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Girls day out

Small Z and I went down to Loch for the day to hang with Man-With-Beard. We went to the Loch Market on the way – in the cold weather it’s held in the Loch Hall and is usually fairly crap. There is too much uninspired craft, too much new crud, and not enough potentially treasury junk.

Small Z was thrilled to see Thomas the Tank Engine jeans, windcheaters and boys undies. And starfished for a minute or two as I dragged her back to the car.

Once we reached the house she and I wandered around the tractor, the boat and ran up and down the slope of the back paddock. Small Z patted Splodge-the-Cat – getting more and more confident with each visit.

On the good boat Hoo-Ray!
On Man-With-Beard's Tractor
On the good boat Hoo-Ray!

Sunday night

My paltry post last night before crashing out in the caravan was an admittedly desperate attempt to keep my posts to a daily basis.

We drove to Brighton yesterday to have lunch with some people we met a few years ago, prior to them going to sea in a very large catamaran. Since we saw them back then they were shipwrecked (that is not a sentence I have written before), and have also bought at least one more boat. Anyway, they had a lot of boaty stuff that they are planning to sell, and M was invited to go through it all to see if there was anything for our very large boat.

He found quite a bit, I think. And we spent all afternoon with them, their dogs, their barbeque, and all their boaty stuff covering their deck for M to purvey. After that we left (with the caravan in tow) to go to L&D’s house in Bentleigh, where we were expected the following afternoon for L’s birthday celebrations. They were about three minutes away.

Small Z and Chloe Rose were very excited with each other, pushing back their respective bedtimes with their overtired glee. Finally Small Z was sleeping in the caravan, Chloe was in her bed, and we all retired to the garage and had a drink, feeling momentarily like people who had never procreated…except for the boxes of baby clothes that were stored within my line of sight.

I’m not sure whether it was my large glass of wine, the homeopathic stuff I had given Small Z for her teething, the lack of a day nap, or the planets aligning, but MY GOD we had a good night’s sleep. I was so tempted to spend another night in the front garden, just to have another one.

We spent this morning at Bentleigh Market, which I could have easily stayed at for at least another hour. I got a glass teapot, Oliver Sacks’ autobiography, March by Geraldine Brooks – and a few books for Small Z, who, it seems, can never have too many. Breakfasted at a cafe because we could. Then went home and tried to be a little helpful in preparing for visitors later in the afternoon.

Chloe pushes Zoe

The afternoon was lovely, despite some odd and intermittent showers. Lots of cheese, chips and cheesecake and lamingtons. Talk of iPhones and developing apps, as well as ongoing toddler wrangling and peacekeeping. Happy Birthday L!!



We went to Balnarring Market at the racecourse on Sunday – it was lovely. Like a cooler, slightly less feral version of Koala Markets up in Hervey Bay. But, sadly, with a bit less junk.

Anyway, I caught up with a an old friend at the market, who I don’t remember seeing since she brightened my existence back in Hervey Bay. We hugged hellos and she said, “Congratulations!!”
“Thank you,” I said happily, “She’s over there…” I gestured toward Small Z who was over at the honey stall with M.
“Noooo!” said Lorraine, “Congratulations for the new one!!”
“But how did you…”
“Your website!! I still read it!”

Lorraine – if you’re out there, the term for you is LURKER! I never knew you were out there reading, and I was so happy to find that you were! Hello to any other lurkers out there – if I have one, maybe I have several??!

So anyway, a lovely time was had as we wandered from stall to stall. The highlight for me was the Sassy Cakes stall. Oh man. M bought me two little mini chocolate cupcakes, and my response was so rapturous that he then bought me two more. Sublime. I told the amazing women who were selling them that they could make a lot of money by setting up a pregnancy hotline, where they send mini-cupcakes by courier at any time, day or night.

My first two mini cupcakes

There were some lovely handmade kids jumpers that I swooned for. They were $60 each, which seems fair enough considering that someone has sat there and knitted them, but out of our league. I mused on how much money my grandma could now be raking in if I’d set her up an Etsy shop. She could knit anything.

Such is my vagueness, that I somehow left the $14 pail of leatherwood honey somewhere between the playground and the car, probably due to cupcake over-indulgence. M has not yet noticed – so I’ll hear a yelp from the other room as he reads this. Sorry M!

Small Z went to sleep in the car on the way home so we turned around and drove to Point Leo, where we got cheese and tomato sandwiches on excellent bread, scouted for a good campsite for M’s upcoming birthday and spent a few hours on the beach.

Time out…

A few weeks ago my dad asked both myself and She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged whether we would be able to come and either do a drop in feed of their cat or stay the weekend while he and Mgs went away. This happened to coincide with M saying that he would like to go on a solo manly sailing adventure. He does this every now and again to nurture his bearlike soul…

So we organised that these two occurrences would coincide. On Friday after lunch Small Z and I set off for two nights in the country. It was sunshiney…up until about half an hour after we arrived. However… We had a lovely time. I spent what felt like an hour standing next to the step ladder as she climbed up and down it. And then another chunk of time doing the same thing when we rounded a corner and found another ladder ready for her delectation.

I managed to keep the woodfire going, and thanked the goddess that they no longer have a hot water service that requires lighting with BRIQUETTES every morning (which was the case when M and I lived there for six long months circa 1997…). On Saturday morning we headed to Korrumburra op-shop for an outing and I bought what I hoped was the perfect sized Pyrex bowl to put inside my slow cooker for overnight porridge making… (can you imagine how thrilled I will feel if I can pull this off and then have my Teasmade set up next to it? It will be like I’ve created my own domestic ‘help’. *swoons*)

With the purchase of a few kid books, a pair of kid tights and another tiny Pyrex bowl with a lid to match the one I use almost every night when inventing foodstuffs for Small Z – we got back in the car and drove 20 seconds up the hill to Korrumburra’s anomaly – an organic cafe. Small Z scoffed a sausage roll and I did chai and fruit toast. Excellent. Our outing was punctuated by dashes to the loo – Small Z’s toilet training is going really well – we are using the approach suggested by the parenting guru (she has FIVE kids) at Clover Lane.

Once we got back to the house we stoked up the fire and had a wander around, picked autumn leaves and did not much more than that. I made a few cups of tea and told Small Z to wander at her leisure – she had the run of a few acres, but generally stays nearby. Mostly she required me to chase her with a ‘pirhana’ – a small piece of bread with some avocado dip on it. I have learnt not to question…

For some reason she slept like a champ – two 13 hour nights. I, meanwhile, tossed and turned like some kind of human rotisserie and cursed the visco elastic mattress M made us buy that has ruined me (during pregnancy, at least) for any other sleeping surface. Sunday morning we got up late and I cleaned up a bit – thank goodness – as dad and Mgs turned up a few minutes after 10am. Small Z and I made an exit and headed to Kongwak Market. This thrilled Small Z, whose other obsession is Conger Eels – she looked around the whole market in vain for a conger eel to take home. I ate dhal and lusted for items that I didn’t have the funds for.

On the way home we stopped in Tooradin and Small Z had her first ever bit of vanilla slice. We cruised the book sale shop until our browsing was cut unceremoniously short by Small Z’s need to poo. Poor thing; we galloped the length of the shopping strip to the public toilets…and were a bit too late… Our drive home to a bath was short and aromatic.

Weekend in Loch
Weekend in Loch
Weekend in Loch
Weekend in Loch

On Saturday night I cooked up some rhubarb. Small Z has only really had it once or twice before, mixed with stewed apple in a crumble. I like it quite tart and was doubtful that her interest in it would survive the first mouthful. Soooo wrong. She inhaled the lot, begged for more, and then licked the bowl clean. It’s the first time I’ve ever really looked at her and seen a small dog in place of a two-year-old…

Rhubarb Trifecta
Weekend in Loch

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