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We went to Balnarring Market at the racecourse on Sunday – it was lovely. Like a cooler, slightly less feral version of Koala Markets up in Hervey Bay. But, sadly, with a bit less junk.

Anyway, I caught up with a an old friend at the market, who I don’t remember seeing since she brightened my existence back in Hervey Bay. We hugged hellos and she said, “Congratulations!!”
“Thank you,” I said happily, “She’s over there…” I gestured toward Small Z who was over at the honey stall with M.
“Noooo!” said Lorraine, “Congratulations for the new one!!”
“But how did you…”
“Your website!! I still read it!”

Lorraine – if you’re out there, the term for you is LURKER! I never knew you were out there reading, and I was so happy to find that you were! Hello to any other lurkers out there – if I have one, maybe I have several??!

So anyway, a lovely time was had as we wandered from stall to stall. The highlight for me was the Sassy Cakes stall. Oh man. M bought me two little mini chocolate cupcakes, and my response was so rapturous that he then bought me two more. Sublime. I told the amazing women who were selling them that they could make a lot of money by setting up a pregnancy hotline, where they send mini-cupcakes by courier at any time, day or night.

My first two mini cupcakes

There were some lovely handmade kids jumpers that I swooned for. They were $60 each, which seems fair enough considering that someone has sat there and knitted them, but out of our league. I mused on how much money my grandma could now be raking in if I’d set her up an Etsy shop. She could knit anything.

Such is my vagueness, that I somehow left the $14 pail of leatherwood honey somewhere between the playground and the car, probably due to cupcake over-indulgence. M has not yet noticed – so I’ll hear a yelp from the other room as he reads this. Sorry M!

Small Z went to sleep in the car on the way home so we turned around and drove to Point Leo, where we got cheese and tomato sandwiches on excellent bread, scouted for a good campsite for M’s upcoming birthday and spent a few hours on the beach.


Sunday I stuffed the slow cooker with kangaroo stew, made a cake and stewed some rhubarb. Late in the afternoon She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged, She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged’s partner and Small Brother came over. We drank tea, ate cake and blueberry muffins and then went for a long meandering walk to both show them around and tire out Small Z.

The wind was chilly and Small Z was generally ebullient. We walked along past the marina, the pool, stopped for swinging at the park and then hit the main drag to pick up milk and soda water. Small Z played tigers-in-the-grass and Small Brother stumbled gracefully over an errant shot glass on the pavement. We must have been gone for almost two hours.

A lovely night. The rain was occasionally tumultuous and we had to educate She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged about a possible caravan window leak. Small Brother and I failed at trying to network our computers (Mac/PC). She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged made crumble to top my rhubarb and Small Brother made custard to finish it off. It was a cookery metaphor for our gathering.

Nattered until around 10pm when everyone began to fade, and in the morning we took turns having showers before heading off to reprise our breakfast of a few weeks ago at Merricks General Store. The rain hammered on and off. Small Brother paid for breakfast before anyone could stop him, for which we were all thankful but mildly frustrated.

Head of the table

A wander through Flinders, where we sheltered in the op-shop and kitted out Pikelet for the first three months of its life in a timely half price sale. We visited a gallery in between showers and saw some wild and wondrous teapots as part of the 6th Annual Melbourne Teapot Exhibition. They were lovely. A drive around bits of coast and to show She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Blogged and partner our favourite camping spot…and then it was time to begin driving back to keep an appointment with the parentals in Pearcedale…

Mum had suggested a ‘family meal’ to get us all together in one spot, so we convened for lunch at a cafe near to the boat, so Small Brother could go and monitor its progress. It was good to kick back and not think too hard about when it might happen again. Next time, there will be an extra little tiny person present…

The gathering

I took Small Z home after lunch as she was fading due to nap-lack; M took Small Brother and mum to see the Very Large Catamaran. They were gone a long time, and I assumed they were just whiffling around and waiting for Small Z to wake up. I had put my phone on silent while I had tried unsuccessfully to get her down…and looked at it an hour later to find six missed calls from an unknown number.

Mum’s car had broken down and Small Z and I drove to the rescue with our dazzling personalities and a length of blue rope. The blue rope was sufficient for Small Brother in my 300D to tow mum’s Datsun ZX with M at the wheel back to our house. This had prolonged the day a bit, but in the end mum and Small Brother headed back to her place in my car. I had to endure saying goodbye to Small Brother, which in my pregtastic state was even worse than normal. I continue to feel wrung out…

Meanwhile, the RACV came and diagnosed the Datsun, and then towed it away last night. Small Brother is in town for another day or so, but not near here. New York has never felt more far away.


Yesterday we got up and Small Z was skanky from the get-go. There was no way I was going to do what I had planned – which was attend my first ABA meeting. I met a woman in a cafe on Saturday, a meeting lubricated by the Labrador, who had met her before. She had a five-year-old and an eight-week-old (soooo tiny) and after a bit of a chat, we found we had similar experiences.

She had not had much luck with a mother’s group and said that she had found the local ABA meetings a good substitute. She suggested I come along and check it out. I thought it might serve me well for Pikelet – if only to have people to hang out with nearby who might also have tiny babies hanging off them in slings. So I had decided to attend, but will now have to leave that until next time…

Finally, finally I managed to convince Small Z to take a midday nap. Oh thank GOD for small mercies. Because I had forgotten that we had to journey to Cranbourne for her second swine flu shot (I can feel you wincing up in Northern NSW, btw). Mostly it is less about Small Z contracting swine flu and more about me getting it via her while pregnant or Pikelet contracting as a newborn.

As we left I was cursing for not parking in the shade (we are having an Indian Summer here) and I assumed the car would be baking – my least favourite thing. But it was not so. Looking up we could see a Big Fat Storm brewing in the sky and the breeze had cooled right down. We drove to Cranbourne, Small Z got jabbed and was a total tearless champ and then we went to the supermarket to get ingredients for playdough…

By the time we were driving home, the almost blackened sky had started to leak big drops of rainy goodness. With about 15km to go I could hardly see out of the windscreen because the rain was so heavy. There was also thunder…and amazing lightning. It felt almost sub-tropical. We were pounded with water…

When we got home, Small Z was thrilled by the rain and insisted on going out in it. I declined her invitation out into the backyard…here’s a video. I like how her little hand and then head stick out of the cubby;

And here are some photographs taken by Brooke Smith a few blocks away. They were in The Age today.
Hastings Pier

Hastings Boat Ramp

Axel Turns Two

Saturday saw us at Axel’s second birthday party. His parents are both olive skinned and dark haired, while he is a cherubic fire topped redhead. Beautiful. There were SO many small children at this party that you basically had to kick yourself a path through them on arrival…

Small Z had a great time – she and Axel had a small meltdown in stereo towards the end, over the sharing of a Thomas the Tank Engine calendar. It was mercifully brief. The lure of someone elses toys was so thrilling that it generally overode any kind of angst. There were people there (older ones) who I used to see SO often and now I’m lucky if we catch up once every six months. Weird. People are establishing there own little networks, often through their toddlers via playgroup and mother’s groups… We have to get out more often before we become submerged in the brand-new-baby blur….

Happy Birthday Axel - You're TWO!
Birthday parallel play.
Axel's bedroom at night
Small Z and someone else's toys

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