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I am astounded. The amount of times I have seen those spare buttons on bits of clothing and thought, “How quaint“…

The amount of times those buttons have come off, and I’ve put them in a tin or a box and then they have haunted me, moving from house to house. Never. NEVER have I used on for its proper purpose. Tonight, I was about to sew a belt loop back on to my trousers that I haven’t worn for at least four years. The belt loops on these trousers are all fastened down with buttons. As decoration. Whatever. I was poised with the thread, when I just glanced at the inner lining of the pocket. And there it was. The Spare Button. Something clicked gently together somewhere out in the universe.

Spare Button

Op shopping and priorities…

Yesterday the Smalls and I headed to Balnarring. Hadn’t been to the op-shop for an age. But let me backtrack to that morning so I can demonstrate my amoral priorities when it comes to parenting.

At breakfast Small Z stated that when she grows up, she is going to be a balloonologist – one of those guys (it usually IS a guy) that makes balloons into shapes, animals, flowers, etc. etc.

“Please Mama,” said Small Z, “Can you get me some of those balloonologist balloons so I can practice?”

I mumbled something about not knowing where to get them and steered the conversation in another direction. Dinosaurs…porridge…eyebags…something…

Cut to us, five hours later, walking past the craft shop. In a basket outside? A box screeching “MAKE YOUR OWN BALLOON ANIMALS – PUMP INCLUDED!” And it was only $2.50… But I’m a hardarse – I told Small Z that she had to go to the op-shop first and she could only have ONE thing – either the balloonology kit OR something SMALL from the op-shop.

And the crunch? I only had eight dollars. In the world. We got to the op-shop and immediately found a beanbag and a very cute, caravan-a-licious woollen blanket. Two dollars each, said the op-shop lady.

Then Small Z found two plastic dinosaurs. Seventy cents said the op-shop lady. And then. Oh woe is me. I found an excellent jacket. The kind I hardly ever find. That fit my weird slightly sway back AND had small shoulders AND had long arms. Five dollars, said the op-shop lady. And belatedly, I put back the caravan blanket…

We walked back past the balloonology kit. Small Z did very well. Considering it had been her hearts desire that morning. But the plastic T-Rex had won out. If I had been less sartorially fixated upon myself I would have forgone the jacket and bought her the balloon stuff…but yeah. A good jacket is a good jacket. And hopefully the craft shop will still have them on Saturday…

Jacket from the back. $5
Jacket. Front. $5
Beanbag! $2
Jacket with baby as accessory.

Gangsta :: Catch 22

You may have noticed that most photos posted of Small Z since July feature her wearing her headband. Her most beloved headband. J made one for all the guests at Polly’s party…see following evidence –

Daisy & Milly wearing headbands from the cutest crafty party bags ever! #19mo #22mo #sunday #birthdayparty

…and it has been welded firmly to Small Z’s scone since that time. Except…it used to look like this:

My #4yo bling baby - we're tidying up for the return of the dadda after a week away...

…but now it is losing it’s elastic. And she insists on positioning it RIGHT ACROSS HER FOREHEAD. Not, as you would expect, UPON HER HEAD. My days are spent shrieking, “I WANT TO SEE YOUR EYEBROWS. SHOW ME YOUR EYEBROWS!!”

M ordered a stubby holder from the kindergarten as a Father’s Day fundraiser thing. When he showed it to me I thought he’d bought it to benefit the Very Sick Child that was staring out from the side of it. Whoops! No – that was just Small Z, her headband in the position of ‘recent chemotherapy’.

This is a picture taken two nights ago in the vacant block behind our house. I am not kidding. This headband is taking her over, bit by bit:

We are not sure where her eyes are.

The headband is tied into all her other bling. There were four and a half sweet sweet years where she didn’t give a toss about her clothes. And then there were the last three months…she has to wear a dress every day…or perish. It’s worse than that. If she is not wearing a dress or a skirt, she shrieks that (I shudder to type it) she is ‘not beautiful’.

M and I have valiantly emphasised to her that EVERYONE is beautiful (possibly even Tony Abbott…somehow) and that clothes just make people look interesting. And even as I type it, it sounds lame? Right? I need better ammunition, because Small Z is not convinced.

Her regular ensemble of HEADBAND, necklaces, rings, extra headband with butterflies on springs and the ubiquitous dress… Each day, she puts herself together. And each day, when I’m out and about with her, people stop her and inevitably coo, “Oh, YOU look BEAUTIFUL today! What a gorgeous DRESS! I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!”

Fucking great – the beauty myth is then reinforced with a big FAT TICK. She is stuck in the Catch-22 of putting on the bling and receiving confirmation for her efforts. I cannot even believe this is happening before she’s turned FIVE in a house where there are NO dollies, NO Barbies and Very Little Television. *sigh* I know. I know. It’s just a phase. But if people would just read this article and restrain themselves from commenting on her appearance, I’d be very thankful. Over and out.

Trousers for Small DB

I made my first sewing project using a P-A-T-T-E-R-N! I think I'm turning into my friend Jess!! She gently suggested a year or two ago that trousers work best with a pattern – after yet another of my attempts using the arms of jumpers. I printed out a free pattern many months ago and finally taped it together. It worked perfectly. You can get the pattern and tutorial here.

I am such a sewing novice and it was a thrill for me to follow a pattern. It was even more of a thrill to have it work!! I began with the intention of making them as shorts, as Small DB has a shorts-shortage. She also has ongoing issues (particularly when sick and tired) about how things FEEL – too itchy, too tight, not soft enough. Her three pairs of shorts got thrown on to the op-shop pile this week and I was on a quest to make her something cool and comfortable.

She picked out these pink spotty adult PJ pants that I've been keeping in my scrap box for…something just like this! It was an excellent suggestion, as it meant I didn't have to hem the bottom.

The tutorial made me think of the Jamie Oliver recipe app that I have – the 20 Minute Meals – both of them suggest little extras that really lead to the thing you're making (whether it be green chicken curry, or spotty pink trousers) to be much better than they would otherwise have been. Thus…I ironed the seams…

There is mention of serging the edges. And if you don't have a serger, to zigzag them instead. What is this serger of which they speak? Is it what we call an 'overlocker' or something completely different, distantly related to a famed French singer? I know not. So I zigzagged…(see above, that is me zigzagging over my straight stitches.)

And…VOILA! They look really cute!! Too bad it's so hot here, I can't get anyone to try them on!

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