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The Pay Off

Surprisingly, the bank did not lie. My ‘refinancing funds’ appeared today. I have to admit to reloading the webpage numerous times, merely to take in my account balance. That done, I paid off our lounge suite, phone, electricity, boat rent, storage and Humber registration. It still didn’t feel real, so I went and bought the first new pillow I’ve ever purchased, two bottles of wine and a cheap Italian meal. I AM GETTING MUCH HAPPIER, GET OUT OF MY WAY. (Oh. I also bought dark orange Lindt Chocolate…and some Chai Syrup…can you tell?)

Credit Limit: Nil


I just closed my credit card accounts. Debt reconsolidation does have quite a few high points! The lady in the bank was just going to take my card away and stick it in the shredder. I demanded that she give me scissors so I could get some closure. Voila!

On the up & up

All you sad people who voted Howard back in because you were dumb enough to believe his fiction about ‘keeping interest rates low’? They may still be in single figures, but they’ve just gone up. Read about it here and read more about it here and then go here
This bodes not so well for selling our house…or maybe it does? People struggling to service a $300k mortgage might want to downgrade to a $200k one. [looks hopeful]

$500 for World’s Best Tea Cosy

Via my sister – queen of the cosy:
The Queensland town of Miles in Australia is set to become the tea cosy capital of the world with a call for entries in the inaugural World Tea Cosy Making Competition.

With four categories and A$500 first prize, the competition is sure to “draw� a fascinating array of tea cosies from around the globe, said organizer Ann Gibbons.

“Legend has it that the tea cosy was ‘invented’ in the early 1800s by an Irish farmer whose woollen hat accidentally fell on a teapot so we are expecting entries from as far away as Ireland,� Ann said.

The four categories are:
· knitting and/or crochet
· embroidery
· any other medium eg appliqué, patchwork
· novelty.

The winner of each category will receive A$200 with an additional A$300 to the overall winner.

[read more here…]

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