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Small DB’s first camping trip

Nothing drastic. A night in the caravan at Point Leo. Accompanied by D, E, Small E and Small O. So we had another baby there to keep people awake if need be. We were joined just for the afternoon by Mr and Master H, the latter of whom has a subzero body temperature and would probably bathe at the South Pole if allowed.

As a baby camping experiment, it went well. Both Small DB and Small Z slept better than they do at home, despite an enthusiastic thunderstorm with all the trimmings. However, Small Z is having difficulty sharing her space – this is probably somewhat related to her space being invaded by the arrival of Small DB. The sharing issues seem to only be with kids her age. Master H, aged nine, is no problem and nor is the six year old next door. But small two and three year old people? It’s meltdown city. Sigh.

It’s hard to know whether to just ignore her upsetness and tell the other kids not to worry, or to just avoid the situations altogether until this phase passes. Was she going to let Small E into ‘her’ caravan without a fight? No way. So we had some interesting moments… But some lovely ones as well. M started putting Small DB in the sling this weekend, which was lovely (for me…and them!) and we went for a family frolic along the beach creek and fossicked for washed up treasures…

The good thing about Point Leo is that it’s only ten or 15 minutes away, so if it all goes to hell, we can just come home. (This has happened, but only once.) Anyway, we are now more confident taking Small DB out overnight – particularly while she still fits in the wonderful Emmaljunga bassinette, which we take off the pram chassis and just put on the caravan floor. Perfect.

E and I got some baby-free time, and even some baby-free AND toddler-free time, which was very highly valued.

Blokes with their babies
Dec 10 059

Oh. And I got to get out some of Small DB’s warmer clothes – ones that I thought she would never wear, it beeing SUMMER and all.

Colder than usual


One of those hot summer days where it didn’t get unbearable until after lunchtime. We spent some time in the garden during the morning. Small Z had some blue gloop…

A hot summer's morning
She looks like an extra from Avatar

You say tomato…

Just after Small DB was born, M and Small Z went to a church fete. And as well as picking up a swing set for forty dollars, M also got a whole stack of seedlings for about five bucks. There was bok choy, some leeks, and many many tomatoes. They planted the lot. We ate the bok and the leeks. And waited…

We now have more tomatoes than we know what to do with!! And I have found myself feeling somewhat zen – twice in the last four or five afternoons I have taken Small DB out with me and fossicked for tomatoes. It is REALLY like hunting for Easter Eggs (minus the chocolate – which is fine by me, because those little Easter Eggs are always cacky cheapass milk chocolate…)

Yesterday I chopped up a bucketful of tomatoes for the second time and chucked them in the slow cooker with some red wine and fried up garlic. The slow cooker, although not in season, is the fatigue-laden person’s friend – because stuff HARDLY EVER BURNS! Even when you forget it. Awesome! So I had that bubbling away, and then I went out on the hunt, passing by Small Z who was standing like a small thrilled monkey, in her very first ‘treehouse’….

Tree house!!

Small DB and I proceeded into the weird fenced off (for dogs we don’t have) section of the garden. It’s good for keeping the paddle pool in – there’s a gate. M has noticed lately that Small DB becomes very chilled when you lay her down outside on a rug, leaving her little feet and hands able to touch the grass. So that’s what I did.

Have I mentioned that M neglected to ever stake the tomato plants? His method of gardening is kind of ‘if it doesn’t grow untended…let it perish’. So the tomato plants have gone totally apeshit. Helped along by being directly on the other side of the fence from the pile of lawn clippings M has been making for almost a year. The thing is, you have to assume ‘mission impossible’ style yoga positions to extract the fruit without crushing the plants…

Secret tomatoes
Tomatoes in the grass!!

I have to reach my leg over to balance. One foot on the fence, and one on tippy toes trying not to squash anything important. And then I chuck the tomatoes out behind me, trying not to hit Small DB by accident. I got another bucketful…and she was happy…

My mother picked a bucketload...

Unschool Monday: Gardening

I think I would go mad if we lived in a house without access to a garden. Our garden is h-u-g-e. We could do so much more with it, but still – planting a few things here and there is good. Small Z loves to be outside. One of her most recent rewards for staying in her bed all night was a punnet of seedlings.

She was given her own gardening tools for Christmas, and although I use them more than her, she loves the little watering can. We have had lots of fun growing sunflower seedlings and beans from seeds. These were all happily chomped by snails and slugs. Which led to experimentation with beer and broken up eggshells. These were not wholly effective, which is why we have no mature sunflowers or beans. We have just bought proper snailbait, which is unfortunate, but necessary.

Pansies. Planted.

We planted her new pansy seedlings today, and her two passionfruit plants last week. Small Z can identify quite a few plants now – lavender, nasturtiums, daisies, bamboo, lemon trees, paperbark gum trees, stinging nettles, roses, portulacas and pansies. I would really love to get our own worm farm going at some point soon. In the meantime, we continue to harvest our ‘magic pudding’ tomatoes. Now we know how well things grow in that spot, we’re going to start thinking on what to put there next.

More tomatoes.

Finally I have joined owlet in an unschooling post again. Posted three days late (I backdated), but still…

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