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And we start at numero uno

Ok. I don’t say this lightly. I have thought about it. And now I’m going to have a bash at it. That’s right, I am going to copy Loobylu and attempt one post a day for the following month. Ha!

I will begin by boring you senseless with the news that I survived the two week absence of my co-worker and the extra work that entailed. Big THANKS to my awesome babysitting mother. Dude. You’re the business. I will attempt to wean Small Z off her obsession with poo, just to make you happy.

I will end with a shot from last weekend that I wanted to immortalise here. My dad has recently ceased living as a bachelor. His house has aqcuired fancy stuff – good knives, kitchen appliances, a fridge I covet *sob* and vastly better speakers. When we arrived there last weekend I commented on the array of his Explorer socks hanging above the woodheater. They were, I was informed by the new tenant, all odd. ALL of them.


Bloggers in stripes!! I read about this a day or two ago – and it just so happened that I’d bought the only stripey top I’ve ever owned last weekend. And here it is. (I’ve accessorised with Small Z…)

Stripemania - Bloggers wearing stripes.

The whole thing is happening at the Stripemania post on Decor8. There’s a great Pinterest board too!

Get out of the feed trough…

I rarely look at the blogs I read regularly. How weird is that? But it’s true. I read them on my iPhone in Feeddler Pro, and more recently in Feedly (in preparation for the inevitable demise of Google Reader). I’m usually surprised when I do look at sites on my laptop – blogs have been redesigned, there are new layouts…

I am in this half-life. I love design, new ideas, colour combinations…but I’m too tired to appreciate them. So I console myself with the writing, immersing myself in the existences of people in cyber-space. Blogging, of course, is just a selective window that people open into their lives – and that’s both good and bad. I like it when occasionally people throw off the cloaks and admit real life – like the posts on Wednesdays at Picklebums and when Rebecca at Girl’s Gone Child posted ‘Help is (not) a four letter word‘. Endless positivity and shiny happy homes end up chipping away at me after a while…which is no doubt why this post got so much attention a while ago…

I frequently find it so frustrating, as well as incomprehensible, how people have these blingy blogs where they post almost every day. Everyone has different lives, everybody manages in different ways, but sometimes it is a little demoralising. Then again – I would be (I fondly imagine) far more prolific if I didn’t have to write two full days a week to earn a crust…and be running on interrupted sleep.

Where do I go on my feed-reader when I’m lying there at night, the Smalls breathing quietly, gently frying my eyeballs in the light of my phone? Usually to Edenland, Sleepless Nights, askmoxie, renegade mama, Whiskey In My Sippy Cup, owlet, Imagine Lovely, Little Earth Stories…and Clover Lane. That’s just some of them… And I haven’t mentioned the non-kid focussed ones that I dip into…

While typing about the interweb – I will mention that I have fallen out of love with delicious. My affair has been a long one, but the redesign, the logging in, the time it took for them to get an app together – all equal one thing. A big, fat Y-A-W-N. I have ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY bookmarks on delicious (here’s my tag-cloud).

Yes. The site introduced me to tagging as a concept. And it was good. But I am unrepentant and am now outsourcing my brain to Evernote – something I’m growing to love the more I use it. It is on my laptop, in the ether and on my iPhone. I continue to debate, however, whether I will pull in the 1,650 links I have sitting in my delicious account or whether I’ll just start fresh…

It’s all happening over there…

Any Miaow readers out there – if you are interested in following our adventures, there is a new blog over atBella Luna Boat – it was time to change direction – it’s a new chapter of our lives – and while we are boat dwellers and waterborne adventurers, bellalunaboat will be our online home 😘

Exploring. West Cove, Erith Island.

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