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There is a habit that M and I share. Although we have little in common other than two Smalls and a dead astrologer, we love…we LOVE…a good bargain. But our tastes appear to differ from the norm. We don’t covet big flat televisions or cars that cost more than $5000 – no – we like old, well-made quirky stuff. Luckily – because we’re not exactly swimming in cash.

Today we were in heaven. The church fete that is on once or twice a year was on this morning. The past two times we’ve been we have mourned arriving there late – all this amazing furniture and stuff sitting with ‘sold’ signs. This morning, Small DB helpfully began her day (with one eye stuck closed – conjunctifuckingvitis) at 5.45am.

This meant we arrived as the market began, at 8am. In the first five minutes I had bought a retro laminex dining table ($10), four old-school chairs ($4) that match each other – not the table, two bedside tables with three drawers apiece ($4)…and as the morning progressed I acquired a glass jug, an old school ice cream scoop, two small glass bowls, a weird heavy glass vessel that looks like it came from an old blender or something – it has cup measurements down one side…an old blue suitcase (always handy…)

Blue Suitcase
Odds and Sods
Tiny glass cup.
Two yellow bowls - similar to Pyrex

Not to be outdone, M got himself a lawnmower ($10), hose-reel, an entire brewing kit with extra cannisters of beer mix including stout/ginger beer/dark ale…I need to ask him what else he snaffled…

The kids were in heaven as there was a petting zoo from our favourite farm, a free jumping castle, free face-painting and Small Z also did cupcake decorating. I walked past a STACK of old plates. There was a pink Johnson plate on top. “Are these for sale?” The guy nearby said, “Nah – they’re for people to smash – you get to throw balls at them for $1 a go…” He must have seen my face, and handed the plate to me… “Take it…” I did.

This Johnson pink plate wa on a pile at the fete for people to throw balls at  I rescued it quick smart. #crockery

And last but not lease, Small DB got a new set of wheels. Which is a big relief to me, as I’ve been bending over to steer her old bike too often over the past week – and now I have a handle….she doesn’t understand steering yet.

New wheels

Slip Sliding Away

Can’t even remember if I’ve written already about how big a chunk Christmas and all the associated hooha took out of, what I am tempted to refer to as, our routine. *boggle* The end of the structure that kindergarten gave our weeks… smooshed into Christmas (and the birthdays that bookend it)… yeah, well – it was all good…BUT…

It was only today that I realised how long it has been since a ‘normal(ish)’ week had occurred. You know – the one with me working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and M at the boat all other days. He has marked (how weird it must to to have a name that is also a verb) the days that he has done boat-work on the calendar thus far this year – and it is scarily minimal.

Of course tomorrow is a public holiday and we have been asked to lunch in Emerald. And it’s the old toss up – do I ask M to come along because it will be more fun (and easier, wrangling-wise) or do I command him to STAY AND WORK ON THE BOAT?! It will probably be the former – because we all might be hit by a meteorite and at least then we would have seen our friends. Right?

Meanwhile – today was a home day of baking – biscotti and brownies – and making – pesto and a waterslide

It has taken five years, but Small Z has finally begun a phase that consists of her pouting, assuming a baby voice, and saying loudly, “I BORED.” I have so far resisted saying, “Well you better go to school then….” I figure I can definitely leave that one for my mother…

This is happening in the current context of her being unable to sleep and staying up until after 9pm. Death for kidfree time. Ruinous for five-year-old reasonableness and revolting when mixed with The Two-Year-Old-That-Won’t-Nap.

In the face of I BORED!! I put the hose at the top of the treehouse and announced I’d created a waterslide. It bought me an hour of excellence… 🙂

Z goes watersliding!
DB goes watersliding!

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