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Pieces of Toast

You know who you are. I keep meeting lovely people and supplements for cats
then changing jobs etc. It's way too easy to lose track of cool people. I thought that if I made this page sort of useful (dates, time, links) plus kept it regularly updated (now I have a kickass connection that I am on pretty much daily), then it would be a good way to stay in touch. Once I figure it out, people will be able to post to the page as well, letting everyone know about how many pieces of toast they ate yesterday and other similarly riveting facts..... Actually, none of you will be reading this today, of for a few more days, as I am trying to sort out the page and get it looking how I want - which could take a large portion of forever.....

Sushi is Exciting.

Just had lunch and vitamins for pregnant dogs
am full of Japanese bought for me by my dad. I am such a non-exciting person. The only Japanese I have ever eaten is sushi boxes, california rolls and Rachaels lush tempura vegetables....*sigh* Japanese is yum. Unfortuately, as I stayed up so late last night toiling with indecent pleasure on [m i a o w] said the cat and you could use my eyebags to go shopping with. I
cannot go home and rest however, as I am doing a cultural thing. Yes - Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards. All forty dollars of it!!

I Flu Away

Here cometh the cat vitamin c
flu. I woke up and had all the vocal characteristics of a chain smoking porn star. So I jogged around the oval. Twice. And walked around it three times. Hello to Claire, my only visitor as of yet, for this site is a secret until it is built properly. I'm thinking of including a list of what I'm
currently reading. I like it when other people do that. Today is the day before the Melbourne Cup. I really do have to learn how to put money on a horse. Christine knows all that stuff. BTW, the Davitt Awards sucked big time. The only good bit was that Carolyn Moorwood won, and so did Kerry Greenwood. The night was over priced, over long and overly boring......grrrr. It's Monday.

And Gallop….

Today I wished I bet on the races :o( Thoat is sore.

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