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Today. Game, set, match.

Laps swum? 40

Liver consumed for iron levels? Yes.

Vitamin C eaten afterward to make it absorb? Yes – kiwi fruit.

Vitamin D? Today we had SUNSHINE! I sat in it with my tummy bared.

Small Z Major Meltdown? We tried to leave the house without getting her toy turtle ‘dressed for the day’. Oh the screaming. The door slamming (that’s a new element). The stamping. Whatever. We survived. And moved on…

Washing done, hung out, dried, sorted? Oh my god. It really is.

Small DB? Two naps today. The first, a normal 40min – the second? EIGHTY MINUTES! This enabled me to have a lovely lunch with Small Z in the sun and read books on the couch. Bliss.

Both Smalls bathed (I don’t bathe them often, particularly the littlest one, but it’s lovely to put them in together and watch Small DB splash hysterically) and asleep by 6.45pm.

Did I mention the sorted washing?

Big people’s dinner made. My half consumed.

A blog entry. Hola!

The only thing left to do are my back exercises, and then I can go to bed. I love it when it all comes together. It’s ridiculous how much better a sunshiney day makes me feel!

A star sculpture
A Daisy in the garden

(And I just have to say – put down at 5.45pm – Small DB is still down TWO HOURS LATER. This is a big deal for me – particularly after the past month of FOUR TEETH…)

Some Wins!

Yesterday M sorted out my car – it was very difficult. He to replace the lower ball joint – and this is just weeks after putting on new brake pads and bearings and races. We are not sure why everything went cactus at the same time, but maybe it’s just 30 years of driving taking its toll?

He also found a part for the free (free!) Bosch front loader and proper connectors for the excellent dishwasher. Now my tiny little laundry space is humming. Both of them are working (though the Bosch has a bit of a leak). Today I did a mega-load of all the washing that has been piling up around my ears and it has dried in the sun and the breeze.

The car is now running like a dream instead of like something which might lose a wheel at any moment (I exaggerate, but it wasn’t good). I am indebted to excellent M for pulling all that stuff together in one day!! Luckily I just taken pity on him and with $100 I made selling our dud pram, I had bought him a laptop on eBay.

It’s an old Thinkpad R52. Came without an operating system, but startlingly, I managed to get it working in one evening. Thank god for geeky people and bittorrent. I managed to download something that I could burn to cd which included the DRIVERS for the actual laptop. Hello!? And now guess what!? Now I don’t have share my macbook… 😉

Mercedes 300d

Eye opener

You know those days where, if you stay still for long enough and do a particularly slow blink, you fall instantly asleep, snoring and drooling Homer style? That was the day I just had. I was awake for four or five hours last night while everyone else slept

I finished some work, wrote a blog post, watched the rest of the latest episode of The Slap (Brendan Cowell – you wrote a scorcher) and mused on the fact that M might die in the night of some weird Dickensian eye haemorrhage or at least wake up a pirate.

It is always better to be up and about, rather than lying there seething into the darkness, fidgeting around and pissing off whomever has the misfortune to be sharing your bed. And that would be:

Book Thug

Thankfully, M arose in the morning not as a zombie or a pirate. In fact, he was so much better, he didn’t go to the eye specialist, but returned to the boat – clutching his swimming mask – into which no fibreglass can accidentally fall. Now we’ll have matching panda-eyes on the days that I make it to the pool! Hand me some bamboo – STAT!

I made it through today by letting Small Z watch more episodes of The WotWots and Play School than normal, and flopping boneless to the floor for a few minutes at a time, before I was crawled over and suffered a attempted scalpings by Thuglet. She loves a wrestle…

The house is was a total disaster. Thuglet has taken to pulling out all Small Z’s socks and knickers from her drawers and strewing them artistically pretty much everywhere. She finds equivalent things to do in each room of the house. By the end of the day I was literally wading through miscellaneous scatterings of crud – I have found the only way to temporarily deal with it is to sweep every. single. thing. into a pile and sort it out later.

Now that is done. I have tidied. M has fed me. I have discovered a really good stretching site. I have a million things open on my macbook and it’s screaming along (I maxed its RAM, moving from 2GB to 8GB). Too bad that I have to go to bed now. I notice a lot of bloggers end their posts with a question lately. Have you?


Small DB had about 30 minutes sleep all yesterday. In her case, sleep begets sleep – so last night was not a good one.

Today, her sleep was my priority – and she was catching up between 11.45 and 2pm – HUGE for her. Thus, she has gone down late tonight, but hasn’t woken every 30-40 minutes since. No, she’s stayed down for a solid chunk…which enabled me to actually finish something I started months ago…

Bunny with a floppy ear

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