I made my first sewing project using a P-A-T-T-E-R-N! I think I'm turning into my friend Jess!! She gently suggested a year or two ago that trousers work best with a pattern – after yet another of my attempts using the arms of jumpers. I printed out a free pattern many months ago and finally taped it together. It worked perfectly. You can get the pattern and tutorial here.

I am such a sewing novice and it was a thrill for me to follow a pattern. It was even more of a thrill to have it work!! I began with the intention of making them as shorts, as Small DB has a shorts-shortage. She also has ongoing issues (particularly when sick and tired) about how things FEEL – too itchy, too tight, not soft enough. Her three pairs of shorts got thrown on to the op-shop pile this week and I was on a quest to make her something cool and comfortable.

She picked out these pink spotty adult PJ pants that I've been keeping in my scrap box for…something just like this! It was an excellent suggestion, as it meant I didn't have to hem the bottom.

The tutorial made me think of the Jamie Oliver recipe app that I have – the 20 Minute Meals – both of them suggest little extras that really lead to the thing you're making (whether it be green chicken curry, or spotty pink trousers) to be much better than they would otherwise have been. Thus…I ironed the seams…

There is mention of serging the edges. And if you don't have a serger, to zigzag them instead. What is this serger of which they speak? Is it what we call an 'overlocker' or something completely different, distantly related to a famed French singer? I know not. So I zigzagged…(see above, that is me zigzagging over my straight stitches.)

And…VOILA! They look really cute!! Too bad it's so hot here, I can't get anyone to try them on!