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I Love My Leather Jacket(s)

(The title is a reference to The Chills track of the same name….)
My first leather jacket was one I bought from my friend Kirsty’s brother. It was a biking jacket, and way too big. Then, about five years later, I bought a leather jacket that was about $150 [gasp] at the urging of my friend Kathy. It was a thinner, more tailored design. Sometime during all of this I flogged my original leather jacket to some guy who wanted it, and stumbled on another ‘motorbike’ styled one that was quite small (i.e. it fitted) and laboriously made a lining for it out of an old flannel shirt. About three years ago, I was in Savers in Footscray and found another leather jacket. It was a little bit big, less snug, but more of a classic style, with a belt. It was cool. As there was a 50% sale the next day, I hid it, and hared back in the morning, getting it for a paltry $12.50 – could it get any better? Yes.

Today M and I truced long enough for a trip to the Tip Shop. I have never found any good clothes there before. But today I found two old leather jackets. Both proper leather. Stiff with age and lack of use. One is a very cool ‘girl style’ riding jacket – which is the one I like the most – so does M. The other is more of a short ‘trench coat’ style. I will post a picture of them once I’ve cleaned them up a bit. Dubbin? Or are there better things for restoring leather?

In the Bag!

My new bag. Hand sewn and crocheted by the lovely Rie. It arrived in the post this morning…[swoon] I don’t know how she finds the time.


Also in the bag were some books from my book donor πŸ™‚ Entombed by Linda Fairstein (which I know is schlock, but I very much enjoy) and something called Retribution by someone called Jilliane Hoffman. As well as these, this morning is beautifully overcast and I have actually managed a cup of tea without dissolving into a pool of my own perspiration. Thank you for the care package D & R! Can’t think how much beer I must owe you now…

Weather or not

How does one pack a small bag for an eleven day trip, when the weather at ones destination reads as follows:

Chance of a shower this afternoon. A mostly cloudy day with a light to moderate westerly wind tending south to southwesterly.
Current Temperature: 18 C
Forecast Max: 20

Morning shower possible then fine.
Min: 13CMax: 20C

Min: 12C Max: 22C

Min: 13C Max: 29C

Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Fine. Generally warm.

It looks like I’ll be bringing two bags [sigh] – if only I knew where my shoes that aren’t sandals were. I last saw them before we moved here 18 months ago. I have a feeling that they’ve ended up in South Gippsland. Bugger.

The Dress Disaster of 2005

The other day when M began (began…) working on the Humber, I was trying to help, and retrieved trimming and radio housing from the boot. To do this, I removed the three bags of clothes that I store in there. I sewed the bags from an old op-shop doona cover, having learnt from sad experience that clothes stored in plastic, rot. Ten years worth of dresses and work clothes were safe in these bags. It can be legitimately stated that I have too many dresses. Most of them have not been worn more than twice. However, as I was sorting through them, I counted only three that had been bought new; the rest were secondhand. But still good! So why, why, why did I leave them on the ground in the shed near the boot? It rained like Noah for two days before M found the bags, gently steaming. I did seven lots of hand washing and three machine loads. Naturally, since I hung everything on the clothesline, it has barely stopped long enough between rainstorms for anything to dry. Frocking up in Melbourne is beginning not to be an option!


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