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June 05, 2004


I travelled all the way from Hervey Bay to stay in another, almost equally unexciting place starting with the letter 'H'. Hampton. I can walk to the beach from here too, but I won't, due to my lack of beach footwear and clothes. Although I'm sure it might entertain the locals to see me striding across the bike track, down the path and on to the sand in my leather boots with heels, I feel I must deny them that pleasure. Having Ellise as my two-houses-away neighbour is a big plus that home doesn't have - as well as a 'Curry in a Hurry' within walking distance.

I am successfully waging my own puny war against the more information about hidden object games for free price hike in supplements for dog public transport tickets that I noticed had happened last time I was here. I am one station out of Zone 1, which means that for the sublime experience of staying on the train in the dark for the two minutes that it takes to go from Brighton Beach (Zone 1) to Hampton (Zone 2) I have to pay $3.60: a $9.40 daily ticket instead of a $5.80 ticket. Crud. I have weighed my options and decided that I'm least likely to get caught if I buy a Zone 1/2 two hour ticket ($5) in the morning (in case the scary ticket inspectors have decided to ride the train from Sandringham) and then get a two hour Zone 1 ticket ($3) on the way home. That way I'm cheating this bloody government that I helped vote in (who have not done a great deal of good) out of $1.40 a day. It's the least I can do. Read Diary of an Average Australian for a story about transport and what can be achieved by a bit of well-aimed agitation/media manipulation. It improved my Friday morning.

/..break for computer fumbling/...
The title of 'Superseded' relates to my horrified discovery that my mother has just got a better laptop than me. And not just any better laptop. Her laptop is the next model ThinkPad - the R50 - the precise one that came after mine. It's demeaning, to say the least. So naturally I have now configured it to connect to my ISP (she only uses it to type up the schooll reports of small, swattable children called Niamh, Blake and Jackson). Of course this post was immediately disturbed half way by the lovely lsass virus that I somehow managed to get within five minutes of logging on. D'oh. Luckily I've been through this before and downloaded the little stinger.exe app to kill it off. Phew - and she's still not home from yoga.

Posted by b:p at June 5, 2004 12:17 PM | TrackBack

Better than the government before though. I used to dream of smashing Jeff Kennett's ugly, smug face with a brick and I am not a violent person. But it was like an uncontrollable urge. :)

And yes last time I was in Melbourne I discovered you can't buy more than a 2 hour ticket on the tram - from a dumb-arse machine. What's up with that? Pure greedy revenue generation.

Posted by: kartar on June 5, 2004 01:53 PM
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