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On The Road (Almost)

Packing up this house was a task that quadrupled in size every time I tackled a new part of it. From originally planning to leave last Saturday, to admitting on Sunday night that it would probably be more like Sunday or Monday, I am typing this on Wednesday night, sitting on a mattress in our stripped out house that I have been cleaning solidly for the past three days.
dossing down for the last night in Melbourne
I have scrubbed the walls, mopped the floor, vacumned, dusted, wiped, wiped more, cleaned…bugger. Written down it doesn’t look like much, but I have done all of the above about a hundred fold. Thank god when my dad came over last night it was night!! We hired a diy carpet cleaner called ‘The Rug Doctor’ – yike – it was brilliant. There are still lots of dodgy bits – but really, after living in this house with pale blue carpet for five years, any normal person would exprect a little carnage.

We had a last dinner with Christian and Meegan on Saturday night, a last dinner with Mung and Rach on Sunday night, Monday night we hit the pub in Yarraville for dinner (we’d never been – the bluestone one on Ballarat Street) and felt like we’d already made it to Hervey Bay with the fluro lights, the meals larger than our heads and general no-style inexpensiveness of the whole thing. Last night we had another goodby BBQ with our other neighbors and feasted on prawns, and tonight we’ve just returned from a mean with my sister at Small Poppies. We realised early on today that we wouldn’t be leaving at noon as planned. Doing all the final bits and pieces was like being stuck in treacle. M didn’t really agree with how much cleaning I was doing and all he cleaned were the carpets with ‘The Rug Doctor’ – he fussed around with the trailer, the van and the Humber, making sure that our chances of any dramas en route are minimal. This is the convoy, all packed and ready for us to hit the road at 6am tomorrow morning.
Humber with the new trailer that everyone has called a lemon, and the HiAce, packed to the roof.

Only had a few major arguments, but are now reconciled and ready to set off into the wild blue yonder as the renovation dream team. I’ll miss the cats. They’ll be flying up (hee hee) to Brisbane in ten days or so. This will be my last post for a wee while. I was trying to sort out how to blog via my palm pilot for the trip up, but time (surprisingly) managed to get away from me. Everyone has been so nice, feeding us, looking after us and saying that they’ll miss us. I hate goodbyes. I’ve hired a funny movie to stem my moping. Au revoir!

Bear travels in the Back. This bear is as old as me - I got him the day I was born. Back then he was bigger than me, but not any more. Mwah ha ha ha.

A Dark Day

It has been a happy and very sad couple of days. On Thursday night we got some wine for the risotto I was making for dinner. We put it in the car fridge that runs off the cigarette lighter. It’s very handy. However, in the morning when the van wouldn’t start, we realised that it had been left on all night and flattened the battery. My mother and I pushed the van down the driveway and down the road with M steering and my Nan sitting high in the middle of the front seat. No joy. The van didn’t want to start. Me and my mum walked back to the front garden and started the Humber to give the van a jumpstart. I backed it out of the driveway. I hadn’t closed my drivers side door. The fencepost nearly ripped it off. Forced it back toward the front of the car. Ripped a hole in the front panel. As I cleared the post the door bounced back. Trashed. Couldn’t believe it. My lovely car. My lovely car that has driven me from Melbourne to Queensland and back again, around Tasmania, up the coast of New South Wales, to a million gigs and band practices. It’s door is like a little broken wing. I just got out of the car and cried. I am so stupid I can’t stand the sight of myself. There’s no way known I’m telling my dad.

Even though my mum took me out and bought us two sets of beautiful towels and got me two tops to wear in Spain, my day was sad. I love my car. My mum was saying ‘It’s only a car…’ which is true. But I love my car in the way I assume those guys who trick their cars up to the nth degree must love their cars. I have had a Humber since I got my drivers license. The engine that I have now is the engine I have always had – I swapped bodies about seven years ago; from white to robins egg blue with a silver roof. Now it looks like I have to find a new front panel and a new door…I have no Humber contacts up here. I was only saying to M the night before that what I wanted for my birthday was for him to finish the dashboard of my car that he started restoring just before we left Melbourne.


Today was a good day. Sunny. The RACQ bloke that came to make the Humber start up was nice. My car is now back to it’s old self (well, as near as it’s going to get until I get some money to give the panel beater). I finished painting three windows. And my garden is doing pretty well…


Have spent the morning (finally) dealing with my car problems. I called the RACQ and a grumpy man came out – the same one I had a month ago – and diagnosed my battery and my generator as ‘stuffed’. Well. At least I know. I thoughtfully gave M my mobile this morning (he having left his in Melbourne – presumably at the house of Honeybone) when he went into town and I was able to call him and instruct him to go into Repco and say the word ‘Humber’. I arranged this with the Repco guy over the phone, after we had painstakingly established what kind of battery would be best. I also made an appointment with the auto-electrician (thank goodness for M’s brilliant brother-in-law for giving me the nod on the good places to go – not that people often willingly rip off a girl with a Humber, but the possibility is always lurking) and the panel beater, who happens to be next door to the auto-elec place and promised to pop over whilst the generator is being fixed (all pray) and give me a quote on my poor car door. So now I am feeling very competent.
Puppybird is beside himself with joy that we are home and flew into the house this morning at 8am to demand cheese. I did an experiment today to see if he’d eat bread and he completely snubbed it. Cheese is all he will accept. I hope this doesn’t mean his life will be a short fat happpy one – I want it to be long fat and happy. I took this photo ten minutes ago, sitting here at my desk.

Puppybird snubbing the bread on my study window sill

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