 41   A-                                        [D-R-76]
4/23/91   The Marquee             London, England    

Lavigne, Avril
6/23/01   Quinte Spirit Festival  Napanee, Ontario                                                  [D-O-132]
9/10/02   Klubben                 Stockholm, Sweden  45                                             [D-B-130]
11/21/02  BBC Maida Vale Studios  London, England    38   A                                         [D-G-84]
3/6/03    Globen Annex            Stockholm, Sweden  63                                             [D-G-44]
5/5/03    Joe & Harry Coliseum    San Antonio, TX                                                   [D-Y-33]
5/29/03   Budokan Hall            Tokyo, Japan       48   A-  Knockin' On Heaven's Door (sum static)[D-G-84]
5/24/04   Webster Hall            New York, NY       47   A-  (bonus trax Rock Am Ring 2004)        [D-G-34]
10/3/04   MEN                    Manchester, England 79   B-                                        [D-Y-33] 
10/6/04   Odyssey Arena          Belfast, N. Ireland 78   B                                         [D-Y-33]
2004      Rock Am Ring            Germany            22   A                                         [D-G-34]
3/6/05    Yokohama Arena          Yokohama, Japan         B+  I Keep Asking Why                     [D-B-85]
3/7/05    The Green Arena         Hiroshima, Japan        A-  I Always Get A Peace                  [D-B-85]
3/20/05   Zepp Tokyo              Tokyo, Japan            B+                                        [D-B-115]
7/22/05   Starlight Theater       Kansas City, MO    66   A-                                        [D-O-32]
8/3/07    Nokia Theater           Dallas, TX         65   B                                         [D-Y-33]
12/5/07   Mid-America Center      Council Bluffs, IA 50   B+                                        [D-O-32]
3/16/08  Credit Union Centre    Saskatoon, Sasketch.      B+                                        [D-G-79]
9/21/08   Intex Osaka             Osaka, Japan            A-  Just Take It!                         [D-Y-113]

Led Zeppelin
4/1/71    Paris Theatre           London, England    70   A-
1980      "Hiawatha Express" studio demos            25   B	  (incomplete, untradeable)
12/5/07   Shepperton Studios      Surrey, England                                                   [D-G-124]

4/8/93    Sheffield Lead Mill     Sheffield, England                                                [D-R-91]
11/18/93  Tower Records in-store  Chicago, IL        42                                             [D-O-122]
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre  Universal City, CA 18   A-  (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)                  [F-Y-K]
3/20/94   Kiamesha Lake           New York, NY                                                      [D-R-96]
7/4/94                            Chicago, IL        59   A                                         [D-R-26]
10/28/96  Tramps                  New York, NY       29   A   
11/13/96  Starfish Room           Vancouver, B.C.    58                                             [D-O-127]
12/21/07  Highline Ballroom       New York, NY       77   B                                         [D-R-26]
9/27/08   Grosse Freiheit         Hamburg, Germany            (Reeperbahnfestival)                  [D-R-71] [D-B-75]

Le Tigre
8/25/01   Met Cafe                Providence, RI     55   B+

Letters to Cleo
12/1/94   Avalon Ballroom         Boston, MA         76   A
11/2/95                           Boston, MA                                                  [D-R-111]
5/4/00                            Boston, MA                                                  [D-R-111]

Lightning Seeds, The
12/5/95   Shepherd's Bush Empire  London, England    28   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

Lloyd, Richard (of Television)
9/23/79   Hurrah's                New York, NY                                                [D-R-111]
10/16/82  CBGB's                  New York, NY                                                [F-B-45]
1/24/88   Revival                 Philadelphia, PA                                            [D-O-122]
12/5/97   Fez Under Time Cafe     New York, NY       33   B+  (solo acoustic)                 [D-R-51]
1/11/98   Mercury Lounge          New York, NY                                                [D-Y-93]
Lloyd, Richard & the Sufimonkey Trio
8/7/08    1982 Bar                Gainesville, FL    68   B                                   [D-G-89]

Loeb, Lisa
7/7/94    Wetlands Preserve       New York, NY            A                                   [D-B-105]
9/27/96   Art Institute           Houston, TX        28   B-  (RA)                            [F-O-L]
12/15/02  Pageant Theatre         St. Louis, MO      28   B+                                  [D-G-89]

3/18/00   Midnight Sun            Olympia, WA        14   B+

Long Blondes, The
5/23/08                           Detroit, MI        61   B+
6/2/08    Great Amer. Music Hall  San Francisco, CA                                           [D-R-56]

Look Blue Go Purple
3/3/86  Social Hall, Massey Uni. Auckland, New Zeal. 22   B+
11/15/86  (Live in concert)       ?                  14   B-

Lord, Mary Lou
10/4/97   Music Millenium         Portland, OR       49   B+
3/4/98    Compact Disc Land       Los Angeles, CA    41   A
6/xx/98   WFUV Fordham University New York, NY       42   A   (slow speed at start)
3/17/00   Hole in the Wall        Austin, TX         62   A-
11/28/03  Middle East upstairs    Cambridge, MA      88   A-  (she talks a lot)

2/13/70   Fillmore East           New York, NY       33   B   (low vox, rare show)            [F-G-T]
3/12/70   Falconer Theatre       Copenhagen, Denmark 36   B+                                  [D-Y-28]
6/29/02   Roskilde Festival       Roskilde, Denmark  47                                       [D-G-64]

Luka Bloom
5/2/05    Fabrik                  Hamburg, Germany                                            [DVD]

???       3 songs: Breeze, Baby Talk, Hey Hey Helen   8   B-
3/xx/88   Demos - 4 songs         NA                 10   B+
4/6/88    Greyhound               Fulham, England    19   B   (believed to be their 2nd show) [F-G-L]
1988      Falcon                  Camden, England     6   C+  (1 full song + 2 fragments)
1988      Greyhound               Fulham, England    15   B-  (vox very low)
1989      (Live in concert)       (Unknown)          20   B-  
1989      Demos - 2 songs         NA                  6   B
11/9/89   Town & Country Club     London, England                                             [D-B-70]
1/2/90    St. Sebastian           Surlorie, France   18   B   Live at St. Sebastian
2/1/90    L'Escall (FM version 1) Nantes, France     29   B   (missing last song, runs fast)
2/1/90    L'Escall (FM version 2) Nantes, France     30   B+  (cut during Tr.7, no intro)     [F-Y-M]
2/19/90   Peel Session            England             8   A-
3/8/90    Sheffield University    Sheffield, England 36   B-
4/2/90    Luxor                   Cologne, Germany   35   B                                   [F-O-L]
4/8/90    AB                      Bruxelles, Belgium 
4/27/90   Borderline Club         London, England    13   B   (Miki & Emma only)              [D-B-50]
5/25/90   Uni. of London Union    London, England                                             [D-B-70]
12/7/90   KCRW Radio              Los Angeles, CA    28   A-  
4/3/91    Gothic Theatre          Denver, CO         45   A-  
4/10/91   Roxy Theater            Hollywood, CA      33   B+  (mislabeled as 4/12)            [D-R-41 + D-O-132]
7/9/91    Leysin Festival        Leysin, Switzerland 75   B   Kaleidoscopic Harmonies
10/10/91  N. London Polytechnic   London, England         B+                                  [D-B-110]
10/19/91  La Cigale               Paris, France      43   B+  Festival des Inrockuptibles
2/8/92    Town & Country Club     London, England    62   B                                   [F-R-H]
4/13/92   KROQ radio              Los Angeles, CA         A-  {*MP3*}(Miki & Emma on Loveline) [D-B-110]        
4/17/92   RCKCNDY                 Seattle, WA        65   B   The World of Lush
5/14/92   Dolce Vita           Lausanne, Switzerland                                          [D-B-105]
5/30/92   Tivoli                Utrecht, Netherlands                                          [D-R-126]
5/31/92   VARA studio         Hilversum, Netherlands          (2-Meter Sessions)              [D-R-126]
8/22/92   Lollapalooza            Miami, FL               B                                   [D-B-70]
8/30/92   Cabaret Metro           Chicago, IL        62   A-
7/21/93   ICA                     London, England    48   B+                                  [F-G-L]
6/1/94    Evening Session         United Kingdom     20   A-
6/9/94    Astoria Theatre         London, England    54   B+  
6/19/94   Double Door             Chicago, IL        58                                       [F-R-L]
6/28/94   Black Session           Paris, France      51   A-  (fades between tracks, so what??)
8/8/94    KCRW studios            Santa Monica, CA            (interview with Miki & Chris)   [D-G-99]
8/26/94   Reading Festival        Reading, England   60   B+  Show Us Your Tits               [F-O-S]
9/5/94    Zap Club                Brighton, England  33   A-  Zap Club 1994  
2/22/96   Maida Vale Studios      England                                                     [D-G-99]
4/1/96    Radcliffe Session       England            21   A   
4/3/96   Camden Electric Ballroom Camden, England    34   A   (aka 7/1/96 Westwood One Radio) [D-B-50]
4/11/96   Commodore Ballroom      Vancouver, Canada                                           [D-O-112]
5/4/96    Opera House             Toronto, Canada                                             [D-O-112]
6/19/96   Queen's Hall, U. of B.  Belfast, Ireland   38   A-
8/30/96   9:30 Club               Washington, D.C.   66   B+                                  [F-R-L]
8/31/96   Trocadero               Philadelphia, PA   66   A
9/4/96    El Rey Theatre          Los Angeles, CA                                             [D-G-99]
9/6/96                            Palo Alto, CA                                               [D-B-100]
9/18/96   Shinjuku Liquid Room    Tokyo, Japan                (FINAL SHOW!!!)                 [D-B-50]
B-Sides Collection: 30 Songs      NA                115   A   (studio originals & covers, no remixes)
B-Sides, Volume 1: 1990-1994      NA                 79   A   (includes MP3-sourced remixes)
B-Sides, Volume 2: 1995-1996      NA                 77   A   (includes MP3-sourced remixes)

Mabels, The
2/17/07   Corner Hotel          Melbourne, Australia 32   B+  (Candle Farewell Concerts, final night)

Madder Rose
10/20/93  BBC Studios             London, England                                             [D-G-59]
6/24/94   Glastonbury Festival    Somerset, England  26   A-  Final Cut                       [F-O-M]
12/11/94  Wetlands Preserve       New York, NY       64   A                                   [F-O-M]

Mademoiselle K
8/16/08   Sziget                  Budapest, Hungary                                           [D-R-71]
10/20/08  L'Olympia               Paris, France     110   B                                   [D-R-71]
12/10/08  Radio Suisse Romande Lausanne, Switzerland 88                                       [D-G-119]

1981      Pinkpop Festival        Geleen, Holland    55   B   [REAL AUDIO]                    [F-R-P]
3/3/83                            London, England                                             [F-B-45]
8/22/83   Pier 84                 New York, NY       55   A-  (great but a little bassy)

4/28/85   Universal Amphitheatre  Universal City, CA 67   A                                   [D-O-42]
6/6/85    Madison Square Garden   New York, NY                {*MP3*}                         [M1]
1987      (Live in Concert)       Turin, Italy       44   A-  Live In Italy (last track cut)  [D-R-51]
6/22/87   Korakuen Stadium        Tokyo, Japan            A   {*MP3*}                         [M1]
7/18/87   Anaheim Stadium         Anaheim, CA        98   B                                   [D-Y-33]
7/20/87   Shoreline Amphitheatre  Mountain View, CA  97   A-                                  [D-R-76]
7/21/87   Shoreline Amphitheatre  Mountain View, CA  97   B+                                  [D-R-76]
5/7/90    Texas Stadium           Dallas, TX         96   A   (Westwood One broadcast)        [D-B-5]
7/21/90   (Live in Concert)       London, England   107   A                                   [D-G-4]
1993                              Japan                       {*MP3*}                         [M1]
2001      Drowned World Tour - rehearsals                     {*MP3*}                         [M1]
          "M Intimate: The Acoustic Album"                    {*MP3*}                         [M1]
2005      Acoustic E.P. (Idaho's Flavours...)        64   A   {*MP3*} (remixes, pretty cool!) [M1]
4/30/06   Sahara Tent             Indio, CA                   (Coachella Music Festival)
1/29/92   Nighttown           Rotterdam, Netherlands 54   B                                   [F-O-D]
5/16/94   Nachtleben          Frankfurt, Germany                                              [DVD]
3/30/96   Studio Amstel       Amsterdam, Netherlands 27   A-  (7 live + 3 album trax)
4/16/96   Brownies                New York, NY            B+                                  [D-O-132]

Magnetic Fields, The
2/11/08   Iron Horse Music Hall   Northampton, MA                                             [D-B-35]
2/24/08   Town Hall Theatre       New York, NY      107   A                                   [D-O-32]

Magnolias, The
2/1/90    JC Dobbs                Philadelphia, PA                                            [D-R-96]
9/13/90   Khyber Pass Club        Philadelphia, PA                                            [D-Y-83]
5/29/92   Khyber Pass Club        Philadelphia, PA   58   B+  (good sound, low vox)           [D-O-72]

Mann, Aimee
1993      BBC Studios             London, England    17   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
11/26/93  The Roseland Theater    Portland, OR       95   B+                                   [F-Y-M]
3/10/94   2 Meter Sessies         Hilversum, Holland 26   A-  (incl. 2 songs from 6/7/93)      [D-O-132]
4/28/94   Shepherd's Bush Empire  London, England    58   A-                                   [D-O-132]
7/4/94    Grant Park              Chicago, IL        68   A   (with Squeeze!)                  [D-O-97]
11/5/95   AKN Radio               ?, Netherlands                                               [D-R-121]
11/24/95  Kentish Town Forum      London, England    44   A-                                   [D-O-132]
2/13/96   First Avenue            Minneapolis, MN                                              [D-B-35]
2/19/96   KFOG Radio Show         Berkeley, CA                                                 [D-Y-123]
1993-96   Acoustic Sessions       various            43   A-  (12 songs, no interviews)        [F-G-K]
10/13/00  Fitzgerald Theater      St. Paul, MN       80   B+                                   [D-B-35]
6/15/01   Hultsfredsfestivalen    Hultsfred, Sweden                                            [D-Y-123]
2/9/03    Irving Plaza            New York, NY      107   A-                                   [D-G-14]
3/5/03    Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin, Germany   85   A+                                   [D-G-4]
6/29/06   Symphony Hall           Boston, MA         55   A-  (with the Boston Pops Orchestra) [F-O-S]
7/1/06    Birchmere               Alexandria, VA     79   A-                                   [F-Y-M]
7/20/07   Birchmere               Alexandria, VA     80   A-                                   [D-G-29]
6/2/08    KCRW studios            Santa Monica, CA                                             [D-G-44, D-B-50 oops]
6/6/08    World Cafe (WXPN-FM)    Philadelphia, PA   33       (5 songs + interview)            [D-R-71]
10/31/08  La Cigale               Paris, France      86   A-                                   [D-R-71]
11/4/08   Tonhalle Muenchen       Munich, Germany             {MP2 320Kbps, 48kHz original b'cast} [D-O-77]
7/26/09   Wiggins Park            Camden, NJ                  (XPoNential Music Festival)      [D-R-91]

Marine Research
9/4/98    The Point               Oxford, England    37   B
11/7/98   The Point               Oxford, England    40   B+
7/19/99   Ozone Records           Portland, OR       25   B+
10/29/99  The Middle East         Cambridge, MA      50   B

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
11/28/70  Shady Grove Music Fair  Gaithersburg, MD                                      [D-O-77]

Mary's Danish
10/12/88  UCLA Cooperage          Los Angeles, CA         B-                            [D-G-124]

Material Issue
5/9/91    The Empire              Cleveland, OH      63   A   Issues vol. 5             [D-G-54]
1994      The Rosemont Horizon    Chicago, IL                 Issues vol. 10            [D-G-54]

Mates of State
1/30/04   Nocturnal               Portland, OR       63   A                             [F-R-M]
3/30/06   Common Grounds          Gainesville, FL    71   A-                            [F-G-M]
4/30/06   Outdoor Stage           Indio, CA                   (Coachella Music Festival)
6/24/06   Sawyer Point            Cincinnati, OH     56   B                             [F-R-M]
6/12/08   Warehouse Live          Houston, TX        74   A-  (some crowd chatter)      [D-R-56]
7/21/08   KCRW Radio FM Broadcast Santa Monica, CA        A                             [D-R-56]
4/21/09   The Indepedent          San Francisco, CA  58                                 [D-B-85]
4/23/09   Music Box               Hollywood, CA                                         [D-B-85]
7/2/10    The Echo                Los Angeles, CA                                       [D-B-110]

Matthews, Cerys (ex-Catatonia)
6/24/03   The Junction            Cambridge, England                                    [D-R-86]
10/10/06  Concorde 2              Brighton, England  77   B                             [F-G-M]
11/12-13/10  various TV/radio     Ireland                                               [D-G-114]

Mazzy Star
10/25/93  Studio 106              Paris, France      75   A   (Black Session)           [F-B-M]
11/12/94                          Chicago, IL                                           [D-Y-23]
12/11/94  Universal Ampitheatre   Los Angeles, CA    26       (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas) [D-R-41]
3/28/97   The Mint                Los Angeles, CA    72   B+  (final show!)             [D-Y-28]             
1999    "The Other Side": B-Sides comp. + live cuts  61   A

McCartney, Paul
1/16/90   Wembley Stadium         London, England   134   A                             [D-B-20]
McCartney, Paul & Elvis Costello
1987      Acoustic demos          ?                           McCartney MacManus Collaboration [D-R-76]

McKeown, Erin
7/19/05   Kresge Auditorium       Interlochen, MI    38   B   (incl. 1 song w/ Ani DiFranco) [F-Y-M]
11/4/07  Blender Theatre @ Gramercy  New York, NY    79   A-                                 [D-O-17]     
2/24/08   Concerts In the Studio  Freehold, NJ                                               [D-R-71]
9/18/08   Stubbs BBQ              Austin, TX                                                 [D-R-71]
1/21/09                           Brooklyn, NY                                               [D-O-82]
McKeown, Erin & Meghan Toohey
6/13/99   Club Passim             Cambridge, MA                                          [D-B-55]

McLachlan, Sarah
8/20/89   Belfry Theatre          Victoria, B.C.     73   B+ 

McVie, Christine 
12/16/83  The Country Club        Reseda, CA         71   A                              [D-G-19]
5/29/84   Civic Centre            Des Moines, IA     89                                  [D-B-80]

Meat Puppets
1983      Meat Puppets II & Up on the Sun Sessions                                       [D-B-70]
11/21/85  Rock Island Brewing Co. Rock Island, IL                                        [D-O-72]
1/xx/86   "SNAP!" KCRW FM         Santa Monica, CA   77   A   (some hiss, so what??)     [D-R-16]
xx/xx/88  The Crash               Phoenix, AZ        79   B+                             [D-R-26]
11/19/89  Fox Theater             Boulder, CO                                            [D-B-70]
12/14/89  KCRW Studio             Santa Monica, CA   45   A-                             [S-G-S]
2/1/90    Peabodies Down Under    Cleveland, OH                                          [D-G-54]     
3/3/91    BBC Studios             London, England    13   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream) [D-R-76]
9/28/91   The Metro               Chicago, IL        93   A-  (little bass heavy)        [D-Y-78]
2/24/93   KZON-FM                 Phoenix, AZ        51   A   Studio Zone (acoustic)     [D-Y-83]
4/18/93   Slim's                  San Francisco, CA  73   A   
5/30/94   The Roxy                Hollywood, CA      52                                  [D-Y-88]
12/11/94  Universal Ampitheatre   Los Angeles, CA    21       (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas) [D-R-41]

Men at Work
10/10/82  Agora Theater           Akron, OH          78   A                              [D-Y-128]

Merchant, Natalie
5/24/02   Paradiso Club          Amsterdam, Holland 117   B+  (acoustic)                 [D-Y-8]

Mercury Rev
8/26/01   Reading Festival        Reading, England   29   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

8/31/09   Studio 105              Paris, France      54       (Black Session #302)       [D-G-94]

Midnight Oil
1978-1985 Demo recordings from 5 early albums                                            [D-Y-98]
4/4/78    ABC's studio 221        Sydney, Australia  42   B+  (J's 1st ever live broadcast) [D-G-29]
6/19/80   Melbourne Showgrounds Melbourne, Australia 57   A-                             [D-G-29]
3/21/82   Pier Hotel            Frankston, Australia                                     [D-O-122]
4/7/84    The Channel             Boston MA          44   A+  (King Biscuit Flower Hour) [F-Y-W]
4/10/84   Park West               Chicago, IL                                            [D-Y-88]
6/30/85   ParkPop Festival        Den Haag, Holland       A                              [F-O-M]
11/23/85  Memorial Dr. Tennis Ctr Adelaide, Austral. 89  B/B- (sound fluctuates, wind?)  [F-O-M]
4/5/88    Elysee Montmartre       Paris, France      86   A                              [F-R-M]
5/12/88   The Metro               Boston, MA              B                              [D-R-51]
11/6/88   Universal Amphitheatre  Los Angeles, CA    86   B+                             [F-B-M]
5/12/90   Wembley Arena           London, England                                        [D-O-47]
7/5/90    "Best of Both Worlds"   Lausanne, Switzer. 59   A
4/23/92   Paradise                Boston, MA         91   A                              [F-Y-M]
4/24/92   Paradise                Boston, MA         92                                  [D-O-47]
4/16/93   "MTV Unplugged"         New York, NY       78   A                              [D-O-17]
6/26/93   Glastonbury Festival    Glastonbury, UK                                        [D-R-11]
8/10/93   Beach Studios           Calgary, Canada             (acoustic)                 [D-R-11]
10/27/93  Deutschlandhalle        Berlin, Germany    83   A                              [F-R-M]
8/14/94   Skanderborg Festival  Skanderborg, Denmark          (mixed with 8/12/94 Sweden)[D-B-85]
5/16/97   Transamerica studio     Brazil             39   A-  (some quick dropouts)      [F-B-B]                              
9/28/98   Penrith Leagues Club    Sydney, Australia  45   A
1982-2000 "TV Gigs" (10 various TV appearances)                                          [D-B-95]
3/18/02   Jim Ladd's Living Room  Los Angeles, CA             (acoustic)                 [D-O-92]
7/4/02    Grant Park              Chicago, IL        79   A
3/12/09   Royal Theatre          Canberra, Australia                                     [D-O-82]
3/13/09   Royal Theatre          Canberra, Australia                                     [D-O-82]

Mighty Lemon Drops
1/3/88    BBC Studios             London, England         A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream) [D-B-80]
10/14/89  The Dominion Theatre    London, England    56   B+                                 [D-O-72]       

Minus the Bear
11/6/04  Triple Rock Social Club  Minneapolis, MN    54   B+  (all one track)

Missing Persons
5/22/82  6 Flaggs Magic Mountain  Valencia, CA       47   A   (could be 10/24/82)             [D-R-101]
1/25/83  Toad's Place             New Haven, CT      54                                       [D-R-131]
8/7/83   Fox Warfield Theater     San Francisco, CA  33   A                                   [D-R-101]
10/5/84  Irvine Meadows Amphithre Irvine, CA         50   A-  Give, Right Now                 [D-R-101]

Mission of Burma
4/29/79  Mass. College of Art     Boston, MA                  (4th show ever)                 [D-Y-68]
2/14/82  Walker Memorial Building Cambridge, MA      50   A-  (date could be 12/13/82)        [F-R-K]

Mojave 3
11/11/95 Black Session            Paris, France      40   A-  (their first gig ever!)
xxxx     Demos & B-sides collection (15 tracks)      69   A   "Three and the Even Song's Out"

6/22/95  WFNX Fort Apache Studios Boston, MA         46   A                                   [F-Y-K]
4/25/98  Sayre Field, Lehigh Uni. Bethlehem, PA      69   A                                   [F-O-O]

Motels, The
7/27/12  The Canyon Club          Aboura Hills, CA   77   A                                   [D-O-132]

Motown Revue (w/David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Martha Reeves, Mary Wells & Curtis Womack)
7/7/87   The Catalyst             Santa Cruz, CA              Dancin' In The Streets          [D-Y-18]

Mould, Bob
1989     radio studio             Germany            70   A   Live Mould                      [D-G-19]
11/28/89 Philipshalle           Duesseldorf, Germany 48   A                                   [D-R-1]
5/17/91  McCabes Guitar Shop      California         74   A   The Calm Before the Storm
3/5/95   Trocadero                Philadelphia, PA   79   A-  (edits between songs)
         KCRW radio               Los Angeles, CA    20   C+  (RA) (solo acoustic)
5/24/08  Manchester Academy 2    Manchester, England 85   B+                                  [D-G-44]
9/21/08  Kutsher's Resort         Monticello, NY     43   A   {*MP3*}(All Tomorrow's Parties) [D-G-79]
Move, The
1967-71  various BBC Studios      England            
Muffs, The	
1/25/91  The Shamrock             Hollywood, CA      31   A-  (very first show!)              [F-O-M]
9/17/93  KXLU Studio              Los Angeles, CA    39   B+                                  [D-R-76]
8/30/95  Lee's Palace             Toronto, Ontario                                            [D-O-112]
3/30/96  Foothill                 Long Beach, CA     48   A-                                  [F-B-C]
11/8/96  Spaceland                Silver Lake, CA    73   B   (incl. soundcheck)              [D-G-29]
2/2/98   El Rey Theatre           Los Angeles, CA                                             [D-G-84]
8/23/03  (Live in Concert)        ???                43   A-
9/26/04  TT the Bears             Cambridge, MA      71   A
5/30/11  Rhino Pop Up Store       Los Angeles, CA                                             [D-R-121]

Murmurs, The 
8/20/98  Tinker St Cafe           Woodstock, NY      45   A                                   [DVD]

Murray, Pauline & the Invisible Girls
3/5/81   Paradiso             Amsterdam, Netherlands      A                                   [D-B-80]
4/3/81   Het Paard van Troje   Den Haag, Netherlands                                          [D-B-80]

9/5/03   AB-Box                  Bruxelles, Belgium  55                                       [D-G-94]

Mute Math
7/25/09  Deer Lake Park          Burnaby, Brit. Col. 40   B                                   [D-G-89]

My Bloody Valentine
1988     Creation Era EPs         NA                 67   A
3/21/89  Le Truc                  Lyon, France                                                [D-B-30]
11/xx/91 (Live in Concert)        Tokyo, Japan                Soon                            [D-B-50]
2/4/92   Roxy Theatre (late show) Los Angeles, CA    66                                       [D-R-41]
6/13/08  Inst. of Contempor. Arts London, England                                             [D-B-50]

Nada Surf
xxxx  “North 6th Street” (demos/rarities)            76  A/B
5/8/03   BBC 6 Music studios      London, England    17       (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
2/18/08  Studio 105               Paris, France      55   A   (Black Session)                 [D-G-59]
2/22/08  BBC 6 Music studios      London, England    12       (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

Naess, Leona
5/18/00  The Odeon                Cleveland, OH      54   B+  (incl. early radio appearance)   		
3/11/02  Orpheum Theater          Minneapolis, MN    38   A-
4/16/03  The Fez                  New York, NY       60   B	

Napolitano, Johnette (ex-Concrete Blonde)
1998     'Sound Of A Woman' unreleased album         50   A-                                  [D-G-84]

Nastasia, Nina
3/9/08   Nouveau Casino           Paris, France                                               [D-B-35]

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
10/11/90                          London, England                                             [D-G-39]
5/20/91  Zara Club (Zap Club?)    Brighton, England  36   A                                   [F-G-K]
8/25/91  Reading Festival         Reading, England   62                                       [D-Y-83]
1/17/92                           Hollywood, CA                                               [D-B-100]
4/7/92   Belfort Festival         Belfort, France                                             [F-Y-G]
6/6/92   Finsbury Park            London, England    56   A   (TAO)
1/25/93  Concert Hall             Toronto, Ontario                                            [D-G-109]
4/8/93   (Live in Concert)        Sheffield, England 34   A                                   [D-R-91]
4/27/93  Studio 105               Paris, France      44       (Black Session)                 [D-R-96]

5/5/84   (Live in Concert)       Birmingham, England                                          [D-Y-128]

Neutral Milk Hotel
4/12/98  Bottom of the Hill       San Francisco, CA  74   B+

New Pornographers, The
11/13/00 Radiosonic Session       Vancouver, B.C.    15   A 	
2/19/01  KFMU                     East Orange, NJ    28   A                                   [D-Y-8]
6/21/01  Richard's on Richard's   Vancouver, B.C.    51   A
2/23/02  Abbey Pub                Chicago, IL        77   A-  (tiny gaps between trax)
8/9/02   Island Festival          Oslo, Norway       38   A   
8/28/03  Echo Lounge              Atlanta, GA        76   A-  
8/23/05  The Triple Door          Seattle, WA        40   A   (no Neko or Dan Bejar)
8/26/05  KCRW studios             Santa Monica, CA   37   A-  (no Neko)
4/22/06  Northwestern University  Evanston, IL       61   B+  (Twin Cinema show with Neko!)   [F-R-K]
9/14/07  KEXP radio               Seattle, WA        16   A                                   [D-Y-8]
9/14/07  The Showbox              Seattle, WA        92   B                                   [D-Y-8]        
9/15/07  The Showbox              Seattle, WA        91   B+                                  [D-Y-8]
9/20/07  KCRW radio               Santa Monica, CA                                            [F-G-T]
5/28/10  Primavera Sound 2010     Barcelona, Spain   64                                       [D-G-109]
6/19/10  Terminal 5               New York, NY      100                                       [D-B-110]
7/15/10  Vogue Theater            Vancouver, Canada           (with Neko & Dan!)              [D-B-115]
7/19/10  KCRW Radio               Santa Monica, CA                                            [D-B-110]   

No Doubt
6/15/96                           Laguna Hills, CA                                            [D-R-81]
12/14/96 KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas Irvine, CA        30   A
3/1/97   Schwarzwaldhalle         Karlsruhe, Germany 57   A   Ska-Face (TAO)
3/3/00   Markethalle              Hamburg, Germany   55   A
6/28/00  Y100 Festival            Camden, NJ         62   A-
9/23/00  VH1 Storytellers         New York, NY       45   A+
12/17/00 Universal Ampitheatre    Los Angeles, CA    41   A-  KROQ Acoustic Xmas 
11/9/01  Delta Center             Salt Lake City, UT 45   A-
2/24/03  Hammerstein Ballroom     New York, NY       91   B   (lots of crowd noise)
7/8/09   Verizon Wireless Amphi.  Maryland Hghts, MO 95   B+                                   [D-Y-88]
7/24/09  Sleep Train Amphitheatre Marysville, CA     97   A-                                   [D-G-104]
8/2/09   Verizon Wireless Amphi.  Irvine, CA                                                   [D-R-91]
10/25/09 Shoreline Amphitheatre   Mountain View, CA  32   B+  (Bridge School Benefit)          [D-O-97]
xxxx     "Old, Live, and Rare Stuff"                 71   A   (mp3)
xxxx     "New, Live, and Rare Stuff"                 73   A   (mp3)

Nova, Heather
4/22/98  Club Gino                 Stockholm, Sweden  53   A
6/18/03  Passionskirche            Berlin, Germany    77   A                                   [D-R-21]

O'Connor, Sinead
3/16/88  Vredenburg              Utrecht, Netherlands 30   A                                   [F-R-C]
3/31/88  Paradise Theater          Boston, MA         45   A                                   [D-Y-128]
4/11/88  Metro                     Chicago, IL        56   A-                                  [D-G-34]
4/22/88  The Stone                 San Francisco, CA  53   B+                                  [D-O-17]
5/23/88  Pinkpop Festival          Geleen, Holland                                             [D-R-131]
4/24/90  Hammersmith Odeon         London, England    69   A   Beautiful Vision                [D-G-19]
11/2/90  Palatrussardi             Italy, Milan       76   B   The Lion in the Cage            [D-G-54]
4/8/95   (Live in Concert)         Recanti, Italy     32   A   Visions (Pt. 1)                 [D-R-11]
6/5/95   Pinkpop Festival          Geleen, Holland    41   A   Visions (Pt. 2)                 [D-R-11]
6/17/97  Strand Theatre            Providence, RI     73   B   (loud crowd)                    [D-G-24]
11/14/07 Festsaal Messe            Basel, Switzerland 63   A                                   [D-G-19]

4/5/88   Theaterfabrik             Munich, Germany    45                                       [D-O-127]

Original Sinners (feat. Exene Cervenka of X)
8/4/02   (Live in Concert)         Boston, MA         48   A-

O'Riordan, Dolores (ex-Cranberries)
3/21/07  RTL2 studios              Paris, France      14   A   (acoustic session)              [F-Y-D]
6/15/07  Koko                      London, England    91   B+  (some distortion on vox)        [D-R-16]
7/9/07   Avalon                    Boston, MA         91   A-  (some crowd chatter)            [D-G-14]
8/20/07  FM 100 Studios       Buenos Aires, Argentina 44       (acoustic)                      [D-B-40]

Orton, Beth     
late '96 Phill Jupitus show        London, England                                             [D-G-59]
4/27/97  Pusterviksbaren           Gothenburg, Sweden 49   A   (FM broadcast 7/1/97)           [F-O-O]
1997     The Troubador             West Hollywood, CA 55   A-                                  [F-G-O]
1999  1FM Session w/ Terry Callier London, England                                             [D-G-59]
7/29/99  India Point Park          Providence, RI     60   A-                                  [F-O-T]
1/31/00  Prince of Wales        St. Kilda, Australia  56   A   (also incl. on Brilliant Bits)
9/25/02  Concert Halls UK & USA, 1997-2000           147   A   “Brilliant Bits” compilation  
3/31/03  Royal Albert Hall         London, England   118   A-                                  [F-Y-O]
7/8/03   Montreux Jazz Festival    Montreux, Switz.   66   A   (DJ chatter between songs)      [F-G-O]
9/30/03  Largo                     Los Angeles, CA    61   A-  "Confidentially Speaking"       [F-O-O]
9/18/04  Conway Hall               London, England    51   A-  Homefires (some crowd chatter)  [F-B-M]
1/9/06   KEXP radio                Seattle, WA        30   A                                   [F-Y-M]
3/17/06  Waterloo Records (SXSW)   Austin, TX         32   A                                   [F-Y-S]
3/25/06  The Fillmore              San Francisco, CA  98   B+                                  [F-O-O]
4/3/06   The Vic Theater           Chicago, IL        57   A-                                  [F-Y-O]
7/11/08  Wiggins Park              Camden, NJ         68   A   (XPoNential Music Festival)     [D-R-56]

Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant
5/20/95  The Shark Tank            San Jose, CA       70   A-
10/1/98  Lakeshore Arena           New Orleans, LA    70   A

Pale Saints
7/23/89  Peel Session              England            10   A                                   [F-B-C]
3/27/90  Terminal Export           Nancy, France      22   B                                   [F-B-C]
8/10/91  Hultsfred Festival        Hultsfred, Sweden  36                                       [D-R-41]
5/2/92   VK (Vaart Kapoen)         Brussels, Belgium  62   A   (only known SBD recording)      [F-B-B]
9/29/94  KCRW Studios              Santa Monica, CA                                            [F-R-T] 

Palmer, Amanda (of The Dresden Dolls)
8/2/06   Cinespace                 Hollywood, CA       58   B+  Fuck The Back Row!             [F-Y-D]
10/12/07 John M. Greene Hall       Northampton, MA     89   B+  (Fall Music Festival '07)      [F-B-P]
12/19/07 The Zoo                   Brisbane, Australia 99       (w/ The Danger Ensemble)       [D-B-40]
8/6/08   Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA                                           [D-G-59]
9/16/08  WERS, Emerson College     Boston, MA          17   A                                  [D-O-67]
10/12/08                           Berlin, Germany          A-                                 [D-O-67]
11/19/08 Toad's Place              New Haven, CT                                               [D-B-75]

Papas Fritas
12/11/95 KCRW Studios              Santa Monica, CA    37   A-                                 [F-Y-I]

5/19/92  Cattle Club               Sacramento, CA      39   A   (mp3) Summer Babe
3/4/94   Luxor                     Cologne, Germany    71   A   (3-source matrix)              [D-O-2]
8/26/94  Reading Festival          Reading, England    22   A-  (great sound, some diginoise)  [F-R-M]
5/15/99  BBC Evening Session       England             42   A                                  [F-O-P]

Pearl Jam
2/22/92  Riverside Club            Newcastle, UK       50   A-  5 Alive 
1992     "Eleven"                  ?                   90   A
1993     "Vs." demos               NA                           Two Track Demos                [D-R-41]
1/12/93  Live at the R & R HOF     Los Angeles, CA     80   A
4/3/94   Fox Theater               Atlanta, GA        135   A
1993-94? "Jewel Box 5"             Various             85   B+
1/8/95   The Spot                  Seattle, WA         45   A   Self Pollution Live
11/1/95  (Live in Concert)         Salt Lake City, UT 135   A-
11/4/95  Spartan Stadium           San Jose, CA       140   A
11/3/96  Deutschlandhalle          Berlin, Germany    110   A   Checkpoint Charlie
1/30/98  "Monkey Wrench Radio"     Seattle, WA         40   A
3/5/98   Melbourne Park          Melbourne, Australia 110   A   All Hail to the Lucky Ones

Pedro the Lion
7/6/01   Cornerstone               Bushnell, IL       113   A

Perkins, Tex and the Dark Horses
5/25/01  Studio 22 - ABC-TV        Australia           25   A

Phair, Liz
1992     Complete Girlysound Demos (34 Tracks)       121  A-/B+
12/1/93  Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA  73   A-   Pottymouth Girl
3/18/94  Warfield Theater          San Francisco, CA  69   A-   Fuck and Run
12/11/94 Universal Ampitheatre     Los Angeles, CA    14        (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas)   [D-R-41]
4/21/95  Shank Hall                Milwaukee, WI      64   A-   (solo elec.)
4/25/95  Town Hall                 New York, NY       69   A-   (solo elec, first song muffled)    [D-G-34]
4/28/95  Catspaw Studios           Atlanta, GA        26   A    (mp3)
9/24/98  KCRW radio, no interview  Los Angeles, CA    15   B-   (RA)
10/5/98  Sessions @ W 54th Street  New York, NY       62   A+   (the complete, unedited show)      [D-G-109]
10/6/98  Avalon Ballroom           Boston, MA         72   A
10/17/98 First Avenue              Minneapolis, MN    68   B+   
10/26/98 Vic Theater               Chicago, IL        57   A                                       [D-G-24]
4/13/99  (Live in Concert)         Minneapolis, MN    64   A-   Things Unpure, Unchaste
4/30/99  Wellesly College          Wellesly, MA       72   B+
5/4/99   Bohager's                 Baltimore, MD      75   A
8/1/05   Joe's Pub                 New York, NY       59   A    (acoustic)                         [F-B-V]
5/25/08  Hiro Ballroom             New York, NY       
12/17/10 WXPN World Cafe           Philadelphia, PA                                                [D-G-114]
xxxx     Rarities & B-Sides        NA                 56   A    (good stuff!)

Phillips, Sam 
7/25/94  Variety Playhouse         Atlanta, GA        62   A+                                      [D-O-27]

Phillis, Jodi (ex-Clouds)  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
9/11/03  Annandale Hotel           Sydney, Australia  49   B   (RA)
11/7/03  ABC radio studios         Hobart, Tasmania   17   B+  (RA) Live at the Centre
2/17/07  Corner Hotel           Melbourne, Australia  30   B+  (Candle Farewell Concerts, final night)

Pink Floyd
1967      "Dolls House Darkness" vinyl transfer            A-                                      [F-Y-W]
1968-1971 "Rhapsody in Pink" vinyl transfer                                                        [D-R-11]
2/17/72   Rainbow Theatre          London, England    72   A-  Dark Side Of The Sky (maybe 2/20/72)[D-O-22]
11/16/74  Empire Pool              London, England    76   A   We Meet Again                       [D-Y-53]
5/9/77    Alameda Coliseum         Oakland, CA       136       Welcome To The Machine (Cannonball) [D-Y-48]
2/28/80   Veterans Memorial Col.   Nassau, NY                  Triple Wall                         [D-G-74]
8/6/80    Earl's Court             London, England   106   A-  The Show Must Go On, Master Edition [D-B-65]

Pixies, The
7/30/87   TT the Bears             Cambridge, MA                                                   [D-B-15]
6/10/89   Rote Fabrik           Zurich, Switzerland   61   A-  (heavy bass, great for Kim fans)
8/8/89    (Live in Concert)        London, England    69   A   Return of the Fat Man
7/11/91   Leysin Festival       Leysin, Switzerland   65   A-  Subbacultcha
12/22/91  The Pelladium            Los Angeles, CA    49   A-
4/13/04   Fine Line Music Cafe     Minneapolis, MN    83   A   (mp3)  (first reunion show!)
5/1/04    Coachella Festival       Indio, CA          63   A-  (mp3)
11/13/09  Paramount Theater        Seattle, WA        75                                           [D-O-97]

PJ Harvey
8/28/92   Reading Festival         Reading, England   21   A   Build Me A Woman                    [D-G-4]
11/1/92   Tivoli                   Utrecht, Holland            Build Me A Woman                    [D-G-4]
11/5/92   La Cigale                Paris, France      39   A                                       [D-G-4]
11/27/92  Cabaret Metro            Chicago, IL        61       Undress (date given as 7/1/92)      [D-Y-43]
12/2/92   WHFS Studios             Washington, D.C.   11   A-  (hissy)                             [F-B-P]
3/2/93    Peel Session             London, England    10   A                                       [F-O-M]
5/23/93   The Forum                London, England    57   A   
5/30/93   Batschkapp               Frankfurt, Germany 56   B+                                      [D-O-17]
6/9/93    Casino de Paris          Paris, France      57   B+                                      [D-B-20]
9/23/93   KCRW Studios             Santa Monica, CA   15   A   (2 songs + interview)               [F-R-P]
5/11/95   London Forum             London, England    31   A-  Second To No One (w/ 6/25/95)       [D-B-35]
6/7/95    The Academy              New York, NY       73   A-  Send Your Love To Me                [D-B-15]
6/24/95   Pyramid Stage            Pilton, England    60       (Glastonbury Festival)              [D-B-70]
6/25/95   Glastonbury Festival   Glastonbury, England 25   A   Second To No One (w/ 5/11/95)       [D-B-35]
10/2/95   Wiltern Theatre          Los Angeles, CA    75   B+  Black Monsoon (heavy drums)         [D-G-19]
10/10/95  Orpheum Theatre          Boston, MA                                                      [D-Y-38]
11/15/95  Brielpoort               Deinze, Belgium    85   A-                                      [F-O-P]
10/30/96  Studio Amstel            Amsterdam, Neth.                                                [D-G-4]
8/11/98   Vattenfestivalen         Stockholm, Sweden  72   A                                       [D-O-17]
8/23/98   V Festival               Chelmsford, UK     26   A   (orig. mp2 160k stream capture)     [D-G-4]
9/29/98   Virgin Mega Store        London, England         A                                       [D-G-64]
11/2/98   Avalon                   Boston, MA                                                      [D-G-59]
11/30/98  Columbiahalle            Berlin, Germany    53   A                                       [F-R-P]
12/4/98   La Cigale                Paris, France      84   A-                                      [D-B-20]
12/7/98   Muziekcentrum            Utrecht, Holland   41   A   (static for 25 sec, then OK)        [F-Y-G]
4/1/99    Improv Theatre           London, England    40   A   (John Peel 60th birthday)           [F-R-P]
10/26/00  Coal Exchange            Cardiff, Wales     57   A-  (fades between songs, who cares??)
12/14/00  WRAS Studios             Atlanta, GA        34   A-  (2 songs + long interview)          [F-Y-P]
12/15/00  Vic Theater              Chicago, IL        55   A                                       [F-B-P]
1/28/01   Big Day Out            Melbourne, Australia 41   A-                                      [F-R-T]
1/29/01   3RRR Café Rooftop      Melbourne, Australia                                              [D-G-59]
2/26/01   L'Olympia                Paris, France      78   A   Polly à l'Olympia                   [D-B-15]
3/2/01    Docks Konzerte           Hamburg, Germany                                                [D-G-19 + D-B-125]
3/4/01    Rockfeller               Oslo, Norway       53   A                                       [F-B-C]
6/7/01    River Music Hall         Haverhill, MA      23       (2 songs + WXRV radio interview)    [F-Y-P]
7/8/01    Forestglade Festival     Wiesen, Austria    57   A-                                      [F-G-P]
7/18/01   Auditorium Stravinsky    Montreux, Switzer.      A   (Montreux Jazz Festival, edits)     [D-O-67]
8/24/01   Reading Festival         Reading, England                                                [D-O-67]
8/27/03   Domaine Ntl. De St-Cloud Paris, France      45   A-  (AUD; Festival Rock En Seine)       [D-Y-8]
8/27/03   Domaine Ntl. De St-Cloud Paris, France      48   A   (SBD; Festival Rock En Seine)       [D-B-15]
5/28/04   Later with Jools Holland England             8   A                                       [F-B-C]
5/29/04   Poble Espanyol           Barcelona, Spain   66   A   (Primavera Sound Festival)          [D-G-4]
6/17/04   Hultsfredsfestivalen     Hultsfred, Sweden  57   A                                       [F-R-E]
6/30/04   Le Zénith                Paris, France      87   A                                       [D-B-15]
7/6/04    Miles Davis Hall         Montreux, Switzer. 35   A   (DJ talk edited out where possible) [F-O-M]
7/24/04   Splendour in Grass Fest Byron Bay, Austral. 42   A                                       [D-G-4]
12/11/04  Royal Court Theatre      London, England    74   A   (acoustic!)                         [F-G-R]
4/23/05   Camber Sands Holiday Ctr England            37   A   (solo, All Tomorrows Parties)       [D-R-61]
5/26/06   Hay Lit & Arts Festival  Hay-On-Wye, Wales  82   A-  (PJ playing solo on guitar & piano) [F-G-P]
9/1/06    Electric Picnic          Ireland            11                                           [F-Y-P]
10/10/07  Beacon Theater           New York, NY       76   B   (solo)                              [D-B-15]
10/15/07  Orpheum Theater          Los Angeles, CA    79   B+  (solo)                              [D-B-15]
11/2/07   KCRW Studio              Santa Monica, CA   50   A   (solo)                              [D-O-17]
xxxx      PJ Harvey B-Sides Collection               150   A

Pleasure (early Semisonic)
1993      KVSC Monday Night Live   St. Cloud, MN                                                   [D-Y-113]
5/4/94    CMU Terrace              Twin Cities, MN     88   B+                                     [D-O-22]
1994-95   (Live in Concert)        ?                   80   B+  (loads of unrecorded songs!!)

Plums, The
4/7/93    Live at the Wireless     Melbourne, Aus.     30   A

11/28/95  KCRW Studios             Santa Monica, CA                                                [F-R-T]   
8/14/01   Staples Center           Los Angeles, CA     37   B                                      [F-Y-P]
11/11/01  Odeon                    Cleveland, OH       93   B                                      [D-O-132]

Police, The
2/21/79	 Hatfield Polytechnic      London, England     30   A
6/4/79   Pinkpop Festival          Geleen, Holland     58   B  (RA)                                 [F-Y-W]
3/20/82  The Summit                Houston, TX         90   A+  Don't Stand So Close to Houston
4/22/82  Nassau Coliseum           Uniondale, NY       86   B+                                      [F-G-P]
7/31/82  Gateshead Intrntl Stadium Gateshead, U.K.                                                  [D-O-32]
9/3/82   Glen Helen Regional Park  Devore, CA          91   A-  (The US Festival)                   [D-B-10]
2/8/83   Le Spectrum               Montreal, Quebec    66   A   Many Miles Away
10/1/83  Barcelona Narcis Sala     Barcelona, Spain                                                 [D-R-101]
6/7/07   Key Arena                 Seattle, WA        118   A-  (3 source matrix)                   [D-R-21]
8/30/07  Globe Arena               Stockholm, Sweden  112   A-  (v. clear vox, weak bass)           [D-R-6]

4/25/90  Brixton Fridge            London, England              (Anti Poll Tax Benefit)             [D-Y-93]
7/17/90  Borderline Club           London, England     31   B                                       [D-G-59]
9/4/90   Peel Session BBC          London, England                                                  [D-B-70]

7/30/94  Cat's Cradle              Carrboro, NC        41   A-                                      [F-Y-B]
8/9/94   Duke Coffee House         Durham, NC          36   A-  (Mac McCaughan & Jennifer Walker)   [F-Y-B]
3/8/96   Cat's Cradle              Carrboro, NC        42   A
12/6/02  Maxwell's                 Hoboken, NJ         55   A-
10/12/06 Great Scott               Allston, MA         76   A-                                      [F-R-P]

7/24/97  Roseland Ballroom         New York, NY        69   A   (complete show)
8/15/98  Fort de St. Père          Saint Malo, France  63   A
12/8/07                            Minehead, UK        80   A-                                      [D-R-26]
4/6/08   Palladium                 Köln, Germany                                                    [D-R-56]

Presley, Elvis
2/23/70  Las Vegas Interntnl Hotel Las Vegas, NV                Closing Night 1970                  [D-Y-53]
3/16/74  Midsouth Coliseum         Memphis, TN         57   A   (mono, still great sounding)  Hello Memphis! [F-B-T]

Pretenders, The
1/2/79   Paris Theatre             London, England                                              [D-O-57]
12/16/81 Dominion Theatre          London, England     55   A-  (some FM static)
5/30/83  Glen Helen Regional Park  Devore, CA               A   (US Festival)                   [D-B-80]
3/7/84   Universal Amphitheatre    Los Angeles, CA          A                                   [D-R-11]
3/24/87  The Pavilion              Chicago, IL         79   A                                   [D-O-32]
10/1/99  The Boardwalk             Sheffield, England  66   A

Primitives, The
10/4/86  ULC Union                 London, England                                              [D-R-116]
10/13/86 Head Club                 London, England                                              [D-R-116]
3/31/87  BBC Radio One             London, England     10   A-  (Peel session)                  [F-Y-P]
5/12/87  Logo                      Hamburg, Germany                                             [D-R-116]
6/24/87                         The Hague, Netherlands                                          [D-R-101]
1/11/88  Liverpool Empire          Liverpool, England  29   B   (v. low left channel)           [F-Y-P]
5/10/88  Studio                    Bristol, England                                             [D-R-116]
11/9/88  Rennes UBU                Rennes, France      59   B+                                  [F-Y-P]
7/6/89   Electric Ballroom         Camden, England     13   B                                   [D-B-70]
11/10/89 Sheffield University      Sheffield, England  44   B+                                  [D-Y-78]
11/10/89 Sheffield University      Sheffield, England  44   B+  {SPEED CORRECTED}               [D-R-131]
11/23/89 Town & Country Club       London, England                                              [D-R-91]
8/1/91   Borderline Club           London, England          B-                                  [D-G-99]
4/17/10                           Southampton, England                                          [D-O-107]
4/26/10  The Assembly          Leamington Spa, England 
5/18/12  Lock 42                   Leicester, England                                           [D-B-130]
xxxx     Sessions and Demos                            
xxxx     Singles & B-sides                            150   A

Primus (as Bob Cock and the Yellow Sock)
12/11/93                           Burbank, CA                  (KROQ Acoustic Christmas)       [D-B-75]
1/9/96    Bimbo's 365              San Francisco, CA   43       (banjo show!)                   [D-R-96]

Psychedelic Furs, The
10/15/80  Tut's                    Chicago, IL         51   A-                                  [D-O-22]
10/10/82  Hammersmith Odeon        London, England              (venue could be the Palais)     [D-G-39]
2/26/86                            Milan, Italy                                                 [D-B-25]
2/11/92                            San Francisco, CA                                            [D-B-25]

11/17/92  Studio 105               Paris, France                (Black Session)                 [D-B-50]       
8/27/00   Leeds Festival           Leeds, England       46   A                                  [D-O-27]

5/18/98   Bottom of the Hill       San Francisco, CA                                            [D-B-55]
5/14/04   The Catalyst             Santa Cruz, CA       41   A                                  [F-B-S]

4/2/98    Bill Graham Civic Aud.   San Francisco, CA   110   A-

Rae, Corinne Bailey
4/26/06   Funkhaus des SWR         Baden-Baden, Germany 54   A+                                 [D-B-35]

Rainer Maria
2006      Crocodile Cafe           Seattle, WA          20   B+  {*MP3*}

Ramones, The
11/14/77  4 Acres Utica            Utica, NY                     Eaten Alive Vol. 1             [D-Y-53]
6/8/79    Civic Center Plaza       San Francisco, CA                                            [D-Y-48]
7/8/80    Capitol Theatre          Sydney, Australia    34   A   (FM re-broadcast '05)          [F-Y-K]

Redd Kross
7/24/93   Maxwell's                Hoboken, NJ          74   B+                                 [D-G-54]
7/12/94   Desert Sky Pavilion      Phoenix, AZ          40   A                                  [F-G-K]
9/1/06    Azkena Rock Festival     Vitoria, Spain       50   B-  (FM but sounds tinny)          [F-Y-C]

10/4/80   Tyrone's Club            Athens, GA           50   A-  20th Century Boys, Vol.2
1/10/81   Tyrone's                 Athens, GA           37   A-  [CAS] So Much Younger Then
5/12/81   Tyrone's                 Athens, GA           75   A-  That Beat in Time
4/24/82   Merlins                  Madison, WI          69       Carnival Of Sorts              [D-O-42]
1982-1983 "Murmur" album demos & outtakes                                                       [D-G-124]
7/13/83   Paradise Rock Club       Boston, MA                    (incl. 3 MP3 trax to complete) [D-O-87]
9/30/83   The Mad Hatter           Athens, GA          100   A-  20th Century Boys, Vol. 1 
4/20/84   Theatre El Dorado        Paris, France        71   A   Paris Live (I.R.S. tape)       [D-Y-28]
6/27/84   Music Hall               Seattle, WA                   Rock and Roll Stars            [D-R-6]
7/7/84    Aragon Ballroom          Chicago, IL          54   A   Ballroom Dancing               [D-O-72]
9/29/84                            Boca Raton, FL                                               [D-O-7]
11/21/84  Rock City                Nottingham, England  
7/7/85    Rock Werchter            Werchter, Belgium    22   A+                                 [D-B-10]
8/31/85   Radio City Music Hall    New York, NY         95   B+                                 [F-B-45]
10/1/85   Paradiso               Amsterdam, Netherlands                                         [F-R-E]
10/28/85  Hammersmith Palais       London, England      90   A-                                 [D-B-95]
11/9/85   Beacon Theater           New York, NY                  Dripping (acoustic & electric) [D-R-96]
10/4/86   Paramount Theater        Seattle, WA         111                                      [D-O-42]
11/7/86   Felt Forum               New York, NY        118                                      [F-B-45]
1987-88   Finest Worksongs (Demos) N/A                                                          [D-O-127]
9/14/87   Muziekcentrum            Utrecht, Holland    110   A   Losing My Religion Vol. 1 & 2
11/5/87   Circle Pavillion         Chicago, IL         107   B+                                 [D-O-17]
1988      The Complete Green Demos Athens, GA / NY                                              [D-Y-38]     
4/30/89   Orlando Arena            Orlando, FL          72   A   Songs for a Green World
5/15/89   Pink Pop Festival        Landgraaf, Holland            Live Vol. 3: Unlicensed        [D-O-92]
10/21/89  Shoreline Amphiteatre    Mountain View, CA                                            [D-R-96]
7/16-20/90 "Out Of Time" demos & outtakes  Athens, GA                                           [D-G-124]
3/12/91 Bullet Sound Studios Nederhorst den Berg, Neth.          (2 Meter Session)              [D-B-55]
3/15/91   Borderline               London, England      90   B   [CAS] Bingo Hand Job 
3/15/91   Borderline               London, England               From The Borderline (+7 trax)  [D-R-116]
4/10/91   Chelsea Studios          New York, NY         45   B+  [CAS] MTV Unplugged
11/19/92  40 Watt Club             Athens, GA           70   A-  [CAS]
11/19/92  40 Watt Club             Athens, GA           30   A   [CAS]
1994      "Greatest Hits Live"     Various              70   A-  [CAS]
1/22/95   Entertainment Centre     Brisbane, Australia  90   B   [CAS] Monster Tour
7/30/95   National Bowl          Milton Keynes, England          Adhesion                       [D-B-50]
10/29/03  Avalon Hollywood Theatre Hollywood, CA                                                [D-G-59] 
10/10/05  Kingpins Bowling Alley   Athens, GA           31   A   (Bill Berry on drums!)         [D-G-79]
3/8/08    Langerado Music Festival Big Cypress, FL      
3/12/08   Stubb's BBQ              Austin, TX           93   A                                  [D-Y-38]
3/24/08   Royal Albert Hall        London, England                                              [D-Y-38]
7/16/08   Waldbühne                Berlin, Germany      97   A                                  [D-G-79]
7/27/08   Paleo Festival           Nyon, Switzerland    82   A   (has a few moments of static)  [D-R-71]
8/14/08   Salzburgring             Salzburg, Austria             (Frequency festival)           [D-R-61]
9/9/08    Finnair Stadium          Helsinki, Finland             (mono, Peter's Rick stolen after show) [D-G-64]

Replacements, The
10/4/84   Stache's                 Columbus, OH                                                         [D-G-39]
11/14/84  40 Watt Club             Athens, GA           40   B-
1985-90   Sire Outtakes/demos      various studios                                                      [D-B-55]
7/1/85    7th St Entry             Minneapolis, MN               Simply Unacceptable                    [D-Y-113]
12/9/85   The I-Beam               San Francisco, CA    91   B
1/22/86   First Avenue             Minneapolis, MN      77                                              [D-B-70]
2/4/86    Maxwell's                Hoboken, NJ          85   B+  Maniac
1986      Bogarts                  Cincinnati, OH       44   A-  Into the White (date may be 4/5/86)    [F-B-R]
7/27/87   The Ritz Theater         New York, NY         76   A   Putting On the Ritz
12/xx/88  First Avenue             Minneapolis, MN      23   A-  (rehearsal for tour w/ Keith Richards) [F-B-R]
3/12/89   Newport Music Hall       Columbus, Ohio       97   B                                          [F-B-R]
4/18/89   Beacham Theater          Orlando, FL          67   A-  Goodbye Bozos Pt.1                     [D-G-39]
8/31/89   Lake Compounce           Bristol, CT          73   A   Shit Shower & Shave  
7/4/91    Grant Park               Chicago, IL          66   A-  It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Roadies Play
xxxx      All officially released non-album tracks      57  A/A-

3/8/91    Town & Country Club      England              55   A   Town & Country

Rilo Kiley
1/17/04   (Live in Concert)        New York, NY         69   A-  {*MP3*} (acoustic gig)
10/5/04   (Live in Concert)        Somerville, MA       73   B   {*MP3*}		

Rolling Stones, The
1962-1965 Around And Around - Studio Outtakes Comp.                                                  [D-O-122]
4/18/65   L'Olympia                Paris, France                 Dogs 'n' Cats (w/ 4/11/67)          [D-Y-53]
4/11/67   L'Olympia                Paris, France                 Dogs 'n' Cats (w/ 4/18/65)          [D-Y-53]
7/28/66   International Center     Honolulu, HI                  So Much Younger Than Today          [F-G-E]
11/9/69  Oakland Coloseum (2nd)    Oakland, CA          70   B+  LIVEr Than You'll Ever Be
1971      Necrophilia - the never-released album                                                     [D-B-65]
6/24-5/72 (Live in Concert)    Fort Worth & Houston, TX 85   A   You Can't Do That Baby              [D-O-2]
7/21/72   Spectrum Arena           Philadelphia, PA     79   B+  {*MP3*} Unrel. Decca 1972 Live Album
2/24/73 West Aust. Cricket Ground  Perth, Australia     70  A-/B (sound gets wavy 2/3 in)
6/9/76    Palais Des Sports        Lyon, France         89   A   Backstage Limited                   [F-O-R]
6/28/78                            Memphis, TN                                                       [D-B-25]
11/30/81  Silverdome               Pontiac, MI                   Pontiac's Rebellion                 [D-G-19]
2/3/98    Qualcomm Stadium         San Diego, CA        70   A

8/26/74   Agora Ballroom               Cleveland, OH                The Fifth Order of Angels     [D-R-46]
12/5/74   Electric Ladyland Studio     Ontario, Canada     45   A   [CAS->CD]
12/5/74   Electric Lady Studios        New York, NY        54       Electric Rush                 [D-Y-23]
12/16/74  Agora Ballroom               Cleveland, OH       60   C+  [CAS] Freefall
5/15/75   Agora Ballroom               Cleveland, OH                Juvenile Delinquents          [D-R-36]
6/25/75   Massey Hall                  Toronto, Ontario    90   C+  [CAS]
11/15/75  Rockford Armory              Rockford, IL        54   B-  Stainless Steel               [D-Y-18]
10/25/76                               Seattle, WA                  Bytor's Battle 2.01           [D-O-62]
11/28/76  Selland Arena                Fresno, CA          60   B+  [CAS]
11/28/76  Selland Arena                Fresno, CA                   The Work of Gifted Hands      [D-Y-23]
12/10/76                               Passaic, NJ                  Out of Hiding                 [D-Y-23]
6/1/77    City Hall                    Sheffield, England  88       The Necromancer               [D-R-46]
6/2/77    Free Trade Hall              Manchester, England          Hallowed Eth                  [D-Y-23]
9/28/77   Selland Arena                Fresno, CA          93       Ron's Vault Release #5        [D-O-12]
12/12/77  The Forum                    Montreal, Quebec    70   B   Fly in the Night              [F-B-S]
2/16/78   Apollo Theatre               Glasgow, Scotland   90   B-  [CAS]
2/17/78   Apollo Theatre               Glasgow, Scotland   90   B-  [CAS]
11/20/78  Tuscon Community Center      Tuscon, AZ          70   A-  [CAS->CD] Cygnus
11/20/78  Tuscon Community Center      Tuscon, AZ          94   A   Cygnus X Story                [F-R-R]
12/2/78   Cobo Arena                   Detroit, MI        120   A   Buenos Nochas! Motor City
1/11/79   Boston Music Hall            Boston, MA         120   B+  (indistinct bass)             [D-B-90]
5/24/79   Chateau Neuf                 Oslo, Norway        88       A Passage To Oslo Platinum Ed.[D-Y-13]
5/28/79   Stadhalle                    Offenbach, Germany 119       Buenos Nochas Mein Frankfurt  [D-O-57]
6/4/79    Pink Pop Festival            Geleen, Holland     56   A   A Right to Passage            [D-Y-3]
9/12/79                                Allentown, PA                Tour of the Semispheres PE    [D-Y-23]
1/21/80   The Forum                    Montreal, Quebec   135   B   [CAS]
2/2/80    Tarrant County Conv. Center  Ft. Worth, TX      135   B   The Three Magicians           [D-R-36]
2/14/80   Kiel Auditorium              St. Louis, MO       75   A   La Villa Strangiato
2/14/80   Kiel Auditorium              St. Louis, MO       75   A+  St. Louis '80 Remaster        [D-Y-3]
9/30/80   Allentown Fairgrounds        Allentown, PA       80   A   Something Old, Something New  [D-O-12]
3/1/81    International Amphitheater   Chicago, IL        119       Exit...Stage Right            [D-Y-13]
3/27/81   The Forum                    Montreal, Quebec    50   A-  [CAS] Red Barchetta
6/16/81   Convention Center            Anaheim, CA        121   B+  Anaheim 1981 Master           [D-Y-73]
12/20/81  Civic Center                 Hartford, CT       114   B+  [CAS]
10/9/82   MECCA Arena                  Milwaukee, WI                                              [D-Y-13]
12/6/82   Boston Garden                Boston, MA         116                                     [D-B-80]
12/9/82   Nassau Coliseum              Uniondale, NY      110   A-  [CAS]
5/21/83   Wembley Arena                London, England    120   B+  [CAS] Signals From London
5/21/83   Wembley Arena                London, England    112       Music Of The Spheres          [D-Y-13]
7/8/84    Civic Arena                  Pittsburgh, PA      60   A   Live in Pittsburgh            [D-O-7]
9/17/84   Madison Square Garden        New York, NY        98       Surge Of Adrenaline           [D-O-12]
9/27/84   Capital Center               Largo, MD           79       Cool Under Fire               [D-Y-3]
1985      Power Windows Demo Tape      Canada              45   A-                                [D-R-36]
3/24/86   Mecca Arena                  Milwaukee, WI                Mid-American Dreams PE - Speed corrected [D-R-46]
3/25/86   St. Paul Civic Center        Minneapolis, MN    112   A-  Twin Territories              [D-R-36]
4/16/86   The Spectrum                 Philadelphia, PA    74   A   Mystic Dreams                 [D-B-10]
4/16/86   The Spectrum                 Philadelphia, PA    94   A   Visions and Illusions V.2.0.2 [D-Y-18]
1987/1992 "The Story of the Kings" (Interview)  NA         30   B+  [CAS]
1/26/88   Barton Coliseum              Little Rock, AR     87       The Mission                   [D-R-46]
4/2/88    Civic Auditorium             Omaha, Nebraska              The Dream Ignites             [D-Y-18]
5/8/90                                 Hartford, CT                 War Paint                     [D-O-62]
6/17/90   Alpine Valley Music Theater  East Troy, WI      121   A-  Scars of Pleasure             [D-O-12]
6/27/90   Shoreline Amphitheatre       Mountain View, CA  119       A Pass Through Mountain View  [D-Y-18]
1/30/92   Oakland Coliseum             Oakland, CA        120   A   [CAS] Mirrors
1/30/92   Oakland Coliseum             Oakland, CA        126       Mirrors (Fixed Version)       [D-Y-23]
2/23/92   UNO Lakefront CA             New Orleans, LA     90   B+  [CAS]
4/17/92   Wembley Arena                London, England     50   A   [CAS] Run From the Fans
4/17/92   Wembley Arena                London, England                                            [D-O-57]
4/29/92   Hans-Martin Schlayerhalle    Stuttgart, Germany 120   B+  [CAS] Rush Over the Europe
5/3/92    Ahoy Sportpaleis             Rotterdam, Holland 126       Atmospheric                   [D-Y-18]
5/23/92   Kemper Arena                 Kansas City, MO    118       We Will Play The Dice         [D-R-86]
6/12/92   Redbird Arena                St Louis, MO                 Scanning A New Perspective    [D-Y-73]
6/14/92   Blockbuster Pavilion         Charlotte, NC                Vital Dreams                  [D-Y-3]
6/27/92   Alpine Valley Music Theater  East Troy, WI      158       Scanning The Waves PE         [D-O-62]
1/22/94   Pensacola Civic Ctr. Arena   Pensacola, FL      120   B+  [CAS] Northern Heroes
3/4/94    Suncoast Dome                St. Petersburg, FL 135   B   [CAS] Storm in St. Petersburg
3/9/94    Madison Square Garden        New York, NY        75   A-  [CAS] Closer to Our Heart
4/2/94    Dane County Coliseum         Madison, WI                  Nuts And Bolts                [D-R-46]
5/7/94    Molson Amphitheatre          Toronto, Ontario   135   A   [CAS] Animated
5/7/94    Maple Leaf Gardens           Toronto, Ontario   119       Animated - Remaster           [D-Y-23]
10/19/96  Knickerbocker Arena          Albany, NY         120   B+  [CAS] Never Stands Still
10/20/96  Marine Midland Arena         Buffalo, NY        172       A Torn Up Photograph PE       [D-O-107]
12/5/96   The Summit                   Houston, TX              A   Bigger and Better in Texas    [D-O-57]
6/7/97    Sandstone Amphitheatre       Bonner Springs, KS 161   A-  Between Two Extremes          [D-B-5]
6/13/97   Marcus Amphitheatre          Milwaukee, WI      180   B   [CAS]
6/17/97   Pine Knob Music Theatre      Detroit, MI        180   B   [CAS]
6/23/97   Great Woods Amphitheater     Mansfield, MA      161       Great Woods And Summer Skies  [D-O-107]
6/30/97   Molson Amphitheater          Toronto, Canada              An Evening With Rush          [D-Y-73]
7/12/02   Tweeter Center               Mansfield, MA      160   A-  Reflected Light
7/19/02   Marcus Amphitheater          Milwaukee, WI      159   A-  The Earth Shines
7/20/02   Tweeter Center               Tinley Park, IL              A Huge Giant Marshmallow      [D-O-12]
7/20/02   Tweeter Center               Tinley Park, IL              Scanning For Dragons Remaster [D-O-62]
10/13/02                               Atlanta, GA                  One Big Victory               [D-O-62]
11/1/02   Hilton Coliseum              Ames, IA                     (incomplete)                  [D-R-36]
11/2/02   Target Center                Minneapolis, MN    180   B+
6/23/07   Nissan Pavilion @ StoneRidge Bristow, VA        164   B+                                [F-Y-R + F-G-R]
6/25/07   Post Gazette Pavillion       Burgettstown, PA   162       Serpents & Spears             [D-Y-73]
9/22/07   Air Canada Centre            Toronto, Ontario             Ode To Broonsie               [D-R-46]
10/3/07   Glasgow SECC                 Glasgow, Scotland            Union of the Snake Volume 2   [D-Y-13]
6/29/10                                Albuquerque, NM                                            [D-Y-118]

11/9/84   Hammersmith Odeon            London, England     56                                     [D-B-95]

Sahara Hotnights
10/21/01  KB                           Malmö, Sweden     49         (+2 trax 11/1/01 Linköping)   [D-Y-113]
9/13/02   Gröna Lund                   Stockholm, Sweden 37                                       [D-Y-113]
3/18/03   Mason Jar                    Phoenix, AZ       34   B+
7/3/04    Skellefteåfestivalen        Skellefteå, Sweden 48   A                                   [D-R-111]
5/6/07    Kulturbolaget                Malmo, Sweden     51   B+                                  [F-Y-S]
5/7/07    KB                           Malmö, Sweden     52                                       [D-Y-113]
10/25/07  Vega                       Copenhagen, Denmark 26   B                                   [F-B-P]
11/2/07   Umeå Folkets Hus             Umeå, Sweden      29   A     (POP UP Festival)             [D-G-64]
7/12/08   Tivolirock @ Tivoliparken Kristianstad, Sweden                                          [D-R-61]
3/14/09   Kulturens Hus                Luleå, Sweden     30   A                                   [D-Y-88]

Salem 66
3/3/85    Emerson College              Boston, MA        43       ('Metrowave' FM)                [D-O-127]

Sam & Dave
12/7/79   My Father's Place            Roslyn, NY        44   A                                   [F-Y-C]

Sandoval, Hope (ex-Mazzy Star)
1990?     Solo recording sessions      Los Angeles, CA   20   A-  (studio session w/ acoustic)    [F-O-J]

11/29/08  BR Studio 1                  Munich, Germany   42   A                                   [D-G-79]

School of Fish
1991                                   unknown                                                    [D-B-100]
12/22/91  Hyatt Regency Hotel          San Francisco, CA                                          [D-O-102]
1993      Palace Theater               Ventura, CA                                                [D-B-100]
4/3/93    Metro                        Chicago, IL       69                                       [D-G-119]
8/22/01   (Live in Concert)            Los Angeles, CA                                            [D-O-102]

School Of Seven Bells
4/23/12   The Triple Door              Seattle, WA                                                [D-R-131]

Semisonic (see also Pleasure)
2/6/97    Bryant Lake Bowl             Minneapolis, MN   45   A
4/22/98   The Troubadour               Los Angeles, CA   70   B+
4/23/98   KCRW radio                   Los Angeles, CA   35   B-  (RA)
7/9/98    Bowery Ballroom              New York, NY      75   A-
7/11/98   (local radio show)           Lancaster, PA     15   A-
7/11/98   Chameleon                    Lancaster, PA     70   B+
10/15/98  Metropol                     Pittsburgh, PA    70   B-
11/18/98  Einstive Cult Cafe           Cologne, Germany  60   A
2/16/99   Seedy Underbelly Studios     Minneapolis, MN   45   A   Beautiful Regret
10/8/10   First Avenue                 Minneapolis, MN            (benefit for Brad Kern)         [D-O-112]

Shins, The
1994-2000 The singles & Flake singles + "Spork" EP       55   B   (many vinyl tracks w/ pops, scratches)
12/20/00  Higher Ground                Winooski, VT      26   B   (some static)                      [F-Y-P]
6/22/01   The Trocadero                Philadelphia, PA  38                                          [D-R-121]
11/1/01   7th St. Entry                Minneapolis, MN   40   A-	
11/13/01  Cat's Cradle                 Carrboro, NC                                                  [D-R-61]
11/15/01  Rudyard's                    Houston, TX       32   A
7/13/02   Stubb's                      Austin, TX        67   A-  
9/21/03   Austin City Limits Festival  Austin, TX        62   A   
11/14/03  First Avenue                 Minneapolis, MN   69   A
2/10/04   The Black Cat                Washington, D.C.  76   A-
5/15/05   Crystal Ballroom             Portland, OR      77   A
11/3/06   Gigantic Studios             New York, NY      30   A   (KEXP Live Webcast)                [F-Y-S]
2/2/07    BBC Studios                  London, England   15   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
2/27/07   The Village Studio           Los Angeles, CA   38   A+  (b'cast 3/27)                      [F-Y-S]
3/17/07   Kool Haus                    Toronto, Ontario  88   B                                      [D-O-17]
4/2/07    Studio 105 (Black Session)   Paris, France     57   A   (192K Mp2 orig. B'cast Bitstream)  [F-Y-S]
8/9/07    Enmore Theatre              Newtown, Australia 49   A                                      [D-G-14]
2/10/12   KEXP radio                   Seattle, WA                (James Mercer solo)                [D-O-127]
4/20/12   KCRW Radio                   Santa Monica, CA           (featuring The Watson Twins)       [D-G-129]

3/23/00   KCRW studios                 Santa Monica, CA                                              [D-Y-98]
3/25/00   OUI-FM                       Paris, France                                                 [D-Y-98]
3/15/01   Paradisio Garage             Lisbon, Portugal                                              [D-G-94]
6/14/02   Studio 105                   Paris, France              (Black Session)                    [D-O-82]
5/2/05    Studio 105                   Paris, France              (Black Session)                    [D-O-82]

Shore, Howard
3/3/09                                 Wurzburg, Germany          The Lord of the Rings In Concert   [D-B-115]

10/24/07  KCRW Radio                   Santa Monica, CA       A                                      [D-G-94]
4/24/08  Malibu Performing Arts Center Malibu, CA        91   A   (KCRW session, incl. 25 min intrvw)[D-G-94]
3/25/09   The Metro Theatre            Sydney, Australia 75   A+                                     [D-G-94]
5/21/10                                Potsdam, Germany                                              [D-R-111]

Simon & Garfunkel
1965-1970 'Complete English Recordings'                           Where My Heart Lies       [D-R-101]
3/11/67   Tufts University             Medford, MA            A-                            [D-Y-53]
8/23/68   Hollywood Bowl               Hollywood, CA     71   A                             [DVD]
11/11/69  Miami University             Oxford, OH        65   A                             [F-B-S]
5/21/70   (Live in Concert)            Amsterdam, Neth.  76   A                             [D-B-5]

Simon, Emilie
9/21/09   Black Session #303           Paris, France                                        [D-B-115]

Single Gun Theory
2/27/95   JJJ Studios              Sydney, Australia     33   A   Live at the Wireless

Sing-Sing (w/ Emma Anderson of Lush)  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
6/22/00   Camden Falcon            London, England       45   A-                            [F-G-S]
3/5/02    Slim's                   San Francisco, CA     41   A-                            [F-O-S]
3/8/02    Liquid Joe's             Salt Lake City, UT                                       [D-Y-98]
Siouxsie and the Banshees
7/7/81    (Live in Concert)        Tiel, Netherlands     57   A                             [D-B-35]
11/14/85  Apollo Theatre           Oxford, England       50   A                             [F-Y-S]

Sixpence None the Richer  
9/17/98   KCRW radio               Santa Monica, CA      28   
3/20/99   The Floodzone            Richmond, VA          63   A
4/6/08    (Live in Concert)        Nashville, TN              B+  {*WMA file*}              [D-O-112]

Sleater-Kinney  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
3/26/96   Stinkweeds               Tempe, AZ             21   B
6/19/96   No Life Records          Hollywood, CA         29   A-                              [F-G-C]
3/19/97   Fillmore                 San Francisco, CA                                          [D-O-132]
3/21/97   La Luna                  Portland, OR          44   B+  {*MP3*}                     [F-R-S]
5/7/97    Side Door                Chicago, IL           47   A   (some cuts bewteen songs)
5/17/97   Tramps                   New York, NY          45   B+                              [D-R-86]
5/22/97   The Point                Atlanta, GA                                                [D-R-86]
10/3/97   La Boule Noir            Paris, France         51   B+
10/24/97  Subway                   Karlsrushe, Germany   52   B+
12/31/97  Capitol Theatre          Olympia, WA           54   B+  Rock Lobster
3/26/98   Trocadero                Philadelphia, PA      64   B
3/27/98   Tramps                   New York, NY          73   A-  
3/29/98   The Middle East          Cambridge, MA         51   A-  
4/18/98   RKCNDY                   Seattle, WA                                                [D-R-86]
8/7/98    Grt. American Music Hall San Francisco, CA     58   A-
11/16/98  Evening Sessions         London, England       13   A   (gaps between trax, BFD!)   [F-B-K]
2/21/99   Capitol Theatre          Olympia, WA           61   B+
2/28/99   DV8                      Seattle, WA           29   B
3/5/99    The Roxy                 Los Angeles, CA       59   B+
4/24/99   Bowlie Weekender         Camber Sands, England 17   A                               [F-B-K]
5/23/99   Echo Lounge              Atlanta, GA           63   B   
5/27/99   The Black Cat            Washington, DC        59   A   
5/28/99   Trocadero                Philadelphia, PA      66                                   [D-R-111]
6/1/99    Middle East              Cambridge, MA         67   A-
7/1/99    Amoeba Records           San Francisco, CA     74   B+
7/4/99    Oak Canyon Ranch         Irvine, CA            42   A-                              [D-R-16]
10/4/99   The Breakroom            Seattle, WA           70   A-  (vox a little low)
10/5/99   Glass Factory            Portland, OR          57   B+
5/17/00   Middle East              Cambridge, MA         74   A-
5/19/00   Lupo's                   Providence, RI        74   B-
5/25/00   9:30 Club                Washington, D.C.      79                                   [D-G-129]
7/xx/00   Evening Sessions         London, England       10   A   (song ends cut)             [F-B-K]
7/10/00   Elysee Montmartre        Paris, France         44   A-  
9/1/00    The Crystal Ballroom     Portland OR           78   B   (hollow vox)                [D-Y-28]
9/2/00    Commodore                Vancouver, BC              A                               [D-Y-98]
9/3/00    Key Arena (Bumbershoot)  Seattle, WA           73   B+
9/13/00   Annex                    Madison, WI           66   A   (slight click between trax)
1/15/02   Grt. American Music Hall San Francisco, CA     78   B+
10/8/02   First Avenue             Minneapolis, MN       85   A                                [D-O-7]
10/12/02  Beachland Ballroom       Cleveland, OH         80   A-  (TAO)
10/14/02  Roxy                     Boston, MA            83   A-	 
2/14/03   Lupo's                   Providence, RI        79   B+
4/16/03   Verizon Wireless Amphi.  Charlotte, NC                                               [D-O-107]
7/12/03   Hershey Park Stadium     Hershey, PA           47   B  
7/14/03   PNC Performing Arts Ctr. Holmdel, NJ           74   B
8/7/03    Emmabodafestivalen       Emmaboda, Sweden      36   A                                [F-Y-S]
12/14/03  Showbox                  Seattle, WA           75   B+  {*MP3*}
5/14/04   The Catalyst             Santa Cruz, CA        75   A-  (guitars a little low)       [F-B-S]
5/19/04   El Rey Theater           Los Angeles, CA       76   A-
5/20/05   KEXP Radio studios       Seattle, WA           32   A   {*MP3*}
6/1/05    Crystal Ballroom         Portland, Oregon      89   B+  {*MP3*}                      [F-R-S]
6/25/05   9:30 Club                Washington, D.C.      79   B                                [F-R-S]
1/26/06   Big Day Out fest         Sydney, Australia     38   A-  {*MP3*} (JJJ webcast)        [F-R-S]
4/30/06   Main Stage               Indio, CA                      (Coachella Music Festival)   [F-G-S]
5/22/06   Le Nouveau Casino        Paris, France         88   B+  
5/27/06   Botanique                Brussels, Belgium     70                                    [D-O-107]
8/3/06    9:30 Club                Washington, D.C.     115   A   {*MP3*} (NPR webcast)        [F-B-J]
8/12/06   Crystal Ballroom         Portland, OR         123   B   {*MP3*} (last ever show!!)   [F-G-B]

1991-94   Live Volume I            Various               63   B+  (mp3, Avalyn mailing list CD)
xxxx      Souvlaki demos; aka "Unreleased Volume 1"      64  A/A- (mp3)
xxxx      Pygmalion demos; aka "Unreleased Volume 2"     63  A/A- (mp3)

Smashing Pumpkins
1988      (studio demos)          Chicago, IL                     Nothing Ever Changes           [D-B-70]
8/10/88   Avalon                  Chicago, IL            63   A                                  [D-Y-58]
11/23/88  Metro                   Chicago, IL            22   B+  (low vox)                      [D-R-76]
1988-89   Reel Time Sessions      Chicago, IL                     (thir13en remaster)            [D-R-81]
1989      'Smashing Pumpkins' & 'Moon' demo tapes        58   A                                  [D-O-52]
3/16/89   WZRD Radio Show         Chicago, IL                 A                                  [D-Y-58]
4/30/89   Metro                   Chicago, IL            39   B                                  [D-R-76]
8/25/90   Metro                   Chicago, IL                                                    [D-G-94]
12/31/90  Metro                   Chicago, IL                                                    [D-Y-58]
10/22/91  Atomic Records          Milwaukee, WI          24       Unplugged (w/ 6/30/93)         [D-Y-43]
1/19/92   Paard                   Den Haag, Netherlands  76   A-  From The Mixing Desk (vox-heavy)[D-O-52]
1/20/92   Melkweg                 Amsterdam, Netherlands 17   A   (+1 song 9/92 BBC Late Show)   [D-Y-63]
7/11/92   Blackout Records        Chicago, IL            32   B-  (acoustic, low sound)          [D-Y-63]
1992      in-studio session       Chicago, IL            89   A-  Quiet and Other Songs          [D-Y-88]
12/11/92                                                 92   A
6/29/93   Studio 105              Paris, France          69   A   The Black Sessions (acoustic)  [D-Y-43]  
6/30/93   VPRO Radio              Hilversum, Netherlands 20       Unplugged (w/ 10/22/91)        [D-Y-43]
7/4/93    Raymond Revue Bar       London, England                                                [D-O-102]
7/26/93   Tower Records           Chicago, IL            26   A   Drown (w/ 8/27/93)             [D-O-52]
8/14/93   Metro                   Chicago, IL           112                                      [D-Y-43]
8/24/93   Melody                  Stockholm, Sweden      44   A-                                 [D-Y-63]
8/27/93   Lowlands Festival       Dronten, Netherlands   42   A-  Drown (w/ 7/26/93)             [D-O-52]
9/xx/93   Sala Apolo              Barcelona, Spain       33   A-                                 [D-Y-63]
9/15/93   Manchester Academy      Manchester, England    52   A                                  [D-Y-58]
10/5/93   First Avenue            Minneapolis, MN        91   A-                                 [D-B-70] [D-O-72] 
10/26/93  Bing Crosby Hall        Del Mar, CA            61   A                                  [D-O-52]
10/30/93  NBC Studios             New York, NY                    (Saturday Night Live)          [D-R-81]
12/11/93  Bogart's                Cincinnati, OH              A-                                 [D-R-66]
2/25/94   Astoria Theatre         London, England        77   A-  Astoria '94                    [D-R-76]
1994      various                 various               319   A   Mashed Potatoes                [D-O-52]
1995?     "Billy's Gravity Demos" unknown                         (MCatIS instrumentals)         [D-R-66]
3-8/xx/95 "MCIS Demos II"         Chiacgo, IL                     (thir13en remaster)            [D-R-81]
8/25/95   Reading Festival        Reading, England       26   A-  Turpentine Kisses (w/ 3/13/96) [D-O-27]
8/25/95   Reading Festival        Reading, England       69   A   (complete show, FM + AUD)      [D-Y-58]
10/19/95  Madison Theatre  	      Peoria, IL             87                                      [D-Y-98]
10/23/95  Riviera Theater         Chicago, IL            74       Butterfly Wings                [D-O-37]
12/12/95                          Amsterdam, Netherlands 70   A   Disconnect                     [D-O-27]
1/3/96    Phoenix                 Toronto, Ontario            B                                  [D-Y-58]
1/5/96    New 9:30 Club           Washington, D.C.      146   A-  (lots of cheering, still great)[D-Y-78]
2/10/96   Moore Theater           Seattle, WA           186   B   (bass hvy, clear vox, +intervw)[D-Y-63]
3/13/96                                                  33   A   Turpentine Kisses (w/ 8/25/95) [D-O-27]
4/12/96   Spektrum                Oslo, Norway           73   B+  Beautiful as The Sun           [D-O-52]
4/19/96   Messe B                 Stuttgart, Germany     80   A-                                 [D-Y-63]
4/24/96   Palatrussardi           Milan, Italy           95   A                                  [D-Y-63]
5/3/96    La Nave                 Madrid, Spain          47   B+  (acoustic, kill those DJs!!)   [D-Y-63]
9/14/96   Maple Leaf Gardens      Toronto, Ontario       
12/16/96  San Jose Arena          San Jose, CA          139                                      [D-R-66]
1/8/97    GM Place                Vancouver, Canada                                              [D-O-37]
2/25/97   NBC Studios             New York, NY            4   A+  (Conan O'Brien)                [D-Y-78]
6/28/97   Roskilde Festival       Roskilde, Denmark      51   A                                  [D-Y-58]
6/29/97                          St. Gallen, Switzerland 56   A                                  [D-Y-58]
10/19/97  Shoreline Amphitheater  Mountain View, CA      51   B+  (acoustic)                     [D-Y-63]
          Adore demos                                                                            [D-Y-88]
          Adore demos II                                                                         [D-Y-88]
5/19/98   Aula Magna              Lisbon, Portugal                                               [D-O-37]
5/23/98   Shepherds Bush Empire   London, England                 Enter Adore                    [D-G-104]
8/6/98    Ovens Auditorium        Charlotte, NC                                                  [D-Y-58]
8/21/98   La Capilla             Buenos Aires, Argentina          (acoustic, kill those DJs!!)   [D-Y-98]
1998?     "Machina Acoustic Demos"                       46                                      [D-O-117]
2000    MACHINA II / Friends and Enemies of Modern Music          (thir13en remaster)            [D-R-81]
5/14/00   Music Hall              Austin, TX            107                                      [D-O-117]
6-7/xx/07 The Orange Peel         Asheville, NC          77   A-  Best of The Orange Peel        [D-Y-63]
xxxx      "Under the Covers" - 20 cover song compilation 71   A                                  [D-Y-63]
xxxx      Radio documentary       NA                     47       In Their Own Words             [D-R-116]

Smiths, The
9/26/84   Top Rank                Swansea, England       75   B+

6/18/10   Doug Fir Lounge         Portland, OR                                       [D-R-121] 
3/17/11   Cedar Street Courtyard  Austin, TX                      (SXSW Music Conference Showcase)[D-Y-118]

Sobule, Jill  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
4/8/00    Caravan Of Dreams       Fort Worth, TX         36   B                      [DVD]
12/3/00   Pearl St Nightclub      Northampton, MA        34   
7/25/01   Town Hall               New York, NY           
2004      (Live in Concert)       Edinburgh, Scotland                                [D-O-92]
11/11/04  The Cherry Bar          San Francisco, CA      87   A+                     [F-Y-S]
5/9/05    Cafe du Nord            San Francisco, CA      83   A+                     [F-Y-T]
5/16/05   Cafe du Nord            San Francisco, CA      91   A   (digital static D2, Tr.15-17)
7/24/06   Cafe du Nord            San Francisco, CA      88   A+                     [F-B-S]
9/20/07   Lizard Lounge           Cambridge, MA                                      [D-R-91]
2/14/08   Orpheum Theatre         Los Angeles, CA        19   A-                     [D-G-44]
5/7/09    WFUV-FM                 Bronx, NY                   A                      [D-R-86]
6/13/09   El Rey Theatre          Los Angeles, CA        
10/25/09  The Basement            Nashville, TN                                      [D-O-97]

Softies, The
3/18/00   Midnight Sun            Olympia, WA            32   B+  (TAO)

Some Girls (feat. Juliana Hatfield)  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
9/18/03   Knitting Factory        New York, NY           69   A-  (mp3)
10/14/03  Spaceland               Los Angeles, CA        76   A-  (mp3)

Something For Kate
11/9/03   ABC Studios             Sydney, Australia      41                               [D-Y-123]
6/12/06   Northcote Social Club   Melbourne, Australia   42                               [D-Y-123]

Soul Asylum  
6/12/84   CBGB's                  New York, NY           26   B   (incl. 3 trax 10/8/82)  [F-Y-S]
3/21/88   Kir                     Hamburg, Germany       55                               [D-Y-128]
6/6/88    Tipitina's              New Orleans, LA                                         [D-O-92]
12/24/88  First Avenue            Minneapolis, MN        85   B+  
4/28/89   Marquette University    Milwaukee, WI                   (part of Box Set below) [D-G-69]
10/23/90  The Cabooze             Minneapolis, MN        64   A-  (miclabeled as 10/21)   [F-Y-S]
4/13/91   Top Note                Chicago, IL            55   A   (acoustic)              [DVD]
          Grave Dancers Union Demos                               (part of Box Set below) [D-G-69]
1/20/92   First Avenue            Minneapolis, MN                 (part of Box Set below) [D-G-69]
4/21/93   "MTV Unplugged"         New York, NY           25   A
3/6/95    Tramps                  New York, NY                    (part of Box Set below) [D-G-69]
xxxx      Live, demos and unreleased songs box set                (Discs 1-5 of 10)       [D-G-69]

Sounds, The
6/5/10    Zeppelinfeld            Nürnberg, Germany      38       (Rock im Park 2010)  [D-B-130]
2/21/12 Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof Berlin, Germany                                      [D-O-127]

9/12/95   KCRW Studios            Santa Monica, CA       37   A-                       [F-O-M]

Specials, The
12/2/79   Lyceum                  London, England        41                            [D-O-87]

Spektor, Regina
5/13/06   The Independent         San Francisco, CA      88   B                        [D-O-7]
6/30/06   BBC Studios             London, England        15   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
7/23/06   The Truck Festival      Steventon, UK          32   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

4/8/00    Space TV                Auckland, New Zealand  12   A-
7/24/04   Belongil Fields         Byron Bay, Australia        A   (Splendour In The Grass Fest)[D-O-67]

9/20/02   TT The Bears            Boston, MA             67   A-

10/13/85  (Live in Concert)       Manchester, England    38   A                        [F-B-P]
7/4/94    Grant Park              Chicago, IL            68   A   (with Aimee Mann!)   

Stems, The
5/4/87    Inflation               Melbourne, Australia                                 [DVD]
4/1/98                            Perth, Australia       54   B                        [D-R-26]
9/21/07   Regent Theatre          Wollongong, Australia  40   B-                       [D-R-16]

3/30/93   Maison de la Radio      Paris, France          29      (Black Session)       [D-O-117]
10/26/93  Mod Lang records        Berkeley, CA           34   A-                       [F-Y-B]
7/20/96   Phoenix Festival        Stratford-U-Avon, Eng. 20   A-
9/24/97   John Peel Session       England                                              [D-B-75]

Steve Miller Band, The
8/3/77    Capitol Center          Largo, MD                                            [D-B-90]

Steve Newman, Nibs van der Spuy & Guy Buttery
11/26/06 Glass Magic Castle     KwaZulu-Natal, S. Africa 

Stone Roses, The
2/27/89                       Manchester, England             All the Colours Fade [F-B-45]
8/12/89   Empress Ballroom    Blackpool, England     66   A   The Flashback
1992-94   'Second Coming' demos and outtakes                                       [D-B-70]
12/13/95  Town & Country Club Leeds, England         60   A-  Rock Garden

Straitjacket Fits
10/21/89  KPFK-FM             Los Angeles, CA                                      [D-O-122]

7/22/92   Caberet Metro       Chicago, IL            70   A-  Bob's Full House
11/2/94   First Avenue Club   Minneapolis, MN        69   A

Sundays, The
2/11/89   Portsmouth Polytech. Portsmouth, England   39   B                                              [D-Y-33]
2/24/89   The International    Manchester, England   36   B+                                             [F-O-W]
2/28/89   Maida Vale 3 Studio  London, England       11   A   (BBC Session)                              [DVD]
3/21/89   Peel Session         London, England                                                           [D-R-126]
3/2/90    Paard Van Troje      Den Haag, Holland     48   A                                              [DVD]
3/2/90    Paard Van Troje      Den Haag, Holland     48   A   (remaster)                                 [D-Y-73]
3/21/90   Ancienne Belgique    Bruxelles, Belgium                                                        [D-O-127]
3/28/90   (Live in Concert)    The Hague, Holland    45   B+  
8/27/90   Slims                San Francisco, CA     45   B   (some tape hiss)                           [F-G-C]
12/7/92   Town & Country Club  London, England                                                           [D-O-127] 
12/15/92  Black Session        Paris, France         40   A+  
1/16/93   Tivoli               Utrecht, Netherlands                                                      [D-R-126]
3/2/93    Opera House          Toronto, Ontario      
3/17/93   La Luna Club         Portland, Oregon      74   A-                                             [F-O-S]
6/3/93    Ventura Theatre      Ventura, CA           64   B+  (mp3)
9/16/97   Radio 1 Evening Session   London, England  14   A   (2 acou. songs + interview)                [D-Y-98]
11/29/97  Avalon Ballroom      Boston, MA            80   A-                                             [D-O-47]
12/2/97   Electric Factory     Philadelphia, PA      70   B                                              [DVD]
12/11/97  Union Chapel         London, England       68   B+  (is the date 11/12/97?)                    [D-Y-98]
xx/xx/xx "Demos, B-Sides, and Rarities" - 16 tracks  61  A/B  (incl. all the B-sides + live-only songs)

Sunnyboys, The
3/22/81   Melbourne University   Melbourne, Australia  45   A                                    [F-Y-O]

Sunny Day in Glasgow, A
3/2/10    Mike & Molly's            Champaign, IL                                                [D-G-104]

5/30/93   Kulturfabrik              Krefeld, Germany   58   A-                                   [D-O-17]
9/27/97   Cat's Cradle              Carrboro, NC       69   A-
11/16/01  Metro                     Chicago, IL        84   A-                                   [D-B-20]
10/17/03  Alley Katz                Richmond, VA       70   A-  (date may be 10/20/03)           [D-B-20]

Super Furry Animals
6/13/96   Hultsfred Festival        Hultsfred, Sweden  57   A-

1982      (Live in Concert)           ?                   93       A Night On The Road           [D-Y-113]

Sweet, Matthew
1989-91   "Some Sweet Demos" (21 demo tracks)             80   A                                    [D-R-6]
12/2/91   Chestnut Cabaret            Philadelphia, PA    56       (w/ Richard Lloyd)               [D-R-41]
1992      Superdeformed 1 (Altered Beast Demos)                                                     [D-R-6]
1992      Superdeformed 2 (more Altered Beast Demos)                                                [D-O-7]
2/2/92    Trocadero                   Philadelphia, PA    48   B+  (w/ Robert Quine)                [D-G-14]
1993      Rocky's                     Charlotte, NC      100   B   (w/ Richard Lloyd)               [D-G-34]
7/4/93    Petrillo Bandshell, Grant Park  Chicago, IL     73   A   Shape Shifter (w/ Richard Lloyd)
5/11/95   Operahouse                  Toronto, Ontario    58   A
1996      "Home Demos"                ?                   17   A
5/1/97    The Belly Up Club           Solano Beach, CA    44   A                                    [D-R-1]
3/17/00   Park West                   Chicago, IL         57                                        [D-G-74]
Sweet, Matthew & Susannah Hoffs
3/18/06   KGSR 107.1 FM               Austin, TX                   (SXSW radio shows)               [D-R-81]
3/18/06   Dog+Duck                    Austin, TX          22       (SXSW day show)                  [D-R-81]
4/19/06   WXPN Studios                Philadelphia, PA    22       (World Cafe)                     [D-R-81]
7/17/06   Bowery Ballroom             New York, NY                                                  [D-B-75]
9/12/09 Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, IL                  (early show, perf. as Sid & Susie) [D-G-94]

Talking Heads
11/xx/75  CBS Studios (Demos)         New york, NY        41   A                                    [D-R-21]
11/1/77   Rose Room, Rutgers Uni.     New Brunswick, NJ   68   A-  (some tape hiss)                 [D-R-6]
12/3/77   Old Waldorf Theatre         San Francisco, CA   47   A   Sharp Objects Vol.1              [D-R-21]
1/14/78   Paradiso                    Amsterdam, Holland  35                                        [F-R-J]
2/xx/78   CBGB                        New York, NY        15   A-  (KBFH broadcast)                 [F-Y-M]
8/23/78   Park West                   Chicago, IL         53   A                                    [F-R-T]
9/15/78   Opry House                  Houston, TX         61   A-
7/9/79    Nihon Seinenkan             Tokyo, Japan        58   A   (+4 songs Sydney 6/8/79)
8/24/79   Berklee Performance Center  Boston, MA          65   A                                    [D-Y-53]
9/29/79   Stardust Ballroom           Los Angeles, CA     70   A+  Stardust Ballroom
8/23/80   Mosport Park               Bowmanville, Ontario          (Heatwave Festival)              [D-R-121]
8/20/83   Cape Cod Coliseum           South Yarmouth, MA                                            [D-B-60]
10/1/83   Patrick Hall, U. of Vermont Burlington, VT     120   B+
1/25/84   (Live in Concert)           Milwaukee, WI                Nature's Way                     [D-B-80]

Talulah Gosh
7/8/86    Janice Long Session         UK                  12   A-
8/31/87   Cooky's                     Frankfort, Germany  55   B+
10/22/87  Bristol Tropic Club         Bristol, England                                             [D-G-99]
11/8/87                               Nottingham, England 45   A-                                  [D-O-27]

9/13/95   KCRW Studios                Santa Monica, CA    35                                       [F-Y-I]

Tegan and Sara  **OFFICIAL WEBSITE**
5/30/98   CBC Studio 2                Vancouver, Canada                                                [D-G-99]
7/26/01   South Seaport               New York, NY        41   B+
1/21/03   Bottom of the Hill          San Francisco, CA   72   A
7/17/03   Knitting Factory            Hollywood, CA       54   A-
10/23/04  Shoreline Amphitheatre      Mountain View, CA   22   B+  Bridge School Benefit 18            [F-G-T]
11/10/04  El Rey                      Los Angeles, CA     64   B    
8/23/07   Little Vega                 Copenhagen, Denmark 85   B                                       [D-B-5]
9/22/07   Commodore Ballroom          Vancouver, Canada   88   B   (afternoon show)                    [F-G-T]
10/27/07  Shoreline Amphitheatre      Mountain View, CA   34   A-  Bridge School Benefit (source 1)    [D-B-40]
10/27/07  Shoreline Amphitheatre      Mountain View, CA            Bridge School Benefit (source 2)    [D-R-71]
11/25/07  The House of Blues          Cleveland, OH       82   B+                                      [D-R-21]
12/12/07  The Forum                  Melbourne, Australia 93                                           [D-B-40]
12/13/07  Enmore Theatre              Sydney, Australia   41   A   (source 1, unedited)                [D-B-40]
12/13/07  Enmore Theatre              Sydney, Australia        A   (source 2, DJs removed)             [D-O-67]
3/12/08   Lille Vega                  Copenhagen, Denmark 91   A-                                      [D-G-89]
8/10/08   Cates Park                North Vancouver, B.C.                                              [D-G-64]
2/6/09    The Orpheum                 Vancouver, B.C.     65   B+                                      [D-O-82]
11/26/09  Astra Kulturschuppen        Berlin, Germany                                                  [D-O-102]
1/6/10    The Orpheum                 Vancouver, B.C.                                                  [D-G-99]
1/8/10  S. Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Calgary, Alberta    70                                           [D-R-121]
1/23/10   Live Lounge                 Ottawa, Ontario     34                                           [D-G-104]
7/8/11    Theatre Junction Grand      Calgary, Alberta    89   A                                       [D-G-124]

1974      Ork Loft rehearsal          New York            43   B   (missing 2nd disc)                  [F-Y-G]
8/xx/74   Max'x                       Kansas City, MO              Poor Circulation (+ rhrsl, live 74-75) [D-B-95]
1975      CBGB's (+ others)           New York, NY                 New York Stories                    [D-Y-48]
7/25/75   Piccadilly Inn              Cleveland, OH       77   B   Live in Cleveland 1975 (complete-13 trax) 
1975-76   CBGB's                      New York, NY                 (New York Stories)
4/5/77    Whisky-A-Go-Go              Los Angeles, CA              (both early & late shows)           [D-B-85]
3/20/78   My Father's Place           Roslyn, NY          80   B
6/9/78    My Father's Place           Roslyn, NY          76   B   
6/28/78   Old Waldorf                 San Francisco, CA   67   A   Portable Electricity
7/2/78    The Earth Tavern            Portland, OR                 The Ticket That Exploded            [D-B-85]
11/6/92   La Cigale                   Paris, France       51   A-  (Festival des Inrockuptibles)       [F-G-S]
12/2/92   Theatre of Living Arts      Philadelphia, PA                                                 [D-B-5]
10/25/05  SESC Pompeia                Sao Paulo, Brazil   77   B                                       [D-R-16]

Temptations, The
10/3/66   The Roostertail             Detroit, MI         55   A
1970?     Carter Barron Amphitheatre  Washington, D.C.                                                 [D-O-87]
7/10/82   Painters Mill Music Fair    Owings Mills, MD             ("Reunion" tour w/ Ruffin & Kendricks) [D-O-77]

Tender Trap
3/24/12   Firebug                     Leicester, England                                               [D-Y-128]
7/7/12    Indietracks                 Swanwick, England                                                [D-B-130]

10,000 Maniacs
9/7/84    Dingwalls                   London, England     63   B+  (pretty clear but some chatter)     [D-G-24]
1985-1990 BBC Sessions 1985-1990      England             60  A-/A (Peel, Skinner & Kershaw sessions)  [D-R-51]
1986      The rejected album demos before 'In My Tribe'            Lost Songs                          [D-O-47]
4/4/86    Liberty Lunch               Austin, TX          87                                           [D-O-42]
4/19/86   Reed's Common College       Portland, OR                                                     [D-R-51]
6/3/86    Jamestown Community College Jamestown, NY       56                                           [D-O-42]
9/14/86   Rockwell Hall               Buffalo, NY                                                      [D-O-47]
1987      Demos (20 tracks)           NA                           The Complete "In My Tribe" demos    [D-O-47]
4/29/88   Orpheum Theatre             Boston, MA                                                       [D-R-51]
7/3/88    Roskilde Festival           Roskilde, Denmark   26   A                                       [F-B-T]
7/31/88   Sadler's Wells Theatre      London, England     60   A   Cool White Stare
7/4/89    Rich Stadium                Buffalo, NY         62   A                                       [F-O-T]
7/19/89   Red Rocks Amphitheater      Denver, Colorado    92                                           [D-O-42]
9/14/89   Great Woods                 Mansfield, MA                                                    [D-O-47]
10/31/90  Riviera Theater             Chicago, IL         60   A                                       [F-B-T]
1991      Gokey Center Studio         Jamestown, NY                (inc., Our Time In Eden sessions)   [D-O-47]
3/30/92   Unknown studio              (Bearsville?), NY            (Our Time In Eden tour rehearsals)  [D-O-47]
12/12/92  Berkeley Community Theater  Berkeley, CA       104   A   (date could be 2/17/93)             [D-R-31]
5/23/93   Paramount Theatre           Seattle, WA         71   B+                                      [D-Y-8]
6/3/93    Greek Theater               Los Angeles, CA     70   A   Eat for Two
6/10/93   Riverport Amphitheatre      St. Louis, MO      119   A                                       [D-G-29]
6/27/93   Classic Amphitheatre        Richmond, VA       113   A                                       [D-G-29]

that dog.
9/15/95   KCRW Studios                Santa Monica, CA    36   A-  (6 songs + interviews)              [F-O-M]
3/30/96   State Theater               Detroit, MI                                                      [D-R-131]
2/21/97   Spaceland                   Los Angeles, CA     36   A-  (Tr. 2 brief static, aka 12/26/96)
3/10/97   Gibson's                    Tempe, AZ           49   B-
6/10/97   Electric Factory            Philadelphia, PA    39   B	 

Throwing Muses
5/1/88    Town & Country Club         London, England     67   A-  {*MP3*}
3/6/89    Markthalle                  Hamburg, Germany                                                 [D-Y-118]
6/16/89   Glastonbury Festival       Glastonbury, England 47   B                                       [D-Y-8]
3/1/90    The Paradise                Boston, MA                                                       [D-G-114]
4/2/91    Town & Country Club         London, England                                                  [D-G-64]
5/1/91    El Mocambo                  Toronto, Ontario                                                 [D-B-105]
5/18/91   Town Pump                   Vancouver, BC       67   B
5/27/91   KCRW studios                Santa Monica, CA                                                 [D-G-114]
2/16/95   Studio 105                  Paris, France       49   A   (Black Session)                     [D-Y-8]
3/14/96   Austin Music Hall           Austin, TX          38   A-                                      [D-Y-78]
2/xx/97   Web Services International  Middletown, RI      50   A                                       [D-Y-78]
2/21/97   Tramps                      New York, NY       117   B+                                      [D-Y-78]
7/xx/99   T. Muses/K. Hersh B-Sides Collection            65   A
4/24/03   Middle East                 Cambridge, MA       95   A-	

Tiger Trap  
6/19/93   Maxwell's              Hoboken, NJ         36   B

'Til Tuesday   
6/30/83   Metro                  Boston, MA          30   B+  (Rock'n'Roll Rumble)                    [F-G-C]
3/1/84    Spit                   Boston, MA               A-  (vox a little low)                      [D-B-85]
9/8/84    Casbah                 Manchester, NH      92   B                                           [F-B-T]
3/13/85   The Metro Club         Boston, MA          71   A   (WBCN '17th Birthday' Broadcast)        [F-G-T]
11/28/86  Empire Club            Philadelphia, PA    49   A   (KBFH re-broadcast)                     [F-Y-T]
xxxx      (Live in Concert)      ?                            Westwood One Vinyl LP                   [D-G-114]

Tin Machine (w/ David Bowie)
12/17/91  Warfield Theatre       San Francisco, CA                                           [D-B-75]

Townshend, Pete
4/14/74   Roundhouse             London, England                                             [D-B-65]

Transvision Vamp
1991                             Sydney, Australia        A-
11/20/91  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN          B+                                 [D-B-110]

Triffids, The 
6/11/87   Alabama Cafe           Munich, Germany     57   A                                  [DVD]

Trip Shakespeare   
xx/xx/87  Loring Park            Minneapolis, MN     68   A-   
8-9/xx/87 (Live in Concert)      ?                   25   A   
8-9/xx/87 (Live in Concert)      ?                            [*UPGRADE*]                    [D-B-115]
7/12/88   (Live in Concert)      Twin Cities, MN     90   B
9/9/88    Atwood Ballroom        St. Cloud, MN       88   A                                  [D-O-92]
6/17/89   (Live in Concert)      Milwaukee, WI      120   B
7/8/89    Hyatt Regency          Minneapolis, MN                                             [D-Y-118]
x/xx/89   (Live in Concert)      Kansas City, MO     25   A-
10/12/89  CMU Ballroom           Moorhead, MN        90   B
10/13/89  The Red Carpet         St. Cloud, MN       77   A-  [CAS->CD]
12/11/89  Lone Star              Lawrence, KS        90   A
2/10/90   Bottleneck             Lawrence, KS        90   A-
3/9/90    Lounge Axe             Chicago, IL         35   A-   
4/19/90   Bottleneck             Lawrence, KS       100                                      [F-O-T]
xx/xx/90  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN              (labeled as 'spring 1990')     [D-B-110]
10/20/90  CMU Ballroom           Moorhead, MN        93   B+  [CAS->CD]
10/20/90  CMU Ballroom           Moorhead, MN        93       [*UPGRADE*]                    [D-Y-113]
10/26/90  The Bottleneck         Lawrence, KS       100   A                                  [D-O-22]
11/2/90   Metro                  Chicago, IL         74   A+
11/10/90  OEC Auditorium         St. Paul, MN        90   B
11/16/90  The Cabooze            Minneapolis, MN    100   A-
1991      B-Sides & Live Tracks  Various             50   A-
7/18/91   Ranch Bowl             Omaha, NE           75   B-
7/21/91   First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     90   B-
8/12/91   Cubby Bear             Chicago, IL         95   A
9/6/91    Northern Lights        Minneapolis, MN     50   B
11/xx/91  "Exposed" KSSU 99.9 FM interview           90   A   (int. with Dan Wilson)
11/23/91  Cubby Bear             Chicago, IL        100   A
11/27/91  Gabe's Oasis           Iowa City, IA       60   C   (feat. Horns of Satan)
11/2x/91                         Minneapolis, MN              (feat. Horns of Satan)         [D-Y-113]
3/20/92   Wartburg College       Waverly, IA         90   C+
x/xx/92   (Live in Concert)      Cincinnati, OH      90   A-  [CAS->CD]
12/14/92  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     90   A   
3/27/93   The Blue Note          Columbia, MO                                                [D-G-114]
4/4/93    First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     90   B   [CAS]
4/7/93    First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     99   B+  (bass heavy)                   [D-R-21]
4/17/93   Corstalk Festival      Moorhead, MN       100   B   [CAS]
4/17/93   Cornstalk Festival     Moorhead, MN                 [*UPGRADE*]                    [D-G-114]
4/xx/93   Twin Cities 97 FM      Twin Cities, MN     23   A+  [CAS->CD]
5/1/93    USD Rockfest           Sioux Falls, SD     25   A   [CAS->CD]
5/1/93    USD Rockfest           Sioux Falls, SD              (complete show)                [D-G-114]
5/22/93   The Cabooze            Minneapolis, MN    100   B   [CAS->CD]
12/10/03  KTCZ-FM radio          Minneapolis, MN     25   A
12/12/03  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     74   A
10/8/10   First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN              (benefit for Brad Kern)        [D-O-112]

Trynin, Jennifer
3/31/95   KCRW Studios           Santa Monica, CA    38   A                                  [F-R-T]
8/4/95    Let It Be Records      Minneapolis, MN     24   A-  (in-store acoustic)

7/17/94   Melody Maker Stage  Stratford-U-Avon, Eng.          (Phoenix Festival)             [D-O-102]
3/16/95   Electric Lounge        Austin, TX                   (SXSW Festival)                [D-G-124]

Tucker, Corin & Band (ex-Sleater-Kinney)
10/13/10  El Rey Theatre         Los Angeles, CA                                             [D-R-116]

Tunstall, K.T.
3/17/06   Waterloo Records (SXSW)   Austin, TX       31   A   (brief overload on Tr. 1 & 7)  [F-Y-S]

10/1/98   The Point              Atlanta, GA                                                 [D-G-94]

Tweedy, Jeff
1997-2003 The Collected Jeff Tweedy (various live)  205  B+/A                                [D-Y-8]
1/6/03    The Vic Theater        Chicago, IL                                                 [D-R-61]
1/12/08   Drost Home             Barrington, IL     176   A   Letters to Santa Living Room Concert[D-R-56]

Twilight Hours, The (Matt Wilson & John Munson, ex-Trip Shakespeare
12/15/10  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN                                             [D-G-114]
8/28/11   Minnesota State Fair   Falcon Heights, MN                                          [D-G-124]

Uncle Tupelo
11/xx/92  Beloit College         Beloit, WI          71   A
12/3/93   Mississippi Nights     St. Louis, MO       91   A                                  [D-Y-78]

Underground Lovers
8/12/96   Live at the Wireless   Melbourne, Austral. 31   A

1978-79   early demos + 5 live tracks from '87       74   B+  When We Were Young  
10/14/80  KRO Studios            Hilversum, Holland  31   B   [CAS->CD]
8/23/81   Paris Cinema Studio    London, England     30   B-  Radio 1 In Concert
11/14/81  Orpheum Theater        Boston, MA                   Stories For Boston                     [F-B-45]
5/14/82   'T Heem                Hattem, Holland          B-  [CAS->CD]
12/2/82   Apollo Theater         Manchester, England 73   A   Catholic Or Protestant                 [D-G-9]
3/24/83   Tiffany's              Glasgow, Scotland   79                                              [D-G-39]
5/6/83    Orpheum Theater        Boston, MA         102   A+  The Complete Boston '83 Tapes          [D-G-4]
1983      (Live in Concert)      London, England     25   A   [CAS]
10/23/84  St Herblain Hospatlier Nantes, France      84   A   The Unforgettable Concert              [D-G-9]
12/3/84   Radio City Music Hall  New York, NY        79   B+  (Amnesty International)                [D-R-6]
3/27/85   Montreal Forum         Montreal, Quebec                                                    [D-B-95]
4/29/87   Rosemont Horizon       Chicago, IL                                                         [D-G-39]
6/12/87   Wembley Stadium        London, England                                                     [D-B-60]
1987      (Live in Concert)      Chicago, IL         90   B   [CAS]
11/7/87   McNichols Arena        Denver, CO                   Mountains and Deserts, PE              [D-Y-73]
12/26/89  The Point Depot        Dublin, Ireland     93   A   X-mas at the Point Depot               [D-G-39]
1990-91   Achtung Baby Outtakes  Berlin, Germany    150       (Discs 1 & 3 of 5)                     [D-B-105]
6/15/92   Ahoy Hall              Rotterdam, Holland           The Real Thing                         [D-G-39]
6/15/92?  Ajax Stadium           Rotterdam, Holland  40   B+  [CAS] (wrong date, partial show)
9/11/92   Cyclone Stadium        Ames, IA           120   B
9/23/97   Kosevo Stadium         Sarajevo, Bosnia    65   A-  [CAS]
5/31/01   HSBC Arena             Buffalo, NY        110   A-  (TAO)
7/20/09   Amsterdam Arena        Amsterdam, Holland 129   B                                          [D-G-89]
7/21/09   Amsterdam Arena        Amsterdam, Holland 123   B                                          [D-G-89]

Various Artists
4/11/65   Wembley Stadium        London, England               NME Poll Winners Concert (Beatles, Stones, Kinks, many more) [D-Y-53]

Vaughn, Stevie Ray and Double Trouble
1978      "In 1978 There Was..." (SRV's lost first album)     (+10 live tracks from 1979)            [D-Y-118]
8/xx/83   The Palace             Hollywood, CA       35   A-  [CAS]
1985  Dallas State Fair Coloseum Dallas, TX          35   A-  [CAS]

Velocity Girl
5/8/92    WMBR radio             Cambridge, MA       30   B
10/xx/92  Vermonstress Festival  Burlington, VT      33   A 
8/7/93    Peel Session           London, England     17   A
10/29/93  Shoebox                Athens, GA          47   A-
7/29/94   Live X Radio           Atlanta, GA         29   A-
8/26/94                          Reading, England                                                    [D-B-100]
6/6/96    Tower Records          ???                 24   A   (acoustic in-store)					 

Veloso, Caetano
7/19/90   Montreux Jazz Fest   Montreux, Switzerland                                                 [D-R-66]
10/1/07   The Barbican           London, England     59   A   (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)

Velvet Crush
9/23/90   The Crocodile          Tokyo, Japan                                                        [D-G-119]
1/14/95   CBGB's                 New York, NY        70                                              [D-Y-98]
1/20/95   Maxwell's              Hoboken, NJ                                                         [D-O-97]
5/21/95   Lupo's                 Providence, RI                                                      [D-G-119]

Veruca Salt
6/28/92   Browne Theater         Macomb, IL          29   A-  (filler for 11/14/94) 
8/22/94   BBC Maida Vale Studios London, England     10       (2 trax + 2 bonus outtakes)            [D-Y-43]
11/14/94  Moore Theatre          Seattle, WA         44   B+
12/11/94  Universal Ampitheatre  Los Angeles, CA     25       (KROQ Almost acoustic Christmas)       [D-R-41]
1/17/95   Peel Session           England                                                             [D-G-114]
1/25/95   Studio 105             Paris, France       45   B+  (Black Session)                        [F-O-D]
3/18/95   Avalon                 Boston, MA          68   A-
4/25/95   Ogden Theater          Denver, CO          65                                              [D-Y-43]
4/12/97   Fleet Center           Boston, MA               B+  (heavy but clear bass)                 [D-R-131]
3/31/97   WNNX Radio             Atlanta, GA         17   B+  (Nina & Louise)                        [D-Y-43]
7/22/97   Guvernment             Toronto, ON         64   B-                                         [D-B-30]
7/30/97   Indre Studios          Philadelphia, PA    31   A   (semi-acoustic)                        [D-Y-43]
8/13/97   Water Festival         Stockholm, Sweden   47   A-  (from Flower Girls boot)               [D-Y-43]

Violent Femmes, The
10/23/98  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN    110   B-  (RA) [CAS]

Viva Voce
6/28/06   BBC Studios            London, England              (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)
12/5/06   Black Session          Paris, France       48   A                                          [F-B-V]

Waifs, The
6/24/05   Carbondale Town Plaza  Carbondale, CO      96   A+                                         [F-B-G]
7/9/05    The Independent        San Francisco, CA                                                   [DVD]

Walsh, Joe
1985      (Live in Concert)      ?                   70   B+  [CAS]

Wedding Present, The
4/2/86    Rumor's                Edinburgh, Scotland 31   A-  (hissy)                                [D-R-76]
9/22/86   Logo                   Hamburg, Germany    40   B-  (low vox)                              [D-R-76]
10/31/86  Norwich Premises       Norwich, England                                                    [D-G-109]
11/11/86  The Outlook            Middlesbrough, Eng. 35   B                                          [F-O-A]
11/xx/87                         Sweden              26   A                                          [D-Y-38]
10/12/88  Town & Country Club,   London, England                                                     [D-O-112]
11/1/89                          London, England     58   B-                                         [D-B-30]
11/15/89 Manchester Internatnl 2 Manchester, England          (last encore ever played??)            [D-Y-83]
2/1/90    The Corn Exchange      Ipswich, England    61   C+                                         [D-Y-78]
6/29/90   Bogart's               Long Beach, CA      52   A                                          [F-Y-W]
5/26/92   Studio 105             Paris, France       57   A-  (Black Session #8, some hiss)          [D-R-51]
7/6/92    The Ship Inn           Oundle, U.K.        76                                              [D-R-41]
8/8/92    Hultsfred Festival     Hultsfred, Sweden   33   A                                          [D-Y-38]
11/2/92   Zeche Carl             Essen, Germany      68   A-                                         [D-Y-28]
11/7/92   Aéronef                Lille, France                (Festival "les inrockuptibles")        [D-B-50]
12/30/92  Paard                  Den Haag, Holland   77   A   (date could be 10/30/92)
4/5/93    Sheffield Leadmill     Sheffield, England  38   A   (date could be 5/4/93)                 [F-Y-W]
11/18/94  Slim's                 San Francisco, CA   66   B   (vox a little low)                     [F-O-W]
4/2/96    KCRW Studios           Santa Monica, CA    27   A                                          [F-G-S]
2/2/05    Club 3 voor 12         Holland             16   A   (VPRO radio, David & Simon only)       [F-B-K]
3/8/06    Criminal Records       Atlanta, GA         18   A-  (clear but some distortion)            [F-R-D]
6/5/06    ABC                    Glasgow, Scotland   82   B+                                         [F-G-W]
7/13/06 BBC 6Music "Hub Session" London, England     21   A   (mp2, Tom Robinson's Evening Sequence) [F-G-W]
7/19/06   Maida Vale Studios     London, England     15   A   (Music with Huw Stephens)              [F-O-B]
10/25/07  Glasgow QMU            Glasgow, Scotland            George Best                            [D-G-19]
11/16/07  Paradiso Club          Amsterdam, Neth.    79   B                                          [D-B-20]
5/28/08   BBC Studios            Manchester, England          (BBC6 MP2 orig. b'cast stream)         [D-R-56]
3/15/12 Mellow Johnnys Bike Shop Austin, TX                                                          [D-B-130]

Weddings, Parties, Anything
1/13/94   Princess Charlotte     Leicester, England                                                  [DVD]
1/17/94   The Corn Exchange      Cambridge, England                                                  [DVD]  

4/3/95    Cat Paw Studios        Atlanta, GA         20   A   (acoustic)                             [F-R-B]                
7/1/00    Pier 30-32             San Francisco, CA   29   B-  (lots of crowd & wind noise)           [F-G-B]
9/1/00    Runwayz                Buffalo, NY         64   A-  (great vox, tinny guitars)             [D-B-10]
xxxx      "Flip Sides and Acoustic Cuts"             71  A/B

Westerberg, Paul
10/17/82  First Avenue           Minneapolis, MN     19   A-  (acoustic)                             [D-O-37]
7/21/93   Whisky A Go-Go         Los Angeles, CA     70   A-  Lucky's Revenge
8/5/93    Irving Plaza           New York, NY                                                        [D-Y-83]
9/16/96   The Troubador          West Hollywood, CA 143   A   Talent Show                            [D-O-22]

Who, The
1960's   Assorted 1960's demos   NA                           I Can See For Miles (Pete recordings)  [D-R-101]
1965-70  "Maximum BBC"           London              78   A
10/25/66 Club Nalen              Stockholm, Sweden   22   C+                                         [D-B-25]
7/23/67  Memorial Auditorium     Dallas, TX          29   B-  (Remastered Mono)                      [D-B-25]
7/23/67  Memorial Auditorium     Dallas, TX          29   B-  (Remastered Stereo)                    [D-B-25]
4/5/68   Fillmore East           New York, NY                 Shakin' All Over                       [D-B-65]
1968?    "Tommy" Demos           NA                           Pineball Gizzard                       [D-R-101]
9/29/69  Concertgebouw           Amsterdam, Neth.   125   A   Amazing Journey                        [D-O-2]
11/2/69  Georgetown University   Washington, D.C.             Cops and Robbers                       [D-R-111]
6/19/70  Memorial Auditorium     Dallas, TX          75   B                                          [F-Y-W]
12/31/70 BBC 1 Top Of The Pops   London, England              New Years Eve                          [D-G-109]
1970     "Lifehouse" demos       NA                  74   A-  (Pete sings & plays everything)
4/26/71  Young Vic Rehearsals    England             31   A-  (songs not on Who's Next Deluxe CD)    [D-B-25]
12/15/71 Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, WA         83   B                                          [D-B-25]
12/9/72  Rainbow Theatre         London, England              Orchestral Tommy                       [D-G-129]
12/6/73  Capitol Theater         Landover, MD        74   A-  (maybe 12/4/73 Philadelphia, PA?)      [D-R-16]
2/10/74  Palais des Expositions  Paris, France      124   B-                                         [D-B-25]
3/11/76  Madison Square Garden   New York, NY                 We Don't Know What To Play             [D-Y-68]
10/9/76  Oakland Stadium         Oakland, CA        107   A-                                         [D-B-25]
3/28/81  Grugahalle              Essen, Germany      95   A                                          [D-O-2]
7/18/96  Madison Square Garden   New York, NY             A                                          [D-B-55]
7/22/97  Target Center           Minneapolis, MN    135                                              [D-Y-43]
8/6/97                           Camden, NJ         102   B                                          [D-B-10]
12/8/97  Redbeard interviews Pete on making Tommy    40                                              [D-B-115]
9/24/00  Mars Music Amphitheatre W. Palm Beach, FL  139   A                                          [D-G-79]
10/29/06 The Roundhouse          Camden, England     57   A                                          [D-B-10]

1994?    AM Demos - 8 tracks      NA                                                                 [D-R-6]
7/20/95  Dancing in the District  Nashville, TN         71                                           [D-Y-43]
8/30/95  HORDE Festival           Dallas, TX                                                         [F-B-C]
2/19/97  The Horseshoe Tavern     Toronto, Ontario      57   A                                       [F-Y-W]
1998     Summerteeth Demos        Chicago, IL                A                                       [D-R-6]
9/4/98                            Rockford, IL          70   A                                       [D-Y-8]
9/12/98  Clinton Lake State Park  Lawrence, KS          50  A/A- (some distortion last several trax)
11/5/99  Bogart's                 Cincinnati, OH       132   A   (guitars low in mix, but still great)
2000     Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos - 18 tracks         67   A	
2000     Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Engineer Demos            72   A                                       [D-R-6]
11/2/02  Tampa Theater            Tampa, FL            117   A
2/24/05  NPR Studio4              Washington, D.C.      21   A                                       [F-O-W]
4/22/06  William & Mary Hall      Williamsburg, VA     105   A                                       [F-B-W]
10/9/09  The Palladium Ballroom   Dallas, TX                                                         [D-O-97]
xxxx     "Outta Print, Outta Site" B-sides & live trax 153  A/A- (excellent collection!)

Wild Flag
11/2/11   The Troubadour          West Hollywood, CA                                                 [D-O-127]
4/19/12   El Rey Theatre          Los Angeles, CA                                                    [D-Y-128]

Wilson, Ann & Nancy (of Heart)
7/14/99   (Live in Concert)       Jacksonville, FL     106       (duo tour)                          [D-Y-128]

Wilson, Dan (ex-Trip Shakespeare & Semisonic)
11/20/07  Studio X                Chicago, IL           20                                           [F-O-T]

Wilson, Matt (ex-Trip Shakespeare)   
12/16/93  Gabe's Oasis            Iowa City, IA            A                                         [D-R-96]
3/16/94   Paulina's               Stillwater, MN                                                     [D-Y-128]
4/4/94    (Live in Concert)       St. Anthony, MN     30   A-  [CAS] (solo acou.)
4/8/94    400 Bar                 Minneapolis, MN     60   B   [CAS]
7/4/94    St. Anthony (main)      Minneapolis, MN              (+2 songs & 2 demos MN radio, 1993)   [D-G-114]
7/8/94    400 Bar                 Minneapolis, MN                                                    [D-G-114]
1994-95?  (Live in Concert)       Minneapolis, MN              (with band Planetmaker, year unknown) [D-B-115]
4/22/95   400 Bar                 Minneapolis, MN              (with band Planetmaker)               [D-R-116]
5/18/96   Fine Line Music Cafe    Minneapolis, MN                                                    [D-B-115]
8/5/98    (Live in Concert)       Asbury Park, NJ     70   B-  [CAS]
11/3/98   Nick's                  Philadelphia, PA    75   B   [CAS]
8/xx/99   Cedarfest               Minneapolis, MN                                                    [D-G-114]
12/11/99  (Live in Concert)       Milwaukee, WI       75   B-  [CAS]

1975      Elstree Studios         London, England              You Score An Ounce (tour rehearsals) [D-R-111] 
5/3/76  Tarrant County Conv. Center  Ft. Worth, TX   121   B                                   [D-R-11] 

Wonder Stuff, The
4/25/88   Dingwell's              Camden, England          B-                                  [F-G-B]
11/17/88  Le Truck                Lyon, France        40   A-                                  [D-R-76]
3/22/89   Town & Country Club     London, England     68   B+                                  [D-R-51]
11/24/89  Brixton Academy         London, England                                              [D-Y-68]
3/28/90   Globenannexet           Stockholm, Sweden   28   B+                                  [F-G-B]
12/11/93  Universal Amphitheatre  Universal City, CA  19   A-  (KROQ Acoustic Xmas)            [F-Y-K]

12/28/78  (Live in Concert)       Los Angeles, CA              (date unconfirmed)              [D-B-35]
4/xx/79   Rikki's                 Los Angeles, CA     21   A-                                  [D-B-35]
12/28/79  Hong Kong Cafe          Hollywood, CA       42   B+                                  [F-R-X]
9/27/81   Jimmy's                 New Orleans, LA     45       (early show)                    [D-B-95]
9/27/81   Jimmy's                 New Orleans, LA     46       (late show)                     [D-B-95]
7/23/82   Clutch Cargo            Detroit, MI         73   A
10/26/82  The Catalyst            Santa Cruz, CA      83   A-                                  [D-G-14]
4/27/83   The Roxy                Hollywood, CA       68   A-  
10/7/83   Park West               Chicago, IL         58   A   More Fun in Chicago
11/12/83  My Father's Place       Roslyn, NY          58   A-  Live at My Father's Place
2/14/84   The Catalyst            Santa Cruz, CA      
7/31/86   Paradise club           Boston, MA                                                   [D-B-90]
1993      Mississippi Nights      St Louis, MO                 (unknown date, could be 1994)   [D-B-50]

X-Ray Spex
1977      White Lion              Putney, England     31   B-                              [F-Y-S]
7/22/77   The Roxy Club           London, England     26                                   [D-G-119]
3/17/78   CBGB's                  New York, NY                 (error labeled 3/17/77)     [D-Y-53]
3/28/78   CBGB's                  New York, NY        37   B+                              [F-O-J]

8/xx/77   (Live in Concert)       United Kingdom      42       (could be 1978)             [D-B-95]
8/13/77   Eric's                  Liverpool, England                                       [D-G-129]
5/21/78   Exit                    Rotterdam, Holland                                       [D-G-129]
11/7/78   Locarno                 Bristol, England                                         [D-R-101]
11/13/78  John Peel Session       England              7   A   (2 songs not on "Transistor Blast") [F-O-C]
12/8/78   Paradiso                Amsterdam, Holland                                       [D-G-129]
1/10/79   The Edge                Toronto, Ontario                                         [D-B-85]
7/20/79   Marconi Club            Sydney, Australia                                        [D-B-95]
9/17/79   Rainbow Theatre         London, England              Rainbow Drops & Finger Pops [D-O-122]
1/16/80   Hurrah's                New York, NY        60   B   [CAS]
1/22/80   Michigan Theater        Ann Arbor, MI                                            [D-O-87]
1/30/80   Paradise Rock Club      Boston, MA          74                                   [D-B-80]
2/27/80   UCD Coffee House        Davis, CA           56                                   [D-O-57]
3/2/80    BC University           Victoria, Brit Col.                                      [D-G-129]
8/8/80    Berg en Bos             Apeldoorn, Holland  22   A                               [F-G-Y]
9/7/80    Capitol Theatre         Sydney, Australia   45   A                               [F-B-R]
12/2/80   My Father's Place       Roslyn, NY                                               [D-B-60]
12/22/80  Hammersmith Palais      London, England     60   A   [CAS->CD]
4/17/81   Emerald City            Philadelphia, PA    75   A   [CAS->CD]And Through Emerald City
4/17/81   Emerald City            Cherry Hill, NJ     89   A                               [D-B-95]
4/24/81   B & L Warehouse         Athens, GA                                               [D-R-101]
1981-82   Manor Studios           England                      Drunken Jam Sessions        [D-G-129]
3/7/82    Ancienne Belgique       Brussels, Belgium                                        [D-R-51]
3/8/82    Paradiso                Amsterdam, Holland  56   A-
3/16/82   Teatro Marino	          Genova, Italy                                            [D-B-60]
1984-85   Jules Verne's Sketchbook (Demos)            45   B+  [CAS->CD]
1986-87   The Bull with the Golden Guts (Demos)       45   B+  [CAS->CD]
3/15/89   (Live on Radio)         Boston, MA          90   A   [CAS->CD] (acoustic radio tour)
5/16/89   WNEW-FM Studios         New York, NY                                             [D-R-51]
5/18/89   WRFX-FM Studios         Charlotte, NC                                            [D-B-80]
5/29/89   KROQ-FM Studios         Pasadena, CA                 (+3 trax KISS-FM LA, 5/30/89)[D-G-129]
6/1/89    Eastern Sound           Toronto, Canada                                          [D-R-86]
xxxx      "Xtcetera, Volume 1"    (demos)             73  A/B
xxxx      "Xtcetera, Volume 2"    (demos)             63  A/B

Yardbirds, The
1965-66   BBC Unreleased + More   England             79   A-  (Jeff Beck era)             [F-O-Y]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs   
2/22/02   WFMU                    New Jersey          36   A   
4/22/02   Steve Lamacq Session    London, England     14   A   (TAO)
8/22/02   Maida Vale (Peel Sessn) London, England     11   A+
5/2/03    Beachland Ballroom      Cleveland, OH       62   B+
1/21/04   The Troubadour          Los Angeles, CA     35   A-                              [F-G-Y]
4/30/06   Main Stage              Indio, CA                    (Coachella Music Festival)  [F-G-S]
5/14/06   Camperdown Park         Dundee, Scotland    22   A   (Radio1 Big Weekend)        [F-O-Y]
7/18/06   ABC-TV Studio          Melbourne, Australia 52   A-  (occasional FM static)      [D-R-1]
8/22/06   Mölleplatsen            Malmö, Sweden       58   B+                              [F-G-M]
8/18/07   Tweeter Center          Mansfield, MA                                            [D-G-34]

Yo La Tengo
12/6/93   Studio 106              Paris, France       43   A-  (Black Session #42)         [D-O-52]

You Am I
9/5/98    Bottom of the Hill      San Francisco, CA   47   A-                              [F-G-Y]

Young, Neil
1970-2003 'A Hundred Times or More' Various                                                [D-O-57]
1995      Farm Aid                Louisville, KY      30   A-  [CAS] (partial show)

Young Marble Giants
10/25/80  Keystone                Berkeley, CA        28                                   [D-O-57] [D-R-76]

Young Snakes (early Aimee Mann band)
9/2/82                            Waltham, MA                                              [D-B-35]

Notes to self (visitors can ignore):

Shows with a [F-*-*] designation following the details are on FLAC discs and [D-*-*] are on DVD discs. The 2nd letter indicates the color sleeve in which the disc can be found.
R = red
O = orange
Y = yellow
G = green
B = blue

The 3rd letter indicates the alphabetical position on the leading show on the FLAC disc.

A disc reads [F-Y-M]. To locate this show, go to the FLAC discs, find the discs with leading artist beginning with letter "M," and look for a yellow sleeve.