Once I reached a certain age, maybe about 12 or 13, I loathed being thrown together with the children of my parent’s friends. These were usually kids I had known since I was tiny, seeing them at backyard barbecues and on camping trips. Once we all hit high school, the ties of common experience that had served to connect us, started to fray. We all went to different schools, made different friends, acquired different interests.

It was hard being teenagers together when we hardly saw each other except when we were forced to go to gatherings and “catch up”. After I was about 14 or 15 I just didn’t see any of my parent’s friend’s kids anymore. The one exception to this was when I was home for the weekend when I was maybe 20 – my parents had their friends over, and for some reason their son (who is the same age as me) was with them.

It was Melbourne Cup Day – we shared a bottle of champagne in the TV room while the parents partied loudly in the lounge. It was excellent – we got on so well. Our awkwardness had been killed by the passing of time and helped along by alcohol. A good outcome 🙂

I look at Small Z and Small E – who have known each other since birth, who are thrown together when their parents manage to catch up with each other every few months – I hope so much that their relationship is not tangled by all that teenage bullshit. Their connection is in their craziness and equal measure of intensity.
127/365 • these two - one month between them - watching them together is a delight • #127_2016 #love #friends #sleepingqueens #8yo #boatlife #Autumn2016Small E, Ellise, Beth and Small Z