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Wednesday. Hot and Not 01.

What’s Hot?
Eating organic rhubarb and my own Easiyo yoghurt. A killer combo. Especially as it’s something that neither M or Small Z are keen on, so it is all for moi. Yah!

Two kilograms. That’s what I’ve put on since nightweaning the booby monster. Although we have had recent backpedalling in this area and some really bad nights, we have not gone back to the all night snacking and I am happy with my weight. Now I have to remember I no longer need to eat like three hungry horses. Note to self. Am no longer a horse.

The internet. I love you, internet. You can answer almost all my questions if I dig hard enough and long enough. Woot!

I am hot. HOT! Or I would have been, if I hadn’t singlehandedly figured out how to fix the air conditioning in my car on Monday. Yes, you have to dismantle the entire wiper system…unless you think to check the fuses first. Yes. The blower fuse was, um, blown – and I replaced it with the sunroof fuse (in the absence of any spares). Yay me.

What’s Not Hot?

Hot weather. I really wanted to enjoy the more temperate days for a bit longer.

Sandflies and mosquitos – both of which are making me feel traitorously like moving far away from this area to somewhere Small Z can run around outside starkers without being basted in anti-bug glue.

Sleep hell leaving no time for anything. Particularly blogging. Gah.

My lack of self discipline in relation to getting my work days started early…

other people’s hotness and notness.

Wednesday. Hot and Not 03.

What’s Hot?

Skype! For keeping us hooked into my mum and the rest of the family while she is over there. Small Z was able to see her great aunt and uncles, her spare parent and her second cousin, as well as hear her great-grandma. Too cool!

Last minute decisions to go away in the caravan for the weekend. At 8pm Friday night we were thinking maybe we should just shake it all up and take off to Mung’s birthday weekend in Barwon Heads. By 8.35pm we were on the road. Arrived at around 11pm and went to sleep. Suspiciously painless.

The Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals iPhone app. I got it when it was on half price sale. The first thing I made ‘Thai green curry with coconut rice’ was, I type modestly, the most kickass thing I have cooked in a long time. Thumbs up!

Jamie O's 20min Meals - Green curry

Online forums of other like minded mothers – saving my sanity. Thank you Nappycino!

What’s Not Hot?

Realising that using my phone as a GPS with google maps is, while handy at 11pm in Barwon Heads, insanely expensive. Goodbye GPS, hello street directory and a torch.

Eczema-ish rash on Small Z’s legs. I mean, I’m thankful she wasn’t covered in it from birth – but I had hoped she’d escaped the stupid eczema-gene. Am hoping that it’s some kind of fungal rash…?!

The very few affordable rental properties that are around at the moment. Need to be disciplined and STOP looking for a while.

My random-sleeping macbook is driving me SPARE. Gah. As is the continuing disappearing wifi in the kitchen thing, which is ongoing.

Wednesday. Hot and Not 04.

What’s Hot 04

The Apple sale coinciding with my tax return and my mother being in the USA. She is my laptop mule. Mmmm. I am going to try and pull another maximum-laptop for minimum-outlay…fingers crossed.

Instapaper for your computer or your iPhone. Anything you find online that you don’t want to read now, but don’t want to bookmark. Instapaper saves it for you to read later. Totally excellent.

The Best Camera app. Oh my gosh – this is so fantastic. It has made me feel better about my camera on the iPhone. It’s not as fancy or as multifaceted or, let’s face it, as good as a normal digital camera – but this is almost evened out by the fact that YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH YOU. And now the Best Camera app pimps up your pictures like a low-rent Photoshop. All good.

Firefly. A sci-fi western set in space. Confounding. But so cool.

Doctor’s diagnosis of Small Z’s rash? Not eczema. Praise the lord…with reservations as she was the one who told me, wrongly, that I had blepharitis. Have you ever SEEN an uglier word?

Channelling Creativity – the topic on Wisconsin Public Radio’s great show – To The Best of Our Knowledge. If you google it you can listen or subscribe to the podcast. The best bit is with Lynda Barry – I would LOVE to attend one of her writing workshops called Writing the Unthinkable. She is more inspiring about the writing process than anyone I have heard or read.

Writing the Unthinkable - Writing Workshop - Portland

What’s Not Hot?

Small Z getting her foot caught down the side of the cot. I couldn’t extricate her and had to interupt M as he was mowing the lawn. “Mama ran through the mow?” said Small Z, looking at my socks, as I attempted to maintain a calm facade. M rippled his muscles and bent the wood while I yanked….

My parking fine. Gah.

My right shoulder. Gah.

My back. Gah.

Tony Fucking Abbott. *boggle* Gah.

The non-existence of sale priced tickets from Melbourne to Ballina on any airline. We are thinking of you guys, even though we have been slack about keeping in touch ๐Ÿ™

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Wednesday. Hot and Not 05.

What’s Hot?
After a difficult weekend, I was again drawn to the wisdom that prevails at askmoxie.org – the comments on this post resonated with me. A lot.

Alcohol. Everything in moderation, right? But the bottle of gin M bought me on Monday night helped considerably.

Pocket Tunes. OMG. This is frying my brain with it’s wonderfulness. I’m getting rid of all my other radio apps (except NPR News). I’m also loving Newsstand for catching up on blog entries. Oh, and MxTube for downloading YouTube to my phone. It’s always good to have a tank engine on standby…

Today. It was so damn hot that I ended up working in the kitchen. The study was unbearable. Small Z seems to be taking after M in the heat tolerance stakes. Or maybe it was just the joy of her New Yellow Slide…

Google Chrome. Totally zippy. Have left Safari whimpering in the dock.

The Tullycraft News blog’s 12 Days of Christmas mp3’s. Always a great site, but I love the Christmas flavour and being able to download stuff that isn’t Jingle Bells.

What’s Not Hot

Some kind of new developmental leap that has rendered Small Z sleepless at 3am for about an hour, most nights. AAAAAaaaaagh. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass…

My inability to not fill my days by shuffling mess and sifting through domestic tasks. Am getting closer to binning everything without two good uses. Grrrrr. Can I not just get everything done each day in one red hot GO?!

Typing my endless files of people’s woe doesn’t usually get to me, but why do I suddenly have so many chronically bad backs just as my dad is battling the same thing? It’s unsettling.

No plans for Christmas Day. Everything has sort of fallen in a heap. We had high hopes for NSW, but the flights are ridiculously expensive. On the other hand, not driving anywhere is a bonus… Maybe we can try to eat our own weight in seafood?

Today. The heat. It’s really making me consider what kind of cooling the next rental house might have…and leaning me a little in favour of the Tooradin one. It may lack character, but it’s got a split system, good insulation and a wood fire.

My Nan.

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