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Make me some TEA

Science is Golden from beth on Vimeo.

Outrage! Am slain by monster truck!

Oh god. I just rifled through the [miaow] archives and ascertained that I have not been slain by a malady for THIRTEEN months. Until now. I woke up yesterday and was barely able to move what used to be my head to try and see with what used to be my eyes where the bastard was that had just driven over me, and then reversed to finish the job.

Oh yes. Listen to me whine. Don’t be fooled, this is in no way, shape, or form – a Man Cold:

This is a proper, rotten, joint painy, nose snuffling destroyer of all things good. And PartyPie has it too. So last night at 10.30pm when neither of us could breathe through our respective noses anymore, we wasted a considerable amount of water by running a hot-only shower and sticking our heads near it until the snot dissolved.

M, for whatever reason, continues to be relatively unscathed, except for even worse lack of sleep than normal due to the aforementioned breathing difficulties. Thank goodness it hasn’t hit him (yet) because he has been saving me with PartyPie wrangling, salad sandwiches, Panadol, hot lemon drinks… Now if I could just find a bell and get him to rub my brow and say “Poor little bunny…”

Shopping Trolley.

This was in the garden on Sunday afternoon. I have been doing a bit of experimenting with iMovie and cursing it for not dealing in mpg or avi files. I am so time poor that I couldn’t even learn how to make a few edits, all I could do was cut the movie shorter, and put in the music. Ah well, better than nothing. Small Z loved her shopping trolley ride so much that she started to cry when I took her OUT of it!

Dancing Queen

We went to the Somers Art Fair…

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