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DB meets 4yo kindergarten.

Small DB began four-year-old kindergarten today. There is nothing more instructive that realising that all the drama and focus that went with the first-born starting kindergarten was quite hysterical – the second-born? I got the starting time wrong, slapped together a snack and ran in there with her 15 minutes late to the first session! Thus, there were no photos, pomp or ceremony…

It actually worked well. The classes are half size to begin with and the other kids were all engaged in their activities. Small DB pulled on a smock, retreated a little into her own cloak of self possession, gave me a kiss, and said, “Goodbye….” and turned her attention to painting. I skulked away.

The first week is three two hour sessions with a half size group, the second week is the full group on reduced hours and the third week is normal – three five hour days. That will be when we see how she *really* likes it – I remember last year when she was so ecstatic about going to kindergarten – that lasted about six weeks…she eventually dropped out in third term because it was too hard for all concerned.

This time, I could not care less whether she goes or does not – I want the decision to be hers. I have no interest in pushing her to go if she is not enjoying herself. Her absence does afford me time with Small Z that I never otherwise get, and that is lovely – but not worth an unhappy Small DB.

When I picked her up two hours later she gave me an enormous hug, and whispered in my ear, “I LOVE kinder!!” She had renewed contact with a little one she had liked last year, and had enjoyed herself thoroughly. A balm to all concerned.

Daisy Belle in the afternoon sunshine. Aged 4.

It’s all happening over there…

Any Miaow readers out there – if you are interested in following our adventures, there is a new blog over atBella Luna Boat – it was time to change direction – it’s a new chapter of our lives – and while we are boat dwellers and waterborne adventurers, bellalunaboat will be our online home 😘

Exploring. West Cove, Erith Island.

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