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Out Googled

I have just been searching and searching for a page that I know exists and I know a few keywords that would help me find it, but could Google pull it from the ether? No, it could not. So I defected (I haven’t decided whether my treachery will be permanent) to alltheweb.com and it found it in one second flat. Me no understandy. Another positive. When I do a search for Bidston Moss it comes up with ‘Bidston Moss are a supersonic power-pop foursome’ unlike Google’s effort, which reads; ‘Twinks Free Thumnails 15 13 Twinks Piss Skater Twink Boys 13 YEAR OLD TWINK BOYS Free Naked Gay Boys Men Twinks Boy Twinks Gallery 156 137 Gay Twink Pics’ blah blah blah and so on. I know which search engine’s furnace I’m going to be stoking…..


Am up in Mt Macedon and it’s like stepping back into Winter. There are amazing red and yellow tulips out everywhere and the air has a mountainy chill to it. Wish I’d brought my camera – I’d forgotten how pretty it is up here.

Tadpole Hole

Spent another day at Mt Macedon yesterday and the weather was divine. Because I was there for work I couldn’t while away the last few dregs of my hangover in the sunshine, but I did take this shot on the way to lunch – lots of ‘almost-frogs’ having a lovely time.

looking down from the bridge

Stinky Tram

I ride the train to work, and I am kind of thankful that I get on one station from the end of the line – that way I get a seat all the way into the city. The problem is, then I have to get a tram up to the State Library tramstop – I try to avoid those new trams, because, frankly, they reek. I’m not sure how to describe the reek, but it’s a mixture of plasticky newness combined with an ingrained stale kind of odour, and first thing in the morning, it doesn’t do a lot for my state of mind. Thank god I didn’t get on one last Monday (hungover) morning. It would have been the end of me.

So now I’m trying to figure out how quickly to get across to Yarraville in my lunchbreak, and the VicTrip site is so incredibly, craply, non-user friendly, that it makes me want to take huge chunks out of my monitor whenever I look it up. It’s Trip Planner (that used to work perfectly well until they ‘upgraded’ the site i.e made it unusable, unnavigable…) spacks out with an error every time I try to use it. Argh. It makes me want to kill. But valiantly witholding my homicidal urges, instead I went to the M>Train page. I was not stunned to discover that this didn’t help much. In fact, obviously it’s just indicative of the way my day is going to pan out, but the two trains that I can catch are the particular ones that the timetable says:

North Melbourne 12.46 12.56
Flagstaff 1.03 1.11
Melbourne Central 1.01 1.09
Parliament 12.59 1.07
Spencer Street 12.49 12.59
Flinders Street Arr. 12.53 1.03

So these Werribee line trains actually jump forward in time and then snap quickly backward before they are sucked down a convienient vortex. I just know I”m not going to make it there on time.

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