My feelings about how long this final stage of the build are very much influenced by my mood, the amount of difficulties I’m dealing with, and the weather. We are so close, but remain SO FAR from being on the water. It’s disheartening…

It feels like my weeks start on Saturdays (after being at work for two days) and then tear through to Wednesday night – at which point I have to go back to work again. I got ZERO done boatwise over the past week. I have no childcare – I think this is the universe tapping me on the shoulder saying, “Let the Smalls become screen zombies for as long as it takes you to…”:

  • Find a home for the Humber, one (somewhat rusted) 1981 Mercedes
  • Splice three large ropes (eight ways – an octoplait)
  • Set up the iNavX and iMux system
  • Prod M to address the need for potholders on the stove, the freezer (which is fast becoming a distant dream and classed as a non-essential)
  • Clear out the shipping container – goodbye bookshelves
  • Hire a giant skip and clear out of the shed
  • Study for and get my boat license
  • Get the Smalls some sailing gear to keep them dry and warm
  • Safety equipment – tethers, harnesses, lines