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Floods. And Flooding.

Spent the natural cat vitamins
last three days up at Mt Macedon at the first national conference on flooding that Australia has had for ten years. Despite the fact that it sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry, it was a lot more intriguing than I thought it would be. Australia's flood management and education seems to be very haphazard, without any national body to direct it and nobody taking responsibility for any attempted flash flood warnings. All very reassuring. However, the food was awesome and the grounds of Emergency Management Australia rival the Melbourne Botanical Gardens - divine. It was sad that I spent the whole three days with the flu sitting in my ears (which kept dropping in and out) and my throat, which just throbbed steadily enough to make itself known. Thank god it's Saturday!!

Festively Criminal

The Yarraville Crime Festival (the one session I made it to) was v.fun. I came third in natural cat supplements
the Crime Quiz and scored three new books! (Naturally David Honeybone - editor of Crime Factory magazine, came first - which is to say he hammered everyone else....). Flu or whatever it is lingers on - the doctor informs me it's a virus and thus I must suffer til it goes *sigh*. Today is going to be 30 degrees and this is a good thing - long may it continue. Spent last night by myself at home, which is always a little bit decadent feeling. I've been working on some [Bilby] songs for the second album. Mung has been very crafty and given myself, Christine and Jel all the same songs - I suppose he'll be able to pick and choose from a range of what we throw at him! What is [Bilby]? Check out the website... Must get to South Gippsland to water the garden for my dad who is on a week away on a boat on the Murray River. The Humber and I will sally forth
this afternoon....having Monday's off was an inspired decision.....

B=0 Computer=2

OK, it’s about five minutes to missing link pet supplements
one am and I'm in the country - the kind of country that has no street lights and lots of animal sounds. I have been waging valiant battle with my dad's computer since 11am this morning, have bought him an new one in desperation, have been sold a dodgy hard drive, have spent the last three hours ascertaining that fact and now have regressed to using the original 1.4gig (eeek!) drive from the old dinosaur computer in the newer one *sigh*. Computers, for all their wonders, are ruled by sod's law. Anything that doesn't work, will continue not to work until one has pulled out one significant clump of one's own hair....M is sitting in the opposite chair reading a book called Scorn - a book of wonderous quotes that he is spouting at intervals. I am unruffled as I have had two mugs of black coffee (more than I drink in over the
span of six months) and a shot of Chivas. Am actually remarkably unruffled....
FOR GOD'S SAKE!! HOW LONG DOES THIS OPERATING SYSTEM TAKE TO INSTALL??!! (...and when it does....will it fit on a 1.6gig drive???!)

B=1 Computer=0

Well, one hour’s sleep isn’t all that much to coat supplement for dog
get through the day on…..[snores] I have no stamina without sleep – I have already power napped at my desk by accident – twice (though no one can tell because my back is to them and it looks as if I am intensely interested in what’s on my screen). The computer, of course, is what caused my downfall. Until 4:30am I battled with it, and finally (though this is a debatable assertion) I beat it! The joy, at that early hour, of hearing the trilling of the modem as it makes a faultless connection to the Warragul server, when before it only ever connected once out of every five times. The sparkle and zip of a brand new operating system, the reinstallation of My Documents and the dubious importing of old email messages… aaahhh…for those things I have not slept. I think I must remember at some point to get a life… Oh, I am going to see the ‘classic fifties noir film’ Kiss Me Deadly tonight (though whether I’ll watch or just pass out is an intriguing question)… [yawns….again]

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