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What’s hot. What’s not.

Over at Loobylu, a blog I have read and admired since just before I began this one, Claire has been diligently posting once a day during September. This prospect fills me with both feelings of envy and exhaustion. I plan on doing that too… just not right now.

A few days ago [OK, by now it’s almost a week ago…] she did a “What’s Hot and What’s Not” list. And here’s mine:

Nature's Cuppa Tea Bags

Nature’s Cuppa tea bags. I am a diehard loose leaf teapot toting tannin queen. I turn my nose up at most teabags. These, however, are the business. They have some guts but aren’t too… Oh, anyway, they’re great. The loose leaf version they have is good too, but doesn’t last me long enough.

My new whizzer stick. I know several people, including two immediate family members, who swear by these things. The stick mixer. Mine (by Phillips – recommended by Choice Magazine) also came with it’s own little bowl attachment. It’s unbeaten for whizzing things in the slow cooker!

Spring. Not too cold. Not too hot. Just right.

My iPhone. Have raved before. Am typing this post on it right now. Swoonworthy.

The caravan. It has curtains, of sorts. It will be getting a bit more love before it’s second trip to Maldon. I am lying in it right now, snug in a West Preston driveway. It is a little home away from home – as well as looking adorable. Yay!

Barefoot Books – I love reading these to Small Z. The illustrations are always fantastic, and we especially love the Bear on a Bike

What’s not so hot?

Teething. Ow.

Eczema taking over my forehead for weeks on end.


Having to work instead of having a passive form of income that just keeps trickling in like that guy in that Nick Hornby book whose Dad wrote something like ‘Jingle Bells’ and lived richly ever after.

Potentially cool vintage caravan curtain fabric which turns out to be 100% fiberglass and intolerable to work with…just as M predicted…

Things I Know : 01

I’ve been meaning to do a Things I Know for ages. And here I go…

– working in the library instead of being squashed between the cot and the wall is something I should have done a long time ago. Blissfully free of interuptions too!

– Small Z never teethed. No matter what I said at the time, or thought, compared to Small DB, getting teeth did not exist. They were deposited into her mouth by silent tiny fairies…

– slowcooker dinners are a great relief at the end of the day.

– my neighbour is awesome. She has brought a cocktail to my door the last two Fridays. Bless her forever.

– sleep broken by a baby’s fever is easier to bear when you realise how fast she’s growing up 🙁

– having M giving me two full days to get my work done each week is both a luxury and a blight – takes time out of the boat build we can ill afford…

– European wasps on slides don’t mix well with three-year-olds

– and lastly, I know that I’d like to blog more, but have Kevin McCloud to salivate over on iView and my boss’s paper he’s asked me to research.

Things I Know: Not so tiny

Following Owlet’s idea, I thought I would dedicate this to Small DB, who turned one a few weeks ago. Obviously I would like to pour amber all over her and keep her like this forever, but it’s probably illegal so I’ll try capturing her in words:

– Has just started using ‘no’ and shaking and nodding her head. Not always in the right places!
– Dislikes avocado? Who knew there would be such a child in our family??!
– Is thrilled by drinking water from a cup, or through a straw…
– Is almost always cheerful, except when tired or sick…
– Loves exploring and now heads out of the front door, down the steps and up the front path by herself. Often.
– Doesn’t mind the pram/sling as long as they are moving.
– Not overly fond of car trips longer than 20 minutes.
– Crawls like a crab at great speed. M calls her our little war veteran…
– Has an unholy love of chicken soup…and almost everything else. But avocado.
– Is happiest outside. Exploring.
– We thought she had learnt the word ‘bird’. She points and says “BAH!” which does mean bird. And any other animal that happens past.
– Loves to climb climb climb!
– Does kisses and waves goodbye…
– The kissing sound is also used for requesting any food she might want…
– Is only ready to get up if she wakes up without yelling.
– Undoes the right side of her nappy on the change mat almost without fail. For fun.
– Loves hanging out with her dad on my work days, when she gets around in the sling and frequents cafes and the library.
– Thinks her sister is hysterical, unless her sister is being cuddled by me…then she’s the Doer of Evil.
– Her favourite word? “Mama.” Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s her or Small Z.
– Loves to hum the start of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and the chorus of ‘The Tra La La Song’; which are kind of the same…
– Enjoys plonking on the piano and the guitar, but most of all…
– LOVES to dance to music. When you walk into a shop with music playing, you know she likes the song by the way she starts bouncing up and down in your arms.
– She particularly likes hanging out on her own in playgrounds…
– …and asks repeatedly with pointing and “ah-ah-ah” to go on the trampoline, slide and swing.

Read more Things I Know over at Yay For Home….

Things I Know : The Entertainer

I know that I am far more relaxed about having eight small, very small and exceedingly small children around for a playdate, than having the same amount of adults over for lunch…

I know that that truthful critique of homemade nougat results in an EXCELLENT fourth attempt. Hello pistachio and cherry slab that is fast disappearing down my throat…

I know that I was ridiculously thrilled to hear a long unheard track from The Wedding Present played during the episode of Monroe I watched last week…

I know that I have finally lost having my mum over here for my two work days a week – but it’s for a good cause; she’s going to be devoting one day to my baby nephew. She’s coming here on Fridays.

I know that I am super looking forward to going to the Maldon Folk Festival at the end of the month…

I know that today I encouraged my friend to buy another friend’s three year old daughter a smart and feisty birthday present – a puzzle, a cool book, some chunky beads for threading – no pink princessy stuff. I thought I’d convinced him, but then got a text from him saying “I bought her a black label Barbie!” I had no response to give…

I know that I am a little relieved that M has agreed to take Small Z to the aforementioned party tomorrow and that I’ll stay home with Small DB – she has started teething again, doesn’t like the car and the party is right at the time she usually sleeps.

And that’s all I know!! Read some more things over here!

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