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Aimless Walking

mmmmm. long aimless walks through city. buying a vitamin c dosage for dogs
chocolate for $1.20 at David Jones (an apricot royale - very worth it). my lunch break ended up being an hour and 45 minutes long....evil....evil....evil....but strangely fulfilling...
Hello to Claire, Lorraine and Mae....

Treading Water

Today is a nupro dog vitamins
very non-constructive one. V.hard to do work, as I know I must leave early to get to....the Dentist :o( Oh dear. I ate a chocolate cupcake at lunchtime as if it was my only hope. Please let the dentist be kind. Pleeeeeese. Let me remain fairly untraumatised? I really hate when you stick a book in your bag to take on the train to work to read while travelling and also at lunchtime, and you have a niggle that you've seen it before....but the blurb on the back doesn't bring anything to mind, and then as soon as you settle with your california rolls and your aforementioned cupcake...you open it up and recognise the characters immediately....*grrrrr* Does anyone want a copy of the Frances Fyfield? Have set up comments on the page and battled ceaselessly to get my archives working.... I think all is well. [she grips a nearby tree] Am looking
for a weather button to put on my page... Bidston Moss have a gig on the 21st of December at good morning captain so that will be a nice way to see the year out....


Yay…it’s Friday! Oh god. I just realised what I didn’t do at lunch time! I didn’t go to pet form vitamins
the bank to get my market float!! Eeeek. Will run now and try to make it!


OK, got my float money, now only a vitamins for dogs skin
few more minutes of work to try and not look like a slacker who just ran to the bank for twenty five minutes (the teller couldn't believe that God had singled her out to a psychotic like myself who demanded astonishing amounts of small coins and notes). Tonight I think I am going to walk up to the Queen Vic. market and see if there's some fish stall
still open and I will take it home and see if M will cook it up without demolishing the kitchen (which is something that detracts a little bit of enjoyment from even the most yummy dinner). Am still trying to figure out a solution for getting the weather on to [miaow] but no luck so far. Tonight I have sworn to hang out at home and practice my Sneeze songs because they're heading down to Melbourne next weekend and there's a couple of shows lined up....I wish I had a photographic memory for this kind of thing....

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