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Hello, Pikelet!

It’s not that I’ve been putting off posting this, it’s just that I wanted to do it right. And doing it ‘right’ takes time. Time? I don’t actually have any, so I’ll just post it anyway. I am almost 15 weeks PREGNANT. Wow. It feels kind of odd to even type it! Meet the Pikelet…


I feel some people out there slowly shaking their heads. How could someone so sleep deprived, whose life has taken on a completely different and barely socialising shape over the past two years actually choose to do it all again? Erm…he slipped? Sorry. No. A few reasons. One being that if we were going to create new spawn, now is the time to do it. We are living in suburban bliss near the beach, I continue to work my sucky job with a good hourly rate two days a week and M is available for mental health days as required.

In a few years time we don’t know where we will be, and this is a GREAT feeling! But I would rather be toting around a two year old than a newborn at that time. For some reason after about six months or so, Small Z didn’t feel like she was going to be an only child. There was something missing. The other thing is, OMG – I know SO much more this time around. I worked so hard, SO HARD to get a few chapters of the ‘Having a Baby’ manual worked out that all that knowledge would be lost if I didn’t get to try and actually USE it again.

The other thing is, if I actually made it out of the sleep deprived haze I continue to live in (and this is not due to much to Small Z, who is now slumbering better than I had ever dared hope even a month ago, but due to my weirdarse pregnant insomnia) I doubt I would be able to go back. No really. If I got a taste of my former sleep filled existence, it would be waaaay too tempting to remain there.

And, just one more thing, during the ultrasound Pikelet had to be CONVINCED TO WAKE UP. I had to be sent to the loo and made to cough, and cough again. Small Z’s ultrasound was all waving and kicking and dancing to the beat. This one’s going to be a sleeper. I just know it.

Hello Olivia!

E&D’s new babe, the beautiful Olivia, was born on the 16th of August after a long labour and a waterbirth. She weighed 8.3 pounds – the same as Small Z did. Today we met her for the first time, and she is just perfect. There was such a sense of dejavu walking in to see her – in the same room where we first met Small E two and a half years ago. E looked serene, D looked untroubled and Small E introduced us very sweetly to his new baby sister. She is so tiny!

Get your votes in…

Last time I ran a proper poll, but it was kind of crap because some households have one IP address and two people that wanted to vote, and my WP-Polls plugin didn’t like that. I cannot find anything else to use, and as time appears to be running out – vote in the comments. And that means you too, Lorraine!! And you, Stacee!

I am not feeling too bad, my back painy stuff has slacked off. Mostly what I am is just a huge whale with very limited stamina. I can’t stay upright for prolonged amounts of time. However, despite the obvious obvious impending birth and the fact that I intellectually know we are on the cusp of having a new family member, it still feels somewhat bizarre and unrealistic to me.

I have been pregnant for this whole past year and yet it feels like it has been so static. What I’m trying to say is that pregnancy becomes so entrenched that the actual baby? I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to have one, really soon. And what the hell goes on with a newborn? A lot of feeding, a lot of fumbling and a lot of learning on the fly… and that’s the limit of my recollection. Nice one, biology.

Of course, my brain immediately assumes that the new babe will just be another Small Z – because that’s been my only experience. But of course this won’t be the case. This one might take an hour to feed, whereas Small Z only ever took ten minutes. It might sleep for prolonged periods and not wake up the instant it has a wet nappy. It might HAVE A PENIS. And I won’t have a clue what to DO with it…

But I digress. For the purpose of voting let me tell you this. For the first five or six months I had a very strong BOY feeling. Since then? Nada. Nothing. Nil. I have no idea. Not a notion in my noodle. Which, incidentally, is driving me c-r-a-z-y, because it makes the name issue so hard. We have not decided on names, and M has taken to suggesting things like ‘Boingo’. Mr H has suggested, most recently, ‘Romulus’. As you can see, boys names are the most vexing as they just don’t seem to be as interesting, for some reason.

Anyway – it would be excellent to see people taking a punt…and if you want to suggest the date of arrival, feel free.

Baby on Board

The amount of advice that everyone from your landlord to your mother to people in the street want to give you when you have your first baby can, paradoxically, leave you feeling more confused and conflicted than ever. Obviously if you’ve had kids it’s sooo tempting to share what you learnt. But advice like “babies need to cry to ‘exercise’ their lungs” and “feed them for 20 minutes on one breast and then swap”… and suggesting Vicks Vaporub is a useful tool is just all antiquated quackery.

But it’s easy to buy into when you’re sleep deprived, lacking confidence, and just want simple solutions. Before Small D was born my midwife recommended Baby on Board by Dr Howard Chilton. I’ve dug it out again now she is here. It is a recent reissue and Dr Chilton is not only a paediatrician, but he’s an Australian paediatrician. I am now his disciple.

The subtitle of the book is Understanding you baby’s needs in the first twelve months. And basically, that sums up the book. It’s very readable and straightforward. I don’t know that I would have benefitted so much from it the first time around, but this time? It’s fantastic – because I remember so VERY little of all the newborn bits and pieces from when Small Z was a tiny dot (and this is a result of evolution – if you remembered all the minutiae and sleep deprivation, the world’s population would dive…)

I feel like it’s important to keep reading to keep myself informed, despite Small D being baby number two. Actually, it’s nice to tie in what I read with what it brings up from last time – which would otherwise remain unremembered at the bottom of my brain. I think it’s too easy to settle back and assume that because you’ve done it once, you know all about it. This is how those annoying ‘exercise their lungs’ people get created. And I’ve just returned from seeing our MCHN, a visit which left me wanting to kick her…but that’s a whole other story…

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