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OK, got my float money, now only a vitamins for dogs skin
few more minutes of work to try and not look like a slacker who just ran to the bank for twenty five minutes (the teller couldn't believe that God had singled her out to a psychotic like myself who demanded astonishing amounts of small coins and notes). Tonight I think I am going to walk up to the Queen Vic. market and see if there's some fish stall
still open and I will take it home and see if M will cook it up without demolishing the kitchen (which is something that detracts a little bit of enjoyment from even the most yummy dinner). Am still trying to figure out a solution for getting the weather on to [miaow] but no luck so far. Tonight I have sworn to hang out at home and practice my Sneeze songs because they're heading down to Melbourne next weekend and there's a couple of shows lined up....I wish I had a photographic memory for this kind of thing....

Frustration Nation

oh….I am v.frustrated….I have too much to supplement dogs
do! It's driving me nuts that I am at work with this kick-ass connection to the net and yet can't tweak up this page and have too many other things I need to be doing to feel good about doing it at home. [clutches head] Tomorrow I have to go to a workshop at the Bureau of Meteorology on Snow Probability Forecasts [downcast]....argh. I have two free nights this week and one of them is going to be repairing Mung's computer....which, at this stage, I would prefer to throw from my office window because: 1) then it would be gone forever 2) fresh air would get in I have to write two website reviews by Friday of Media Watch Youth and Girls Inc. - this is while I'm learning Sneeze songs, and...omigod...that right!! I'm in the
middle of doing my masters! have I had time to even look at anything now I'm apparently two weeks into 'summer' semester? That would be a B I G F A T N O!!!!


s l e e p y….last night was fun (albeit in vitamin a dogs
the usual haphazard way)...of course I'd practiced all the songs to the cd without thinking that the band had just come back from the european tour and had just begun to play all their songs in a [um] organic kind of way. So I stumbled through...I added a link to Simon's (Sneeze drummers) brothers site because I remembered how much I liked the mp3s on it when I visited it last. It's nice to find poetry that you like - mostly I don't like what I find and feel like a bit of a boring culture-less idiot, but Adam's stuff is full of lots of images...particularly of Sydney.... Today the weather is divine...I have proclaimed a limit on study guilt until Monday when I will study all day until I am up to date...that's right! You heard it first here....am feeling a little seedy...need to find shower, cafe & paper.....in that order..... I wish I had a digital camera because then I would take a picture of my garden which is actually looking very pretty! Lots of flowers, tomato plants, flowers, capsicum plants, flowers, chillies (is that how you spell it....?) brain aches....

I Need Eight Hours

Oh the cat vitamin c
evilness of being left alone in the office! It’s practically an invitation to play with my webpage, tweak my BlogAmp and generally avoid taxing my brain. Got to work a bit late in the innocent belief that my boss had gone interstate. Thus you can imagine my response when he walked into the room at about 10am. I have turned minimising at lightspeed into an artform.

Am recovered from wedding, though miss my special hair. Last night had a bit of band practice and got a burnt copy of our new EP – it’s been mastered! Now, it is usual for me to cringe whilst listening to any of our recordings, but this actually made me grin a little bit *ahem*. I dont mind it. I had the artwork pretty much done the week after we recorded it, because I was inspired. It’s going to feature a cool chick on the cover that Michelle from YellowToothpick has given me permission to use – it should look pretty cool. I like EP’s better than albums. they are more immediate…though listening to albums is cool, but when you are in a band with no money, the more tracks you have to record the more you have to compromise because of costs. It sucks. Thus, while we remain poor and struggling, EP’s will be my medium of choice.

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