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Sunshine and Spring

Today has brought the kind of weather thet used to make me want to weep with frustration whenever I had to work in an office – it is sublimely perfect spring day.

It is Spring...

It’s impossible to remain indoors, and who would want to? My tiny friend, Small Z and I have been pottering for the last few hours. Me pulling weeds and hacking them with the mattock, and she playing with two bottle tops she named ‘Thomas’ and ‘Lowly’. (I have to admit only learning to call that aforementioned tool a ‘mattock‘ this morning, when I heard someone else pronounce it. Prior to this I have blithely gone though life telling people that I have been hacking away with a ‘maddock’. Which is, apparently, a US city and the surname of several people. Sigh. Still, it’s not as bad as addressing large corporate meetings using the word ‘echelon’ on several occasions and pronouncing it ‘Eck-a-lon’. But I’m getting off track…)

The mozzies are bad and so we are smothered in citronella. Small Z is wearing a great shirt for the conditions, bought for her by She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged. I have found some seeds that we will plant later, post-nap. I will miss this house when we have to leave, regardless of the insect and possum issues. This weather has improved my mood, and instead of feeling like a creatively barren unproductive nothing, I feel…um…better.

Ever since Z saw a particular episode of Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube she has been obsessed with flat tyres. And fixing them with a spanner, or seven. When they are flat…tyres go ‘clunk’.

Thursday evening

I have just returned from my 4.50pm race to the Post Office to send my work files in via an Express Post envelope. If I got there later than 5.05pm, I would be driving all the way there and back tomorrow. Far from ideal. I am beginning my fortnight of extra work while SoFrenchySoChic is away checking out the red centre. And for some reason I feel strangely untroubled.

Today has been a ‘Daddy Access Day’ which is my sarcastic description of M’s normal one day a week that he becomes primary carer and I work. This is because, on those days, Small Z is always taken to the pool, and usually to the park at least once – as well as having ongoing play sessions in the loungeroom (which, for lack of furniture, is actually the playroom) and/or the garden.

M’s focus is totally on Small Z, and while I cannot fault this, I do poke him to do a few things around the house at the same time. It’s that multi-tasking thing. I feel like I spend many days with Small Z trailing around behind me as I hang washing, bring it in, sort out dinner, wash up, tidy the skanky house, shop for groceries and attempt to locate the kitchen. Rarely do I spend the whole day devoting the whole time to her. It’s all about perceived priorities.

Probably to combat my evil thoughts, I bought him three stubbies of beer at Post Office/General Store, and when I got home (as if he suspected impending reward) he was washing the dishes. I feigned horror;

“Aren’t you supposed to be minding Small Z?? You haven’t left her playing by herself?”

He was about to respond with something cutting, but I clinked the bag I was carrying and watched him transform. Oh wondrous beer, a passport to a life of harmony and sunshine. I have since retreated to the computer to send off an email to Lola at work, which reads:

Have included a letter in files by mistake. It’s addressed to a guy I was going to buy a $61 piano from via eBay. Have reneged, and offered him $20 to NOT damage my eBay reputation. Are you able to open it, put in $20 from petty cash, and post it on its way? And dock my pay accordingly?

There is the sound of pesto being made in the kitchen. “Pethstoe,” pipes Small Z, “Pethstoe?” Then there is a yelp. “Mama! Mama!!!”
She is sitting up at the kitchen table dipping bread into a bowl of pesto that M has just made. She must be occasionally bumping one of her THREE teeth that are pushing their way through – and thus the occasional yelp. The kitchen smells divine from the stew I’ve had on for hours in the slow cooker, perfect for such a rainy day.

There’s Marlborough white in the (new-to-us) fridge. I did some computer stuff for Lola few weeks ago and requested payment in alcohol. A request perfectly realised. Now I just have to get gunning on making the caravan curtains, so we can slumber behind them in a Preston driveway on Saturday night. Thanks for that fabric, Rae! Cheers all!

Chrome Bumpers and Vintage Vans

This morning I dragged M and Small Z off to Cora Lynn. It sounds like we’re visiting someone related to someone who sang ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’, doesn’t it? But no. Cora Lynn is about ten or so minutes past Koo Wee Rup, and that’s where this thing was on.

It was a kind of vintage car and vintage caravan rally, with a swap meet on one side and a jumping castle on the other. We bypassed the jumping castle. The swap meet stuff wasn’t bad, quite a lot of hopeful overpricing – there was less stuff there than I thought there would be.

I spied a Humber as we drove past on our way in, but I have seen a lot of them in my life, and was keener to check out the vintage caravans. I was really hoping to see other Sunliners like mine, but there was only one, and it was not the same vintage. Prior to today I have always been a bit anti-bondwood, more pro-fibreglass… but that was before I toured a Roadmaster from 1956. One word. Swoonworthy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of one, but I took plenty of others…

Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009
Last of the Chrome Bumpers- 2009

As soon as we got in the car to go home, Small Z conked out, and stayed asleep all the way home. We got to our gate, looked at the clock, remembered the time difference (hello! daylight savings!) and realised that this meant the real estate agent would be turning up to show someone through in ten minutes time. We kept driving, all the way to Hastings, and spent the rest of the afternoon there, in the playground and the cafe.

Hastings Playground
Her dadda's sunglasses

Five in a row

I’m on track. Five posts over five days. Yay me. An inventory of today…

Eggs. Banana, passionfruit and yoghurt. Playgroup. Nap attempt number one. Small Z lunch. Nap attempt two – Z=1 B=0. B lunch, plus – many cups of restorative tea. Assembled dinner in slow cooker. Sticky taped book back together. Played many games of ‘Hiding, Hiding, Mama be a Tiger!’. Tidied the kitchen. Watered the garden. Hung out washing. Put on another load. Planted tomato seeds. Put bread and new water in the bird feeder. Drew many ‘giggling stars with laughing eyes’ in chalk on the concrete, and ‘sick caterpillar – it goes BERRRR’. Nappy changes. Polished three small pairs of shoes, one of which arrived in post today via eBay. Played many rounds of ‘Mama sits in green chair. Zoe sits in red chair… SWAP!!’ Mourned the loss of my caravan parts on eBay – beaten by three dollars, curse it. Read picture books. Small Z dinner – ‘pethsto, noodle-oo, peeth’. Bath. Thankfully brief feed-to-sleep due to no daytime nap – Z=1 B=1.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I am w-i-p-e-d. Sigh. Here’s a song from when M got home this afternoon…

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