We had a great day out on yesterday to see the only football game I watch every year – the Grand Final. Last year M and I watched it alone in the trailer. I was a whale, with PartyPie cooking on a slow simmer inside me. This year she was out and about – and had a great time trying to consume the lawn of our hosts.

I forgot my camera, but am hoping Dr Grass can send some through for me to post up here so I have some rememberance later down the track. We really don’t get out much with Small Z due to the amount of driving to get anywhere – when she’s only really sociable in two to two and a half hour blocks. But M whispered her to sleep in the main bedroom before going off to have a kick of the Sherrin and all was peachy fine.

I was semi-secretly barracking for Geelong – having lived there for a year in 1991. A year of no money, extensive beer and some university studies. They started losing the plot in the third quarter, and the rest was very hard to watch. Put it this way. Hawthorn won. Our host’s brother was down from Sydney and he stayed outside the whole game, speaking fondly about rugby to anyone who would listen. We had a great day out. Going out to daytime stuff is such a relief and sometimes it’s only when I get out of the trailer that I realise how much I need to.