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They have invited me (well, us) back! Many moons ago I housesat Mung and Rach’s house in Collingwood. Mostly to have alone time in order to complete my masters thesis. I did manage to crank out my required wordcount – and kill their goldfish. And re-break a plate. And bury a pigeon that had died from ingesting too many peaches in the backyard…

All my posts from that time appear to be written with an excess of both detail and exclamation marks. It was, I suppose, either side of 2003 New Years Eve. If I was an organised person I would be able to put my hands on a few photos I took at the time…but my filing system is somewhat organisationally challenged…

Anyway, I (now we) have been offered the use of the house for a week or so and that’s where Small Z and I will be staying from tomorrow. There are plans for the museum, the aquarium, and of course, hot chocolates at Sugardough… Hello inner-city life!!

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Helter skelter

We made it through the latest bout of wintery weather with relations largely intact 😉 We are scrambling toward a self-imposed deadline that we are desperate to meet. Thus, the Smalls are being treated with what can only be described as ‘benign neglect’ – the two words of advice that my boss gave me as a new parent many moons ago.
167/365 • elevenses, yesterday - taking a break from trying to fly with the Gas & Fuel Corporation umbrella • #167_2016 #5yo #8yo #boatyard #sisters #Winter2016 #latergram
It is still unknown where the Humber will live and what will become of Manny the Mercedes. I have offers from several people to own, or babysit the latter. I’m just not sure whether (weather permitting) our deadline will be met. What the weather will be doing. More than a week ahead, at this point, is an unknown.

168/365 • my trusty steed - $1200 on eBay eight years ago - it has some rust, leaks a bit but #M has kept it running and reliable. Family rule: never spend more than five grand on a car. And it's not everyone who can say that one of their kids was born in

Things have begun to feel a little bit exciting. Getting the antifoul on was a psychological boost – it makes Bellaluna look more seaworthy. I have been musing on coming to the end of my employment as medical file writer/editor/assembler. I will miss my time in the office – I love the people that I work with, and for. I have been there for ten years – they have been there while I have had life-altering events change my landscape. Half of me wants to stay, and the other half knows it needs to go and make a go of a new adventure.

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