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Girls Act Up

Finally – the dog food supplements
launch date of the Girls Act Up cd – a project that Women’s Health West was involved in and that I did the artwork for. It seems that anything to do with the launching of cds takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r where I am concerned. The artwork (which used drawings from girls in Secure Welfare) was done last year, but due to the inability of any bureaucracy to pull it’s finger out and get things moving, the launch didn’t happen until yesterday. It was great! Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company performed some of the songs from the CD and some scenes from a show that they’ve been touring. The food was great, the speeches where interesting and it was awesome to see all my Women’s Health West friends again. (I’d link to their page, but since I left no one knows how to update it *sigh*). I’d like to be a freelance page updater for all those organisations who have set up a site and then let it fester, untweaked, for years.

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La La La La

Gigging at the Tote!

This will make a nice change from our almost mimed show at the Empress last week. The VicMusic site has an article about the noise restrictions that are currently threatening the Empress and I’m taking a petition along to the Tote tonight for people to sign. Should be a cool night…but I’m sooo tired. The latest house gossip is quite exciting! The people that grabbed it out from under my nose? They are no more. It all fell through. Quite bizarre. The second valuation was done yesterday and came through at a much better price – $20k more than the first valuation! So now it’s time for the finance people, who were very accomodating previously to start tormenting me and telling me I have to get a letter from my boss confirming that I will continue in his employment when/if (if the last week has taught me anything it’s that there’s always an ‘if’) I move to Queensland. I plan to ask him tomorrow…this could prove very interesting….

Need More Sleep

Oooh yeah. Bed at 2:30am and work at 9am. My eyebags are loving it! Last nights gig was a blast – we played well and it was great to really crank it up after the Empress show last week. We did two brand new songs that we only put together on Monday and they seemed to go pretty well – a little stumbley but not too bad. Abdoujaparov headlined and came on after us – they were R-O-C-K!! It was the best set I’ve seen them do yet (and we’ve played with them once a year for the past three years). Les was moaning later that his guitar was out of tune, but it wasn’t an issue. They did all their Abdou-classics, plus their Let Bogans Be Bogans song – they also played a killer cover of the Buzzcock’s Ever Fallen in Love which got the first dancer up…

I have persuaded M that the thing I want most in the world for my scary looming birthday is a digital camera. All the things I could do with one just boggles my brain (keep your mind above your belt people). I could have taken shots of the show last night and posted them today! I could take pictures of my souless little office and share them with the world. I could try and do what no one has ever done before and capture a decent band photo of Bidston Moss….doubtful, but I could try! Anyway, I know what model I want and found one on ebay – naturally the closing time for the bid was during last nights show, so I primed London-based brother to bid on my behalf. It went over my limit, but not to worry. I do have an inside source that can get me one at cost price…so I think I’ll be going down that path. Huzzah!

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Phair Go

Just have been clicking around before going to find something to chomp on for lunch and had a listen to the new single Why Can’t I from Liz Phair. The new album is out at the end of June. Geeez, I hope it’s better than Why Can’t I. Let me just say, it’s a very apt title – I don’t know why she can’t, but it sounds to me that she’s been subjected to some record company ‘grooming’ (i.e. de-quirking). Maybe the poor girl just needs to make some money….though she was in an ad for GAP if I recall. I’ve been hanging out for her new album…I have my fingers crossed that the rest of it is not as repetitive and MOR as this. No phair. (Sorry). Maybe if I give it a few more listens? I’m trying to be hopeful.

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