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A work day

A work day. M commented that Small Z has been very chilled, sweet and happy today. Maybe some of that is a reflection of me. I am trying to knuckle down to my work and be less distracted. I find that I’m less frustrated at the end of the day if I really set myself little deadlines – i.e. work solidly without checking email for one hour…and then have cup of tea!

The other thing is that M has really been a domestic god today. I hate to be some kind of neurotic neat freak, but it really drives me insane when the house disintergrates into piles of unwashed dishes, wet nappies and more than the normal operating clutter… Not today! Dishes are all done, washing has gone out and come in, and pumpkin and beetroot are roasting in the over. Huzzah, M!! Cute as well as functional! Ah well, everything has to have two uses… 😉

Afternoon - my work room

Back at it

I recall, with no great fondness, going back to working two days a week from home when Small Z was three months old. I had been so oblivious to the demands of a new baby that I had blithely informed my workplace:
a) that my mum would mind the baby, because of COURSE there would be no issue with the baby having a bottle
b) that, alternatively, I could work from home – getting everything done while the baby slept, naturally.

Both of these aims were rudely shot down in flames by a baby that would not have a bottle or sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time. So, you can imagine how little I have been looking forward to getting back to work with a three-year-old existing on broken nights and no naps, and a four month old who generally sticks to the will-not-have-a-bottle and 40-minute-napping rules established by her sister.

I don’t know how I am going to do this. Yesterday was a bit of a fluke, as it coincided with (avert your eyes, flooded northern coast of NSW readers) her latest immunisations. Besides the awfulness of having my baby stuck with two needles, simultaneously in both legs and her crying and me crying… later in the day she slept for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. In which time I completed a whole report.

She then slept for five and a half hours straight in the night. Imagine what she could do if I gave her Phenergan (which is what my mother keeps suggesting I give Small Z, but that’s another story). Today she woke with a fever and I had one of those wonderful (not) days where I wanted to wrap her in cotton wool and feed her to sleep and generally love her to bits without interruption (mum was looking after Small Z) instead of which I had my work sitting on the back of my head – so I was keen for her to go to sleep, and a bit frustrated when she wouldn’t.

In the end I managed to dictate about five paragraphs. That’s it. My only hope is that I will manage to train my dication program to the point where I can use it while having her in the sling? Because obviously there is only so long a four month old will be happy to lie on her back and coo at toys… I don’t know how I am going to do it – which my office manager is obviously attuned to, as I’ve only got four files to get done before the end of the month. But the workload will increase next month to two solid days a week (or so she’s promised), and again – I don’t know how I’ll do it. Small Z’s daycare has not worked out, which complicates things further. Where’s the word I’m after? Oh, that’s it. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!


I could keep trying to update my blog with posts from the past, but in doing so I’m losing the present! Daylight savings has really blown any time I have to myself out of the water.

My tolerance of working at home expired last week with endless interruptions from the Smalls. It is unrealistic to expect M to remain away from the house with them all day each week. And it is impossible to keep them out of the room once they know I am there.

So yesterday I took the caravan to the carpark of the Point Leo caravan park. It was perfect.

Work/Play. #fmsphotoaday This is where I'm working today. Kettle's on... #neededtogetoutofthehouse

I don’t have power in my caravan, but my macbook battery usually gives me a good five or six hours. Well…until I plug in my dictation headphones *pouts* Thus, I had to run the car for half an hour to charge my laptop. Slightly ridiculous, but if I’d driven for that long, I would have used more fuel as I’d be towing the extra weight. Needed: one deep cycle battery!!

The day was warm. By about 2pm I was down to a singlet and shorts. I got a good seabreeze through the doors and window, but was very thankful for my little solar extractor fan. It seems to really take the edge off.

When my macbook battery carked it again, I’d pretty much finished all I had to do…so I went for a swim. A SWIM! I was one of two people on the beach, and the only one stupid enough to submerge themselves in ICY COLD WATER. Cold in a good way… Bracing!

Right now I’m on the train going into the office. I am feeling sore and pins and needly in my right arm from too much typing and trackpad use (the mouse drained my battery so I unplugged it as am idiot) yesterday. Today, I will try and dictate the majority of my work.

What was good about yesterday was NO INTERNET…well…just enough internet for me to check my email on my iPhone and post a few Instagram pics and Facebook updates. But not enough internet for me to ditz away my time reading blogs etc. If I can come up with a battery, I’ll be caravanning for work more often…

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