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Grand Finale

We had a great day out on yesterday to see the only football game I watch every year – the Grand Final. Last year M and I watched it alone in the trailer. I was a whale, with PartyPie cooking on a slow simmer inside me. This year she was out and about – and had a great time trying to consume the lawn of our hosts.

I forgot my camera, but am hoping Dr Grass can send some through for me to post up here so I have some rememberance later down the track. We really don’t get out much with Small Z due to the amount of driving to get anywhere – when she’s only really sociable in two to two and a half hour blocks. But M whispered her to sleep in the main bedroom before going off to have a kick of the Sherrin and all was peachy fine.

I was semi-secretly barracking for Geelong – having lived there for a year in 1991. A year of no money, extensive beer and some university studies. They started losing the plot in the third quarter, and the rest was very hard to watch. Put it this way. Hawthorn won. Our host’s brother was down from Sydney and he stayed outside the whole game, speaking fondly about rugby to anyone who would listen. We had a great day out. Going out to daytime stuff is such a relief and sometimes it’s only when I get out of the trailer that I realise how much I need to.

A weekend of beautiful weather

Ah, Spring. If there was ever a weekend to showcase perfect Spring weather, this was it. We had our first big social outing with Small D yesterday. Dropping past L&D’s house to introduce Small D and then continuing to a fantastic Grand Final – The Rematch BBQ with very old friends. We had a lovely time. The place was crawling with kids – with Small D being the youngest – followed quickly by Small O.

There was much yelling at the television and many chats outside in the sunshine. Small Z had a ball – there was a garden with lots of interesting nooks and a big trampoline. We lazed on the hammock and spent some time inside taking in the game. Very cruisy. We didn’t leave until 5pm…which to me, felt like almost midnight. Strangely, we had all had such a nice time that even getting to bed was relaxed!

Walking in the sun

Today, we went for a stroll to an overpriced garage sale a few streets away. There are not many lovely houses in this area, or gardens. BUT…we passed a showstopper on the way, and Small Z was beside herself with the colours and shapes. It made us so happy to walk past and look at it all – Spring in riotous colour! We need to plant more flowers at our house (and we did when we got home – seven sunflower seeds into a pot to plant out as seedlings).

The most beautiful garden in Hastings
Small Z and flower border
Planting out some beans

And this afternoon, we were invited next door for snacks and birthday cake in the front garden of our neighbours – their two year old, Jack, was celebrating. We had a lovely time…everything is easier in the sunshine.


In all the places we have lived over the past ten years, we have never really got stuck in, made friends and hung out with our neighbours. In Seddon it only happened as we were about to leave and we went to multiple BBQs with people we had lived alongside for five years.

In Hervey Bay the neighbours over the road repeatedly asked us to BBQs, but the reality? There was no one there who shared our interests. We were focussed on getting the hell out of there. And the neighbours, I think, were just trying to find out what the hell we were up to.

Back in Victoria, living in Hampton – we were sharing a house with our friends. Ha! The two years we spent in the Trailer, only on one occasion did we hang with our landlords (who also lived on the property) and avail ourselves of their often-offered tennis court.

The house in Warneet? We knew heaps quite a few locals. Did we ever go to a BBQ? No, but we did go to a three-year-olds birthday party.

Are you getting the picture? I am not a super-social person. I’ve never been great at parties – especially with people I don’t know. I never feel particularly interesting and don’t know what to talk about. But sometimes you stumble on people (hello, Mr H!) in such situations and realise that now and again, it’s good to push yourself and make the effort.

It’s easier to do when you actually really like the people who take the trouble to invite you over! Jacinta, the woman I have met via playgroup, asked us to join them on Saturday afternoon. We have a shared interest in boats, an interest in alternative education and various other things.

We went along. And had a lovely time. The food was to die for, I didn’t feel like a totally boring person, I spoke to more than three or four people that I’ve never met before: it was all easy and good. And the best bit? Having such a great time and then being able to WALK HOME. Every single one of our other friends live an hour away from us. It was a breath of fresh air… There is hope for us in Hastings. We might be poised to change our tune.

unschool monday : patience is a virtue

This week we are SOCIALISING! After a week of sickness that stretched into the weekend, this week we have ONE day where our house will not be visited. It’s strange how it happens in a big lump all of a sudden, but we are more than happy to go with the flow.

Today we had Dylan and Axel to visit, as well as L, Small C and the Twins. We have made progress with Small Z on this. Now when I tell her that people are coming over, Small Z no longer freaks out and starts worrying about what other kids will do with her toys. Maybe she’s resigned. Maybe she’s evolved. But whatever it is, it is far less painful and I am thankful…

I always give her the opportunity to put away anything she doesn’t want other people to poke. This is because some of her creations (such as ‘Petal Soup’) can just look like mounds of multicoloured bits and bobs to the untutored eye and she can get upset if they are dumped out or used for something else.

Anyway, for someone that has been on the edge of melting down for the past three days, and super clingy, Small Z did pretty well. No, she didn’t want to take off all her clothes and dance nudie in the caravan, and she did object to stuff being moved out of her treehouse, but generally? It went better than expected. I think familiarity is breeding tolerance. We need to keep this up…

Three in the swing chair
[photo by dyl]

I’m posting as part of Owlet’s unschool monday – check out more posts here.

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