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Humber Convertible

Last year I spent about $250 on new front and rear windscreen rubber seals for my car. Due to the totally crap mechanic that I took it to for a ‘service’ and brakes, who sucked me dry, I haven’t been able to put my plans into action. Until now! I came home on Wednesday and M had taken out both windsreens and started work on cutting out the rust. The car looked like this:
You can’t really see, but there has been rust removed from the front right hand wheel panel. Compared to my last Humber (this one has that one’s engine in it) there is not a lot of rust. The main nasty bits are around the windscreens because the seals perished and water would get in and whenever it rained and the car was in the street I could feel it rusting. Eeeek. So no sleep for me. So now this will be all fixed and rustproofed, but we are finding it hard to come up with a windscreen dude who is brave enough to come over and put the glass back in. They are too scared, because they know that I shall have to kill them if they crack the glass.

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Spent the weekend not doing a lot. Which was kind of nice. I was evil and didn’t make it to Bonnie’s 2nd birthday. Looking like a skinky freak makes me anti social and I went and washed my car instead, which wasn’t very nice of me, but made me feel better and I’m sure Bonnie didn’t notice my absence. It’s the waiting that is doing me in, I can’t stand it. Have been tidying my study to try and get myself back on track. If the house is revalued at some hideous price on Tuesday at least I can go into depression in a room that doesn’t get mistaken for a brothel. Naturally I have succumbed to retail-therapy and tried to soothe my angst with a new top and skirt. That didn’t work, so then I bought two punnets of seedlings to add to last weeks and planted them all in the front garden this afternoon.

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Saddest Page

The Humber Graveyard is the most depressing thing I have seen for quite sometime. Especially to stumble on it today when I just spent $100 on new walnut facing for my dashboard. Oh, it’s too sad! It should be illegal to dump old Humbers in fields and let them rot. They should be donated to people who love them. If the Hervey Bay house works out I am seriously considering making it a home for old Humbers.

Pod Caravans!!

Well I had a brief dalliance/obsession with the wonder of miniature ponies, but, on receiving a link from M this morning (he knows what I like) a Pod Caravan is my new goal.

The Humber would look sooooo swishy towing one of these. So if there’s any moneyed-up lottery winners from England out there who may feel like spoiling someone from the far flung colonies – make it me! Make it me!! Oh my goodness, they are sooo cool :o) I’m sure the company that makes them would be interested in shipping one to me in Australia to see how it survives in this environment. I’m more than happy to play guinea-pig.

/–end of pod-lust rant–/

If anyone is interested in reading about people’s DIY efforts in their homes and gardens, head over here – it’s something that I’m going to be doing a lot of once I move up north! (There are limits to what you can do in a two bedroom terrace that is rented from your….eeeek…..parents.)

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