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Furiousness & Some Relief

My account of yesterday’s astonishingly traumatic visit to the dentist got eaten by an accidental click in Movable Type and drowned my words forever. The moral of this sad story being… to always type up your musings in notepad or something similar and save as you go. I scoured my temp files for ages, but all for nowt. *sigh*

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Poor Mow (Rhymes with Cow)

I am having terrible trouble concentrating today – it’s a beautiful day outside and I’m stuck in this icky room. My visit to the Bureau of Meteorology went OK (I hope) – because I’m looking at the public’s perception of weather forecasts I don’t actually have to be a tech-head (a minor fact that keeps evading me). So now I will talk about cats. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but we have two cats. One is more ‘mine’ – he is pretty – orange and white with not short fur, but fuzzy fur. He is getting fatter – and it’s because he sucks in his breath and looks at our neighbours like he is starving…it’s fairly tragic. His name is Saffron – he used to be nice almost all of the time, but since he has had his feline space invaded….. The other cat is Mow (rhymes with cow) and he is a total fuzzball – he had so much fur that he could hardly deal with it all. He has a very sweet temperament and is almost always very quiet except before having food. This is kind of why what happened to him makes me feel so bad…

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Humber Hell

Well today is more lovely weather – about 29 degrees, but with a in supplement for dogs
breeze that stops it from being too hot. I am waxing lyrical about weather because I am trying to keep my mind off how much my mechanic has charged me to fix the car. Oh. My. God.
It is lucky that I love my car because otherwise I’d tell them to keep it. (Mae – if you’re reading this, don’t tell dad.) My brain has started to boggle and my mouth needs a Glenfiddich infusion. It was not supposed to cost so much!! The other really great thing that happened is that people in the US can’t see this site :o(
Don’t know why. Am heading off now to collect my car and never will it return to the evil clutches of the mechanic – for what I, well, actually, my Mastercard, is about to shell out, my car is going to drive like a dream for the next ten years – and it better, because it’s the only way I’m going to be travelling!! I am never going to be able to afford to leave the country, let alone try and fly away before next May.

[Clutches head]. I need a drink. Two drinks. And a nice lie down…

Death By Housework

Christmas for a pagan is all about three things
Not four calling birds or five golden rings
But the things that really matter – they make everything more pleasant
The first is food…the second is Present!
And the third thing happens when glasses go ‘clink’
Number three? A celebration drink!

Christmas for a Cat can be thrilling or quite boring
Depending on whether your owners are adoring
You could be given tinned food – the same as any other day
Or you might be slurping oysters from solid silver tray
Sitting underneath the table is strongly recommended
(Stay there until the end when the pickings should be splendid)
Christmas for a Cat should always be quite special
Nothing rhymes with special.

The End.

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