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Following fast on the feet of alltheweb.com is my new browser. I had read about it on someone elses blog that I couldn’t remember the name of, and had to hunt and hunt to find it, because I’d forgotten it’s name as well. It’s called Firebird and it’s only 6MB in size. My Internet Explorer got all clagged by a virus I’ve been trying to get rid of and I was having lots of trouble. So far, Firebird is the biz! Now I just have to try and get rid of all the spam crap that’s popping up in the comments *groan*

Oh – cryogenics? Our over-the-road neighbours (as opposed to the ShutUpAndStopIts next door) gave us a freezer today! I am excited about all the ice-cream that I’m going to consume throughout Summer, not to mention the stacks of other stuff I can freeze and use for cooking instead of having to haul my butt to the shops (particularly since Hervey Bay still hasn’t got its head around Sunday trading yet….) Yay!

Spam & Another Baby!

Well I have been complaining about all the spam I get via email on a daily basis (and I am wary of killing off my email address because after using it for six years, I’m subscribed to a lot of cool stuff…*sigh*) – but now my blog is getting more comment-spam than you can poke a stick at! It’s terrible! I got about 70 spam comment entries overnight, and all I have to say is thank you Jay Allen for making the mt-blacklist plugin – particularly because it’s so easy to install! My spam situation via email is not too bad at home because I’m using Thunderbird and it seems to be learning quite quickly what is spam and what isn’t. However, now I’m down in Melbourne, and have to spend way too long siphoning through Outlook Express looking vainly for legitimate communication.

On the topic of other, less techy stuff, big CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Christian (Bidston Moss drummer) and Meegan (opera singer extraordinaire) for producing a brand new baby boy some time on Wednesday night/Thursday morning!! Wow – the band got it’s first two offsprings both in the same month – curiously organised for two separately occurring phenomenens!

Plug It

Jeez, I am getting no work done today. But guess what! M has put two websites up! He’s had them in the pipeline for just about forever, but now he’s got the domain names happening and everything. Check ’em out – they’re the parking spots in cyberspace for two of the bands he was in; The Fish John West Reject and Hurdy Gurdy. They rock.

Poodles of Spam

That’s it. My email address of the last seven or so years is about to bite the dust. I am being spammed to death. I am going to try and do it in an organised fashion, but I know that I’m going to drop off some rather cool mailing lists *sigh* but it can’t be helped.

After lots of tweaking I have upgraded MT-Blacklist and it is siphoning off all my comment-spam very sucessfully – love it! If your blog is being spammed, check out BLAM – a project ‘dedicated to developing a non-vendor-specific solution to comment spam’. There’s my plug for this evening.

Poodles? I’m getting to it – though typing through the noise of ‘Alias – The Finale’ is playing havoc with my coherence. (M likes his J.Garner. Huh.) I have, over the past few days, been regressing to my previous incarnation of Girly-Girl. Queensland does it to me. I arrived home full of inner-city-Melbourne tram-savvy bravado only to have it slowly erroded by cockroaches the size of small dogs, spiders so big that they appear to defy gravity and mosquito/sandfly assaults that leave my Cocoa-Body Butter completely extinguished by Aeroguard and tea-tree oil. And I haven’t even got to the cane toad issue – mostly because I refuse to leave the house after dark; if it’s a necessity I venture out in large DM boots (for stomping – though I haven’t been brave enough yet) and stamp my way to my destination. I can hear them hopping away from me and it makes my skin crawl – ugh!

Now, I am so on edge, so ready to be attacked from all sides (I know, I know, huntsmen spiders don’t bite, or aren’t poisonous at least – it doesn’t mean I want them falling on my head) that all it takes is a leaf to fall on to my shoulder for me run screaming in the opposite direction. Loud and fast. I am hoping that my Girly-Girlness will become less with time, but at present I am the human equivalent of a bowl of jelly. Port wine flavour, preferably.

I am attempting to channel my rage at the cockroach poodles – I can’t squash them yet (I have visions of my foot coming down on one and it running away with me straddled across it’s icky brown back), but I do chase them and sweep them out the door. Ugh. I so took my cockroachless Melbourne life for granted.

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