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Sunshine and Spring

Today has brought the kind of weather thet used to make me want to weep with frustration whenever I had to work in an office – it is sublimely perfect spring day.

It is Spring...

It’s impossible to remain indoors, and who would want to? My tiny friend, Small Z and I have been pottering for the last few hours. Me pulling weeds and hacking them with the mattock, and she playing with two bottle tops she named ‘Thomas’ and ‘Lowly’. (I have to admit only learning to call that aforementioned tool a ‘mattock‘ this morning, when I heard someone else pronounce it. Prior to this I have blithely gone though life telling people that I have been hacking away with a ‘maddock’. Which is, apparently, a US city and the surname of several people. Sigh. Still, it’s not as bad as addressing large corporate meetings using the word ‘echelon’ on several occasions and pronouncing it ‘Eck-a-lon’. But I’m getting off track…)

The mozzies are bad and so we are smothered in citronella. Small Z is wearing a great shirt for the conditions, bought for her by She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged. I have found some seeds that we will plant later, post-nap. I will miss this house when we have to leave, regardless of the insect and possum issues. This weather has improved my mood, and instead of feeling like a creatively barren unproductive nothing, I feel…um…better.

Ever since Z saw a particular episode of Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube she has been obsessed with flat tyres. And fixing them with a spanner, or seven. When they are flat…tyres go ‘clunk’.

Fever Down

It was such a lovely weekend. Too bad Small Z began a fever on Friday that lasted until Sunday morning. Gah. Horrible sleeps. Still, at least we got to hang outside. M dug a garden bed and mowed some lovely paths through the grass so Small Z can play ‘Tigers’. I planted some seedlings that I was given by my green-thumbed uncle and some basil seeds. We want a pesto and tomato plantation.

The new garden bed
M's Creative Lawn Mowing
Basil and tomato seeds....
Rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, chives...


One of the blogs I tend to regularly check up on is Pickle Pepper, kept by Karen Erasmus. She’s an illustrator. She regularly posts her work and I love to see what she’s up to. When she mentioned recently that she won a competition last year and the prize was an exhibition at Oak Hill Gallery in Mornington, I was surprised.

I don’t know why, but I had assumed she was based in South Australia. (Of course, now I’ve actually bothered to check out her ‘about’ page, she lives on the Mornington Peninsula, as do I.) But anyway, we found ourselves driving through Mornington for the first time in ages on Sunday, in an effort to see if Small Z would sleep in the car. Ha.

Put it this way, she ‘rested’ for about an hour with heavy little eyes and her favourite ‘Sleepy Bee’, but there was no sleeping. After a wander around the shops we headed to the gallery. This adjoins a gorgeous formally laid out rose garden that I’ve always wanted to wander through. Luckily. Because we got to the front door of the gallery and saw this…

Oak Hill Gallery

BUGGER. Anyway, Small Z was as keen as me to see different kinds of roses, and brought along Sleepy Bee so he could smell them too. Obviously it’s the wrong time of year for some crazy rose frenzy, but there were more in bloom that I had thought. There were even some of what I call ‘painted roses’, which I love, and had bought for my mum now and again and L, when Small C was born. They are white and blush pink with splatters of hot pink over them. Lovely.

The rose garden in Mornington
The rose garden in Mornington
The rose garden in Mornington
The rose garden in Mornington

I have a feeling that the rose garden is entirely maintained by volunteers. One of them was hard at work in the middle of a flower bed and gave Small Z a rose of her very own, after de-thorning it. Small Z had a lovely time smelling all the different coloured blooms and found a waddle of ducks to chase. We heard her saying, as we got nearer to her, “It was nice to meet you, ducks.” Very polite.

I hope to get back to the gallery before the end of the exhibition, but kind of doubt I’ll make it as it finishes next week. Humph.

Oak Hill Gallery


One of those hot summer days where it didn’t get unbearable until after lunchtime. We spent some time in the garden during the morning. Small Z had some blue gloop…

A hot summer's morning
She looks like an extra from Avatar

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