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Sandy Parp

Small Brother and his Canadian arrived five days ago. He, from about minus five degrees and her from about minus twenty-five. They had a day of knocking about yesterday and today we all went out on the trimaran.

Small Z had gone to her first theatre show in town with her Nana. She had a blast – the show, a fancy lunch, fun in Fed Square and then, glory of glories – a mango gelati 🙂

Meanwhile, we got off to a late start. Can’t remember why. But by 1pm we were sailing out of the Hastings channel and off across Westernport Bay. Destination – Sandy Point. It was Small DB’s first ever sail. She was surprisingly amenable to being encased in her lifejacket.

We were going against the wind, so it took a while to get there. I spent most of the time entertaining her in the cabin as it was too windy for her above decks. Co-Captain M motor-sailed the final twenty minutes to speed up the journey.

Sandy Point is weird and beautiful. On several previous occasions we have called it the ‘Farting Beach’. Every time you step on the sand in the shallows, cascades of bubbles are released and your feet sink down further than you expect. Sandy Parp!

M and Small Brother went to investigate while we stayed on the sand, swatting away March flies. They came back and said they had found a lovely creek. We all walked back to it. The water was clear, mostly shallow with a few deeper pools. Small DB sat happily collecting shells, her fullbody suit meant that the March flies didn’t bother her.

The Canadian very thoughtfully collected lots of shells that had holes in them for the Smalls to use for threading at home. We lingered in and by the creek for a good hour before M got twitchy about where he’d anchored and wanted to go back to check on her.

We all followed. I was very tempted to go in for a swim – the weather was sublime – but there was a little breeze that put me off. I didn’t do it. M and Small Brother sorted out the anchors, while Small DB conked out on the Canadian and probably got about ten minutes of nap time in before I took her into the cabin, whereupon she awoke and clowned around for the rest of the trip.

One of my favourite things - sailing on a beautiful day with my bro, his girl, M and DB. #sunny #trimaran #westernportbay Thinking of my dad, he would like it out here today.

Tea and biscuits at sea. Different people steered. The Canadian told us of her family home on Lake of the Woods and we began pining to sail there…in summer – obviously. After we got back to the pontoon, M set about packing up the boat, while the other two went back to get the boat trailer. It was looking like being a long haul-out, so I piggy backed Small DB home.

Ah – the ease of just having one Small to look after! A bath, some scrambled eggs and finally sleep. We ate, what I recall, was an uninterrupted dinner!

To me this post sounds incomplete, as I can’t include things that were on the mind of Small Brother and myself. However, I am happy to have a record of the day. Oh – and those last three pictures were nicked directly from moondriven

Family daysail. And the melt.

A family day. They are few and far between – and going to birthday parties all together (which is also rare) doesn’t really count. After the week of The Plague of the Vomit and Exploder Bum – M decided that Sunday would be one. A family day.

Sometimes we converse about things and come away thinking we have understood each other perfectly… and later there is that creeping realisation that we both just nodded at each other while thinking, “Great! He/She agrees with my ideas! Excellent! Relationships are SO GREAT!.” I was under the impression that we were helping him out by accompanying him sailing the trimaran back home from the boatyard, where it has been for about a month. I thought it was a NECESSITY.

I elected that we went to Bittern Market first. I have my spies out and now have dealers in quality woolly children’s socks, cheeses and chorizo. Splendid. I can only assume that M knew it was not a necessity but something we might all enjoy 😉 We did. Although it was chilly and windy.

We came home, ate soup from the slow cooker, and then M whisked us on our way – earlier that he had previously suggested. On the way it emerged that there was no Pressing Need to sail the boat home – but that the voyage was for the thrill and excitement of our Family Day. The rain pattered gently on the windscreen. I breathed deeply and thought the hell with it. We could do a bracing family cruise.

And we did! M had made us leave too early and we had to wait for the tide to come up the creek – but we killed time in our old stomping ground of Tooradin. Down near the playground there is now a lovely cafe with parquet floors to die for, and loose leaf tea served thoughtfully – these things COUNT when you are not a coffee drinker! (But for some reason I didn’t photograph the tea, just the coffee…*shrugs*)

Old Jetty Cafe - Parquetry
Old Jetty Cafe - Tooradin

We motored down the creek and then put the sails up in the Warneet channel. The Smalls were clipped on with ropes whenever they wanted to go out on the trampolines. They took turns steering. It was a bit cold, but it’s so rare that we have such an outing than none of us cared.

The Smalls at Sea
Ahoy, Small DB!
On the roof.
Zoe and M. At sea.
James & the Giant Peach in the back cabin.

I made a major tactical error. Small DB fell asleep down below…half standing up. WTF? I was worried we’d hit a wave and she’d be knocked to the floor. So I tried to put her somewhere else. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.

Small DB conks out half standing.

She lost the plot – totally exhausted – and could only be bribed back to a wobbly sanity with biscuits.

When we got to the Hastings Pier she lost it and wouldn’t put her lifejacket on. It was impossible. We couldn’t let her roam freely, so I said (for some bizarre reason) that I would take her home. I said it blithely.

I cannot convey the difficulty and despair I felt over the following half hour. It is about five or six blocks to our house and she fought me the whole way. I had to put her down, or let her fall about ten times, because she was grabbing chunks of my neck or my hair and twisting. Screaming the whole time.

If I let her go, she ran in the direction of the pier. I kept thinking if I let her free she would just work it out of her system, but she didn’t. She ran halfway back, right across the park and ended up in the carpark of the boatramp. The carpark is busy. My little almost-three-year-old was running through it, crying, beside herself.

I had to run and run to grab her. Again she went rigid. I ended up carrying her in a fireman’s hold, slung around my neck, but at one point she hurt me so much that I unintentionally dropped her…luckily it was thick grass. I was so stressed, so exhausted, I just started bawling along with her…and had to pick her up again, and again.

It’s up there in my top five worst parenting experiences… And I am frustrated typing about it because I can’t properly communicate how bad it was. We got into the house, I dumped her on the floor, walked into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes, and stood under the shower for twenty minutes. Left sided stress headache. Got out. She was still upset. I laid down with her and she was asleep in half a minute. It all could have been averted if I’d had somewhere I’d been able to just let her go and know she was safe, but I had nowhere. I sent M out for wine. I’m over it now, but it was SO. VERY. HARD.


M, of course, is concerned that all memories I will retain of our Family Day are ones of a small feral hysterical creature ripping out my hair and trying to twist off my skin. But that won’t be the case – because I have poured it all out here to soothe my psyche!! All I will remember will be the rippling water, new mainsail and the lovely cup of tea we had afloat… Right?! Right.

Hello 2014!

New Year's Eve. No pressure. No need to feel compelled to ring it in with a Big Bang. Am in faaaaar different place than I was this time last year. My woes have been put in perspective. We wanted to spend NYE with our long lost neighbours – the ones who used to live around the corner and then were rude enough to go off and build a house in the mountains…

We have shared some of the most crazy times of our lives with them – both of us living through the intensity of new babies. It was so lovely to secure their services for a sailing trip. For there had to be a sailing trip. There were eight aboard – four Small girls and four grown-ups. We motored (motoring – gah) across a bumpy bay. The day cleared as we went on and by the time we got to Sandy Point there was strong sunshine…

J and I settled in on the sand and nattered the day away, while the Smalls all played together with thrilling symphony – never a cross word! The manly folk took them all for a long walk. A long, long walk. J and I eventually realised (with the prompting of a passing sailing-goddess) that the trimaran was rather a long way out of the water. We tried to push her off the sand, but…

M and C tried, with our help, when they eventually got back. No dice. We were stuck there until about 7pm. Thank god for a bit of extra food, and the continuing enthusiasm of the Smalls. It would have been a little easier had we been able to leave maybe one hour earlier, but we managed, although I had to restrain myself from throwing Small Z overboard as we neared home.

We got home at 9.30pm – we were out in the sun and weather for NINE HOURS. Yike. J and I were well oiled machines – throwing together food, bathing and drying children, setting up the caravan – the blokes did not appreciate the true and desperate necessity of getting them all in bed as quickly as possible to avoid the much dreaded OVERTIRED MELTDOWN.

We managed it. Phew. And sat down to dinner at the rather decadent time of 10.30pm. It was C's birthday, so we all sang at him – and almost before we new it – it was midnight. 2013 wisped into the ether and a brand new year began.

Hope everyone out there in cyberland had a wonderful New Year's Eve – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂

Out and About and Afloat

A very social weekend. I journeyed with the Smalls to Kinglake – a rather epic journey for us, taking almost two hours in the car. I am loath to use toll-roads but…(that ‘but’ was always going to be there) I remain so desperate to make the journey as painless as possible, that we went via Eastlink, and did it in about one hour and forty five minutes.

The Smalls were so desperate to catch up with their friends that they they were fine. (Small Z was always going to be fine, Small DB is the grenade – she didn’t go off.) It was C-O-L-D up there! So cold that we actually had a fire in the wood heater on Friday night, and I stayed up too late drinking wine and nattering…

I got lots of information about gluten-free life and was gifted some GF bread flour and an excellent GF cookbook. It was very soothing to be at someone’s house who I know is just All Over the whole gluten thing. I am still feeling self-conscious about asking whether things are gluten free – but there, everything already is! 🙂

We got in a visit to Polly’s school – new and fancy, having been rebuilt since the bush fires. There were chickens, a mini athletics track, great shade-covered play equipment…and a constant freezing wind that turned Small DB’s lips blue (she was being recalcitrant about wearing a coat).

On the way out of town we went (as we have before) to the park before saying farewell, and the Smalls got to watch a helicopter taking off.

We reached home after enduring half an hour of screaming before Small DB passed out. M then took both Smalls down to the Westernport Festival to show them the sights. That was the good bit. Then he wanted us to return to see the fireworks at 9pm. He made us leave at 8.30pm (it is a ten minute walk away) – so we were there at 8.45pm – waiting, waiting, waiting – tired Smalls, tired Smalls, tired Smalls – fireworks did not eventuate until 9.30pm. Small DB watched the first five minutes with abject disinterest and then started whining to go home… I won’t bore you further.

Sunday morning was surreal – we were all very tired and grumpy, but the weather was perfect – we went on a beautiful sailing trip to Sandy Point with our lovely friends and their boys – they brought the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g food (they don’t run the most awesome local cafe for nothing).

M tweaking trimaran. Sandy Point.
M and Dave. Cruising.
DB and her sand creation. [By Bernadette]
Z steers.
Trimaran meets submarine.

A really beautiful day, and great to spend it with our friends who we have hardly EVER hung out with outside their cafe. May there be many more 🙂

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