There is a habit that M and I share. Although we have little in common other than two Smalls and a dead astrologer, we love…we LOVE…a good bargain. But our tastes appear to differ from the norm. We don’t covet big flat televisions or cars that cost more than $5000 – no – we like old, well-made quirky stuff. Luckily – because we’re not exactly swimming in cash.

Today we were in heaven. The church fete that is on once or twice a year was on this morning. The past two times we’ve been we have mourned arriving there late – all this amazing furniture and stuff sitting with ‘sold’ signs. This morning, Small DB helpfully began her day (with one eye stuck closed – conjunctifuckingvitis) at 5.45am.

This meant we arrived as the market began, at 8am. In the first five minutes I had bought a retro laminex dining table ($10), four old-school chairs ($4) that match each other – not the table, two bedside tables with three drawers apiece ($4)…and as the morning progressed I acquired a glass jug, an old school ice cream scoop, two small glass bowls, a weird heavy glass vessel that looks like it came from an old blender or something – it has cup measurements down one side…an old blue suitcase (always handy…)

Blue Suitcase
Odds and Sods
Tiny glass cup.
Two yellow bowls - similar to Pyrex

Not to be outdone, M got himself a lawnmower ($10), hose-reel, an entire brewing kit with extra cannisters of beer mix including stout/ginger beer/dark ale…I need to ask him what else he snaffled…

The kids were in heaven as there was a petting zoo from our favourite farm, a free jumping castle, free face-painting and Small Z also did cupcake decorating. I walked past a STACK of old plates. There was a pink Johnson plate on top. “Are these for sale?” The guy nearby said, “Nah – they’re for people to smash – you get to throw balls at them for $1 a go…” He must have seen my face, and handed the plate to me… “Take it…” I did.

This Johnson pink plate wa on a pile at the fete for people to throw balls at  I rescued it quick smart. #crockery

And last but not lease, Small DB got a new set of wheels. Which is a big relief to me, as I’ve been bending over to steer her old bike too often over the past week – and now I have a handle….she doesn’t understand steering yet.

New wheels