I will post here about what a really lovely day we had on Friday, and not mention the godawful afternoon we had on Saturday. (Oops – it just slipped out, my tiny vent.) But anyway, I began Friday with the intention of being PATIENT and SLOWER. I find myself racing around for entire days just constantly either cleaning up crud, doing endless washing/dishes/sweeping/cooking…

I set up Small Z with painting and gave her a whole lot of toilet rolls to daub, with the aim of doing this with them. I don’t know that this will eventuate as they are now her little toys to play with. Anyway – this was a success, and I made a small quiet resolution to try and be more proactive about setting up Things To Do.

And in that vein I introduced the idea of a colander sculpture – something that I also saw over at TinkerLab. (I have been finding lots of amazing sites lately and will post a list of them separately some time this week.)

Of course, Small Z went about it in a way that had never occurred to me. I assumed she would go for a porcupine kind of approach, but no – it was all about bending them in a certain way….

making a colander sculpture

…but this did mean that the end result was cool from both the top…

colander sculpture top

…and the bottom.

inside the colander

“It’s a carnival ride for three-year-olds and zeros!” she chirped, “For Daisy and me!!”