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Bed Early & Tiny Cat

Oh, must concetrate on getting to dog supplements
bed early. First night of no commitments (do not misunderstand me, a social life is Good) but it's nice to come home and only have to think of all the stuff you have to do in between the walls of your house rather than knowing you're going out and won't be home til late.... Today I went to the Bureau of Meteorology and sat surrounded by....meteorologists (what a
suprise!) I did make a good contact for the stuff I'm researching at the moment, so that was good...I spent the rest of my time propping open my eyelids and being baffled by probability data....eeek! David Jackson, you owe me lunch!! The house of David & Ellise has a tiny cat!

Garbo Good Friday

Ah, I vant to be alone. Actually, I have no choice. I am alone. As far as I can ascertain I am the only one in this whole university. I don’t usually ‘dress for work’ mostly I just wear trousers and boots – I suppose it’s no different today, but I am wearing my new boots (not Doc-style, more girly girl style with zips up the sides and heels). They make me feel work-like. So I only got here an hour and a half late rather than not getting here at all. If I haven’t explained before, the reason that I am all alone in here on Good Friday (and next Monday and Tuesday also) is because I am employed as a casual. This is my choice – as a casual I don’t get holidays or sick leave but I do get paid double what I’d get if I was made permanent with the aforementioned perks. And as a girl that’s in the middle of buying a house and planning on moving over 1000 kilometres away, I need all the cash I can get – they can keep their sick leave!

So I whine about my office fairly often, and as no one is in it at the moment except for me I brought in my new camera!! Now I can show my grey brick view to the world, my dodgy desk (and after I took a photo of it I realised it still looks like it belongs to the last person who sat at it…) and my ventilation customisation…
The paint is called buttermilk - the view is called BLAH

OK, get ready for this one. As someone who has had their eyes lasered and who’s skin seems to dry out on command, having an air vent pumping in someone’s idea of ‘fresh air’ at temperatures that seem to vary as wildly as this university’s financial management doesn’t really make my time in the office as enjoyable as it could be. So after experimenting with vast amounts of cardboard and gaffer tape and pulling off the vent altogether….I ended up with this…

The Office

The only other person in this room just left for lunch.
I. Am. Alone.

Go here. It’s funny.

Made It!

We made it! Left a very cold Melbourne on Thursday morning and arrived on Saturday night at about 8pm. It was quite a surreal journey – the first night we camped in West Wyalong in New South Wales and were so tired that we went to bed when it got dark at about 7:30pm.
The first nights campsite in West Wyalong
M woke me up and said it was 6:30am and we should get going, so I bounded into action, packed up the tent and 15 minutes later we were on the road. It was when it didn’t seem to be getting light that I looked at the time on my mobile phone. It was 1:45am! I sent M a rather terse SMS message (he was in the van ahead of me) telling him to check the time – I saw the van swerve. Once we knew what the time was it was hard to keep our energy up, so after doing about 100km we pulled over at a truckstop and both slept in the front seats of our respective vehicles. Yes. I am still tormenting him about it.
Sheep crossing the Newell Highway

The second night we stayed in Narrabri, which is about 100km from Moree where the radio had been saying that there were quite a few lightning cells. So Narrabri was just bizarre, the sky was black and the thunder very ominous. Thus I booked a cabin, as the thought of sleeping wetly in a tent did not appeal to someone like myself who had got her last sleep in the front seat of the car. So we felt rather special in the cabin, particularly when it started raining fat cats and dogs at about three in the morning. We were back on the road at 7am and then made it to Kingaroy by about 5pm, where we tracked down M’s mother (who was in hospital again) and told her we’d be in town that night. The next three hours were the longest of the whole trip – the Kilkivan road in between Wondai and Maryborough was just hideous – unsealed and very narrow (not to mention unlit). I felt like I was about to crush native wildlife with every rotation of my wheels :o(

Finally made it to Maryborough and hit the bottle shop. Bought three longnecks of VB from a somewhat inebriated man and then drove the final 30km to M’s mother’s house. Then crashed out. I have sooo much more to write, and pictures too, but my laptop battery is running out and we don’t have any electricity on yet (or water, for that matter) but hopefully will have power by tonight. Will write more then. Have survived the first site of the house and am feeling both positive and broke. Maybe busking is an option.

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