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Bed Early & Tiny Cat

Oh, must concetrate on getting to dog supplements
bed early. First night of no commitments (do not misunderstand me, a social life is Good) but it's nice to come home and only have to think of all the stuff you have to do in between the walls of your house rather than knowing you're going out and won't be home til late.... Today I went to the Bureau of Meteorology and sat surrounded by....meteorologists (what a
suprise!) I did make a good contact for the stuff I'm researching at the moment, so that was good...I spent the rest of my time propping open my eyelids and being baffled by probability data....eeek! David Jackson, you owe me lunch!! The house of David & Ellise has a tiny cat!

Cats of the Air

Drove down to Brisbane (known to some by the name ‘Brisvegas’ which seemed hardly appropriate upon viewing said city, but maybe I’m missing something) to collect the felines. The whole trip ended up taking a solid twelve hours, which leaves me typing this post in a barely legible fashion. Having juggled banks and lent money for a non-existent boat and then had it deposited in a St George account from which I needed to withdraw it to hand over to it’s rightful owner (my bearded parent) I discovered that St George have about three branches in Queensland. So we had to find the Brisbane branch. Not having been to Brisbane before meant that we just drove (well, M drove, I just concentrated on turning the map upside down trying to navigate). We found the elusive branch in the middle of the city. There was no parking. None. We pulled over into a loading zone and M jumped out to hit the bank and I moved over into the drivers seat to wait. I had been there for approximately 42 seconds when a shape darted up from behind to the passenger door window, snaked an arm around to the windscreen and stuck a parking fine under the wiper!!! I was gobsmacked! Welcome to Brisbane I don’t think so. Then I was perplexed and didn’t know whether to sit there gaping like a freak or drive away quickly to avoid further financial torture. I drove away. Actually, I drove around the block eleven times until M emerged from the back, clutching the all important bank cheque. Grrr. Stupid Brisbane. We toured a few suburbs – all the houses were tres gorgeouse – all Queenslanders tarted up to various states of grandeur. We had a few hours to kill before finding the airport and sat and looked at the river for a while. Very picturesque.

The cats emerged from their trauma looking like one big multicoloured cat squashed in the corner of the cat cage. Because I am cheap I made them share the one container (thus saving about $150) – on the basis that they would be too drugged for Saf to hate Mow too much. Poor things, they were furry and trauma-laden. When they began to realise that there was still three hours to endure, they kind of lapsed into furry comas in the back seat (thank you M’s mum for lending us the new speedy modern car with cruise control – I wouldn’t own one myself, but they’re fun to borrow!).

So we left home at 6am and arrive back at 6pm, shagged out and mentholated from eating too many Minties in the car. The cats emerged from their torture chamber thankfully and were a bit dazed. Saf ate some food, though Mow is still avoiding his, but is now chasing moths quite cheerfully. They will stay inside for a week until they get comfortable, and hopefully in that time we will have built them a cat run for outside. These precautions are more for Mow as he has only ever lived in Seddon – Saf has roamed through most of my share houses and also down to Gippsland – so he should be OK, I hope.


Well, the two cats are spending their first night in their new abode. Poor things, I feel bad for them, but I would feel worse if they were romping around the acre marauding all the birds they could catch. Particularly our new friends, the ducks.
I hope they start to like it....it will look better with some greenery and stuff....
It is a relief to have them safe from the outside world and the outside world safe from them…though they are not currently convinced it’s for the best.

De-moped myself from last night and have regained some bounce. This is my new friend for the day…..
He seemed to find it pretty easy being green....
Painting is v.close. Yay. But the trip to Melbourne is getting nearer and nearer – so much to do in so little time. Must find small impressionable female between now and then who will be willing…actually, more than willing….grateful and enraptured at the opportunity to feed two pissed off, neglected fenced in cats. Oh, I’m feeling v.hopeful about this. (I think this is my cue to go and learn hypnosis.)

Bucket flushing the toilet has taken on a whole other perspective…well, it now has twice the view. There are currently two holes in the bathroom wall to the outside world – one from the window that M removed today and one for the window-to-be.

Quote of the Day (from a stony faced M)
‘You’d be on the first plane back to Melbourne if you’d hit your finger as hard as I just did.’

(I take issue with this – I’m sure I’d do a few things before jumping straight on the plane – storm around, swear a bit, hide under the house for a good cry.)

Sonic The Cat

Sonic in the morning

Sonic is Ellise’s cat and I am her total fan. She is a freaky little black streak! Last night when I got here, she hung out with me, and this morning she gave me lots of photo opportunities and at present she is sleeping on my foot.

Upside down in the basket, sitting properly, and...on the way out.

Oh, I and I’m glad I decided to leave late this morning. After Sonic had finished going basket-crazy she began playing with an almond that she’d found and it got wedged across the roof of her mouth! Poor thing…I was very glad that I was here to rescue her or she might have hurt herself by clawing it out.

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