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A hot day out

As M worked all weekend, today was his day off. We had planned to go to the Sculpture Park but I was daunted by the thought of being out in the heat and having to drive home with no air-con. Blergh.

We went to Somers Beach instead. Hit the cafe first for M’s coffee fix and were on the sand by 9.30am. There was ONE other person on the beach. It was gorgeous, the water clear and clean, the sky blue…and we had our shade tent. There were snacks in the cooler.

Small DB has not done a lot of beaching in her 17 months of existence, but there’s been a bit lately. Today I could tell that she’s warming to the whole notion of the ocean. She lay facedown in the wet sand and blew bubbles in the ripples, rode on the boogie board and enjoyed being whizzed through the water by M.

Somers Beach

Small Z had her ‘rock feet’ on (water shoes) and loved investigating all the rockpools, as well as being pulled around on the boogie board. She is not really water confident yet, but I’m about (you read it here first) to start taking her to swimming lessons – I do not want to live aboard a boat with a kid that is not confident in the water.

By midday it was naptime and the wind kicked in. There was going to be no sleep had in a flat tent. Small DB conked out as soon as the car started (YAHOO!!!!) and M thoughtfully drove us to Balnarring, where he parked in the shade and set me free into the op-shop. It’s like he knew there was a ‘$1 All Men’s Clothing’ sale on!

We stuck around there for hours – the garden at the back of the op-shop and church is shady, beautiful…and was deserted. M whipped in and bought a ball and ‘goals’ and started off soccer with the Smalls – teaching them the ‘Shirt’s Up Victory Dance’. It was bloody hot, but very pleasant.

The new addition - Dog.
Aiming for goal...
GOAL! Shirts up!
Tangling with Dadda in the shade

And M and Small Z found some perfect sea urchins. I could hardly believe it! I’ve found about ONE in my whole life!

Somers sea urchins. Perfect.

Needles and Pink

Glory be! The Smalls elected to stay in the car while I ransacked the best local op-shop and came up with these:

Perfect for some Small hand-warmers. And wooden needles – woo! Now just have to MAKE myself sit, ignore the chaos, and actually knit. [looks hopeful…]


Quality time + Bargain!

Finally after a long month Small DB is back at kindergarten – and going with a song in her heart. We had some trepidations as to whether she would return. Her first day back was last week – my birthday – and I said that M or I would drop her off. “Yes,” she said, “As long as you leave there straight away.”

What the?! We did as instructed. And I did the same today – a week later. “Why do you like kindergarten DB?” I asked her. “Because I have time on my own,” she said, not missing a beat. I have a three year old who values her independence and autonomy. Awesome!! 🙂 You don’t get much of a break from the people who love you when you’re three and don’t go to childcare, so kindergarten seems to be a gift to her in that respect.

And so are the three hours it affords me to hang with Small Z on her own. We discussed what she would like to do, and she settled on (she is very excellent) visiting the op-shop in Balnarring. I haven’t been there this year, so was keen to go. We were looking for a copy of Fellowship of the Ring – no dice on that, but I had a bit of a spree…

Today's Op-Shop Loot

I got M the wet weather sailing gear – bib and brace waterproof overalls with matching jacket. I just looked them up online – they are ‘Helly Hansen’ – and just the overalls are over $175!? What the?! A big score – hope they fit him! Otherwise it’s eBay! Just as awesome were two hardback Famous Five books, a book of kids stories, a set of circular knitting needles (something I’ve been wanting to try for a while) – a packet of pom-poms, wooden pegs, a cotton top for M, Esprit tweed-like lined trousers for me…

Helly Hansen Sailing Gear

I had just donated two big bags of stuff (I must get around to documenting my ‘Minimising April’) – and I haven’t been to that op-shop yet this year. Karma or serendipity or luck…or all three 🙂

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