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July 13, 2003


Well, the two cats are spending their first night in their new abode. Poor things, I feel bad for them, but I would feel worse if they were romping around the acre marauding all the birds they could catch. Particularly our new friends, the ducks.
I hope they start to like will look better with some greenery and stuff....
It is a relief to have them safe from the outside world and the outside world safe from them...though they are not currently convinced it's for the best.

De-moped myself from last night and have regained some bounce. This is my new friend for the day.....
He seemed to find it pretty easy being green....
Painting is v.close. Yay. But the trip to Melbourne is getting nearer and nearer - so much to do in so little time. Must find small impressionable female between now and then who will be willing...actually, more than willing....grateful and enraptured at the opportunity to feed two pissed off, neglected fenced in cats. Oh, I'm feeling v.hopeful about this. (I think this is my cue to go and learn hypnosis.)

Bucket flushing the toilet has taken on a whole other perspective...well, it now has twice the view. There are currently two holes in the bathroom wall to the outside world - one from the window that M removed today and one for the window-to-be.

Quote of the Day (from a stony faced M)
'You'd be on the first plane back to Melbourne if you'd hit your finger as hard as I just did.'

(I take issue with this - I'm sure I'd do a few things before jumping straight on the plane - storm around, swear a bit, hide under the house for a good cry.)

Don't know why the camera turned Mow into a zombie....

Posted by b:p at July 13, 2003 10:30 PM | TrackBack

That's a great photo - just like a cat, you can read in Saff's expression he's thinking, "Dammit, Mow is in MY spot!!"

They are both quite welcome to do you search for hidden object video games stay here in pet supplements Iowa as they inexplicably desire (I think the pix of birds & trees look appealing) but you should tell them first that they would have to relive the Melbourne-Brisbane Terror at 20,000 Feet several times over. With that information, I think they'll take to their new abode very quickly.

Which makes me wonder, I don't know what civil laws are like in Queensland, but as a new face in the area I don't think you'd better go about telling people that you've started up a cathouse in your back yard...

Posted by: Scott on July 14, 2003 05:03 AM

gee, my cats would be impressed with that there outdoor catpad! (mine only have a postage stamp sized, concreted backyard to call their own, and a couple of potplants for greenery.)

Posted by: Gianna on July 15, 2003 04:14 PM
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