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Just a small sample of our torture…

How hot it got the other day

Keep this temperature fixed

Today the weather was sublime. We visited a new playgroup in Balnarring that Small Z adored – lots of equipment, shade, outdoor activities, and books on the inside. She loved it. The rest of the day was spent at home in and out of doors. It hit about 4pm and I decided to bust out of my girly-ignorance and figure out How to Use the Barbeque.

Hooked up the gas bottle, decided to go with its suggestion to use the self-igniting dial things. I figured it out in the end. Cooked up a whole lot of chicken drumsticks, spuds and red capsicum. Dinner for the Smalls – it was a HIT!

BBQ Dinner

Then it didn’t look like bedtime was going to happen any time soon, so we played Lions in the Meadow…

Lion in the Meadow
Grass crawl
Laughing in the long grass

It was between 25 and 27 degrees today. My perfect temperature. Gosh it was gorgeous. I just went and looked at the Bureau of Meteorology – holy crap – they now have a percentage ‘chance of rain’ on their site – I had to research this topic for far too long, back when I worked at RMIT. Took them a while…better late than never.

Another beginning

I began as I hope to continue. A little more zen, a little more mindful, and making conscious efforts to r-e-l-a-x. The Smalls and I did have a lovely day. I have updated the blog, done some stretching…and am now off to bed too late, but at least I’ve managed to get a few things done.

Am trying to think of things to do In Order To Survive A Heatwave. Ah yes – my least favourite weather of all. A chain of at least four Very Hot Days.

The thing that comes immediately to mind is roast chicken. I know. It seems inappropriate. But COLD roast chicken – for sandwiches – for some kind of salad, seems like a good prospect.

My other food idea are the yoghurt and blackberry and strawberry and honey icy-poles I made about a month or so ago. A hit with Small Z and me. Except that I have three icy-pole moulds and that’s it. Problem.

Small DB, on the other hand, should be thrilled with a cold grape, or two. Probably cold fruit of all description. So – the food side of things should not be too bad. But activities? Ack – what to do when it’s too hot to venture outside and our air-conditioner is portable and really only cools a small room? So far we have played in the paddling pool under shadecloth and tickled ice-cubes in a bucket. Tomorrow’s going to be ROASTING…eeek.

I think I will rely on the bath, the computer, icy-poles and jelly… That’s right. I treat heat like a sickness… Happy New Year!


The hotness has us its grasp. It is gaggingly hot. The Smalls and I went for a walk and it was so warm so early that I thought it was an hour later than it was. Icy-poles averted meltdowns twice – made them this morning from yoghurt, honey and frozen raspberries – a HIT!

Sadly the weather is not going to break tonight – maybe tomorrow night. And so I perspire gently onward, walking past the stove and thinking that it’s been left on.

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