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No House For Me

My house that I was willing to best dog vitamins
saw off my own arm to have has been sold to someone who will never love it as much as I do :o( This is very sad.

Everything Sucks

Everything has gone wrong. The dog joint supplement
house was valued under the price that it was sold for. Apparently the valuers in the area judge properties on past sale prices which means they don't take into account the rise in prices over the past twelve months or so. They said that the kitchen and bathroom needed rennovating and the house needed painting inside and out, and priced that at $25k. They don't care that I bought it to do up - they even took another $2000 off for polishing the floorboards.
this is me
I have organised another valuation through a different company and have my fingers crossed - it's all I can do. I have to wait for two weeks to find out if they will value it any higher. The word gobsmacked might describe my feelings, but it doesn't really convey my angst. I could mention the word jinx...but I won't. Oh.


My horoscope says:

Taurus: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. And if you still don’t get anywhere? Try something different. That’s not copping out or buckling under or giving up or letting anyone down, that’s just being intelligent. Once you get an idea in your head you are reluctant to drop it. Taurean tenacity is legendary and admirable. Every so often though, your determination becomes your Achilles heel. Right now, it is important to be fleet of foot. Don’t let yesterday’s big idea become the ball and chain that stops you from reaching a brighter tomorrow. Flexibility is a virtue, not a vice.

Mo Mo Mope

So paint me grey and call me Eeyore. Someone just bought my house. Not only that, they actually have all the cash themselves and so don’t need to have diverting times with whacked out valuers. I am trying to assume that this is for the best and that an even better place will come along. Yeah right. Magic happens. Blah. Why would someone with $110k in cash want to buy a dump to do up? My woe is great. I look woebegone. I have never actually managed to use that word in a sentence, but I think the time is ripe for woebegone. My horoscope keeps telling me that this is all for the best – but I swear if something good doesn’t happen soon I am going to hunt down Jonathan Cainer and do his aura some serious damage. Looks like I’ll be in Melbourne for a while longer.

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