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Counting Down

Must keep going, must continue. M is leaving so early and coming home so late that the only place we see each other is when I take a trailer-load to the shipping container and he helps me with the heavy lifting. The house is pure chaos. We have five days to go before we are out of here.

If I stop and start to think of all the things we have experienced in this house – the crazy intensity of a new baby, our neighbours, our chickens, sitting on the porch, sleeping in the caravan, trampolining and lots of lawn mowing. And the amazing/heart-breaking thing is – the Smalls will remember almost nothing of it. Small DB will not remember a bit of it. Small Z will have chunks…

Which, again, makes me grateful for this space – for my documenting, however sporadic. And this is why I am typing here, instead of dealing with the vortex of horror that is our house. Because this is an Important Time. Here’s what’s been happening:

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”521px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]How I move stuff. 300D plus ancient trailer.[/dropshadowbox]

I have been loading up the trailer with the stuff I have packed, tying it down and driving it to the shipping container – which is about 20 minutes away. The shipping container is on the same property that the boat is. We bought the container outright and now pay a very reasonable amount to keep it there – our very lovely friends had said we could leave our container on their land for free, but the difficulty of driving for a couple of hours whenever we needed to get anything made us decide against it. The money is worth it for the convenience.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”521px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Shipping Container. It's like a living box of tetris.[/dropshadowbox]

The container – it is 20 foot long, eight foot wide and eight foot high – is cute. At first it looked cavernous. M was all of a flutter, “We’ll be able to put the two wooden boats in it, no worries!” However, reality has kicked in. I have got rid of a lot of stuff, but somehow, stuff remains. If we fit it all in – PLUS all of M’s tools, that will migrate from his boatbuilding shed – we’ll be doing well.

I am, as always, enjoying the physicality of the work I have been doing. My main difficulty has been in giving adequate attention to the Smalls. I am so distracted by needing to deal with Every Single Thing that surrounds me, that they have been coming second best for a few weeks 🙁 – honestly, I am so distracted that yesterday morning I got lost driving home from my mother’s house. Had to look on Google Maps to figure out where I was. And when I did? I had NO idea how I’d got there. Still don’t.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”521px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Where the Very Large Catamaran will be. Tomorrow.[/dropshadowbox]

And that is where the Very Large Catamaran will be, by this time tomorrow night. I pleaded for a spot near the water – and got the best one 🙂 We will be the only ones living in the boatyard (aside from the people who own the property). I am feeling positive about our move – it is progress out of my static suburban existence. Yes, we will be gypsies, flying by the seat of our pants, but it will be an out-of-the-ordinary adventure – and that’s what makes me happy…

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”521px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Holy shit! The front of the shed is OFF! Ready for relocation.[/dropshadowbox]

M pulled the front of the shed off this afternoon. For the first time in seven years, there is no wall – tomorrow Bella Luna (notice that? how I just used the name for the first time?) will be pulled out by a tractor and manoeuvred into the waterside position. AMAZING!

Of course, then will be the dusting, the cleaning, the bedding, moving in our food supplies – not to mention all the work there will then be to do on the cushions, electrics, plumbing etc. etc. It will remain quite epic – but at least we will be ABOARD. And if it drags on too long (living in a boatyard in sniffing distance of the water) I have a few options up my sleeve.

Headline: Boat born from shed!

Boat exits shed after eight years.

The Very Large Catamaran comes out of the shed and into the World. from beth on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Outside!

With ten minutes warning I threw the Smalls into mum’s car and they followed me as I drove down to the boatyard to see the Very Large Catamaran emerge from it’s home in the shed. All went very smoothly. My excitement has been somewhat tempered by M’s mood when he got home tonight.

This has led to my first real crisis of confidence in what we are doing. In three days we don’t have our house anymore. Tomorrow we give away our chickens and our bed. Everything remains mayhem – M has been working 14 hour days at the boat and I have been doing the house on my own.

Quite honestly, my resolve has not wavered until now. And I had nearly assumed I would get through this blithely. But it is hard to jump into space. And it is harder when things pan out differently to what you expect. The main thing? I have to keep a strong stout heart for the Smalls. If I fall to bits, they will follow. They trust that this is a big adventure.

Obviously the easiest course in the world would be to stay put in our safe little house in the place where we know our librarians, greengrocers, cafe-owners, health food shop ladies – but up until tonight I’ve been invigorated by the fact that we are Making A Change. But now I can’t sleep. My bounce has left the building.

The boat is not really ready to move aboard – M needs to put ropes around it to make it Smalll-safe – he would be able to do that and a few other things if we didn’t have all this stuff to do at the house. Therefore I have told the Smalls I am taking them camping – holidaying for a few days – after we move out, and that will give M the opportunity to get a few things organised in our absence.

Send me positivity. I’m wobbly.

Two days on the hard

Pantry staples have been transferred from shed to boat cupboard. M is manfully keeping his mouth almost shut about the increasing clutter onboard. We are both keen to keep a significantly minimalist environment – but when there are no cupboard doors, the existence of many jars, tins and packets cannot be ignored. 

We don’t have anywhere for cutlery yet – no drawers. So I have been stuffing things whereever I find gaps. I know M is inwardly lamenting the loss of his Tokyo apartment minimalism, but has acknowledged that – IT IS A CATAMARAN! There is a whole other hull that has nothing but a mattress in it, and three violins. 

Here is the current setup – it’s kind of hard to fit it all in one little square picture. But know this – I am SO thankful to have my caravan here at the moment. I am so incredibly tired, that I am hiding in it right now after sneaking home from work, and will shortly conk out and (hopefully) get a much needed uninterrupted eight hours…

Catamaran, cars, caravan and crane.

The first day aboard was spent transferring stuff from shed to boat. Yesterday involved our violin lessons, visiting Bramble Farm to pick our own raspberries and then Small Z’s karate class at 4pm. The driving has increased because of the distance to the boatyard and our stamina was well and truly absent by the end of it all. 

Small Z threw a savage tantrum at the end of karate. I’m so tired I can’t remember exactly what I did besides tell her to get out of the hall because she was interupting the next class. Two other parents reassured me afterward – I must appear to be fraying at the eges. I feel like I have not had a reaonsable nights sleep for about ten days. 

Roosters helpfully awoke me every morning we were housesitting. The Smalls are out of whack in the new boat environment and one, or both of them has crawled in with me the past two nights. Last night I bedded down in the caravan – which is about 20 feet from the boat. Bliss… until the alarm went off at 5am.

Given the current situation, it continues to be most viable for me to do one looooong work day, though how the owner of the boatyard feels about me starting up the car at 5.15am I will not find out until tomorrow. I feel like I will probably be his own annoying rooster for one day each week. 

Small DB has her first week of five-hour days at kindergarten – and it will be interesting to see how it goes. It’s a pain in the arse to drive 20 minutes to get here there when we are used to walking four blocks – but she is enjoying it, and frankly, at the moment, it provides a nice shift in the family dynamic. Although I think she will be doing two days instead of three. Three is overkill. We shall see…

Daisy on the bottom bunk.

Finally. A day at home.

We moved aboard on the evening of February 19th – I had the following day to fling a few things together – and somewhere else I needed to go Every. Single. Day. since that time. Jeeeeez. Today was my window. My island of NOT GETTING IN THE CAR FOR ANYTHING. AT ALL. Broken leg? Busted arm? Wait until tomorrow. Yes, I should have taken the clothes to the laundry. Yes, we should have gone to Small DB’s kindergarten picnic. I did neither. I remain glad.

Pancakes for breakfast. Egg in a hole for lunch. Risotto for dinner. I convened with the shipping container and found the doona covers and matching pillowcases I found for the Small’s bunks about a year ago. But I am anti-doona because of information like this – so a chunk of my day was spent stitching (maybe it is called ‘basting’? big fast stitches that are easy to pull out if required) a woollen blanket and a cotton blanket together in a skinnyish bunkbed shape (one each for each bunk) and then doing the same stitching along each doona cover to make it match the width of the blankets inside it. A little ungainly, but they look good tucked in! Pictures will be added…after we return from the kindergarten working bee tomorrow.

UPDATE: – as promised…

New doona covers and pillowcases

DB. On the big bed.

I made up the queen-sized bed in the other hull – all pretty and waiting for the first sleep-over boat guest or whoever needs some alone time. My fancy mattress has fresh sheets on it. It has begun to feel a bit less like camping somewhere for a little bit and more like a cross between glamping and home. I had my first shower here – the little 12volt pump in a bucket of warm water and me dancing around the bathroom in a novel fashion…

Have you ever spent an extended amount of time in a space that is mostly glossy white? The amount of dust and pubic hairs that will assault your vision in a matter of days is enough to make me want to send us adults for a full body wax and close all the hatches forEVER. The boatyard is dusty. We are hairy.

In less festy news, I finally found our iPad mini which will act as our internet hotspot. Thank the LORD for that. I still need to come up with storage solutions for our clothes – I’m thinking pockets of netting to start with?! The tide continues to captivate us – I am very grateful to be so close to the water – I am also grateful not to be ON the water yet, as doing all the settling in stuff would have been a zillion times harder.

The little cloud on next week’s horizon is that we have been invited to dinner by our landlords – owners of the boatyard. I explained that we are coeliac and they said they knew all about that and not to worry. But my understanding is that people think they know, but they are not across all the dramas – that I cannot eat their butter because they’ve dipped crumb covered knives in it – that I can’t have their salad because they used brown vinegar in the dressing. I HATE bringing this shit up – but I am going to have to go and talk to Lady Boatyard again about it, because the only thing I hate more than sounding like a picky picky pain in the arse, is getting glutened and turning into a coldsore covered dehydrated psycho for a month. Over and out.

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