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Barwon Heads

The evening following our foray to Emerald, Small Z was hard to get to sleep. We tried. Then she was back up at around 8pm. M and I looked at each other. We had been invited away to Barwon Heads for Mung’s birthday weekend, but weren’t going to go as it seemed too far for just one night and my back was s-o-r-e.

A text came through from Mung asking whether we would be arriving that night or the next morning. M – who usually hates driving distances, tentatively suggested we drive down right then, arrive at around 11pm and wake up there in the morning – thus giving ourselves two nights away. I jumped on this plan.

We made a pact not to dither around getting ready and were out of the house, packed, with caravan hitched, thirty-five minutes later. I think that’s some kind of record. All hail the soothing power of the automobile – Small Z slept the entire way. *boggles*

As we drew near Barwon Heads, and the super cool 1950’s style holiday house that they had rented, M said that he was sure everyone would be asleep by now. No way! I told him, it’s only about 11’o’clock – they’ll be up knocking back a few beers. We drew up, got sorted, and M grabbed his four remaining beers like a Frat boy, and hared off to party. Returning five minutes later, mournful. They were all in bed…

Fishing near the Barwon Heads Bridge
Luka. Running.
The morning after the night before

Point Leo on dusk

Point Leo on dusk

Point Leo on dusk

On the beach. Bottle and rope.

Point Leo on dusk

Point Leo on dusk

Boatyard. Winter. One day of pictures.

The coldest Winter in twenty years or so. I think I am starting to ever-so-slightly go around the bend. Weird things are happening to our batteries – our charging station in the boat, the car batteries. Stuff is on the fritz. Nevertheless, here is a photographic journey of a day in the boatyard – beginning with a shot of an old truck outside the farm in Baxter where I sometimes go to buy the fruit and veg. The car battery died and I was waiting for M to come and rescue me (leaving the Smalls to their own devices for forty whole minutes – they revelled in it – tidied the boat on their own! Bizarre….)


The day was so miserable and full of rain – it didn’t really let up until the late afternoon, when I kicked myself and the Smalls outside, to take the air before dinner and darkness rolled in…

Four birds

The wattle is blooming…

Wattle Girl

They took me on a tour of all their secret hiding places…


Small Z and I looked down.
“Take a photo of the grass, mama. It’s beautiful. Like fairy grass…”

"Take a photo of the beautiful grass..."

We passed M in shed-land on our way back toward dinner… He built that little white boat on the left out of layers of refrigeration foam, carved it into shape. It’s heavy. It’s unsinkable. It’s called iFoam. It will be our transport between our home and the shore – reliable and robust.

The shed where he builds the stuff.

The sun was on its way down…putting on a bit of a show.


And back to check on dinner – see the rainclouds getting ready again?


I have been trying to do a lot of outside cooking (often under an umbrella) to stop steaming up the boat – because in the coldest hours of the very early mornings, all that steam ends up as water… on every single wall…

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