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Can you see the kite?

Small Z & the Big Sky

And also, on our way to fly our kite, we saw this being readied for a trip. I love my caravan, but an AMPHIBIOUS CARAVAN? Almost too good to be true!!! It honestly had fenders…and wheels!

Solo urban guerilla

Today I used one of my Mental Health Cards. My friend Jen was in town for Fair@Square over the past weekend.

This is what I woke up to…so cute!
Time to get up!!
She no longer looks quite so peachy – she split her lip at the park today 🙁

I drove – alone – into Collingwood via freeways and the back streets of Toorak and Richmond. It was brought home to me how long it had been since I had driven through those places that I used to go several times a week when I saw many well established trees…growing down the middle of Coppin Street. I suppose that’s what eight or ten years can do! I had never even seen them before.

Central Club Hotel - Richmond

Rach's house. The new paintjob

My lovely Jen was waiting for me and I took her out to Bluebird Espresso, about which I had read good things. We nattered and nattered and in the middle of that noshed on sublime food. After about 90 minutes I was given a further free pass by M, who called to say that Small D had fallen asleep and not to hurry back. Wooo!
Check out the brunch!
Divine brunch - Bluebird Espresso

I helped Jen get her myriad of boxes together, we took them to the post office and then I slalomed her through the city and deposited her out the front of the Skybus building an hour before her plane was due to leave. All good.

She is a wise friend. I may have mentioned this before once or twice. Her main pearl on this occasion? In response to my often mentioned whine about me having kidfree time means the boat build is prolonged…she jumped in where Karen and M have already been and said;
How are you even existing? Take one day a month – at LEAST – for your own time. Go to a park and read a book or hang out with a friend WITHOUT any kids around. You will feel better, and as a result, the family will function better – and the boat will probably get built faster, because there will be better energy buzzing around.

Basically, if mama ain’t happy – nobody’s happy. I’m going to do it. Why it has taken three different people to tell me this in various different ways, I am not sure. I have to focus more on the present and let the future take care of itself.

Small Z was gifted some gorgeous arm warmers:
Zoe's wrist warmers...
I miss you Jen – it was ace to catch up!!

The Trial

One of my aims is to take Small Z to swimming lessons. To do this, I need somewhere to stash Small DB. Unfortunately I can’t just put her in a shoebox or give her to a cafe for forty minutes. But…the swimming pool does have a childcare room open from 9-12pm every day.

I took Small DB there and (gulp) left her there for 25 minutes the other day. This was a big deal for me. Small Z and I went and had a cup of tea at the cafe in the same complex. When we went back, there was a Small Sad and Sorry DB waiting for us. I think the lady that runs the place had held her for the entire time.

It was then that I had a small falling out with the lady, who said, upon seeing me:

“She was just FINE for the first half an hour, but after that…”

To which I responded tartly, “She hasn’t been here for a whole half hour, so….?”

I am wary, after an experience with Small Z, about childcare workers telling me what they think I want to hear. Anyway. I signed her out and we went to leave. Small DB was by then fine, but Small Z started to shriek: “I WANT TO STAY! I WANT TO STAAAAAY!!!! LEAVE ME HERE AT CHILDCARE!!!!!”

After explaining that this was not possible I enrolled her on the spot. She’s going there with her sister on Friday for another 30min trial. I think that the Smallest Small will be comforted by having her sister there. Or so my theory goes….

Half Moon Xmas Lunch

I missed my work ‘do’ last year because Small DB was only three months old. Not this year! I was so excited to go along!! M looked after Small DB all day (huzzah!) and I took Small Z with me so she could hang out at her Nana’s house – which happens to be about two minutes from the lunch venue. She had a lovely day.

She worked on more Christmas cookies and also went to the beach.
Making more Xmas cookies

I had been told that the lunch was at 12.45pm – so there I was. At the Cerberus Beach House – fifteen minutes earlier than the others. It wasn’t a bad place to wait 😉 This is the view from my table…
The view from my table

Half Moon Bay – that’s the water I was looking at, was the beach we went to all the time when I was little – it was almost at the end of our street. I have a picture that I’m going to try and dig out, of little me with my grandad sitting on the beach wall. As I’d been told the wrong time I ordered a glass of expensive white wine to keep me company…

There was the cutest smallest little sailboat…(picture’s not great due to the zoom I had to use)…
A tiny sailboat on Half Moon Bay

The others arrived at about 1pm and it was lovely to see everyone – I go for months and months without seeing my co-workers and boss, as I mail my files in. I haven’t yet posted my work gossip bombshell of a week or so ago – they sacked made SoFrenchySoChic redundant. So she wasn’t there. Which was unfair, but it did mean things weren’t at all tense.

Me? I ordered spaghetti marinara. I desserted on chocolate creme brulee – and concluded that creme brulee should not be chocolate. But the ice-cream that it came with was the BOMB. We had done a Kris Kringle to the value of $10 and I had drawn my boss – I got him a gorgeous tiny terrarium from The Vintage Shed – and he seemed to like it very much.

A lovely outing – and once we got home, I found a very happy Small DB and M. It was the longest that I’ve left her and there were no dramas. Yay!

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