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We beat the heat!

So, get this. I whinged and whined a month ago when we got our second killer electricity bill. It was TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO DOLLARS – averaging nine dollars a day. Almost killed my frugal soul.

We stuck to our guns over the past 30 days, and only used that stupid split system thing to warm the room if it was really cold. It was then turned off, and our little heater was put on. First thing we noticed was that it worked really well (the insulation no doubt helped with this), and also – the type of heat was so much nicer. A lovely steady un-blowy, un-eyeball frying gentle warmth.

As well as this I have been using the little oil column heater in the bedroom most nights. I was a bit apprehensive about our impending bill. It arrived the other day…FIFTY DOLLARS. Hello?! Victory! Victory!! Now I have a serious loathing for the stupid split system, and a feeling of impending doom about super-hot summer days. Will we be able to resist cranking it over to cool us down? Will we even be living here then? Who knows. I am feeling happier about going over budget on the food shopping today though!

Kiss and Kill

So today I got a letter in the post from HSBC that made me want to cry. I have been making a little bit of extra money selling off Small Z’s old nappies and using the funds to buy newborn sized ones for Pikelet. The other day I bought something for $20 via PayPal, and didn’t notice that it was going to take the funds from my HSBC account…where there were none.

Obviously, as there was not $20 in there, PayPal took it from my other back-up account. But did that stop HSBC charging me THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS for the privilege of PayPal having merely attempt to access my non-existent funds? No. And how much was my profit on the last four nappies I sold? Thirty-five dollars.

Surely the ACCC need to get on to this open and systematic rorting… there is no explanation that could justify trying to extract $35 for a process entirely untouched by human hands – except the quest for raw and desperate profit. I know this is old. I have ranted before

On the up side, I spoke to Mung tonight and he told me that the excellently victorious Adam Bandt had launched his election campaign at the Tote – and in an interview had said:

“I am a fan of jangle-pop bands like Bidston Moss, Underground Lovers, Ross McLennan and Snout,” he says.

YAH!!! Someone remembers Bidston Moss!! I got a warm fuzzy glow that almost wiped all memory of HSBC, and what I would like to do to them, from my mind. I told Mung to send Adam Bandt our entire, far reaching, world changing, life altering back catalogue 😉 gratis… Hooray! What can I say? It just confirms I voted correctly…

And another thing…

Soooo, M described my previous post as somewhat ‘woebegone’ – a word I have always mispronounced as woe-g-bone (with the ‘g’ sound like in ‘george’). It used to be unintentional, and now I can’t let it go. Obviously life is not so hard. But just recently it has felt that way.

M suggested I point out that while he might come home bone weary and dustcovered at around 8pm every night, he does hang out in the mornings with the Smalls for an hour while I go to the pool and do my thing. So there are upsides to the downsides. And this is occurring on a larger scale as well…

We have attained some financial clarity as well as coming up with a gameplan and deadline. And with THAT kind of positive action has come brand new discussions of what to and what NOT to do next. Which is refreshing and provides some light at the end of the tunnel.

Now I just have to get on with submitting a form to the tax office for a ‘private ruling‘ to find out what happens if we are unable to live aboard and sell the Very Large Catamaran without going to sea… This will tell me whether we will get slugged with capital gains tax if we have to sell the the Very Large Catamaran without it being our primary residence. Yikes.

Serendipity doo dah

It’s odd the way things seem to sometimes topple into your lap. Or not. But at the moment it feels a bit like they are. I got my very first pay rise today. First ever!! Five dollars more an hour!! I am so excited!!! You can tell by my punctuation, right?!!!!

I don’t know why I got it, I’m tempted to think it’s the guilt involved with the fact that I’m the one casual employee and therefore get no holiday pay for five weeks over Christmas. I have been starting to worry about that and even called up about a job that I found advertised the other day.

Then I started to think a bit more realistically. The chances of me finding work in that five week gap are pretty slim. I called up Family Assist, because, like many other Australian families, we get assistance payments and they always harp on about informing them about any change in your circumstances – to avoid underpayment/overpayment etc.

I told them I would be out of work for five weeks. Basically I just have to sign up for the dole for that time and look for work, which is no big hardship. Nothing I haven’t done before. It also just so happened that I was talking to a Useful Call Centre Person. A fairly rare breed, but the Family Assist call centre seems to pick a few of them…

It may have helped my case that Small Z was throwing an absolute face melting wobbly for an unrelated reason and I had to stand in the bathroom with my foot against the door and my finger in my ear as she body-slammed against the other side of it. “Sounds like you have your hands FULL…” he commented politely.

He asked about M, and whether he received any payments for looking after the kids when I work. I said no, he didn’t. I explained that we were building a boat and what our situation was. He said that M needed to call them, and that we could be getting extra money each week, and really should have been since I went back to work when Small Z was three months new. *boggle*

Hooray for me for scratching around vainly in search of funds we may be able to swing this yet! (And M is already hoping we might be able to afford to stay on in our little house, but I’m not willing to join him on that little idealistic vision quite yet.) He has a Family Assist meeting on Monday – we have our fingers crossed that it works out.

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