Here I sit, at the Local cafe – both Smalls are at play dates – at two different houses. Oh the bliss when the stars align. Sometimes I panic about moving away from our homeschooling community – it is active, inclusive and a great way to hook up with others.

I have the wifi, I have the cup of tea and I have the iPad. Now I can type a little about my resolutions at the start of the year. The main thing about the ALL (there’s not that many) is that they are ALL SMALL. Incremental. None of those ‘I will walk for half an hour every morning for the rest of my existence’ that lead to almost immediate non-compliance associated self-flagellation.

My resolutions/habits are these:

  • Make my bed
  • Stop biting my fingernails
  • Stop having sugar in my tea
  • Basic life-hacking stuff. I have adhered to all of them, but remain aware that it takes about three months to lock in a habit. For February I am tackling something that has been tugging at me for ages – improving gut health.

    Small DB and I drink water kefir (a happy probiotic wonderland), the Smalls and I don’t have gluten – but I feel that we could do better – I could do better to help our innards – my struggles with PMDD (related to low serotonin at particular times in the menstrual cycle) have been the other impetus to investigate this stuff…

    I have started by going back to gelatine. I have struggled on the boat to be a broth making queen, so I have some Gut Lovin’ Gelatine and have made some raspberry gummies and started stirring it into my tea. I hope to expand my repertoire as the month continues…

    Gut Lovin' Gelatin

    Last night I tried a little experiment that I have been reading a bit about over the last few months. It is simply stirring a tablespoon or two of potato starch into a glass of water and drinking it an hour or so before bed.

    After I drank it, within half an hour I was desperate to go to sleep. Too weird. And too thrilling not to experiment on a Small. Small Z has always had trouble getting to sleep – once asleep she is peachy, but the getting there takes HOURS. I potato starched her – and she was asleep before 10pm for the first time this year. I’m going to continue this experiment for at least a week to see what might transpire….

    Update: it seems that one or two tablespoons is a little ambitious – it helped sleep, and created cinematic dreams, but also created a modicum of constipation. We will revise down to a teaspoon and see how that goes…