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Just quickly. I was not in the best of headspaces yesterday, and took myself off to the hairdresser for some expensive consolation. Flicking through the trashy magazines I read:

“New research has discovered a super-simple way to tune out mental chatter and switch your brain into a deeply healing meditative state: knitting. It’s a repetitive bilateral action – which means it uses both hands, and both sides of your brain at once…Repetitive actions like knitting enhance the release of serotonin – a calming chemical which also relieves pain…[Knitting] occupes the part of the brian that usually generates…anxieties and stressful thoughts…”

The Smalls and I went to an op-shop this morning, parted with $4.50 and got me a few balls of real wool and some three and a quarter needles (which is what it said to use on the wool packet). Had I not texted craft-guru Mrs H, I never would have known that wool is matched to sizes of needles. Who knew? Nor did I know that there is proper research into “therapeutic knitting“!

I sit here, feet in a bath of Epsom Salts, casting on. And I’m liking it. I can feel that some of it is muscle memory from when I was maybe eight years old and my grandma taught me. I remember my chunky little mustard yellow needles – that I haven’t thought of in thirty-two years!! Please don’t assume I am doing this unaided – I am following a YouTube tutorial frame by frame!

My ambitions are modest. Squares to felt-up for my woollen blanket…

Making it up.

Out and about with people on our Monday nature walks I get to talk about a wide range of things, and pick people’s brains. I noticed that one of the ten-year-old girls was wearing some hand warmers. The kind with just a thumbhole. She had knitted some and, with her mother, explained to me how easy they were. They kind of sold me on it – I am still such a super basic knitwit. But I’m happy to give things a go if they a) don’t take too long, and b) aren’t at all complex.

My first effort at a hand warmer, of sorts...

They instructed me to knit a rectangle of (for Small Z) about 25 stitches long. Do several rows and measure it against her hand, and when I felt I was getting to wrist level, begin four or five rows of knit one, purl one. After that, bind it off, fold it in half, sew it together but leave a gap for her thumb. Done! Not spectacular, but at least it’s SOMETHING!

Handwarmers. Stealers of blog time.

For some reason, until my brain gets recalibrated, my blogging is coming second to…well, just about everything. But mostly? To the knitting. Because that's what I've been doing on the train in what was previously…my writing time.

I got a great tip from Small Z's sewing teacher about thin wool or bamboo – double, or even triple it. So I doubled some bamboo with the fancy schmancy milk protein baby-soft I-don't-know-what-it's-called stuff I bought with some bamboo and it worked a treat.

Being a beginner and not knitting to a pattern, the second one (on the left) turned out better than the first…baby steps…

Needles and Pink

Glory be! The Smalls elected to stay in the car while I ransacked the best local op-shop and came up with these:

Perfect for some Small hand-warmers. And wooden needles – woo! Now just have to MAKE myself sit, ignore the chaos, and actually knit. [looks hopeful…]


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